Tfw you see the growing influence of Holla Forums and rise of leftism on 4chan

I'm flicking through Holla Forums, /k/, /int/ etc. and the amount of leftist threads and posters is noticeably bigger.

Is the fire rising brothers?

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laughing at triggered SJWs is getting tired and everyone's waking up to how corrupt Trump is going to be

Its only going to get bigger as Drumpf fails to meet its promises

it's been rising for a while

the assorted capitalist bloques represented by the republicans and democrats will eventually come to blows and in the space created by that conflict socialism will find fertile ground

The alt-right is dying on /mlp/ too.
Horsefuckers don't want to be gassed for liking horse pussy.

Now the question is if they'll go back to being right-libertarian or if we can get them over to the left.

Holla Forums isn't banning as many leftists now that the election is over. Otherwise nothing has changed, that's how they always were.

Feels good comrade

People are starting to realize that the left has been criticizing liberals and SJWs this entire time and that fascists always lose.

We still have a long way to go


With Trump having won the election the edgy contrarians will leave, but I doubt they'll become leftists. If we want to build we're going to have to start recruiting hard as Trump fucks up or an economic crash happens, both online and irl.


We should try to colonize /int/, most people there are at least socdem.

The fact that Trump is not at all anti-establishment is spectacularly obvious, and Holla Forums's pathetic denial is not changing that. The reality of the situation is becoming inescapable.

I've noticed too. Feels good man.
Reminds me of when Bernie god big and I started seeing commie memes on twitter.

Watching this board grow 2+ years makes me feel like a parent looking at their kid.

Or at least a gardener looking at his oversized pumpkin.

And exactly how does it feel to be a parent with a retarded kid?

You love them and try your best to shepherd them to a fruitfull life.

user this post was really cute

That's not even the half of it. Trump's support for LGBT people (he advocated gay marriage before Clinton did) is currently poised to tear Holla Forums apart, along with numerous other irreconcilable internal divisions on the right that are becoming apparent now that the immediate threat of a Clinton presidency has disappeared, and are only being exacerbated by Trump's furious backpedaling.

Just take a look at these threads:

>>>Holla Forums8305900
>>>Holla Forums8311950

There's even one on Holla Forums:

>>>Holla Forums6426940

They're going to collapse into infighting very shortly and there isn't a damn thing any of them can do about it. Even if leftists just sat here and did nothing it would still happen, because the current situation just isn't workable anymore.

My suggestion is, if you want to convert people in the wake of said infighting, don't spam every fucking board with constant autism like Holla Forums does, because that's the biggest factor that turned much of Holla Forums and other significant boards off of their bullshit. Keep it to discussions where it might be relevant. If there's a thread about corrupt corporate practices in gaming, then it's okay to talk about anti-capitalism, and likewise if there's a thread about a game where the storyline explicitly involves politics or economics. But if somebody's talking about Mario Kart? Nobody in that thread wants to hear it. Every fucking thread does not need to be about the porkies, just like every fucking thread didn't need to be about gassing Jews and deporting Mexicans.

I don't know if I can see a significant rise of leftism particularly but there is definitely an increase in anti-capitalist rhetoric across 4chan, it seems to me that this rhetoric is being used mostly by nationalists though. It is clear that the ancaps and libertarians are almost gone entirely, they have been mostly reduced to a joke (about time, really).

I kind of like the sudden popularity of the "class cuck" meme, people are definitely getting sick of porky's shit and that is obviously one of the reasons Hillary lost (not saying Trump isn't a piece of trash but he clearly had no support from Wall St.). I don't think it would take much effort to tip many of the nationalists on 4chan over to the left, they have already almost completely lost faith in capitalism and all that is left really is to dismantle their racism, which should be easy because it is only really bolstered by memes and has no real substance anyway.

Thinks are looking surprisingly optimistic really.

That's because the Left is finally learning to separate the kernel of left-wing politics from all the manifestation we traditionally associate it with. We're learning to resonate with the material self-interest of the masses of workers instead of trying to push an entire kit of "left" politics designed to make its adherent more open-minded and progressive than everyone around him.

And here's why this is important: if you picked a stereotypical leftie - a campus radical with all the SJW nonsense and vegan shit - and told him to come to Holla Forums or 4chan and try to communicate left-wing ideas, it clearly wouldn't work. But if you boil socialism down to its basic tenets and you have a community of channers voice it, it spreads. We speak as familiar elements instead of a foreign, alien entity. And this is starting to happen everywhere.

The cancer of left-wing politics is the idea that there is a "mold" to follow. Cultural differences will always exist, but the material circumstances are universal. So speak to the latter instead of trying to shape the former.

Have you considered the material self-interest of animals?

Honestly we should think of a way to clone meat, then we could feed everyone without having to do the whole factory farm slaughter nonsense.


Beautiful way to put it

To be fair, the failed way of recruitment is how normie politics work in general. They just don't work if your views aren't compatible with the status quo.

Appealing to a common ground has always been a tenant of socialist politics, but we were bound to get tangled with the idpol liberals at some point.

Yes, we're seeing migration from cuckchan and reddit. That's the "growth" you're seeing.

Who cares, stormfags were the Nazi growth that plagued /new/.

sage and reported.


This, I see you comrades. I've been shilling on cuckchan too. Solidarity!

kek, triggered the Holla Forumsyp


What is name of that anime?

Do you have a fetish for the corporate dick, or is this one of those too-ironic-4-u leftist poses?

This is true. Most of the people who honestly want to criticize Trump (even from a right-wing perspective) have been chased off to the end and other chans. They also have tripled down on the paranoia and hysteria–everyone is an alt-right faggot, a D&C shill, a jew, or Holla Forums. The moderation is bad but the users aren't doing themselves any favors.

Boku no Tito

Yeah I'm seeing it on 8 chan too. When Trump was elected leftypol numbers rose to 1k and pol to 4K. Pol is down to 3k but leftypol is at about 900

Jesus Christ that first thread it's like a living breathing caricature



I told you guys. I told you accelerationism was the way to go.
Trump's election was the best thing to happen to the left in a long, long time. Now the right will tear themselves apart and the left will think about all the things that went wrong (mostly idpol shit) and drop it in favor of things that really matter (the class struggle).

Dick "Dick Man" Baby!

I'm noticing it as well.
People are posting Stirner, Zizek and other Holla Forums pictures on 4chan more and more and actually opposing Holla Forums's bullshit (even if that is expected after having shit up the site for so long)

Thank you chairman sniff.


Which communist leader would have the largest rack?
Which communist leader would be the best DFC?
Which communist leader girl (male) would have the cutest feminine penis?

4chan is just endlessly contrarian

there was a good left wing thread there earlier


How the fuck am I butthurt?

the prophecy is true; 4chan really is just contrarian


It would be best that the accelerationist phase passes before technological unemployment kicks in, cuz once that happens, the proletariat becomes powerless and we're at the mercy of the capitalists owning the robots.

Veronika best poni

No one is going to "gas" Horsefuckers drama queen. But Stain, Mao and Pot Pol would have killed them.

So when are you going to go after corporatism, war mongers and promoters of slave labor?

Trump is against all of that and more of a leftist than you trans commies.

>>>Holla Forums8321193

Come and help us banter these LARPers tbh lads.

Now here's a guy who only isn't a socialist because he doesn't know that Trump is only pretending to be against that stuff. This is a guy who flip-flopped on wages after originally saying they were too high, who has a history of screwing his employees out of their salaries, who said he'd execute a nuclear first strike, and who is currently filling his cabinet with neocon corporate warmongers.

Protip: This board did not support Hillary Clinton.

Now here's a guy who only isn't a socialist because he doesn't know that Trump is only pretending to be against that stuff. This is a guy who flip-flopped on wages after originally saying they were too high, who has a history of screwing his employees out of their salaries, who said he'd execute a nuclear first strike, and who is currently filling his cabinet with neocon corporate warmongers.

Protip: This board did not support Hillary Clinton.

"Globalism" and "Corporatism" are just PC for capitalism. Also, we already know liberal as shit. Lurk a bit.

this, I hate how globalism has become used to attack the left when it's literally pushed by multinational corporations, the IMF and other undemocratic bodies

thought I'd seen the most pathetic man on earth, then you posted.

How does his real name bother you types so much?

Don't forget his attorney general pick said "good people don't smoke marijuana".

You can count on Trump to continue the war on drugs, being an ideological teetotaller himself with a personal interest in it (his brother died of alcoholism).

Leftypolitics btfo amirite?

Fuck, the Russian in that thread is completely based. Shame they're banned from 8ch, even the Holla Forums tier ones are funnier than Holla Forums

I have been trying to spread awareness on halfchan /sp/. It used to be a good board before Holla Forums leaked everywhere.

This, I miss when they were more or less apolitical.


your delusions are rising

Yes, but the material self interest of animals is in conflict with mine.

why would we ever want degenerate capitalist horsefuckers on our side?

Canon fodder?

Fuck off you nigger loving Jew, I don't want your cuck politics in my sports

thats it, let's invade /sp/

Prepare the tankies

it can't be helped, we're being influenced by your meme magick

Please stop being retarded piratefag

A spectre is haunting the internet


How about degenerate communist horsefuckers?

the spectre of autism

I'm on your side.

[citation needed]

I think the name on that tank is misspelled. I could be wrong.

also yes to communist horsefuckers

/his/ is like 20% commie tbh

more than that, i've seen loads of fellow leftists on there

/int/ is another Holla Forums, fuck that board.

/sp/ leans left for sure

Curious, how has leftypol changed?

Good god that is a lot of effort to produce an abomination unto art itself.


We number 5 now.


We should establish closer contact with /lit/ which has always been a leftist board. In fact that's where I heard about leftypol and Zizek in the first place. In fact they have a thread about the Chinese revolution that isn't anti-communist

Fuck off

This is my first post on /leftypol. There is a rise of leftism on /pol, but most of them are aware and understand where it's coming from. I'm a semi-regular poster on /pol, and if you care I can suggest a few things to get /pol thinking.

Suggest away

There were tons of communist threads on Holla Forums earlier. Was it a raid from here or elsewhere? I enjoyed it, classcucks were getting mad

Make it your last

Most of the posts I see not just on 8ch people just aren't connecting the dots.
Somehow they are willfully decieving themselves with retarded mental gymnastics.
Apparently the worlds major economies aren't capitalist at all and never were but instead "Keynesian socialist" all along or sometimes "Corporatist".
But never capitalist. These fucks will always tell you real capitalism has never been tried and neoliberalism is the religion of peace.
These people are going insane with their tinfoil nonsense lmao.

Perhaps worth mentioning, I'm a 'righty' and not a 'lefty'. That being said, there are a few basic things to understand about /pol.

The obvious thing is that /pol is not one person. As obvious as this might seem, many leftists who go to /pol make the assumption that /pol is one person instead of different people who have different views on different subjects.

Second, avoid tactics used by the SJW and feminists. These tactics often include name-calling and labelling, amongst others. It may feel good to call them bigots, nazis, racists, anti-semites, etc., but most of them are 'immune' to such labels, so no use in calling them those terms. And as mentioned earlier, since /pol is not one person, it would make no sense to generalise /pol as racist, nazi, etc. Of course, some are racists and nazis, but most of them aren't.

Third, /pol is not alt-right. The general view on /pol is that the term 'alt-right' is used by the mainstream media to discredit and to divide-and-conquer them. Therefore, /pol is suspicious of people using the term 'alt-right'.

Fourth, only 6% of Americans trust the mainstream media. Further, most of the mainstream media is owned by people of Jewish descent, therefore /pol is highly skeptical of articles coming from the mainstream media. If you want to make a point on /pol, you should keep in mind that your posts and articles will be much more criticised if the source is Jewish.

Fifth, leftist political ideology often relates to or originates with people of Jewish descent. This makes it difficult for leftists on /pol to argue in support of their political viewpoint. This is one main reason why leftists have a hard time on /pol, because the link between leftist ideology and the Jewish influence is hard to ignore.

Sixth, /pol is not as much pro-Trump as they are anti-Hillary. Though they do consider Trump's election as a victory, they aren't really bothered if Trump doesn't keep every single promise he has made. Trump probably won't keep many of his promises, but neither would have Hillary if she got elected. Politics wouldn't be politics without breaking promises.

Anyway, these are only six points and I'm sure more can be added, but I'll leave it at these for now.

They blamed it on reddit, see image. Though others say reddit was a decoy and that the raid came from /leftypol.

I posted like three or four lefty threads, but only in response to the other guy's spam flood.

we should do it more often, because commieposting is extremely effective bait against Holla Forums who can't help but get mad and post responses

Fucking shoot me.

kek, glad they're confused

I posted one

It's funny and effective bait, but I doubt the efficacy in terms of convincing them to your point of view. I would suggest engaging them in their own threads if your aim is to convince rather than to agitate. One or two lefty threads are OK, but a flood is seen as spam and they'll just cover their ears even if you presented good arguments. Less is more.

Which isn't organic. Its because fucking retards from here are spamming the boards and making our cause look like a bunch of sperging faggots.

"leftism is on the rise since I spam other boards" yeah, that makes sense.

The best part about this comic is that's great, but only when you remove the author's retarded political context.


The /furry/ board is bigger than Holla Forums

The problem with the points about Jews is that we don't actually care about what ethnic group our thinkers come from. In fact, Marx himself poked fun at his heritage and Jewish nepotism, and was not even raised Jewish at all.

I was here since GamerGate started, then I stopped browsing Holla Forums about a year ago. Occasionally I see a Holla Forums reference on halfchan, and when Castro died I knew I had to come back here. So yeah, I can confirm your memes are posted on other boards.

this is some serious damage control lol

stay with us we need members

It's really not. Currently it's being heavily spammed with nonsensical posts. I don't know if it's an inside job to increase the board's ranking, or someone just trying to disrupt it. See every post after this one in the wallpaper thread, for example: >>>/furry/674124

It's creepy as fuck.

I probably will.

It's weird

Holla Forums memes are being shared but mainly by those who are super conservative but not by the general population

I've seen normies pass around leftypol memes and people don't freak out now when I say I'm a communist. What's going on?!

It's a reversal trend

The great political pendulum is swinging

Before you either toed the line with the "approved" brand of leftism or you risked having your life and livelihood destroyed, regardless of your political affiliation. With the rise of the alt-right and the complete BTFOing of mainstream leftism and media, resulting in a complete lose of credibility among the white majority, confidence has been restored and people are coming out of the closet, politically speaking, on both sides of the aisle.

Interesting times lie ahead, that's for sure.

Several reasons.

A. Liking ponies is not a capitalism

B. It would trigger Holla Forums

C. Your dislike of them is based on spooky morality

D. Bronies often make great OC, even when not ponifying everything, excellent for meme warfare


Soon enough we'll be a minority, I understand that and recognize that realistically there's no way to prevent it.

That said, I have hopes that we're able to fix this disgustingly broken system while we still have the ability to do so, so that perhaps once we're bred out of existence we leave a legacy that encourages positive growth, instead of the current regressive system that will have the west become third world and stagnate if non-white voting patterns continue on the current course.

I want humans to reach out and explore the galaxy, colonizing new worlds and not merely surviving, but thriving and advancing, regardless of what shade of brown we end up being.

stop waving the mexican flag everywhere

not even american but it's sad

It was just the /int/ in me meming tbh.

But seriously, I live in Arizona and the only Mexican flag I've seen on somebody's house was literally pic related. Maybe its different in places like Texas/California though.

Dude, this is not how biology works. Unless there are mass die-offs the same genes will continue to make the rounds in the future. Also, there are more whites now than ever. You're going to be fine.

In the same way Barack Obama is "half white" and carries "white genes", certainly. That was my point.
Not with birth rates scaling inversely with lQ, unfortunately, and whites being below replenishment.

We should bombard /qa/ with requests for a Holla Forums 4chan board. I saw some 4pol anons tried to revive leftypol threads after the election but it got overran quickly by shitposting and sages

Don't be afraid. "La raza" is short for "the cosmic race" and it's all inclusive.

I know Holla Forums has this silly idea that the joos are promoting irrelevant shiting in order to dominate the goyim. It's complete bullshit, I have very mixed ancestry, and I ain't no pushover.

A brighter future awaits once we stop bickering about petty shit.

irrelevant shiting = mixture of races

I agree wholeheartedly.

There does appear to be an agenda at play here.

OR it could have to do with the fact that 4/lit/ is alot faster recently but whatever confirm dat bias nigga

This only really applies to 8pol not 4pol
Theyre civil warring over the term there. Also, many of them are much more invested in Trump than Holla Forums users here

US statistics show they're likely to marry whites. They'll become Cherokee-esque where they have light to olive skin but have native genes.

Sure when you spam these retarted threads on other boards it looks like leftism is on the rise. Problem is when you look closely you will see that there are only two people that post something pro-left. Everyone else shit on them.

/pol would call that damage control. Also, you can't deny the fact that most of mainstream media is controlled by Jews. Most of revolutions, both cultural revolutions as well as political revolutions, were either originated by Jews or were heavily influenced by Jews. Karl Marx is no darling of /pol because he was partly Jewish on his father's side, if I remember correctly.

Though Marx, as you said, did poke fun at his heritage and Jewish nepotism, though that won't get you far on /pol. A leopard cannot change its spots, neither can a Jew lose its tricks. Further, things like the following only strenghten /pol's preconceptions about the Jews (see image and video below):

Yeah, I suppose it is.

Well, /pol had to be more invested in Trump, because they had to deal with a bunch of Hillary and Sanders supporters on a daily basis. I don't know what /leftypol had to deal with during the elections, because I came here just a day ago.

It's the shitty current zeitgeist, where social reparations is more important than actually improving things
The Bernie quote was unfortunate at most, though. He was saying that poor niggers have it worse because of other niggers. Nigger ghettos are the worst

let me counter-meme that

Thanks, Goldberg. Though you may want to counter-meme this as well:

However, I'm not saying that feminism is all bad. My point is that the radical feminism that we see in modern society has been strongly influenced by Jewish thinkers of the past. Without the Jewish influence on feminism, influences such as the Frankfurt School, we would have had a very different kind of feminism. I would argue that we would have had a much better kind of feminism and not the 'man-hating' kind of today.

A better kind of feminism is the one proposed by Christina Hoff Sommers. But I suppose she is the minority, unfortunately.

Do you have a counter-meme for the video on multiculturalism? Barbara Lerner Spectre has put the 'end game' in the open. As /pol would say, they're not even trying to hide it anymore.

Hollywood is a city founded by Jewish migrants and the persecution of Jews was a huge factor in their recruitment to the left. These things make perfect sense in context. If you don't believe in "white privilige", you cannot believe in the Jewish conspiracy; "The Jews" do not control anything, people who happen to be Jewish do.

They know this on some deeper level, they are simply children who put effort into believing what they want to. There is no helping that.

So you're saying it's just a pure coincidence?

However, I don't think it is a pure coincidence. Jewish nepotism is a well-known fact. The Jewish people are very tribal. They have been tribal for thousands of years in the past and they will remain tribal for thousands of years in the future. This tribalism creates a double loyalty, so there will always be a conflict of interest between Jews and non-Jews.

Yes, nepotism exists. No, this is not evidence of conspiracy, which serious proof is needed of. You cannot just ask leading questions and berate people when they don't come to the conclusion you want.

Bringing identity into arguments is little more than an excuse to not discuss ideas and events by their own merit.

The blacks, the Indians, etc. have been persecuted, but they haven't controlled the media and the banking system, etc. Why is that? It is because they don't have the same degree of nepotism and tribalism as the Jewish people.

I get told all the time by Holla Forums that all races are naturally tribalistic for each other unless they get "cucked" or something and that all blacks want to stick it to whitey. Also, I could just as easily use their concept of racial hierarchy to contend that Jews are just superior. It's all nonsense.

Holy shit how did i not know this? Thank you Holla Forums, brb downloading.

I didn't berate you, though. Why do you think the Jews have been expelled from almost every nation in Europe? Do you think these expulsions are because of anti-Semitism, or are these expulsions because of Jewish nepotism and tribalism?


That I have to choose between the liberal answer and the stormfag one is my entire fucking point. You are forcing people to argue on your terms, so of course the argument is going to go how you expect.

There is nothing wrong with tribalism unless one tribe subverts another tribe by means of cultural and political revolutions. The Jews are known to be subversive in their influence on society. Watch this video to see what I mean:

Barbara even admits that the Jewish influence on society will make Jews resented.

If you have another explanation for the Jewish expulsions, then I'm all ears.

I really, really don't care. I'm not having this argument.

Simple. People unironically believed the Jews were capable of black magic because everyone was stupid back then, so monarchs used them as a scapegoat for problems like famines.

except that it's a spook

Jewish nepotism and tribalism has been a well-known fact of history. Only recently has it become politically incorrect to talk about Jewish nepotism and tribalism. Historically speaking, these expulsions have always been understood in terms of Jewish influence on society which led to their expulsion in almost every nation in Europe.

You don't care, but many people do care. People don't want to be subverted, and as you see in the video multiculturalism is a form of Jewish influence inflicted upon European nations. Barbara admits that this influence will make Jews to be resented.

That's not true from a historical standpoint. The Jews used usury and this created economic and social problems which led to people expelling the Jews from their country. Once they were expelled, those countries could focus to solve their economic and social problems created by usury.


I don't know, it's true that Holla Forums is spewing their shit more intensely on 4chan since the victory of Trump, but I have seen occasional mentions of "classcuck" and "porky" on /mu/ lately, which wasn't the case before even though /mu/ was already one of the most leftist board since degenerates make the best music

Again, I don't care, neither of us are going to change each other's mind. Rest assured I have heard it before.

Usury banking two thousand years ago is hardly relevant, many people didn't even know about it. As late as the 20th century, nonsense like the "Protocols of Zion" was being circulated.

The idea that expelling Jews magically solved national problems is laughable at best and rabidly schizophrenic at worst.

And even this is ignoring the fact that you are making broad strokes about people for no good reason. You cannot hold every Jew responsible for a few usurers in literal ancient times.

Your apathy is not an argument.

Also, usury is not something from 2000 years ago. It still exists today and it's one of the causes of the social and economic problems of the West.

And no, I'm not saying expelling Jews magically solved those problems. However, once you remove the negative cause, you also remove the negative effects. And that is what happened in those countries that expelled the Jews.

No shit. The IMF anally raping the third world is a major problem.

I strongly doubt that.

I'm not holding every Jew responsible. Further, usury is not something of the ancient times. Usury, also known as compound interest, is still practiced today by the banking sysem. And the banking system, at least in the West, are predominantly controlled by Jews.

Yet things magically got better when every Jew was expelled from olden nations? How fucking stupid do you think I am? No shit this has bearing on all Jews.

Someone redpill this Holla Forumsposter about the hibernian conspiracy

The IMF uses usury (compound interest) to rape third world countries. If you can't identify the problem, you can't come up with the solution. The problem is usury.

If you can't identify the problem, then the problem will remain. Once identified, you can solve the problem. The problem is usury, and usury has been the foremost reason for the expulsion of the Jews. You may not like to hear this, you may not care to hear this, but at least now you know the problem.

I didn't say things got better. I said that they could focus to solve their economic and social problems created by usury. It could take decades or centuries to undo the damage done by usury. The problem is that the Jews will find a way to reintroduce usury back into those nations, so this will prevent those nations from getting better.


It's just capitalism at work. If you like capitalism, you like usury.

Yes, you are feeding me the red pills or whatever. Provide proof of your statements.

That is exactly my point. Leaders maintained popular support through scapegoating instead of being overthrown. The problems still existed either way; it is a placebo effect insofar as they are concerned.





I don't like capitalism, because capitalism is the result of usury. Leftists will never succeed in changing capitalism if they don't change usury. Usury is the cause, capitalism is the effect. You don't like the effect? Then do something about the cause. Until then, enjoy your capitalism.

Is this some weird injoke or just a really low effort picture?


That's not what I said. I said usury is the cause and capitalism is the effect. A cause can have multiple effects. If you don't like one or many effects, then do something about the cause.

Usury IS capitalism. They are one in the same.

Feels Good comrades

Does Communism have usury? Does Socialism have usury?


Socialism, communism and Marxism are all opposed to usury by definition. Marx refers to usury as "parasitic" and notes that it does not produce but attacks production from the outside:

No. It doesn't even have capital.

nice delusions
god is dead
the left is dead
fascism will sadly run over the west again
like seriously fuck white people for electing another fascist

hey user stop panicking like a little girl, put your tinfoil hat away and go to your nearest mosque. remember allah knows best and is with you always.

Trump is an opportunist, not a fascist. This isn't the birth of American fascism, it's the conception.

What solution does Communism provide to usury?

Did Communist nations have usury?


Communism proposes collective ownership of the means of production and increased automation. This resulting widely distributed abundance which will render capital and therefore usury obsolete.

Dunno, I feel cuckchan is definitely moving leftwards, after so many years under Holla Forums-inspired niggotry. But I fear this leftwards turn might be towards the socjus camp rather than ours. >implying socjus is left

So Comunism doesn't get rid of usury until they have first reached X, Y and Z. It seems both communism and capitalism are stuck with usury.


What even is "usury" to you? Some magic hex?

compound interest is a mythical thing to the typical stormfaggot, who has not been through middle school math class

don't be so hard on him, he's only retarded :(

See pic.

I'm not a 'stormfaggot'. I reject both capitalism and communism. They are two sides of the same coin.

Nigger, I'm pretty fucking sure that socialists are against interest-bearing loans on principle just as they're against the profit motive.

Read Das Kapital. I'm pretty sure you have no idea whatsoever what socialism actually means. Or, if you'd prefer, here's this.



Classic fascist language

turdpositionist Bullshit

/int/ has racist tendencies but is largely anti-Holla Forums

Teenagers and lunatics driving me here doesn't say anything about influence of /leftarded/ or a shift in the chans.
I just need smarter people to prove how smart I am two.
My politics are the same as they aver were, and aver will be, faggot.

Uh, it's all over the Bible, Catholic Scholars like Aquinas argued that it was equivalent to theft and greco-roman sources are pretty clear that it's an act on par with murder in their eyes.
Get in here boys, start posting commie girls.

the MTV stuff is a non-sequitor and is the subject of another thread

there is a different context here w/r/t the ads though.

the chinese ad is naive and not aware of the nuances of the ad it's mimicking


It's really important in the bible (do you think people weren't being lent money 2000 years ago? This is the time of Rome) but somehow the Christians decided it mean "really high interest loans" instead of just "interest".I don't know when or why they did this.

Well, after over 342 post no one in Holla Forums could formulate a proper argument. I really hope fascist fight better than they debate.
they don't .

You make good points, user.
Particularly the part about great OC, I've noticed such as well but never really thought it could be "weaponized" per se.

Kek I didn't notice that when first looking at it

If we can drive the Nazis out of /k/, that would be great.


pics like this could help

It's the contrarian pendulum swinging the other way.



Nah, you retards just got blown the fuck out of yet another thread. See you next time.

well you would say that

Every time I see a prole argue for capitalism they look so ridiculous to me. Especially when they think the government gets in the way of capitalism.

eat shit classcuck

I actually agree with leftypol on many things. Like how needed is revolution against the πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€(ELITE CLASSπŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€.

No white supremacist would change ideology based on Trump failing. Hillary would have legalized herself enough voters to stop republicans ever winning an election again on a white values platform and none of the other republican candidates were strongly anti-immigration either.

It's not an ideological argument because every other choice would result in certain anuddah shoah

Also no one other than whites cares about progressive values past how it can benefit them personally. So enjoy being killed by shitskins for being degenerates or having a few rich globalists rule over your mudblood offspring for all eternity

Irish need to go tbh

The eternal Juden and the eternal Paddy hanging from a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G.

hmm wow made me think