Someone just posted this on my art school class' Facebook page.

So far this is the porkiest instance of bourgeois feminist nonsense I have ever witnessed.

What do you guys think? Should we end it right now with cyanide-laced root beer to stop the suffering once and for all?

Not leftism



Feminist Radical Margret Thatcher

let's send them an e-mail


Send in the assassins

Besides celebrities, some of those female politicians are simply scum

holy shit

what the fuck am i reading

And people you wonder why feminism exists.

*you people

I'd rather sit on my ass than do anything associated with "courageous women" like Clinton or Thatcher.

'if they hate you, that means you did something great' - t. Hitler

Okay, two women out of the dozens on that website you disagree with so you want to bring down the whole thing? That's totally fair.

Also, women like Clinton and Thatcher are courageous women in their own right even if you don't like them.

low quality bait

It's not bait, it's my opinion and you should respect that.

It's almost like the entire site is garbage.

Their very presence is indicative of liberal feminism's complete lack of political content, social consciousness and historical perspective. It's intellectually bankrupt.

Besides, if I were to find a website titled "Badass Men" who listed Augusto Pinochet and Donald Trump alongside Martin Luther King and Pablo Picasso, I'd think it's about time the authors asked themselves some serious questions.

In a sense, this is true. If I were in their place, I'd need big balls because I would expect the working class to put my head on a spike.




That sounds like some Bonafide IRL gulagposting.


It says to nominate a "#badbitch" and gives email contact info. How do we handle this? Email them that we're coming for them, bucko, or get Rosa in those cards?

no appropriate image


I bet these fuckers don't have a word to say about the socialist beliefs some of those women had!

Upgrade to fentanyl if you have the money. Cyanide will make you -wish- you were in whimins studies class

shut the fuck up lares you teenage faggot

some of them look like pic related

i fucking loathe late stage capitalism


A lot of feminists have been using her lately for some reason. Femen even had a tribute for her when she passed away.

I think that if you questioned them on it, they would say that they disagree with her politically but "it's still important that a woman was in power", you know, in a "both can be true" kind of way.

I think this is part of an attempt to make feminism post-ideological, or at least above traditional ideological friction. That feminism shouldn't be "leftist" was the first step, now they're saying it doesn't have to be progressive at all.


This. We've already been through a process that basically emptied artists of their radical leftist content — think George Orwell or René Magritte, among many others. We're going to see the same with figure of the historical women's rights movement in a close future.