We're being raided by Holla Forums

See this thread:

Our strategy thread triggered them. Sage, hide and report all bait threads that have no argument in the OP.

Thats everyday

Cool. It only makes us stronger.

Also they seem to think they can use Stirner against us lel

That's not how you link you filthy newfag. Lurk more retard

They are rather easy to Identify they will normally use these flags.

It is always funny to see idiots who base their political philosophy on personal identity try to use "spook" to describe shit that actually describes material movement. They simply cannot tell the difference between the imaginary and the real.

Some guy posting Hoxha and anti-Troskyst (when was the last time we had one?) memes to "derail" lmao they're delusional.
You faggots should seriously stop giving so much shit about other boards though.
4chan will go leftist in no time since Alt-rightism is now mainstream.

That's never going to happen.

also I spotted a Holla Forumsyp:

move along folks

Let them come, they might learn something

We have enough of the retards already

4chan isn't a hivemind like 8pol is. Once the financial crash comes and Trump proves himself to be the republican crony capitalist that he always was his supporters will be scorned, the Syrian civil war will end in the next year maximum and refugees won't be in the public's mind anymore.
"Nationalist" mouthpieces will have to turn more and more populist to keep their bases and soon enough we'll be bashing Multinationals like we were in the Bush years.


When exactly AREN'T we being raided by Holla Forums

I like that it's the concept of spooks that really seems to get to them. Maybe they know deep down they're chasing bullshit. Like in that thread most of them are bitching "lel wut is even a spook, race is real because we KNOW it is"

It just shows that Max had it right all along.


You are dumb

thats a spooky ghost story right there user

Spooks bother them because they believe white supremacy helps them, but every material sense in their body is telling them it's not.

They're still poor.

You should all just give up and submit to Holla Forums. How much autism do you even have to have to be willing to die for the means of production? You're wasting your time for nothing.

that's quite the rare nonon you have there, Holla Forums. got any more?

I see what you did there, user



Question: Why are we shilling on the Chans? We should be organizing IRL, who gives a shit about what neckbeards think. I started a youth group to try and get people under the age of 21 involved in """heterodox politics""", how about you?


btw stirner trigged marx back in the day lol

and do what, retard?


Oh gee I don't know
Fuck off with your apathy


Wallow in self-pity like you.