Why aren't you 3D printing a gun right now?

Why aren't you 3D printing a gun right now?

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Because, while Reprap has managed to dramatically lower the price of entry with Snappy or Prusa or whatever the hottest 3D-printed 3D printer model is these days, it's unfortunately still hundreds of dollars to get started.

Pretty sure 3d printed guns are even more illegal than regular ones here.

Cause we still get rather "cheap" illegal guns from the US.

I cant 3d print bullets. What use are 3d printed guns without ammo?

My 3d printer is busy printing other things.

ammo is pretty easey to manufacture

How? Buying my own chemicals and building a miniature forgery in my attic?

lol what a futile gesture

Is this guy a gomrade? He seems pretty woke calling out Obama and Romney as neoliberal stooges of capital.

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Hes an ancap i think.

you just need copper strips, lead and a heat source

i bet gunpowder is easy to find

wow watch out I didn't want your feelings to get hurt

I'm not sure why an ancap would have any problem with neoliberalism.

Where do you think I live mate, where I can buy explosives?

just buy powder for fireworks

its not like you are going to make a .50 cal marksman bullet

how much is a 3D printer and materials that you assume people just have those?

and for what purpose exactly?

why not spud gun?

Because 3D printing is for prototyping, not production.

Because in Texas guns and ammo are cheap and plentiful.

It's not as easy as it looks, i had a cheap prebuilt one and i was never able to get it to work right.

If you want to make a cheap gun just go to the hardware store and buy a 3/4" pipe, a 1" pipe and a 1" endcap and find yourself a nail and make a 4 winds/slambang shotgun (google it(actually don't google it, use startpage or some other privacy search engine)). Hardest part is mounting the nail to the endcap. At worst you can use a few car batteries, booster cables and pieces of a metal coat hanger to weld it in place. I unfortunately don't have Johnnylabs/salemens 2.0 screencap of his instructions but if anyone does please post it.

If you can't get 12ga munitions, either attempt to make your own cartridges or you can get 12ga flare cartridges that come with flare guns and take them apart. Once you done taking them apart, you should be left with the flare in a metal canister, blackpowder, and an empty hull thats primered. You can either reuse the blackpowder or use something else. Another source for cartridges is local shooting ranges for emtpy case/hulls or blank firing cartridges for blank guns which are legal in most countries.

For propellant you can either attempt to make your own blackpowder, gun cotten (aka flash powder/paper used in magic tricks) or ammonpulver(google these things). I wouldn't recommend gun cotton since its easily ignitable from just static or ammonpulver since its hard to ignite, the powder sttracts humidty like a sponge making it ignitable and the powder it's self is corrosive to steel. You can also make smokeless powder (what modern firearms use) using gun cotton, but the procedure is dangerous. Any propellant you're going to make is going to be subpar to commercial products.

If you rather buy propellant then you have the choice of gun cotton/flash powder/flash paper from magic trick suppliers, black or smokeless powder which is freely available without permit in some countries(however law agencies will get suspicious if you buy entire pallets of the stuff). You can also use red phosphorous as propellant, which you can get from matches/road flares. However, phosphorous is corrosive to steel. Some countries as stated above require no permit for smokeless/black powder and that extends to components like bullets, primers, case, etc….

A good read on the subject is the us military improvised munitions handbook. Also googling and reading up on the subject in general will help. Look up reloading ammo.

tl;dr lurk improvised weapons threads on 4 and 8 /k/ faggots (if they even have those anymore, haven't been on those boards for years)

Also if you lurk long enough on /k/ you can get a bunch of guides to make weapons, like pic related. I don't have those anymore because i've purge my HDD a few times since then. Found this one on google.

Also another thing to look up is luty submachine gun.

The technology is still in its relative infancy. Give it a few more decades and the it will be possible to print far more materials with higher performance characteristics to finer tolerances.

Because I own real guns already.

Kill yourself.

At that point we can just mass produce modern battle rifles for a hundred bucks a pop.

Seriously, what the fuck.
You degenerates cannot seriously not know how to make firearms, explosives, and gunpowder.

I'd recommend researching looking how to make nitrates via piss, shit, and some hay. You can also use the corpses of your enemies to make black earth, but we save that for the good times.

Few websites which are always useful:

The latter site requires registry, but it contains a shitton of documents on how to set up a guerilla workshop. Most of the guys are old conservatives, but they are pretty chill with political orientation.

Tell you what, I'll get right on that once you can empty a full mag through a printed lower without it fucken breaking.

They have a lower receiver capable of 600 rounds iirc

thanks mr nazi

Improvised explosives are one thing but I'm American, making my own gun is worse than pointless. I can just go down to Fleet Farm and pick one I like on a whim.

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''The building of barricades is ridiculous against those who administer the bomb. A practice that refuses to acknowledge its own weakness when confronted by real power which hardly feels a tickle is deluded, regressive or, at
best, pseudo-activity.''
- t. le culdural margsism man

Also, it's not even legal to own a fucking BB gun or a stiletto here and if any of the ultra-conformist classcucks that inhabit this country even suspect you have either of the above you'll have two actually well-armed officers at your doorstep within five minutes who are judicially allowed to ransack your place, take your shit and jail you for longer than they would a pedophile.


so you are in a bourgeoise democracy
the people are disarmed, there are no signs of a violent revolution
the situation for the working people is bad but far from driving them to take up arms
what do?
organize the protests and accumulate political power as far possible on peaceful, legal terms
agitate the people to prepare them for violent reactionary terror
if possible, legalize weapons and arm the workers while disarming the bourgeoise in their private security sector as well as the state machinery to weaken any possible reactionary coup

no need for sad pathetic improvised geared gorillas of small disconnected cells that can get either overwhelmingly crushed or lost in a seemingly never ending battle that grows large parts of the population weary of war

this is why anarkiddies wont get anywhere
they rely on the situation to just develop favorable for them and go violent from 0 to 100 spontaneously

Do you know how much a fucking 3d printer costs?


You know guns are legal in the UK*

* Except handguns are completely banned and it is up to the discretion of the police to approve your gun license upon receipt of a "valid" reason.

Yeah I mean they're sorta legal but it's not exactly no quibbles like it is in America where you can just buy an M16 off the street, you basically need to be a homeowner and it's prohibitively expensive to get all the licenses and you also need a giant gun safe too

And yeah you need the permission of the police, and if you have a mental illness you've got no chance.

gun laws.

because i can fucking buy one

You need a special permit for automatic and selective fire rifles. You can get an AR15 which is basically the same thing with only semiautomatic fire.
Also if you want the barrel or overall rifle shorter than certain lengths you need another special tax stamp or some shit

Lol does Jezza have a gun


no thinks, I prefer keeping my fingers

I'm under the strong impression that Corbyn is a pacifist bootlicker who idolises Gandhi so I'd be surprised if he did, I'd like him to prove me wrong.