"Cultural Marxism"

wtf is it anyway? does it even exist?

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It's a conspiracy theory,

It's a Nazi propaganda term


It means thing I don't like in aut-right language.

Also this


It doesn't exist but I wish it did

Cultural marxist here. I get paid by Soros to indoctrinate children into believing their vidya are too heteronormative. AMA.


Funnily enough, what Holla Forumsacks refer to as cultural marxism is actually, atleast I think it is, cultural capitalism. Special snowflake culture, mass consumerism, hedonism and so on are things Holla Forums attributes to ebil gommunists brainwashing while they're all capitalist phenomena.

Stay mad, con.


Ask Holla Forums instead of Holla Forums.

Yes. The best thing you can do is to subtly try to direct them to this fact. Also, you should point out that "Cultural Marxists" are, almost always, very poor at their own theory. They treat identities as if they were classes, because in the end they're just liberals who think they are socialists. If you get that point across, you've implanted the idea that Cultural Marxists don't represent Marxism. Who knows, maybe something can happen with that.


A bunch of kids high on Hegel(le what if the reverse if true man) and Freud(le people smoke cigars cause they like cock lmao man)

They thought that capitalism is socialism that sucks dick

That's doesn't discredit it. Plenty of conspiracy theories end up being true. For example, the Powell Memorandum.

Cultural Marxism is a moronic conspiracy theory formulated by John Bircher idiots like Pat Buchanan and William Lind.

This video would be more useful with a human voice. Too obnoxious to follow along for 15 minutes.

I've taken cultural marxists as people who want to destroy the super structure, and cultural aspects of a society without caring about the base.

You guys have read the wiki page about cultural marxism, it's not accurate. You can refer to it as social justice, it's the same thing.

If you deny the overwhelming push for social justice into education in the west you are denying reality, it's that simple. It doesn't matter which term you use for it, it's still a part of many universities and colleges and are now even enforced on new students.

Social justice studies with marxist influences left the Frankfurt School of Social Studies in Germany under the Nazi reign. Many of the professors ended up at University of Columbia in New York, and has spread from there all across the US.

Why it's called cultural marxism is because it's ideas somewhat stems from Marxism applied on a social level and not economical, social critical theory.



It's a cheap knockoff of Cultural Stirnerism.

Frankfurt School were some of the least PC Marxists in history.

Fromm wrote some pretty un-PC things about gays and polyamorous people. Adorno wrote some pretty un-PC things about black culture. Benjamin wrote some pretty un-PC things about women (which isn't surprising if you know the Jewish god values men much, much greater than women). Marcuse detested political art and hated hippies for being consumerist and not radical enough. To even begin to claim these guys were the precursors to tumblr is laughable.


Bigger version?

What class of people funds and benefits from social justice? Hint: it's the same people who don't benefit from workers being in control.

Also, pic related.

your mom is cultural marxism

If you know anything about Marxism then you know the phrase "Cultural Marxism" makes literally no sense.

It's a meme started by Larouche in the 90's. It has no basis in reality, and Holla Forumsyps would do well to actually read some of The Frankurt School's work, particularly the work of Adorno and Horkheimer. They'd actually probably find themselves agreeing with some of what they wrote.

Agreed. Horkheimer, Adorno, and Benjamin critiqued modernity and "progress" similar to Evola and Leo Strauss.

Yes. It's the same "culture industry" Adorno hated.

a spook made by spooked neo-nazis. thats it.

The REAL Frankfurt School:


its pol numale shit

It's like poetry, it rhymes

Arguing over the origins or if it makes sense the way it's applied today is pointless. Just accept the way it's applied today, you autists. It means that all the radicals from the sixties are now the establishment in the western world, because they fucking are. It's undeniable. They actually gloat over it.

Social values forced from the top down are what were before considered more "left wing". Economics isn't more left wing because everyone has cottoned on left wing economics just doesn't work. You people (generally) are whining about economics and think even recognising the social changes that have happened is either "identity politics" on par with snowflake tumblerites, or a "conspiracy theory". Again, the former radicals that are now the establishment in the western world gloat that it has happened. No ordinary person refutes it. You people don't realise just how detached you are. You are the tinfoil conspiracy theorists.

Cultural Marxism is basically Progressive Stack. It already ruined OWS.

Yeah, and they're the same people who have us Reagan. Stop trying to save your rehashed Nazi conspiracy theory (started by the John Birch Society), if memory serves.

Read Adorno

Anyone who says bogeyman in response to critique deserves at least 50 lashes from a thorn laced whip

tell me more

Why live?