What are your favorite commie quotes?

what are your favorite commie quotes?

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Source on 1st by Zizek: mariborchan.si/text/articles/slavoj-zizek/why-the-idea-and-why-communism/

2nd is paraphrased from Alain Badiou's La Vraie Vie (as far as I know), though I think he's said at several points.

Recently read about him and he's probably one of the best leaders in the last century.

Sucks everything he strived to do sort of got repealed when the coup happened.

I am not a capitalist soldier. I am a proletarian revolutionist. I am opposed to every war but one, I am for THAT war with heart and soul, and that is the world-wide war of the social revolution. In the war, I am prepared to fight in any way the ruling class may make necessary, even to the barricades. That is where I stand, and where I think the socialist party stands, or ought to stand, on the question of war.

“When you are bearing arms that can spit fire and death, and when you can receive orders standing to attention in front of a flag, without knowing who will benefit from this order or this arm, you become a potential criminal who’s just waiting to spread terror around you. How many soldiers are going around such and such a country, and bringing grief and desolation without understanding that they are fighting men and women who argue for the same ideals as their own. If they knew! Children of workers who see their parents going on strike against reactionary regimes accept to fight for the reactionary leaders since they joined the army. So a solider without any political or ideological training is a potential criminal.”


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-Charles Marks


I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: I’ve been an anarchist my whole life and the fact that I’m responsible for this human collectivity won’t change my convictions. It was as an anarchist that I agreed to carry out the task that the Central Committee of Anti-Fascist Militias entrusted to me. I don’t believe—and everything happening around us confirms this— that you can run a workers’ militia according to classical military rules. I believe that discipline, coordination, and planning are indispensable, but we shouldn’t define them in the terms of the world that we’re destroying. We have to build on new foundations. My comrades and I are convinced that solidarity is the best incentive for arousing individual responsibility and a willingness to accept discipline as an act of self-discipline.

War has been imposed upon us and this battle will be different than those we’ve fought in Barcelona, but our goal is revolutionary victory. This means defeating the enemy, but also a radical change in men. For that change to occur, man must learn to live and conduct himself as a free man, an apprenticeship that develops his personality and sense of responsibility, his capacity to be master of his own acts. The worker on the job not only transforms the material on which he works, but also transforms himself through that work. The combatant is nothing more than a worker whose tool is a rifle—and he should strive toward the same objective as the worker. One can’t behave like an obedient soldier, but as a conscious man who understands the importance of what he’s doing. I know that it’s not easy to achieve this, but I also know that what can’t be accomplished with reason will not be obtained by force.

If we have to sustain our military apparatus with fear, then we won’t have changed anything except the color of the fear. It’s only by freeing itself from fear that society can build itself in freedom.





Thanks comrade Sankara


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I don't know if there were ansynds in Burkina that he was referring to but he probably saw there affinity with unions as a potentially destabilizing force. Historically the US has used ngo's like the American Institute for Free Labor Development, the Solidarity Center, and USAID to infiltrate unions in order to disrupt leftist governments. It might have been some kind of preemptive strike against that kind of infiltration.

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He meant that they can't protect their revolution.

Syndicalists are one of the few anarchists who have some what good theory.

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Shouldn't he aim to protect them then?

an anarchist syndicate can exists inside a state, as an-syndicalism is more concerned with how the production takes place

Anarcho-syndicalism was only a thing during the 20s and 30s. (Though, anarchists have been syndicalists) Real syndicalism was it's own movement, independent from anarchism and Marxism, made purely from worker's organizations. Syndicalists also had a tendency to be radical nationalists. In fact, syndicalism was more of a rebellion against parliamentary/centralized socialism that was based on welfare, social democratic crap, and utopianism more than workers acting in accordance with their material self-interest. Basically, syndicalists hated humanitarianism and liberal wishy-washiness.

So yes, Sankara is a stupid fucking nigger for this shit. Then again, a lot of stupid white fucks, including Monty Python (which I admire regardless), also abuse the word syndicalism to mean generic anarcho-communism instead of focusing on organizing government by industry.

Speaking of that Monty Python scene, the funny thing is that medieval guilds and especially the government of the Florentine Republic are probably far closer to syndicalism than peasant communes. So in essence, syndicalism is just a revival of medieval guilds, adapted to the conditions of an industrialized world.

If labour becomes free, the state is lost. Tommy Sankara didn't want to lose his grip on power.

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FTFY Sankara wasn't some power hungry nut job. He just wanted the revolution to succeed.

>It's REAL syndicalism

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