I know a concern troll when I see one

I know a concern troll when I see one.

This guy is not being an accelerationist when he says he would vote for Trump. He frames is that way, but having followed his talks on the refugee crisis, political correctness and now Trump, it all points towards him being a stealth shill for white nationalism or at the very least 'muh western civilization'.

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I don't see it.
Please explain why.

Well, marxism is completely western.

He only adds qualifiers, such as "By the way I think Trump is really bad, you know" when reprimanded by the interviewer over how he could support certain Trump policies.

In his latest interviewer he started out saying he would have voted for Trump, then at the end of the interview when it was pointed out that millions could lose healthcare coverage he said "I would have abstained from voting."

Nah. He's always been apparent about his critique of the critique of Eurocentrism.

The sad thing is people actually believe this.
Zlazloj will keep being based

Oh okay so he acts like he's talking to a normal person rather than an omnipresent judge.



He wants a strong left and the liberal elite approach is clearly not working. The starting point of his arguments is precisely the fear of the right-wing, in relation to which the liberals are becoming impotent.

I totally agree with zizek. If we're going to participate in bourg democracy we can't let right-wingers pretending to be left-wingers co-opts our vote using fear of the extreme right

By Trump keeping Obamacare? HAHAHAHAHAHA
Maybe in someways because its becoming unaffordable for many

It is really funny seeing liberals get triggered by Zizek due to the fact that liberalism is dying and the future of the left needs to be not build around it.

Yes, I think the fear of the far-right is overblown. And Zizek is using this fear to say "OK, but are you serious about this? Because then we need to change our approach."

In case you were unaware, they're discontinuing medicare, faggot.

Zizek has always been a little bit authoritarian.
(From 2:40 onwards)

don't forget that Marx was a cis white scum

Hello, Mr.Liberal


This. The establishment is building a Babylon, torn apart by rivaling sub-cultures, kept together in a false-consensus by violence. The point why they are trafficking immigrants here like no tomorrow is to disrupt the bottom classes and make us fight amonst ourselves, weakening the state and allowing the globalists to establish their own inhumane power-structures.

Bleep-bloop, poorly disguised Tumblrina detected!

Becoming, as in, under Obama himself. Man, that Trump is suuuure going to be way more right-wing and incompetent than Obama.

Yup, that sounds highly plausible and not at all like the same paper tiger screeching as Trump's "discontinuation" of the ACA.