What's worse, /r/socialism, /r/fullcommunism, /r/LateStageCapitalism, or /r/ShitLiberalsSay?

What's worse, /r/socialism, /r/fullcommunism, /r/LateStageCapitalism, or /r/ShitLiberalsSay?

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anything but /r/leftypolitics/ is shit

leftypolitics is dead as fuck though

Holla Forums


What's wrong with /r/LateStageCapitalism? I like that one, it's good for agitation material.

I like r/latestagecapitalism, but I try to avoid reddit comments as a rule.

r/LateStageCapitalism automatically bans you if you post in r/kotakuinaction, same as r/rape, r/naturalhair, r/offmychest, etc.

The mods delete comments that use words like cr*zy or d*mb because of ableism. Hell, one of them said the other day that fucking "muh" was ableist.

KiA is legit cancer though

from best to worst:

/r/socialism has some legit discussion and content every now and then, and /r/LateStageCapitlaism is funny, but most other leftist subs are shit.

god, reddit mods that cave to SJWs are so pathetic. I wonder if by banning people they think they're doing some good in the world, when all they're doing is wasting everyone's time, including their own. God forbid we unite the left, even a little bit.

LateStageCapitalism is better than the rest

KiA has a lot of cancer, especially since T_D has been trying to annex it. Back before the trumpigrants came, it was mostly classical liberals, lolberts, and berners.
I use it a cringe channel for the latest shit liberals have been doing.

yeah but gamergate is fucking lame dude

There was a post a few months ago in latestagecapitalism bitching about someone got told they shouldn't own pets because they couldn't afford them. It seems like a reasonable thing–like if a human can't even afford to take care of themselves then maybe they shouldn't subject another creature to malnourishment or pain, but most people were like FUCKING CAPITALISTS.

brilliant logic amigo

LateStageCapitalism has quality content but full retard mods

You get your post auto-deleted for saying "stupid" or "idiot"

/r/ultraleft >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> the rest

they banned me for saying "people gain experience over time" in another sub


/r/shitliberalssay confuses me. Like, they think not being liberal means just beating the crap out of Trump supporters or something? Like they have no sophisticated understanding of liberalism, it just comes across like some edgy teenage shit.

That's because that's what it is.

Immense faggots.

thads ageist you shidlord :DDD

Why tolerate cancer when you can easily ban it? I don't understand this kneejerk reaction against moderation.

What about ShitTankiesSay? Is it a bad sub or an ok sub?

Holy shit, you weren't kidding.

It's shit.

it's great, shitleftistssay is hilarious too.


Well come on there mates. If there was some more activity I would be able to moderate a bit more.

why on earth is that ban worthy?

r/socialism is a bit bland but ok for news

also you forgot r/anarchism, that's utter cancer


it's pretty good

if you want real cringe, go to r/leftwithsharpedge


No, I'm saying r/naturalhair bans you if you post in KiA.

We need to re-appropriate Pepe

I have been a mod of /r/anarchism for several years and can say that idpol is legit COINTELPRO type shit. I'm actually sure of it.

It's great.

If we're going to feature anti-socialist subreddits in this list, then might as well feature /r/EnoughCommieSpam. ECS is lime cancer that fights cancer.

I like them all tbh, except srs

They all have that sweet juicy moderation, that prevents false flage polacks

the lack of incessant id pol whining is pretty good as well

I come here for the memes mainly and occassionally some dank discussion

It's not whining, it's laughing at idiots.

Nah, some people here seem to believe that Marx wrote extrensively about the dangers of id-pol, (not that I support id pol)

nah you're right, but why do people still care about that shit two years out

the pettiness of tinpot dictators knows no bounds

What makes you say that?

someone obviously hasn't read "The Dialectical Connotations of Gamergate vol.I"

it's pretty sexy

didn't we said that spurdos and gondola were better?

This sub is good.

shhhhh. don't let leftypol shit it up.


hahaha what the fuck it's true

I got a ban warning for saying idiot lmao

So how am I supposed to say something is dumb/stupid/idiotic if I can't use any word to describe it as such?

Reddit is cancer, $100% idpol through and through.

Should have included r/anarchism in that list, op.

Not that it matters, everyone's favourite police plant moderates multiple subreddits anyway.

lelcoms got eternally btfo on reddit by a lone 🍀🍀🍀Trotskyite🍀🍀🍀

that website is for memes, porn, tech support, and news; nothing more.

/r/shitliberalssay is actually evil tbh

The rest are just misguided


I don't know, why do you care about the economic conditions that shit on you daily despite communism "losing" decades ago? Probably because the conditions still exist, the same with the gamergate thing, despite being coopted by reactionaries, it was supposed to be a catalyst to change the gaming world by outing neoptism/cronyism, bad journalistic ethics, and institute positive journalistic standards.

Obviously that didn't happen because reactionaries took over the damn thing and turned it into a pile of shit that went nowhere. Because of that, the problems that plagued gaming still exist, except now anytime it's brought up, faggots keep putting words into the mouths of those with complaints and assume they are mysoginerds/neckbeards/pol/shits rather than people who just want their chosen hobby to be free of identity politics and cronyism.

IfI'm reading the works of George Orwell properly, you should probably go with "unsmart"

And if they ban/warn you for that then I can't help you comrade.


Have you guys seen this shit?

jesus fuckin christ

eternally btfo'd by being excluded from their shitty subreddits? lmao
Most of us didn't care about that CWI rape-cult infested boards anyway.

reddit is cancerous, full stop. Holla Forums and I will never see eye to eye, but we can agree on that at least. r/FULLCOMMUNISM is edgy tweens, teens, and twenty-somethings trying waaaaaay too hard to larp a communist empire over Trumps corpse.

Check this degenerate puppy-play gayfag's post history:

He loves communism and wearing a puppy mask + tail/buttplug.

You need more hardcore bastards who aren't idpol queers.

Call them… what do these guys say, "watermelons"?

You fucking watermelon.


What's wrong with SLS?


Fun fact: Here in Australia "watermelon" is a slang term for somebody who is superficially an environmentalist or, more specifically, Green party member who is actually a socialist entryist or crypto-commie.

Green on the outside, red on the inside. It's used disparagingly (in private, mostly) by liberal Greens about the ever-diminishing left wing elements of their party.

thats pretty cool


I saw you complaining in some other thread. This is a terrible argument for anything. Some people are smarter than others and thus gain experience faster, and some experiences and knowledge are more important than others. Still, you shouldn't be banned for saying that. You should instead be called out for being an idiot and roundly mocked, especially by people who are both younger and more mature, intelligent and informed than you to really drive the point home.

It literally is, though? That's the dictionary definition of the word.

I would like to know more.

What a retarded, autistic and spazzy faggot of a mod. Also NIGGER! Hahaha!

Top kek. Coup when?

Hey nigger go back to reddit you fat tranny faggot.


Reminder to bully idpoltards on sight.

Jean-Marie Le Pen once cut open a watermelon at a demonstration to make this point.

That's because he fucking locked the posta lmao

Shaggy diggy

He should remove his Zizek flair if he wants to capitulate to PC

Why did you post the edited Stalinist version?

Delete this

What a bunch of fucking morons

The problem with /r/socialism is that they don't have the guts to kick out the bourgeois idpol.
No. "Ableism" and transgender bathrooms are not the greatest problems facing America (or the world) today.
Other than that it's the best non-dead board.

Do you think it would be more active without the liberal pandering?

IT'S FUCKING VIDEO GAMES. Literally the only reason the gaming industry is shit is because customers let it be shit.

Bjorn Ironside is a an admitted police plant and hypocrite. He bans people for posting here while posting here himself. He's also eternally buttmad that there's a leftist forum that he doesn't personally control.

In the long term? Yes. Idpol is the cancer keeping back any true leftist movement, designed to distract people from the real issues.
Besides, most people come to /r/socialism because they're sick of modern "liberalism".

The fact they're trying to push idpol the moment the sub starts growing is suspicious as fuck. Vaporware is one of the first mods that need to go.

It's shit because of capitalism stupid

Capitalism wants it to be shit, but it can only happen with consumer permission.

I've seen Bjorn do some disgusting stuff but I have never seen anyone accuse him of being connected to the police.

Are you talking about Holla Forums?

Muh invisible hand

What do you think "On the Jewish Question" was?

What an amazingly thorough rebuttal. If this is the level of "experience" you're holding over the heads of people younger than you it's no wonder they don't care about what you have to say. Nothing worse than pretentious millennials talking down to people when they don't actually have any insight into anything important. Kind of like the boomers they hate so much did, really.