"You know, that's why Trump won."

The first week I was telling liberals the same but now I'm having second thoughts.

Well I mean he's not wrong. Men are superficially weak creatures, they thrive off being told they're the best at everything and they trick themselves in ways that fuck up other people's lives to get there, and then deny everything

This election is just a giant example of this. But what's to be done

Just deny everything.

Two things can be true at the same time.

I think he meant "men" as in "humans".

Trump won because HRC thought she could achieve a win through demographics alone, that she could abandon the white working-class (which, believe it or not, was once the backbone of the democrats. Yes, before identity was on center stage, Democrats
were actually once the party, not of women and minorities, but of working class people) and throw all their concerns down the trash and racism and sexism. The reason the democrats lost is because they called everyone with a problem hurting for a solution racist, and sexist, white trash, that should be consigned to the new wasteland of America, their homes, while the elite retreat to their haven cities.

unless these dumb liberals realize their special flavour doesn't matter they will keep getting canned

moreover, they being incapable of understanding how identity politics works put them in a diadvantageous position to understand how the reactionary right works

yes, the alt-right changes it behavoir according to who they want to react againts

Liberals? lol Rape is okay because muh feminism is againts white culture
Islamists? lol Rape is bad because muh western values

so yes, unless they stop being retards and adress the economic issue below hierarchies the alt-right will keep acting the way they do

I meant in the broader picture of the word "men".

Hillary Clinton might be dead and out of the picture anyways. Like Dale Earnhardt before her, she crashed into the fucking wall because she couldn't turn left.

What matters really is Trump. He's the president now, isn't he? I think any assessment of this situation is fair because the election is over now.

I take that back then and am sorry.

That's sexist

>>>Holla Forums

And for one brief moment

Keep deflecting blame, it's what your best at.

It's true that calling everyone racist is retarded, but there are genuine racists who voted for Trump.

Yup. There was nothing the dems could have done differently. They acted perfectly, but have arrived at the inevitable outcome. Donald Trump was definitely going to win the election. There was nothing the Democrats could do to beat Donald Trump.

tbh how do we know he was legitimately elected?



Yes, just keep doubling down on the "racist proles were the only thing standing between SLAY QUEEN HILLDAWG and the White House", surely this line of approach will give you victory in 2020

Man, could you imagine if everytime the left saw a "victory" they would smugly blame the right, and then even have the audacity to tell them that they're the ones deflecting?

White people should have racially homogeneous countries if brown people get whole continents.

The only people who argue against this are Jewish supremacists and people obsessed with telegraphing good taste and high social status who have Rotelearned jewish supremacist propaganda.

Well if the world were right it'd already be entirely communist.

Nice idpol

You're my favorite shitposter

Nigger that's fucking retarded, ethno-states of any form are destined for failure.

Holla Forumsyps are fucking stupid dude, why bother?

Not when you extend it to Europeans, Russians, Spanish etc on the basis of shared culture.

If they just post without getting shitposted at, they can appear to have a legitimate, tolerated presence, which is how they took over 4chan with their raid from stormfront.

No, that's still fucking retarded.
Then explain obama, the whittest nig, or explain my cousins, the blackest whites. Explain why that somehow justifies giving up on the entire concept of communism? Because you feel good about being around whites? That's not important at all. Your feelings mean nothing against the well being of all.

if you don't like whites you probably are anti-racist because meaning follows from use and that is how anti-racist is used

fact is that this behavior will cause a backlash and that being triggered over it only creates a bigger backlash

please, go out, riot, loot churches, attack whites.. show the world what you really are, take of the illusion that you're just misunderstood and scapegoated folks who only want legal weed and free stuff

I meant why bother arguing with them, just label them as retarded

IT'S anuddah shoah !!!

but that's where you're wrong spookfam


Stop using Stirner incorrectly you fucking illiterate pieces of shit.

I am white. I have nothing against whites. This is why you're a dumbass SJW, if I'm not a racist, that means I'm the REAL racist, and it's a stupid mindset, you have a victim complex.

It's where I'm right, neetsucc


I forgot I had my Holla Forums win-an-argument folder
I just woke up after all.


Your own spooks you mean.

LOL if you think communism will ever happen if multiculturalism continues

This is what happens


You're basing your so-called desires on a spook, which in this case is race, which is like one of the main fucking points of Stirner's book that I assume you haven't read.

a spook is an idea placed above our desires, if I desire an aryan reich, placing the common good above that is being spooked

i just did

bust the spooks race w.ar now

Communism can't happen if you arbitrarily enforce a monolithic culture over an arbitrary plot of land for spooked ass reasons. You victim complex having lil slut.

You're as bad as Holla Forums with your blatant misuse of spooks.

Someone's going to do that no matter what, just look at Europe and Sunni Islam

you just don't want it to be whites because of being jewish or succumbing to tastemaker bs written by jews because of high estrogen levels

You're literally braindead.

Fuck off Holla Forums.

Not if we wall them.
We'll wall everyone who gets in our way.

muh human nature

Shame on the egoist that thinks only of himself

Stirner's racism, though, comes from Hegel, and is mostly a philosophical problem rather than a scientific problem.

That chapter also contradicts itself with his following ideas regarding how race or even being human are merely ideas, and actual people are corporeal and more than the race we're assigned with.

So basically you didn't read Stirner and copypasted that paragraph from Wikibooks or have an incredibly retarded reading comprehension.


so basically Holla Forums takes their memes very seriously and responds like a tard who feels robbed when he sees his rare pepes being posted



you aren't even self-aware about your memes, you actually think posting them is a revolutionary act

and they call pol autistic..

Wanna know why? Because we actually read lol

If all those responses are "like a tard" then the rest of 8ch must be a fucking vegetable.


if i want to make a point about the superiority of the aryan race stirner aint my boy

it's just funny to see you go "oh no, oh no, it's still our meme!"

there's this real attachment to dead white men here that's just unhealthy

The way you move the goalpost after being proven wrong is just really fucking sad.

yet you still did it
you aren't very brilliant are you

he's a philosopher, not a meme
it's not our fault you tried to use his philosophy wrong and got btfo by people who had actually read his works

it is your fault though that you're so attached to a death white man that you sperg out to save his rep when a i post a quote from him that isn't pc, exactly as i predicted you would

besides that i only read non-low brow philosophers like feuerbach

pepe is a frog! not a meme!

fucking nominalists


sorry i forgot you guys play 895D chess

leftypol btfo

Lmao, whata dumb faggot

The truth is, this coming from a blue collar worker for over a decade, that most of the blue collar working class these days are reactionary as fuck, racist as fuck, sexist as fuck and believe themselves all to be "aspirational billionares" who are going to run their own multi-billion dollar construction company as soon as they just get their break. Nobody calls themselves a worker anymore, but a "sole trader", the amount of anti-Union bullshit you hear on construction sites is astounding from workers. Almost daily I hear "Oh the reason we have no work is because the Unions were unreasonable and the bosses weren't making any money."

So many on the left want to idolize the worker, pretend they are not sexist or racist. But coming from a blue collar socialist myself, most of the blue collar working class were already one step away from being brownshirts even before the TPP and shit came. They voted Democrat because of tribe loyalty, not because of policy, most blue collar workers are dumb as a fucking brick, in over a decade, I've only ever come across a handful of workers who complete and utter retards.

According to my dad who has been a boiler maker since the 50s, the big change in worker consciousness came about in the 1980s. In the 1970s, 90% of Blue Collar workers according to my dad were basically far-left. Every break shed used to be filled with agitation, union discussion and politics. In the 1980s a shift came and workers became massively class cucked and started only caring about sport.

I'm not kidding when I say, for over a decade, 6 days a week, this is literally every discussion I've heard

- "Muh Sports"
- "Fuck Minorities"
- "Oh man, last weekend, I was on meth and I picked up this dumb bitch, then I drove her 10 miles out of town and told her to spread em all walk"
- "Fuck the pussy left bitches, they hate muh freedoms and want to take them away with this climate change bullshit".

Honestly one of the big reasons they are all like this in my opinion, is that right wing media outlets often have sport exclusives, so all the papers in the shed are generally right wing media outlets. They read the sport first, then since we have 10-15 minutes left, they read the opinion pieces from far-right nutters.

I would warn against idolizing the blue collar worker and thinking they are just innocent little fairies who voted only because of the TPP or whatever. All the shit Trump has said is what I have heard daily for OVER A DECADE on literally every job i've worked.

Btw, I'm a pipe fitter.

so socialism basically is the rule of retards, idiocracy

As opposed to rule of greedy bastards who let a billion people starve? :^)

Socialism will never come unless workers can be educated and stop rotting their minds with fucking sport and right wing tabloid bullshit.

As I said, my dad said it never used to be like this, but it became like this due to a massive cultural shift that came in the 1980s. Workers don't have to be fucking stupid and honestly, when it comes to their work, Blue Collar workers are fucking fantastic and people who I consider complete and utter fucking retards, can do advanced math and engineering shit only to go to the lunch shed and talk like their Autism Level is barely above 50 and have zero critical thinking ability whatsoever.

These people have the ability to be smart, but the anti-intellectual culture among blue collar workers is fucking intense. It's why for the past year I literally just stopped working and started living on my savings because I dread the moment I have to go back to a construction site and have to listen to that vile bullshit every fucking day again.


So what happened to those old far-left. Also not working just coz you don't wanna hear retards moaning seems a bit too harsh

that's why we need theocracy, rule by monks who have taken a pledge of poverty and only live to serve the will of god

they could be buddhists too but from what i've heard buddhist monks are actually huge assholes

we live in small worlds, and it always will be like that. i'm not going to jump on the "the left betrayed the white working class" bandwagon, because that is a false characterization, what did happen is that leftism negated itself into something not even that different in the explicit, textual sense, but very different in what i call "the sentimental" sense. the people that used to join the clergy, are the types that are now leftists, obsessed with pieties, with form, with "criticism". you can not expect people who don't live in the new small world of leftism to support it, as it is openly hostile to theirs.

please keep Trump in here
we don't need a new thread for every little fart Trump and his people make

this is discussion. Very little to do with trump.

The will of god isn't necessarily the will of the people.

which is why the will of god makes a better big other

it's worse, it's a reaction to reaction to Trump. i personally enjoy all this, but you don't need to create a new thread for every liberal reaction.

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