Where's that list of essential Holla Forums films?

where's that list of essential Holla Forums films?

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle
The Dark Night Rise
The Prestige (Michael bay)

The Act of Killing, October Sky, They Live, Libertarias, Network, Persepolis

Libertarias is historically inaccurate.

Reds, Carlos, Che, Battle of Algiers, Wind that Shakes the Barley


Society of the Spectacle and other situ films.

Equestria Girls
The Dark Knight Rises
Snakes on a Plane
Ninja III: The Domination
Der Untergang
Story of Ricky
Planet of the Apes

Roadside Picnic.

There is a point at which one should have stopped, but let's keep going and see what happens…

The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete

There Will Be Blood

someone just hand me the god damn chart

RSC stage productions not centred around showing off cast diversity.

does Holla Forums do film nights?

Last one was The Trotsky I believe. That was almost a year ago I think.



Land and Freedom

Boku no Pico
Take My Wife Please
Brokeback Mountain

Hey Holla Forums
Stop trying to spread your nazi prop here

here ya go

The Motorcycle Diaries
The Motorcycle Diaries
The Motorcycle Diaries
The Motorcycle Diaries
The Motorcycle Diaries
The Motorcycle Diaries
The Motorcycle Diaries
The Motorcycle Diaries

How so. I love that movie

"Los Olvidados", or in its American title, "The Young and the Damned", is a classic film.

Watch it.

OMG Threads is the only movie that made me want to legitimately throw up.

Some one once recommended a sci-fi novel about what a communist space fairing society would be like I'm not talking about Star Trek but I didn't write down what it was, does any user know what that was

What does leftypol think of 1900?

Cinema is inferior art form to everything ever.

I think Iain M. Banks' Culture books are more or less that.

Dark Knight Rises
Perverts Guide to Ideology
The Society of the Spectacle
They Live

Cloud Atlas as well

The Great Dictator, or really anything Chaplin.

Apart from what's already been listed:
The Unknown Soldier (1955)
Paths of Glory (1957)
Ashes and Diamonds (1958)
Die Brücke [The Bridge] (1959)
Salesman (1968)
Grin Without a Cat (1977)
The Dead Zone (1983)
Afgan: The Soviet Experience (1989)
Nouvelle Vague [New Wave] (1990)
The Insider (1999)
Buffalo Soldiers (2001)
He Died with a Felafel in His Hand (2001)
Good Bye Lenin! (2003)
The Edukators (2004)
Lord of War (2005)
The One Percent (2006)
Tokyo Sonata (2008)
City of Life and Death (2009)
Empire of Dust (2011)
Margin Call (2011)
Citizenfour (2014)
Drone (2014)
Magical Girl (2014)
Son of Saul (2015)
Trumbo (2015)
War Dogs (2016)

I fucking love paths of glory

Remembered a few more:
The Woman in the Dunes (1964)
Matewan (1987)
The Thin Red Line (1998)
Downfall (2004)


I figured everyone's seen it.


Nice. I'll have to go through this.

Not sure if Holla Forumsyp so I'll post this just in case.

The New Babylon (1929)
Stroszek (1977)
Polyester (1981)
Goodbye porkpie (1981)
Libertarias (1996)
SLC Punk (1998)
Earthlings (2006)


get it while its hot

Mean girls.

You really are juvenile. Why are you still namefagging?

This is so good

I'm going to get shit since its just an action movie

I love the fuck out of District 9. It's a movie about praised terrorism in the face of oppression and bougie shifting of populations, xenophobia. Sure it can be skin deep, but from the arc from going postal, to being confused, becoming something you're not from white South African middle class, and just fucking someone's shit up with a flying pig. I don't know how it got made because the movie is just far left domestic terrorism fetishism. For as corny as it is, I really do enjoy it.


People claim Starship Troopers is pretty anti-facist, but I think alot of people watch it and come out of it in favour of an authoritarian right-wing order.

Post 9/11 it's hard to read it for what it was.

based comrade perkins is muh hero

the author has recently come up with a fictional scenario in which brother corbyn gets elected as PM and has to deal with trump as a president.


i need to step it up i guess

I'd argue pre-9/11, too.

I get that the Federation is supposed to be a satire version of a over the top facist state in a way, seeing those propaganda news bit and the uniforms.

The Problem is that the enemy of the Federation is literally merciless monsters that want to wipe out humanity. There is no false dehumanization of the enemy going on, like in the propaganda of facist states, instead the propaganda here is pretty much in line with reality. Add to that that the hero of the movie never questions the order and gets rewarded for fighting for it, ending up as a model soldier for the system.

So you end up thinking that a strong, authoritarian system is a pretty good thing in the Universe of the movie.

Perkins always had so many good left wing quotes


Are not Communism.

Has anyone seen Matewan? Is it good?

An user mentioned Margin Call which is excellent. I would add The Big Short as well, the allstar cast is unbelievable and Christian Bale plays an autist investor who saw the collapse of our markets due to unregulated trading before anyone else.

And he made serious bank cuz of it.

Get outta here hothead, it's a great movie

better than casa blanca

It's on Netflix at the moment, but I haven't gotten around to watching it.

Anyway, I read the book, and it is really good. It explains the impenetrably complex bond securities market using easy to understand analogies, and really gets into the nitty gritty of how the fraud occurred.

No, it's more like post-scarcity AI managed anarchism with some imperialism and other dirt under the utopian facade.

But I was only responding with what I thought the other user was probably looking for based on his brief description. Don't gulag me daddy.

"It's okay, it's just a mask."

That webm, I legit will never understand how Holla Forumsfags will never have a shred of empathy for someone like that.

Elite members of their society decided long ago that collateral damage like her father was acceptable in their wars for profits.

It's a fake video nigger. just like that picture of the dust covered kid.