Me trying to comprehend Das Kapital

Me trying to comprehend Das Kapital

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Fuck you too friend. I'll be on this book my whole life.
Read along with this, Harvey's insight helped me immensely and it was a good break from reading. Also, re-read the parts you don't comprehend, underline what you think is important and always read the footnotes–Marx stuffs a lot of important info in there though sometimes there's just irrelevant bs and trolling.

It is easy - for people that are trained in reading economic or political theory.

"Reading" is not a skill that you can just apply to all fields. Reading fiction is very different to reading academic texts. Reading philosophy, economics, or politics is something you need to get practiced at.

Why don't you start with some of Marx's less colossal works? Marx's intended audience for Capital were the economists. He wrote shorter works, aimed at the workers, which are much easier for beginners to digest.

The math is the only thing I'm worried about. It's just algebra right? I'm shit at that but I can get better.

Have you read Margz's other works before?

It's advanced Hegelian mathematics. I hope you brought your non-euclidean slide rule.

the math is really really basic. It's just to illustrate a concept of commodities being exchangeable. Not even that important

What is this wizardry

basic arithmetics and algebra, yeah.

Just read the fucking manga

This, 18th Brumarie, Civil War in France, Critique of the Gotha Programme, all are good texts.

I'd also recommend reading Grundrisse before Capital.

Just remember to not read any of Harvey's books, because they're utter trash, and from my friends' reading of Heinrich he seems to go the same way.

even Althusser didn't read the volume 2 and 3 throughly. and he was giving conferences about das kapital. ain't nobody got time for that.

His interpretation is also confirmed wrong.

Go figure.

Yeah, you really need to take your time with Capital, and it is a ridiculously long series of books. It helps to have a basic idea of where Marx is going with his ideas, but you still need to re-read every paragraph. At least I did.




Why though?

Harvey's companion to Capitol is all over the place. i think his one for the manifesto was good though.

Try again faggot.

Who's Harvey?

Marx putting the fire up someone's ass is the best thing about the book.

have you gotten through the first three chapters. Those are pretty notorious. After that, Marx eases up a bit and you get used to the rhythm of his shitty writing style. Take notes. Maybe watch David Harvey. After reading a chapter, look up a summary for it to make sure you at least got the general ideas.

what's wrong with the math shit? that bit never struck me as difficult.

David Harvey. He's got a series of lectures on Capital. They're bretty gud but very long and hard to pay attention to.


David Harvey is OK as an academic; his videos helped walk me through my first reading of Capital. Don't take him as a reliable authority on anything remotely related to revolutionary politics, however. In fact, I would recommend instead starting with *Wage Labour and Capital*[1], also by Marx; it's shorter and more focused. There is also *The Essential Marx*[2]; an abridgment of Capital that distills the major points of Marx's argument, and dispenses with certain polemics and statistical figures that are now only interesting to academics.

[1] Wage Labour and Capital.

[2] The Essential Marx

It's basically a transformative hermeneutics of quantum gravity kind of thing.

As I read Marx while watching and reading Harvey, I found that Marx was more engaging and David Harvey was tedious.

For people who can not read Das Kapital, watch the first half of the zeitgeist film. The latest one, i believe. It's basically the same thing, but more modern and easily understable for most people.

It's some advanced shit. Don't even think about reading Capital before you've read this