Alright lefties, riddle me this:

Alright lefties, riddle me this:

Why do commies want to abolish the state? Without it, what is there to prevent people from splintering into divided and separate communities with conflicting interests? What is there to prevent someone from rallying up support and becoming a dictator?

In a communist society, what would replace organizational bodies on the level of a nation?

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You mean anarchists, commies saying the state will magically vanish are clueless

the reason to abolish the state is that it is a centralized hierarchy with unlimited power, authority has to be distributed

Technically there is nothing from stopping this now. States do not maintain order for your sake, but for its own.

Organization and specialization would still happen, but hierarchy would be horizontal, not vertical.

Commies dont really want to abolish the state though, that's just a meme. Otherwise the USSR would have been some sort of libertarian paradise, instead of the crushing hellhole it ended up being. The end justifies the means, and one of the means is flat out lying to people and appealing to their Utopianism.

Because the state is what enables hierarchy and the goal of socialists is the end of (legal) hierarchy.

We've got that now m8. This is essentially what class struggle and conflicts between porky is about.

What prevents it now? Why would people abandon a system that gives them good material conditions and freedom to get cucked by an alpha?

Worker's councils, confederates, local organizations. We generally fight over this and call each other revisionists or whatever because we don't agree.

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Because the state is a fundamentally repressive body. You can make use of that yourself, but never take that function away from it.

What conflicting interests? If you've achieved Communism (a post-scarcity, post-war, society) what sort of issues could come up to divide people to that extent.

The notion of a dictator doesn't even make sense in such a system. What needs dictated?


I can broadly conceptualise a Socialist society in terms of how it would function, but as for Communism, who knows?

Perhaps decisions relating to economic planning are made via a collective AI cyber-system, perhaps by local autonomous commune bodies which taking part in is a total choice. Maybe a mixture of the two, or something completely different.

Maybe we bio-genetically engineer a single human to be without the traits of vanity, powerlust, etc., and stick him in a freezer to do all the supra-analysis.

…but when they say they are acting on ideological necessity and not opportunism or hubris, they are 100% honest.

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Well, the end in this case is despotic totalitarianism with everyone save for a few select Jews turned into cookie cutter blobs all "equal" in oppression, so yeah, if the necessity corresponds to that, I'd say it's absolutely honest. The fact remains they try to present themselves as something libertarian though.

You're a fucking idiot. The USSR built up the state as they were about to be invaded by other states in WW2. Afterwards, there was continued pressure from the U.S. through NATO and whatnot. They were hardly in the place to begin dismantling the state.

Read The State and Revolution

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If you don't understand the basics of the premise you're arguing on, you're going to come across as a simple soul user.

Fine, I'll just ask you a simple question: what is the state, or rather, what is its function?

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A state is an apparatus created by the people of noble character to protect the aspects of the nation against internal and external forces.

None of those books educate you, if anything the kabbalistic mysticism just serves to brainwash you even further.

If I kill a guy, who investigates the crime? Who writes laws? Who guarantees my human rights?

Noble character? I'm not sure what you mean by this, also what "aspects" of the nation?

If you want to say the state maintains the noble character it originated with, then why have so many states changed since their inception?

lel, this is what Holla Forumsyps now belive

No, this is what you think a state should be. It's not a description of the concept fundamentally.

If you want to brand yourself as a literal anti-intellectual, don't expect people to take you seriously. Sorry you are too stupid and lazy to read a book.

Noble character, ie people who hold traits that are not detrimental to society. Those that do are known as the plebeian class, or the mean peoples, and it is the rise of these people to undeserved power that has plagued our society. The reason why the idea of the state has changed is because most nations have been hijacked by those of mundane character. In the past, such things were kept in check via religion, tradition, and the ancient practice of culling in various forms.

We don't, only dumb anarkiddies want to get rid of the state.

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The USSR was "socialist" in the same way the DPRK is "democratic."
See this:

Damn dude. You are so far removed from reality.

Neitzsche would be in favor of everything I've talked about. Hell, do you really think social darwinism is a left wing concept?

I'd recommend you take a look at Might Is Right before you continue blithering stupidity.

There is nothing inherently wrong with any of those. Religion is used to explain our origins and unify our race, tradition gives our culture distinction and meaning, and culling, via sacrifice, vigilantism, or war is a vital method of invoking the creative force and removing excess mundanes.

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I think the operative word was "magically", commies that think the state will just vanish a la anarchism are clueless, where as commies in favor of the vanguard/intermediary socialist state to "wither away" are not. At least that's what I got from what he said.

I think he meant magically in the since that communists believe it will "just somehow wither away lol"
Even thought there's plenty of theory backing the transition

The fact that you feel so violently opposed to these basic truths only serves to single you out as a mundane, unworthy of your success. Do not blame me for pointing out the facts.

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