I'm noticing something odd

I'm noticing something odd.

It's almost like this board is being run by the same child-killing sociopaths who run the banks and wanted Hillary in power and you're all either oblivious to it or you've been reprogrammed into willing slaves after being beaten and tortured for several months.

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when was the last time you saw pizza hut advocating for worker's control over the means of production?

Man, I don't like raid night very much. Too many autists to have fun.

protip: nobody in the mainstream media or business supports socialism they just tell you that big government is socialism because if they convince you to be terrified of it and remove regulation they make money and if you do support it they'll just bribe the government and still make money


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No, but Pizza Hut does advocate for racial diversity and homosexual rights. This is modern leftism, whether you like it or not.

Liberalism != leftism, and Hillary was never our candidate. Bernie was never controlled opposition, don't be stupid. He would've won if the DNC hadn't rigged the election against him. Also, most of us, if we voted, voted for Trump for accelerationism, or Jill because she's the furthest left. Go back to Holla Forums, you uneducated fuckwit.

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He was controlled, it's in the leaked emails and that time when his wife was caught on the hotmic saying she's worried they'd still vote for Bernie.

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Why are you so violent? What's wrong with you people? The globalist bankers are raping and killing kids, and you want to kill us, the people trying to expose it.



No, I'm using the mainstream definition of leftism, not the classical definition that people pretend to ascribe to.

The capitalists will have their comeuppance but we won't sacrifice our integrity to impress /polyps/

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You've been at this for a while now mate.

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and if you succeed with your plans, you will be the ones raping and killing every one, that doesn't have pale looking skin, or the right ethnicity.
We may have some common enemies, but I will oppose both of you any day of my miserable life.

He was also threathened to endorse hillary


can a mod confirm whether these posters have the same IP?

You can take off my pirate flag once I'm dead.

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Bottom two are OP (me), but top two are someone else.

Where in the leaked emails? The only thing that I saw was that Bernie said he would support Hillary if she beat him from the beginning, which doesn't necessarily mean anything; it just means that he trusted the DNC and got bit in the ass for it. And when his wife said that it was probably in response to the autists who insisted on writing in Bernie in the general election even though it was completely pointless.

I assume you're referring to this. Where's the evidence?

Well that's not what we mean when we talk about the left here, which you'd know if you scanned over the FAQ. We're not liberal SJWs, and nothing you say can make us be. Stop strawmanning you insufferable faggot.