You can help the white race right now

You can help the white race right now
Sitting at your computer in your underwear!

This is a war of information and belief, and the truth is the most effective weapon of all, a weapon that is on our side and our side alone. We must do everything we can to propagate the truth and give our people the means to express and defend their own interests.

Enter Wikipedia, the most popular source of historical information.
In our circles, it is constantly criticized as being heavily compromised by Jewish/plutocratic interest, and rightly so. Subjective weasel-wording, over-embellishment of particular aspects of certain events, and the occasional outright lies are readily apparent.

What I propose is this: we take it upon ourselves to remove this intellectual muddle from the most popular source of information that is "educating" our people about their own history. We remove subjective wording and keep the facts straight and above all else, resisting the temptation to get our revenge by tactics similar to those our enemy uses, and let the truth burn away the ignorance forced on innocent truth-seekers.
We crawl the pages concerning WW2, nationalism, modern politics; everything of direct concern to our movement, and clean them up, improving the quality of writing, increasing the bulk of information, adding objective references and replacing subjective/biased/false ones.

Not only will we be removing the obstacles blocking the vision of our people, but there is great side effect to this: we will be reading through all of this information with the sharpest critical eye, fleshing out our own understanding and increasing our ability persuade others to understand the truth.

The bottom line is this: This does good and (((they))) can't stop us.
Wikipedia doesn't have the resources to censor us, even if they ignore the rationale for every single edit we make, which they can't anyway, because they depend on their community of editors that believe the site has integrity, and this community will hold the organization to neutrality.

This is a soft spot to push against, with a very real benefit to us, so let's do it

Everyone can do their part, even if they don't feel comfortable with rewriting and editing in a proper manner.

For example, we can remove every usage of the word "Nazi" with a reference to the NSDAP, with the justification that it is a more precise term.
Subtleties in wording like this trigger people into an unreasoning state of mind.

Learning to use the Wikipedia editing interface is extremely easy, and the complete history of every edit is available complete with the reason for each edit, so we can see the efforts of like-minded people who were censored and try another way around the censors' reasoning.

Click the edit tab at the top of the article to edit the introduction, click the edit link at the head of any section to edit it, type "[[xxxx]]" to link to other Wikipedia articles, ==and above all, hold yourself to a standard that towers above the behavior of the subjective-minded Jewish/plutocrat supporter!==

Here is an example of what I have done:

Other urls found in this thread:,,251-2289232,00.html

Don't waste your time editing articles

Create them. Either by clicking the button or doing something noteworthy for an article.

When I read Wikipedia I edit if I see fit but otherwise don't waste your time

that doesn't make any sense on any level

not the kind of person we want anywhere near our movement

Every single time….


All Wikipedia edits, all of them, are reviewed by a Jew first. Before you could get into a position of power, you must write 17 truckloads of shit and then be hired by the company as a reviewer, then shoot down anything true for 5 years. Only then can you make a difference. Every "bad" change bands you IP so I hope you have bought many VPNs because Tor is blocked. Also I hope you have enough fake cellphones and emails (which also require cell phones) to pass authenticity on your profile. Now if 1000 people spend hours getting all this information together to change semantics (a Jewish art) on Wikipedia articles and submit them, it takes one Jewish "revert and ban" click to undo your hours of work.
Just letting you know what you're in for.

Not even because the board will shut you down, as soon as you go off script, no matter your access levels.

Wikipedia is a lost cause, if you win the culture war, wikipedia will change on it's own, as an extension of culture.

You change culture, by creating art. Art is true revolution.

I never meant anything significant, just being a shitter and halting up procedure to make it harder for them to solidify the narrative so quickly.

just focus on feminist articles and redpil roofie it

I guess OP missed GamerGate, wherein the Wikipedia article was full of easily provable falsehoods, they would only allow sources like Gawker, and the like owner was even brought into it on Twitter. Around this time, the Cultural Marxism article was deleted, by an editor that identified as CultMarx on his profile. You can't infiltrate already infiltrated institutions, only burn them down and rebuild.

*kike owner

A better idea would probably be to attack the site itself. For example, if evidence of tax evasion was dug up, reported to the authorities, and (most importantly) made publicly known, the IRS would be forced to decide between attacking a useful brainwashing resource or strengthening the nascent "IRS is biased against conservatives" narrative.

Why not focus on creating a blockchain- compatible information site that has information approved by all? The old internet is so 2017

Instead of editing Wikipedia edit the minds of online people directly.

Here, have a sample.

See picture.

There. It's as simple as that.

The company that I work for trains leftists to become Wikipedia editors. How is this financed? Grants.

Facts are banned there. Edit a page to include facts and it will be locked, reverted, and you will be banned.

I like it, because it sounds like its implying its a cult as a side effect of shortening it.

Trying to do anything on Wikipedia felt pointless before leftists infiltrated, back when it was just run of the mill autists reverting every correction to their topic of fixation, I can't imagine it's gotten better. I think you'll make more of a difference literally anywhere else.

Just go through and identify anybody as Jewish in the first paragraph of the article and add them to categories like [[American Jews]], [[List of Jewish-American politicians]], etc. Then we can put them in camps later down the track.


i came here to check dubs and chew bubblegum etc. these too

This is good.

Already been a thing for quite some time.

It's unnecessarily complicated. Just grease the kikes where they're found. Why waste barbed wire when you can just shoot on sight?

Does this help?


I don't view this as the List
This is about redpilling people with the truth. Jews run America. Make it obvious so you can't help but stumble onto the truth.

Ah, reminds me of the old 2007 coding horro article called the pit of success.

Like so?

You've done it again, idea user. You made another shit idea thread.

No kidding. Wikipedia is run by professional PR operatives for the Democratic Party.

They've forced out almost everybody remotely neutral by now.

What is the name of the grant? Who is paying? What is the process of getting the grant? Can it be proven that they know this is a partisan effort? IRS may want to know,

Indeed. Put it together in a great format like these. These are fantastic for redpilling. No one can argue with this. This is devastating.

Can you add another column featuring shabbos goyim, so people understand what the jews allow on "their airwaves"

But all of the non-Jews in the Jewish media are traitors. I think it' more beneficial to point out the Jews at the top.

No, add in some people that normies would identify with

It doesn't work and is meaningless. Jewikipedia is so horribly and literally Jewed they have this

Wikipedia editing courses launched by Zionist groups

Israelis taking courses on how to plant Zionist propaganda on Wikipedia:,,251-2289232,00.html

For years.

You're going to have to fight state sponsored shills and the already pozzed admins and editors. It's like trying to tell the truth in the GG article, it's hopeless. The best thing you can do is redpill people on the obvious bias that or you can try to be subtle with your edits. There's also attempting to make alternatives wikis like metapedia but well, that takes a tremendous amount of time and dedication. Good luck, user. Polite sage.

completely false, I've been doing this for weeks and NONE of my changes have been reverted (until I posted this thread, some jew soft-reverted the changes I made to the linked article).
Just to make sure that was real life, I went to a nig article and made a humorous adjustment, and that actually was instantly changed and they didn't even ban me, just gave my IP a warning (changed "some cultures think black people are ugly" to "most cultures…." - paraphrasing)

TL;DR don't believe these idiots/kike-shills saying you can't edit
Wikipedia can't do a god damn thing about us making subtle revisions, they're indistinguishable from less motivated edits unless meticulous manpower is applied, and they don't fucking have it!

this is the future, you are right, but in the mean time we have to do something!

not sure who is posting things like this, but you clearly are having trouble understanding the basic picture here, which isn't that complex, so you're extremely suspicious

As soon as I posted this thread I was banned for "chronic shitposting" (making fun of an anime retard trying to derail the stickied thread about user predicting vegas) and within minutes my thread got several nonsense negative replies with jewish-style "criticism" and several jewish-style derailment replies, with the derailment replies going on and on.

At least some of these blackpill shills and derailers are mods on this site. I'm not willing to chalk the ban up to coincidence, similar things have happened every single time I try to make a constructive thread, except they usually shadow delete it instead of leaving it up. I guess they are getting too many death threats.

regardless of what's actually happening here in this thread,
mods = blackpill shills
You can clearly see that this site is meticulously censored to keep the tone extremely negative and hopeless and to discourage people from coming up with their own ideas.

Kike mods disable posting from TOR because….no reason stated. Their feelings were hurt I guess? The mods want to compromise YOUR privacy and comfort for no reason.


Hello mod kike, thanks for the proof

Daily reminder that censorship is 100% jewish
White people don't need censorship because we tell the truth, and the truth defeats all lies. Censorship is the device of liars, the device of jews.

8ch is run by military intelligence contractors. Period. No one else would be motivated to censor like this 24/7/365.
We ought to strike some fear into them, where are the dox for the mods? for Jim Watkins?

Remember, it's their job to keep you unmotivated and apathetic, don't be afraid to call for measures against them, THEY get in trouble when you get riled up, not you. This site is a vent for people, that's is designated use, and if it stops working, the important people funding it can't be bothered going after YOU, they will be going after the people they paid to do a failed job.
If (((they))) thought that crushing speech with the legal system would be effective that's what they would do and we wouldn't have 8ch run by the government. But it's not, for myriad reasons.
If they have the power to act on their "honeypot lists" it's already over anyway. So stop being a PUSSY (if you are)

Besides, we still have freedom of speech, the laws and courts are still a barrier against (((them))) and they only pursue cases with a 100% chance of conviction, and they have to be careful about setting off unrest by charging people for political speech, regardless of whether or not statute forbids it.
What this means is this: they have absolutely no power to pursue you even if you detail your LARP plan to stalk Jim Watkins in Phillipines, grab him with a hooded noose, drag him through an alley to an empty building, and set him on fire.
There are simply too many people saying things like that too many different places.
Not saying you can say whatever you want all the time with no consequences forever, but the chances are slim.

It… doesn’t list jews as being jews. What the fuck good is that? I mean, it’s great for shabbos goyim and the jews it does list, BUT IT DOESN’T FUCKING SAY THAT THEY’RE JEWS.

lol nevermind about that tor posting thing, I guess they took the ban down early, was supposed to be up for another 12 hours, obviously i just posted on TOR, just copy and pasted from my VPN browser

or you could just make white children and teach them about yiddles

Some are described as jewish, but the damn site is called "judas watch".
Also, you can always use it as a supplement.

Or to create your own list that calls the jew out more than judas watch.
It's a resource to be used.

or, instead of getting picked off one by one, letting millions of our own people fall into the meat grinder, we can do something about it and improve our own skills at the same time

get out you scum

Why would people look up the haavara agreement in the first place unless a "shitlord" told them so?
But I agree that changing blanket "nazi' out for something better is not bad a cause.

It's simply inferior to telling people things directly.
Even normalfags are way of Wikipedia as a credible source nowadays.

because they're researching it for school or for curiosity

it's important to try to reach people when they're geared to be receptive to information, it takes our chance of success from practically zero to something real. You can't just drop infographics in front of people, you have to have the right timing. Infographics are great, but they have no authority and little trust. We need to broaden our target audience.

not even remotely true in general
more people are wary, but wikipedia is unarguably the go-to

That's fine but I still think there are better ways of doing it. Jewikipedia is just crazy pozzed, outside pure science articles it's pure cancer and one minute looking at the talk pages you see exactly why. Unironic communists among the editors, countless kikes, and so forth. The citations are also a joke because the likes of buzzfeed is taken seriously as a source among them along with numerous others. Unless you get the head of jewikipedia to become redpilled it is simply an emu war as I see it.

One of the best things that you can do is encourage the use of Infogalactic over Wikipedia, everywhere you get the opportunity. Merely citing it as a resource when dealing with shitlibs and SJW's over twitter and other platforms can send them into an amygdala-hijacked frenzy. If we play the long game with this, we can eventually replace the old platform with the new and, hardening it against entryism of leftist cancer, prevent it from becoming converged as another institution of the left.

Infogalactic also has Drudge-like news and tech news portals, complete with archive links as an option for viewing most articles.

I repeat, in weeks of editing, I have never been censored or banned

all your crying about "wikipedia is so jewed" is bullshit, you don't know what the fuck you're talking about.

The only reason it's jewed at all is because faggots like you come up with endless excuses to nothing and for (((some reason))) feel the need to advise others to do the same.

Learn how to live like a man, like an aryan. You don't just retreat because some jew raps you on the knuckles.

fucking scum

I'll try again but I'm not counting on it. Last time was always edit wars then a pozzed editor accepting the lie over the truth because it didn't fit their kike narrative.

That was the case with GamerGate even after all of the arbitration drama. After all of the bullshit was aired out for people to see, the pozz'd editors still chose the kosher narrative over the truth. This has also happened on other articles. The fact of the matter is, that at this point, retaking a site like Wikipedia is like trying to take a site like Tumblr, or take over a mainstream news outlet like CNN. It's just not going to happen. All of the important decision making positions have been taken by our ideological enemies who, through a combination of subversion and bullying, will not allow themselves to be ousted and likely cannot be ousted short of some sort of legal action which would also likely fail.

Here's a simple greasemonkey script for auto-redirecting Wikipedia links to their Infogalactic counterparts.

window.location = window.location.href.replace( "", "" );

The only reason it's jewed at all is because faggots like you come up with endless excuses to do nothing and for (((some reason))) feel the need to advise others to do the same.

Learn how to live like a man, like an Aryan. You don't just retreat because some jew raps you on the knuckles.

You are literally talking like they are omnipotent and untouchable
Then make them afraid to keep their position. Not every solution lies within the law….

You can't just schism every time something happens that makes it harder for you to get your way. Jews got into European society by exploiting this phenomenon during the Reformation.

You cowards who think there is a peaceful solution to our problem are beyond insanity. You think anything will change without people going to jail? You think anything will change without people being killed? Good god, slap yourself, see if there is any trace of a human being left in your head.

You won't even stand your ground on the INTERNET.

You are scum. You are not Aryan.

I still believe our resources are better spent by building parallel institutions that can one day soon overwhelm the current hegemony.

Why the fuck would I want to use something created by that prairie jew Vox Day? He acts like an sjw himself.


Is it me or is the holocaust article missing a [citation needed] or six million?

it is, slog through the sources and qualify the statements they make as "according to source x…." instead of "according to YWHW, this happened and this happened and this happened and no source needed kthxbye"

turn the slide upside down

I like your enthusiasm but that war was fought and lost 10 years ago friend.
Still it's worth a shot if you want to make it your personal crusade.
Maybe they let their guard down.

subtle defeatism thread
sagelock and ban

So then what you're saying is… All we have to do is edit pages related to Supernatural and all the communist volunteers will become super emotional and commit suicide?

Why not both?

Not quite sure that's how that works… Technically they were never fully forced out. On top of that, they had a number of attack vectors, including the introduction of really, really bad theology. People forgot why their ancestors kept kicking these people out of their country in the first place.

The solution is to discredit and replace (((wikipedia))), not to try to edit it in vain.

Look it up.

Napoleon, after all of his victories, would commission paintings of the event. He would dictate the theme, his position, even the dimensions of the frame. The depictions of his victories were incredibly powerful.


Nice slide thread Shlomo.

change the pronouns in the articles about trannies

that's exactly how that worked

The English Civil War was the turning point. Jews imported tons of gold and silver from the netherlands and bribed people to betray the King. The descendants of those very same fractious liberals are the vector into heart of our culture today.