What is your favorite type of helicopter to be thrown from?

what is your favorite type of helicopter to be thrown from?

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1) A note about Pinochet: After taking power, Pinochet introduced free-market policies envisioned by the "Chicago Boys" a group of laisez-faire Chilean economists educated in America. These policies (which included privatizing the fucking fire department) were so disastrous, that Pinochet himself fired them. In fact, prior to Pinochet, under democratic socialist president Salvador Allende, Chile had the best health care & education in South America and a strong middle class.

2) Venezuela's economic troubles have very little to do with socialism. It's roots can be traced to the Venezuelan banking crisis of 1994 under then president Rafael Caldera, when 17 out of Venezuela's 49 commercial banks failed and had to be taken over by the government (sound familiar?). The crisis happened because oil (which Venezuela kinda lives & dies by) prices fell. Up to 31% of Venezuela's GDP was spent on the bailout, & the economy got completely fucked because of it. Venezuela's socialist policies came later under president Hugo Chavez to help combat this, but by then there was only so much that could be done. Here's a contemporary article:

3) Pre-revolution Cuba is a great example of capitalism? WHAT?!?!?!?!? Okay, first of all, the statement "Cuba before the revolution had one of the highest per-capita incomes in Latin America" doesn't mean much.The average per-capita income in all of Cuba—including upper-class Havana and Santiago de Cuba—was six dollars a week. In addition to all the corruption & despotism associated with the Batista regime, here are some other lovely little facts about capitalism in Cuba:
* Only 4% of Cubans had meat in their diets.
*Under 3% had eggs.
* Only 1% had fish - ON A FUCKING ISLAND!!!!
* Only 11% had milk.
* Only 4% had bread.
* 64% had no toilets.
* Only 2% had indoor toilets.
* Only 3% had running water.

Magic of the free market, everyone!!!!


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What is your favorite type of gulag to work in?

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Whats your favorite rope to be hung from?


Over 5 million fascist where killed on the eastern front I say it wasn't enough

What's your favourite type of guillotine?

The one that is rusyy and doesn't cut well, the one you have to try 5-6 times to cut the head off reactionaries and capitalists.


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Lel, how does it feel to worship a dumb cuck who doesnt know the very basics of economy?

Pinochet was so bad the CIA themselves wanted to take him out after his time had passed.

Pinochet's economy was a fucking disaster
By the early 80s, Pinochet's Friedman-prescribed policies had caused rapid de-industrialisation, a tenfold increase in unemployment and an explosion of distinctly unstable shantytowns. They also led to a crisis of corruption and debt so severe that, in 1982, Pinochet was forced to fire his key Chicago Boy advisers and nationalise several of the large deregulated financial institutions.


Should have used helicopter money.


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Esto mismo pasa con gente guevona en Venezuela. "Aqui lo que hace falta es un Marcos Perez Jimenez" sin darle importancia al hecho de que podias desaparecer si hablabas mierda de el gobierno.

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Is this proof of the horseshoe theory?

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No, it's just proof these retards want to seem edgy and don't care Pinochet is a bootlicker and Stalin wasn't a true commie (unlike Lenin).

The bahamas is irrelevant, its just a tax heaven with no population kek

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