What is the best form of capitalism?

If you had to choose between types of capitalism, which one would you pick?

the one where it helps my own current position the best

The capitalism where nothing bad happens ( doesn't exist lol).

Or social democracy.

Probably the american libertariansm variant with a small gvermemt based onnGergsk

On Georgism*

The one that's just about to collapse into anarcho-animeism.


Ethical capitalism (doesn't exist).


entirely cooperative economy + Strong social-democratic state with nationalized finance, energy and infrastructure

Is there a form of capitalism that doesn't brutally exploit billions of people in the third world? If it was possible for the worsening conditions in America to be the same everywhere in the world, I think it would be suitable, but the gentle exploitation of social democracy for a select few countries while the vast majority of the world suffers is useless, it's just a more equitable distribution of slavery.

At least state capitalism had great welfare.

State capitalism

Anarcho-Capitalism, because then I get to go somewhere else and build my own fantasy cuck land as I please.

I like the current form of capitalism because it will lead to socialism sooner.

Make Georgism Great Again

AnCap because as long as you're not dealing with fake shitheads, y'all are allowed to have your lefty bullshit so long as you leave us alone.

in ancapland, what is stopping us commies from seizing your MoP?

This post broke my NAP

That's like saying you can murder in an anti-murder society. If a communist society existed it couldn't coexist with a capitalist one.
If somebody was killed because of your magic property idea than we'd be forced to intervene and bring you to justice.

The same thing you want to use to illegally take people's memes of production- memes guns.

the state

muh private nuclear weapons that i purchased from black market by selling my 4 virgin newborns to goldmansachs for satanic rituals.

my example better explains why communism can exist within capitalism (voluntary interactions with people and nobody hurting anyone) but capitalism can't exist within communism. (property is a declaration of violent intent)

Now that's just wrong, fam.

Ancapism, because it's the most likely to lead to immediate revolution.

Ancap. Under their own principles it would be the easiest form to transition to communism from. You'd only have to work against capitalism, not capitalism and the state.