I'm sure the majority of modern feminists don't act like the SJWs shown in the media or the internet...

I'm sure the majority of modern feminists don't act like the SJWs shown in the media or the internet. The most obnoxious and colorful ones get the most attention and silent majority and all that. I'd like to know more about the level headed modern feminists.
Modern feminists probably isn't even the correct term but I'm referring to any feminist that sprang up in the last 30 years.

Who are some modern feminists you respect and what works published by them would you recommend for reading?

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The majority opinion I seem to find is ambivalence or antipathy towards what's commonly labeled as "feminism." It's plainly been twisted into a racket that most women just don't have time to give a shit about, especially when it does stuff like march Madeleine Albright up on a stage and have her say that anyone that doesn't vote for a corrupt, dilapidated, greedy warhawk is a traitor to their whole gender.

It's not really the sort of thing that makes you very popular.

Camille Paglia

I'll keep the image for a backlog but I was looking for "newer" feminists tbh

There's this thing called the Mott and Bailey doctrine, you know. Look it up. The obnoxious ones merely dont have a filter on their ideology, but it IS what nearly all feminists believe when you get down to it

My biggest disagreement with her is that apollonian/diyonisous (fucked the spelling up big time) thing to explain the lack of female societies and female geniuses or some shit. Seems too spooky to me.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali
Christina Hoff Sommers

It is a mistake to assume that level-headed feminists exist. They are like the "nice guys" of philosophy.

Every modern feminist is obsessed with twitter and are incredibly proud of the number of hashtags they created. It's a joke.

Barbara Ehrenreich

That sounds like a real informed opinion you got there. Totally not just shit you let other people on the internet convince you of.

The label has become so tainted actually that even women who believe in gender equality are abandoning it.

You are already starting to see the end result of this development when only these fringe, but very prominent, voices are the only ones left with actually using it.

Note that this:

is the rebuttal that feminists will always make when they get called on their shit. "You just don't know our theory!" Fucking everybody who has been to a university knows feminist theory. You can't fucking avoid it, but they will none the less accuse you of not knowing what they are talking.

The only one who's really trying to make real social change and within islam regions no less.

The others named ITT seem to just be writing snarky articles or getting in twitter fighters.

Name some feminists theorists you have read then. I'm curious if you actually have any understanding of feminism beyond BLUE HAIRED LIBERAL FEMINIST EVISCERATED on youtube.

She is a very unique individual having lived in multiple Muslim countries and patriarchal societies.

Then she came to Europe also experienced the scale of the undercurrent of Muslim parallel social structures there while she was working as a translator for the Dutch immigration authorities.

But she dares to criticize Islam at its core so she is a leper in the eyes of the mainstream left like anyone who isn't a full-blown apologist.

No, fuck you. You know what university curriculum looks like. Nobody needs to list the books that they have read to state what everybody with a degree plainly knows.

Spooked liberals pls leave

Best contemporary feminist is hands down Silvia Federici; she has a very interesting analysis of primitive accumulation and the lumpenproletariat which I think is (some) of the weakest points within Marx's own work and thus the Marxist tradition.

Also she doesn't wander far from a very dry Marxist (with a Deleuzian spin) analysis, so their isn't any arbitrary shoehorning of liberal rot.

First .pdf I linked is a 10 page reflection from Federici about what is wrong with contemporary feminism

Second is "Caliban and the Witch" which is her magnum opus.

haha ok then

Look into the contributors to this book


Eh? I just took American Studies where we analyzed Western movies.

What you just posted is completely outdated and largely irrelevant in regards to the modern feminist movement.

Call me when feminists are bitching just as loudly about male suicide and the college gap as they do for domestic abuse and muh wage gap, then we'll talk. Until then, it's obvious that feminism is not about equality.

Most modern feminists are liberal fags who should be shot, same as sucdems. I'm fine with any socialist feminist as long as they believe in solidarity, but I'm not aware of enough theory to recommend anything.


As a burger, I find it strange to be exotic enough to be the subject of an undergraduate course.

Oh, I have to know which films foreign students watch to learn about American society. Fight Club? Red Dawn? The Breakfast Club? High Noon? Rambo: First Blood Part 2? Scarface? The Dark Knight Rises?

for you


Susan Faludi is pretty good, and she's always critiquing libfem academics for its obscurant deconstructionism.

I do not know what that is. Are you talking about double-spacing at the end of sentences? I am one of the few people here who first learned to type on a typewriter, which is why I got into that habit. Frankly, I find that it makes reading easier.

They don't, for the simple reason that most people in the west are feminists who simply misunderstand the definition of feminism and are afraid to refer to themselves as such.

You ask anyone in the west whether they believe women deserve to be treated as equal to men and they will almost undoubtedly say yes. The problem arises when you have these neurotic individuals who claim to have a monopoly on the label of "feminism" and ascribe to it absurd definitions like "somebody who supports Hillary Clinton, if you don't you aren't a feminist" or "somebody who believes men must be castrated, if you don't you aren't a feminist" etc… The reality is they do not have a monopoly on feminism, their extremist ideology is not feminism, or at least it is not all of feminism, feminism is in simplest terms the notion that men and women are politically, economically and socially equal and the majority of people in the west agree with that, and likewise the majority of the people in the west are not insane SJW legbeard radicals.

equal to men*

That is understandable considering that seemingly every feminist has a different definition of "feminism."

The problem with 1st-world feminism today isn't anything to do with the people involved, their ideology, or their conduct.

Imagine if there were threads like this asking about opinions on the modern 1st-world movements against slavery, ritual human sacrifice, and cannibalism? That would be pretty absurd, and anything related to them would have to be either very tiny or completely fucking bonkers.

That's modern 1st-world feminism. Everyone has either retired to more useful causes decades ago, or is a misanthropic feminazi whose only motivation is some mix of self-promotion and psychological flagellation.

That is simply because feminism has become utterly normalized in western society, the majority of the goals feminists originally sought to achieve have been achieved, and so the only feminists left who still participate in the active feminist movement are ones with radical views whose goals have not yet been achieved, i.e. "feminists" who believe men should be subjugated as revenge for centuries of men subjugating women.