Will socialism bring a cure for balding

will socialism bring a cure for balding


FALC will

If balding is caused by high test levels, why does it mostly affect nu-males?

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Hopefully not. I like being bald.

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no because of muh HUMAN NATURE

Bannon has a full haid of hair though

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Do you have a problem with having making love to non-cis people, comrade? Gender is a spook, anyway.

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Funny and original meme, Holla Forums. A real thigh slapper.

You forgot your AnFem flag.

Half truth.

When a man has too much testosterone it starts overflowing so to speak which causes mutation into a new version of testosterone which is stored right under your scalp. That mutated testosterone is bad and is affecting everything around it (depressing aka Middle Age crisis) and hair loss.

Thats also the prime reason why men only go bald on the top area of head and not sideways and the reason why women never go bald (low testosterone levels)

You forgot your argument.

what is female pattern baldness

nice gulagposting

no such thing, the shit they claim is female pattern baldness affects men too and is caused by unhealthy life not some gender-genetic disease

Take a look at female cosplayers today (mostly tumblrkins) and how they always cry they have to wear wigs because dying their hair too much has damaged it and now they have "female pattern baldness"

Check it out:
Nicholas II Bloody - had hair
Lenin - bald
Stalin - had hair
Khruschev - bald
Brezhnev - had hair
Andropov - bald
Chernenko - had hair
Gorbachev - bald
Yeltsin - had hair
Putin - bald
Medvedev - has hair
Putin - bald

doesn't count

That's what he wants you to think