Judge, Jury, and Executioner

Bunch of fuckin' bakas, the lot of you.

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I have everything backed up to the cloud


I resent that.

I guess we triggered the suicide bomb.

Sorry no english me bad with word speak

But... I am not a baka...

Are there clouds that are a one time purchase for at least 2-3 Tbs? Also how do you feel comfortable for your data being stored in something you can't physically see.

the d




that makes sense

My mistake.

Right? holy canole.

Not that I know of. That kind of business model wouldn't work for that. I use MEGA, which has E2E encryption, so I'm pretty comfortable
until it goes down ofc
Sooner or later I'll probably buy a massive hard drive and just stuff everything on there twice a year

1 victory 1 defeat, thus the definition of insanity.

All about the singleplayer, which was pretty horrible for it.

Voulez-vous moi d'etre votre fourchette?
¿Quieres que mi sea tu tenedor?

Did you at least kill someone for me?

That couldve gone either way woo woo
so, anything you are going to do with the freed up time?



Killed lots, but it wasn't enough.

oh yeah i was younger, just sorta cared about the silly stuff in multiplayer

are you ever gonna answer canuckianon?


he's so sensitive! Sorry about ur friend bailing btw


I made a tuna salad, heated up my other half of my twice baked potato and I have a jar of pickles.

I need to leave for work in about an hour and a half.

Would have gone grocery shopping but now there's not enough time, so I'm just eating whatever I have left. I'm trying to wait til I have my car as to avoid a 1.5 hour round trip walking for food lol

Whatchu upto?

I ate.
I drank.

I die.

multiple times

Eh, don't worry about it. It's not your fault.

Did you sleep well?

Canadian girls hmu


Yeah, well you didn't miss anything important.

I live, I die, I live again!

sup people

Damn know that travelling feels, its usually an hour to my place of work on public transport.
Shits whack.
And currently watching a mewvie, chilling. Looking forward to 8pm tomorrow night.
My inner Jew is happy.




i also remember it getting boring in general after like a month, so that should have tipped me off too

The only winning move
is not to play?

Wait, did I miss something?
What am I answering?

You said you don't speak English.
So I asked in French and Spanish.

Tu avez dit tu ne parle pas du anglais,
alors, je demand en Francais et Espagnol.

you can't die.

hahahahahaha fucking bean

Hmu you canadian sluts

I'll smoke weed multiple times aaaayy

mhmm I slept in till like noon I feel so well rested... what are you up to atm~?

senpai takes notice... and approves



oui oui bon bon baguette

I'm.. invincible?

Canadians are weird.

If you can't stand up, you can't do memes.

I forgot to mention im Blind

are you new or like kanra? or that person that likes 7s


probably both

Are you okay? :3

At least it's not walking. It's wicked windy and chilly today ;~; Still beats the rain I suppose!

What's tomorrow night? Only good things happen at 8pm, so you've piqued my interest^^

Oh yeah, mang. Kosher Dill spears bby

Noon? Sounds about right^^

Gonna eat a couple pickles and then smoke a ciggy cause quitting is hard lol

hbu? Something fun I hope.

But they're so POLITE

Post-apocalyptic dystopia when?

I played the singleplayer through and there wasn't anything to keep me interested, kind of a problem with open world games.

Probably, I don't just know why I still keep playing as there is no progress whatsoever.

So drinking again?


i AM erect

Like all Scandinavians?

I can stand!

sacre blue

eughh kinda stuffed, I ate too fast and too much

just a little


You go Tokes, tell 'em Scandinavians!
What is "a little"?


Je ne parle pas Anglais.
Francais s'il te plaît.

Mais, oui.
Vous allez vivre sur mon coeur.


I'm not new, but I'm not Kanra.

I'm Rin.

Because we're insane.

Do you even know what they're saying?

Scandinavia is the heaven of normality. Except for finland.

for the record, not all of us are >.>

well I don't wanna smoke weed with you if it's gonna lead to that!!!!

I got a lung infection last winter that made it easy for me to quit it was pretty close to impossible to smoke anyway

actually have the whole day off and am watching moneyball now, visiting w a friend later today ^^

Probably because they remind you of penises.

Last shift of the week, then I get the weekend off. Woo Woo!
Nothing really exciting happening. I dont get much excitement my way anyhow.
Oh man its being grumpy weather there?
For once I get to be gloaty bout the british weather
Too warm
wah wah wah xD

Soon. 3 days after Trump's inaugaration

I got crazy SJW memes in my veins.


yeah that tends to be a downfall a lot of them suffer from

you adorable dork

rin? i feel like someone mentioned you but i cant remember, oh well, i am spoilers

more for me?

hehe sure thing
just half a bottle o wine

aww C'est touchant

But we Germanics are normal.
Nordics not

oh damn, trigger em

im no dooork


That's such a cheatyface way to quit imo



I think by that definition we're somewhat normal then, considering the state of world nowadays.

I don't know if that normality is all good with those sjws.
Also not part of Scandinavia, that'd be Fennoscandia.

Jolly good times ahead.

I feel like that's a problem which will never be fixed.

Doesn't sound half bad.


I think the only work clothes people get away with going out in is military types.
Eh, finding excitement like that would require far more energy than I have in my tank currently.
I am the author and star of my own downfall.
Bar night sounds fun.

Just have to be more careful in the future~ -rubs your tummy-


How's your day been?

Didn't you learn that yesterday?

All things considered, we're probably a bit better than normal.

no you are just my bae, you are right

not anytime soon with game creation fluctuating between the worst ever and the rare bests

already trying to get in the shower with me huh?


That's true. I dunno, it would be fun but it's a lot of walking to have like 2 or 3 beers and get sleepy. Plus I really ought to try and cut back on spending too much when I have all this other shit going on atm

Adulting, man ;~;

hopefully I will be vapourized.

Adulting is the worst.

I got 4G again since my broadband got delayed

wassup fuckers

indeed, it's half fantastic

but you

hhehheeh that tickles ^ ^

ooh un cœur

what if I'm left

It's really not so bad.


Just maybe.

I think it's pretty casual still, nothing really outstanding going on within the industry.

Not going to bug out innawoods and pop cunts down one by one?

Good times.


When are you gonna let Yan take your virginity?

hiya, Erin~

Where the cuties at


look in a mirror.

I dunno liek famalamb
I should probably eat soon. But furrytopia is quitee kawaii right now,.
eh i need to get more adulting soon.
Big red button woo woo woo


he can fuck me any time he wants, why is that even a question

heya welms, how you

whats your preferred method of blazing hm?

It totally was but I'm definitely not complaining~

know where you guys are gonna go yet this weekend?? I think me and my friend might go out for food or play magic

oh hi there ^^

Desole, je ne parle pas Francais tres bien.

Mais, c'est mon deuxieme langue.
So I really should be better with it.

Holy crackers.
I genuinely thought you know, sorry, Sama.

I think it's a bit more than a maybe.
Like, a solid mayhaps at least.
Maybe even a perchance.

soup 10x?

I think we're closer to maychance than those.


fuck adulting

i don't play that shit

How logn the 4g gonna last :O


Boys can't be cute... This is wrong.

Smooth one, love.

That is terrifying.

yea, its cool

then we go in dry!

id argue some things are pretty amazing steps but they usually are steps in specific directions, not forward in an entire whole

vaping is probably the best but i dabble in all depending on how i feel or whatever im doing at the time

tiring and actually gonna head out right soon! you seem pretty reasonable for most people that say theyve been here long, nice to see

It's a good way to find balance.

Doing okay. I have to leave soon though but I don't wanna.

Why'd it get delayed?

Probably just Crapplebees. She wants to ask me questions in response to coming out to her and such.

a month, should only be 2 weeks till broadband is good, so they have room to fuck up once more


ah yeah, I can already feel it flowing

Pareil ici

ah English is my second language and I make plenty of mistakes as well..
it's not so bad.

the only thing I balance....is....er... memes.

Atleast you have access to tubes

Yeah, not sure how to feel about VR games.

Just drinking for the sake of drinking?

hey im adorable... pinch-able cheeks and all.

go ahead and squeeze my cheeks. SQUEEZE EM!

the company that currently holds my phone line refused the request for plusnet to take it over, so they have to put it through again

tfw all sweaty after a hardcore masturbation session


he keeps aging even tho he's 19


pls send help



i know right

i was genuinely considering checking myself into the psych ward for a couple of weeks so i didn't loose it with the boredom, it was going that way

thank god i held off

watching moneyball on netflix its pre good

what are u up to?

vape naysh ya'll

sisterly bonding is imminent~

stop triggering me

This is why I love erin


Sorry, I ain't into boys, adorable or not.

Wow. Ethan. Great job. Keep it up. Proud of you.

How about you git gud faggot.


To sleep, perchance to dream. Aye, there's the rub
For in that sleep of death, what dreams may come
When we have shuffled off this mortal coil,
Must give us pause. There's the respect
That makes Calamity of so long life.

Ho's your day been?

Oh, please, you're going to make me blush.
Enjoy the rest of your day, if you're leaving.
I wish you luck in your endeavors!

Case in point, I had to look up pareil.
Your English is stronger than a number of people I know who speak it natively.

Actually, I guess I should be less surprised than I am to find out you're ESL.

Please, spoiler lewd, please.
Don't spoiler. Don't stop. More.

she's not really mentally ill

she's saying all that for the attentions

Damn straight yo.
That avatar is confusing me.
Test style lol.

not preferred

for the sake of pleasure

do you like my new vegas character?

you didn't write anything

yeah, you're telling me

i was sooooo mad

thing is, they didn't even get notified, so i only learned about this when i went to the support chat after my broadband failed to come on when they said it would

"for some reason they didn't notify us"


sweet ^^

just chilling, got internet again so my horrid restless boredom is finally waning

why? i don't see the why

mon the cass

just teasing~

cuz ur cute

have it your way... more to go around for everyone else

decent, day off. slept in kinda late. procrastinating cleaning. music going... coffee.


Maybe if you were using strictly a minigun I would.

How lewd.


did you see my post?

Did I just get Shakespeare'd?
I think I got Shakespeare'd.

Alright then.


its nice, kinda a thing a like to do

mo that's cute

brb gonna make macaroni cheese in a mug

You could have been a real life cassandra... ever remember the boy she sat next to on the bench when sid visited?
I rewatched a while back and about died.

Why pivot to that kind of shitposting?

You like tummy rubs? ^^

miniguns waste my ammo fast, i'm unarmed master race


Do you like my NV character?

I kinda wanna be in a loony bin with erin for a week

just for the experience

I made pasta last night
gonna have it soon

I don't care

might be great might fade off like nothing but a joke

dork take care of yourself, love

you too! enjoy it a bunch, laters rin

then ask nicely, say please and everything!

what even?

heh well it's not that common.
oh thank you, what's ESL?

uhuh uhuh!

yeh hi

This one makes me laugh

why not?

I feel so betrayed.

[Insert generic hikikomori NEET day here.]

For some reason it popped into my head.
So I Shakespeare'd you.

"English as a Second Language"
At least, as it was repeated to me.


psych wards are, believe it or not, not much fun

full of drug addicts

but they're slightly less boring than being home alone with no internet, fuck, my head goes to weird places

Being institutionalized is no joke. -_-

why haven't you post in such a long time?


You say things like that a lot. :3

-kisses your tummy-

this reminds me of Erio

Only time will tell where all of it goes.

I was afraid it was Shakespeare, turns out it really was.
Who would've thunk.

Why is she all up in her food like that?

...you make it sound uneventful. its a lovely day outside.maybe some fresh air and sun... socializing with humans would be good

Erio is a tall, lanky iranian?

Your mind can't go to much worse places that most people.

how long were ya without the innanet for... that sucks so much

nice pic seeyas

too busy IRL for my own good...


I found a picture of Kroni in his Facebook

What, being lewd online?

More like loser no big gun failure race

Do you harbour a deep fear of Shakespeare?

Shall I continue?

I mean, when your food looks that good...

I can't, though.


I didn't trigger anyone the last time though.

ohh yeah that's true ^ ^ oh and French is my third language, and technically German my fourth.
But I'm not as good with those.

humm ask for what?


eheh thank you ^ ^



lol have we met

hi, i'm erin, i self harm and have been suicidal for 8 years

who are you

like 4 days

still though

that is long e-fuckin-nough

Sure. Sure.
Hey, hows it hanging?

How long did you wait to post that?

why yes... yes indeed

why don't you become a NEET like Tsuchi and post here all the time?

Gun make the game boring

but like it's her food tho

say which thing a lot?

times a bitch


to not do what i said would be done moments ago, clearly i guess you just want it that way

I think posting helps me stay awake.

Never mind. : ^ )


I have a constant fear that something's always near.

I know, it just keeps disappearing.


im on the upswing... will prolly post another week or so then disappear for a couple months again.
take it while you can get it

This is OC

You don't like Fallout?

But I don't want you to leave me again, do you even know who I am?

this is OJ

please don't

are you so sleepy then?


never played

might as well have my macaroni and get drunk i guess

true enough welcome back!

from a show or channel about monkeys???

Oh I know you act on the thoughts more, but I'm just saying that we all get our own horrible thought, just we all don't act on it.
Like I contemplate mass homicide against children all the time because I view it as a mercy killing. Then I get sad because they would never be able to at least attempt at life.

Relaxing, heading to church soon. Enjoying the time to relax.

this is OJ

Cam prayed before the first snap of the Superbowl... this is why he lost

Man, putting me to shame.
I can't say I'm fluent in anything other than English.

And French if you count it.
I've wanted to learn German ever since I was a kid, since it's my largest (known) denomination.

I was going to wait until you asked me to be your fork.
So probably since the original fork comment.

Is that really a swimsuit? Really?

I mean,
if you were the food, wouldn't you wanna be played with?

I see what you're doing there!

I won't get caught up in your shenanigans this time!


A sessy one.
Would buy for the S.O.


why not? it can be rewarding...

This is OK

^^ ty


wow, shit

i never think about killing anyone except myself

you have much deeper issues than me chick

don't quit therapy o.o

Go play Fallout 3 right, young lady

Hey Erin

It's a YouTube channel... it's pretty neat

I don't want anyone touching my food

Smiles le edgy trallposintg

so funy

buy it for me

You are secretly one of my favorite posters

don't tell anyone tho

...i simply lack the personal incentive

you identify as the one they call Blood Chan...

This is you.

'cos hikikomori.

But, you are the food.

fuck off slug chan


Kind of, and pretty high~

What? :3

shut your mouth grim before i get sentimental


yeah and once again i must go with it to the wind, laters sds!

acceptable and now that youve been a good girl ill head out, have an amazing day or whatever it is ma chere, see you again later

I don't know why I saved so many weird pictures on my gaming computer

...the non-moonfolk call that misanthropy.
I have it too.

and stay off the antidepressants

i hear those make kids kill people


Well I had the special language kinda thing in high school, so no physics and maths and stuff but that stuff instead. You can always try! duolingo is pretty cool.

hehe that's a fun time though.
But you should cozy up at least!

okaii bai bai

What about you then? What are you up to?

I know I'll never act on them, so it isn't an issue.
Just sharing with you, so you understand that you aren't the only one with dark thoughts, love.
What are you up to?

Except there is a difference between being an edgelord, and what I'm doing. I'm attempting to empathize with Erin, and show her that shes not abnormal for having darker thoughts.

Oh gee. I too harbour dreams of being someones #1 poster

Why not, don't want to play with madness?

We crossed a point etc.

Have a good on Spoils.

I didn't even notice smiles until loco pointed her out

You are literally my favorite jew from here

the only one too, but that doesn't matter

I understand everything now.

funny picture

Just ignore her like you ignore me

Will you play it?

Ah never mind..

I don't want to be eaten

I wanted to tell you I blocked you on Steam and that I hate you

You will never look this good

The same as every night Smiles.
Planning to take over the world.
Other than that. Just engaging in the consumption of media after work.
Weekend is coming and I am off so.


you can decide! see straw poll!

You're telling someone who has diagnosed mental illnesses that they don't deserve deferential treatment and that they should suck it up because it's the same for everyone. Typical christian holier than thou bullshit.

no, pls share

if you buy it for me maybe

ya gotta add me on steam first

no skin off my nose, i've had you blocked for like 6 months

This is the best part of all the Chuchy movies combined

Is it funny how the religious ones are always bastards and child rapists

I dare say you are a pretty good bro Grim.
#1 NYC fo sho.
Is it just me or does NYC not really have much representation here. I figured that would be higher... Guess I am just sirry.

early poll results suggest it's time for me to start drinking

Guero is NY but not NYC

Bc and me just the ones from NYC
I think thats plenty


gah... time to go..

Nice Pinkie and the Brain reference there. LOL
What media are you consuming?

Just enjoy netflix and not drink.

I'm telling someone with a diagnosed mental illness that they shouldn't look down on themselves for whatever thoughts they currently have. I'm trying to be a nice person, and a good friend.
I don't know how this connects at all to my religion that I didn't bring up at all to you or Erin.

East coast is beast coast.


dont let the door hit your ass on the way out



sorry, my body is a democracy

You didn't deny it.

People are fucking stupid, it's hard to want to socially interact with them.

Ahh, that seems interesting.
I might have payed more attention in high-school if I coulda learned more languages than just French.

I'm supposed to be bilingual, but I just never really used my french, so I lost most of it.
But flirting in french is always fun.

Fly too close to the sun, and you'll get burned.
Unfortunately, that just sounds like a good time to me.


What if I want to eat you?


Sure sounds like comforting to me imo imo imo

Well it's your choice and your body, love.
Just be sure to drink responsibly, don't drive, and drink lots of water also.
Be safe.

...is there a faster redundancy backup software than robocopy?

too much data so little time...

Just Zootopia, since I am being surrounded by posters capping it I figured I may as well see what the hubub(?) is.
Its pretty decent so far.
And thank you. Collars aren't the only thing I pop around here... er, pop reference....reference.

Erin is being converted to the Church of the Holy SHOTS

buckfast, my old friend

you kept me warm when i was 15 and had nowhere to sleep

now you are the anchor that drags my life off the cliff of ruin

i don't blame you.


I will briefly comment on the weather with one on occasion and call it good for the day.

You're watching Zootopia? Let me know how you like it!

We all need a vice. Well, I think so atleast. Alcohol is a pretty vice.
Lock my head in a vice.

i'll be safe doll

anything fun today for you?

care to join?

inb4 i just werk

other software only improve speed by a tiny margin
best to stick with windows

So far so good. Its as much a cutefest as I supposed heh. Judy is neat.

i mean

I wish anime girls were real so I could kiss them


i can get just a LITTLE drunk

that's a thing isn't it?

i wish justice was real so desu would die of fire and brimstone

srsly tho backing up about 500gb to NAS, its taken 4 hours



As long as you don't caught somewhere in time there.

Well tbh I didn't really pay attention either, but german is a lot like dutch and I liked reading french articles and stuff.

that's the greatest ^ ^

wait buckfast is like scottish 4loko


Guess what.... **im working tomorrow''
seriously. i fucking hate it.
literally everyone I have spoken to recently have saids how much they hate the antisocial life this job sector breeds. Even 3 agency staff who have been in the care sector so long.
Just sacrifice me on a slab please.
Well. I could partake in ONE drink. I guess. Because... Now I am thinking of it.

I may not be the best with my words, but Erin knows that I've only ever been supportive towards them and wished them good health.
If she took offense to my words she would've piped up about it, and been frank with me like in the past.
Now I appreciate you making sure that I'm not abusing anyone, but you can't pretend to speak for others when they are obviously capable of speaking for themselves.
White Knight elsewhere.

Oh I've been meaning to watch that movie.
I heard great things about it. Just decent so far?

Nothing in particular. Just prepping before Church activities, and after that bed.
I've been trying to be more active, so I've signed up for more volunteer services in my area and church group.


Mhm. Just gettin' a buzz. :3

Blood! Blood! Aaaand death.

Nick is neat too. His face is so expressive and Jason Bateman was the perfect voice actor for the character.

Masturbated to anime girls

ya neck

sabs pls, I...

If you don't have gigabit ethernet, use usb 3.0``

I can attack the sentiment of what you're saying apart from what erin thinks. I actually could not give a fuck about erin. I'm saying you're disgusting.



oh, good, one or two with old erin sounds lovely c:

sounds kewl c:

my apple watch keeps telling me i failed my goal of spending 12 hours of the day standing

like r u srs I have a cane in case i need to walk more than half a mile, i cannot spend 12 damn hours standing

that's my game today then ^^

BWAHAHAHA it has already begun

I tend to leave the "great" and "awesome" till I have seen all a movie. I get flak for saying "decent" and "alright" when people ask me my opinions on things. I forget other people dont realise alright and decent mean good...... well to me atleast... current evidence suggests I ought suggest it to you.

And now my brain went DING as I was thinking "he sounds familiar....." gosh darn it michael.


I shall grab my ice and scrumpy then.

I'm gonna go play more Odin Sphere.
Or watch Anime.
Or something.

I will...
nod if one passes me on the street.

Don't be afraid, you're safe with me.

High school mostly felt pointless to me.
Something about proving knowledge of something nobody cares about.

Are you drowning in the tub again? Just pull the drain plug!

Nawww. Naw.

It is like a game, really. Maintaining a good buzz without getting hammered is tricky. Best of luck!

Arrested Development movie when?!

you're a true friend



this is adequate...

but :/

i can't do it at all, i am thee biggest lightweight ^^

like, my body is great at drugs, can handle 90% of those amazingly, but alcohol must have a key for the back door or something

my only weakness


next time do it locally
or just upgrade your network to gigabit

Oh, well it's your goal is just to call me disgusting then congrats. Without having to beat around the bush you managed to throw a insult in my direction. Honestly try to waste less of peoples time by coming out with it directly.

It's a much simpler and more effective process then what you currently employ.
I'm you're going to be a sack of shit that likes to hurl insults for no reason then at least do it efficiently.
Now, I'll leave you to simmer for a moment. Thanks for the talk.

Can't you adjust those goals?
I'm pretty sure they would put the option to do that.

Great! Is it on DVD yet?

believe what you want.

my plan was not thoroughly conceived...

Same here, I developed as a person with it but I didn't really get much knowledge out of it.

If you worked for me I would fire you

That is the perfect webm for any time someone reacts negatively to one of your weird ones!

Also, nope. Absolutely not.

Wassa madder?

Too bad you can't snort whiskey. I mean, you could...but it would be a disaster.


only the calories burned goal, the time exercising and time standing are like, universal recommendations


sedentary reminders are like the worst of all the smart watch features

"you've been sitting on your ass too long"


fuck you guy

best believe you get your notification spewing ass turned off

Whenever I drink alcohol, I'm called an alcoholic

When I drink fanta, nobody calls me fantastic

lol... i know


is jus music tho, you'll be aiite

Those are kind words, but can't ease this pain so easily.
Have a good one.

Sounds about right.
I'm off for now, bbl~

i tink ur fantastick

Hopefully never. They should have left it in the grave.

Im a true something.

We should stop eating animals start eating vegans


Hmmmmmm nope. I am doing an ungodly thing

im regrouping before backing up my movies folders.. much larger, more time.

thinking my first mistake was getting a refurb dlink cloud router from amazon

s4 was great

Kill yourself.

i started eating chicken again

why even live

not sure if "chicken" is a metaphor for cock

The last season wasn't...great..but it was worth it for Tobias' storyline with Maria Bamford IMO. Then again, I adore Maria anyway, so...

Yeah, but no. No.

I still don't understand the eating dick thing.

you're not supposed to chew it

yep, but yep.


you're okay

don't try so hard



minimal effort

But like, that's almost impossible for a lot of people.

Oh, wanna send a link for the torrent?

yeah right?

i get the feel the next watchOS update will make all those goals definable



I wouldnt really know, sorry. I just cringed to death at episode one and just NOPED the whole thing.

I'll find it and steam you it.

it was contrived

don't go fishing for dick jokes

just be yourself

good ones will jump right out of the water at you

that one kinda did, I mean...



gun get into harley shape like lady gaga boi

we know what happened

don't worry

it's okay

next time, you'll nail it

just let it come to you


And you wonder why the Scoot is a horndog.


apart from drowning blood chan mine was the only one that sounds fun

apart from sabs bonfire, but i don't like bourbon

...shes gonna be a drummer, the other one a politician

Do you guys think about 8-10 days of having a leaky bathtub faucet will end up costing me a noticeable amount on my hydro bill? I'm sorta worried I just finally got it fixed now

oh shit

messages from strangers

i am fucking spooked

dammit i hate this


It was all sweet and then


i can FEEL the alcohol

Hell it's impossible for me.
I'm only up for maybe 14-16 hours a day, and a lot of the time I'm forced to be sitting because of my job the the activities I'm involved in.
I would hope they fix that.

Awesome! I got the message and will download it later.

Boy if you don't!

Great feel.

Happy viewing.

I'm actually gonna be dedicating my Saturday nights to Church also. Free time won't start until 8-9ish.

You just wait till I win at lottery.

Saved again !


I don't want to do anything with you




you are the worst, why do you still come here

desu, not sabs obvs

I want to maim you

I got tickets to AX though

it'll cost you about $3 extra on your water bill.
This is assuming it's a slow drip.

Sabrina is pretty awful too.
They both should be banned.

and I'm your biological father




I mean, sabrina and desu are both massive faggots.
Dont get me wrong, i love faggots.
But they contribute very little to the community and stir up so much shit.

it was more like a tiny stream instead of just dripping ;__;


That's just not nice.

ban everyone


I want to see a Smiles thread this time

Like 30-60 bucks extra then

Grim and Desu probably cyber each other though.
Gotta leave that tension somewhere

It's against the rules for me to make a thread.

I'm official confused.
I'm not a clever person.

grim you're an asshole

i feel sick already