Terrorist attack in Las Vegas #3

Summary of situation is as follows: ISIS/cianiggers declare an attack on vegas archive.fo/qO6F8, alex jones might have predicted this , and the shooter used expensive equipment and shot 92 rounds of it archive.fo/NeN6g so far.

There may or may not be 20-120 people injured/dead . I have yet to see anyone injured besides which looks fake. This also could be to distract from a radio silence called for in the burger military as shown here over a crashed plane.
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Right Side


it's a 7.62 and a 556/223
two shooters
t. /k/

So the most likely lead so far is the filipino milf Marilou Danley?

Aren't they saying it's possibly a leftist at this stage?

The name Marilou Danley came over the radio. Her partner is a registered democrat, gun owner, and has several "fuck drumpf" style pages on bergbook.

Come on guys he was just doing a New Vegas Kill Everything run, calm down.

Post your Happening Webms

Oh ok. I just thought Harvest was a weird thing to see as people were being slaughtered.



So, they're trying to locate a midget in vegas now.


Russia Identified the Shooter



Reddit is in full lock down over this. No new threads allowed and existing one locked. Looks like its 100% confirmed liberal shooter. Suppression started not long after identifying information was releases on the scanner.



I wonder who could be behind this post…



I am playing Squad right now , one american told me 15 mins ago that he is in a reddit thread about this , 20 dead 100 injured but nothing about cops



kek. Please tell me cuckchan don't get the credit for this



The next week should be fun as we see who can effectively meme their narrative into the public consciousness most effectively.


Women says a Hispanic males and female were harassing people in the crowd before the shooting saying

From the previous threads. They are searching for her, might be an accomplice.

thought you faked the picture, but then the woman actually named him. Works everytime


there's no way that this is real


Сэм Хайд
(Sem Khayd)

So what are the chances this changes a single goddamn thing?

seriously, first for fun control and refugees welcome.

Here is the shooter Geary Danley — Leftist fuckstain…. Obamatard…. show he has interest in guns….


Syamyuel HYde

Trying to archive everything on Geary Danley. Archive.is is having a hard time.

I've heard that to. Locate social media and archive it all.

I bet Russian Hackers did this.

Then what's up with Geary Danley?


It is and you are alive to witness it, and you are alive to see me check those quads.


He probably shacked up with some chink and she moved in with some other faggot after the break.

Nice, looks real to me

Anyone researching her housemate Stephen Paddock? We may be focusing too much on the husband.

Fake and gay.

Only 1 shooter, videos from the crowd have gunshots and echoes



So the perp was jailed for downloading illegal shit back in 2012

She says his name.

One of the major indicators of civil war from research is escalation of protest tactics. If this is not ISIS (either La Raza spics, or white leftists, which are what the most likely two scenarios are now), then this is an escalation into further conditions until we lawlessness prevails and everyone here can get their pound of flesh.


it's from the official russian channel



Get screen shots of all relevant Facebooks

Not to keep pushing this Bilzerian faggot but his antics just strike me as odd.


code 434 called!

I wonder what all the russians watching that vid think of all the american shitposting in the comments

Repostan for the hell of it.

Not when we are coming up this close to mid term elections. If Sandy Hook didn't get us gun control during the Obama administration then someone shooting up the Gomorrah of the US sure ain't going to do it.

I hope user. news reports and people inside the hotel are saying it was a spic so there's that.



Feels fake man.

His antics are always odd.


It's only 7pm here in Aus so ive got plenty of time to watch this unfold.

Mariulou's profile video, he's in there.
He's in her video. Little girl (daughter?) is the same.

I meant in regards to the inevitable talking points and framing of this incident.

Just stopped a plate of interest!

You need to join your gaymer friend on leddit.

Oh, well that's a given.

Time to start spamming that news report with this

I swear I've seen these images before, and I swear they're in one of the channels involved with the Creepy Youtube Conspiracy

Are you feeling it now Mr. Crabs?

HOLY Shitzle he was a major Anti-Trumper


So Swat & FBI are still chilling at hooters then.

Your dead body is what happened.



They stopped one of the cars with the license plates mentioned earlier.

Add another casualty to that list. My sides.

Where is Stephen Paddock's social media info?

If you pause that like 4 seconds in it looks exactly like this bitch archive.fo/KbLVC

~Vegas Shooters

How touching, watching photos of future mass murderers having fun, complete with a heartfelt composition.


These quads definitely are.

A GRANTHAM man who downloaded indecent images of children as young as six-years-old was shopped by a neighbour, Lincoln Crown Court was told this week.

Stephen Paddock, who had previously been convicted of an identical offence, downloaded hundreds of illegal images on to his laptop.

Phil Howes, prosecuting, said the offences came to light after a neighbour overheard an argument between Paddock and his wife and, as a result of what was heard, contacted police.
He said: “The neighbour heard the defendant’s wife appear to accuse her husband of being a paedophile and of looking at images.
“The police attended and seized the computer equipment.”
A total of 1,928 indecent images of children were found on the laptop together with images showing bestiality between adults and animals.
Paddock, 45, formerly of Cheveley Park, Grantham, but now living in the Bristol area, admitting five charges of making indecent images of children on dates in June 2011. He also admitted possession of indecent images between December 12, 2008 and June 20, 2011 and possession of extreme pornography.
The court was told that Paddock was previously given a six month suspended jail sentence by Boston Magistrates’ Court in November 2007 for ‘carbon copy’ offences.
Judge Sean Morris jailed him for seven months and placed him on the sex offenders’ register for 10 years.
The judge told Paddock: “I cannot ignore the fact that this is your second identical offence. A prison sentence has to follow.”
Sunil Khanna, defending, said Paddock was supposed to have been placed on a sex offenders’ treatment programme as part of his punishment for his previous offences, but this never happened.

I really, really don't think this is the guy.

thats in the UK you dumb fucking bong

He was making a vidya joke faggot calm down.


You fucking illiterate

We have Holla Forums folders


Just on cnn a witness was missing one shoe, crisis actors, why no videos of people getting hit by bullets.

Why? It seems a lot more likely than Stephen Paddock.





In a slightly alternate universe this shooting is the work of Jeb! and GuacWife.

Thanks /k/ommando.

Geary Danley site down.

Has anyone else seen this.

How many more times can this possibly happen???

Sam is the first person in the history of our civilization to have carte blance to commit a mass murder, and have the time to get away with it.


I wonder if any of these people are even involved

Also is Geary a cuck?

Paddock lives with the chink. The cops said it was her roommate.


I want to know how the 32nd floor was ID so fast, and how quick shooter was taken out. Sounds like it was quick.

Poor souls had no idea it was coming from above, that's why the ducked – figured shooter was on the ground.

Police say:

He just looks too old and happy, how many grandfathers go for a high score?

You can't get a hotel room without an ID





hotel staff, these huge vegas joints have enormous staff and there is faculty on every floor pretty much 24/7 doing something or other, literally coulda been a spic maido in the next room over who reported it immediately to the front desk for all we know.


took over 15 minutes for police to find the room and breach it

Geary Danley has a long history of Nevada addresses:


The Stephen character doesn't seem like a likely shooter. Geary fits the mold much better. Ambushes people who can't fight back and crumples at the first sign of equal resistance. Just like Hodges.

I heard that CCTV is everywhere in Vegas because of gambling scams and gangster activity. Where's all that juicy footage @?

Donley liked Shareblue Media on FB.

It'll happen for as long as he and his dicksuckers keep thinking it's funny.

Look at these Liberal dumbfucks tweeting.

The fucking scum is going hard on this one.

Archive it.

She's there to feed bullets into the gun

please be true.

They don't show corpses on live television, mongoloid. The FCC blocks curse words for fuck's sake.

This is going to be buried.

The sheriff says the shooter and the woman are roommates. The husband was not the shooter, unless he's being very liberal about how he defines "roommate."


Well that damage control was quick.
Pic related

link & archive pls

He also seems old and rich enough to be able to buy a legal full-auto

oh god. Is he a cuck?

Archive please

This dude isn't the shooter, the shooter is her roommate, and Geary lives in Arkansas

Even if it's NOT Geary Danley, we have a direct connection to Leftist sympathies.

Presumably Marilou, his wife, shares them.



Yeah shitlib nutbags like this are not going to have any conservative friends.

its a fucking emoticon you new nigger

My favorite picture from this whole mess so far. Carrying a shot niggeress away, that pathological altruism.

Screenshot from las vegas news station


well its a weird way to phrase it but a husband and wife are technically room mates.

also on news they just said Marilou is "the companion" of the shooter. companion or spouse is a common way to refer to your married partner.

either way if it is this other guy, he was so close to the Danleys that he was obviously a hyper liberal as well so it doesn't really matter. this is definitely linked to communism and antifa in many ways.

Do we have anything on Paddock besides that one picture?

Looks like they're about to server thanksgiving.

One of these days he's going to murder a bunch of people and no one will believe it could be him.

Has meme magic gone too far?

Thanks fam

God damn white people are too fucking soft. No wonder we're going extinct.

Agreed. They're not going to say "husband" because that would lead to him directly.

Can we just dig and archive info on the husband AND Paddock instead of insisting it was one or the other?
We don't know who it was and stuff will be lost.

what did he mean by this?

Could just be separated. It's Vegas, marriage is cheap.

Geary knows all about guns, according to his FB.

Hey man, they paid good money for that.

I would make that webm even bigger. 8 MB isn't enough. I want that shit to be in 4K.

Are we sure it is Stephen Paddock and not Steven Paddock?

Holy fuck people are retarded with names.

Already beat you to it, Marilou is there as well

Makes sense, if the shooter was white it would have been all over the MSM.

Then wish Sam well on whatever platform you choose. stay safe out there you madman


They're just taking her to
fam, it's all okely dokely.

Here's this ladies roommate (according to cuckchan)

not him but

Apple + F "Jew"
0 Results

You're slipping.

I just watched some of these leaks and what the fuck these people are like cattle to the slaughter. There are obvious gunshots going off in the background and they just stand around talking about it. Why would you not fucking drop shit and run when you hear gunfire in a public place?

Darwinism at work.

From Geary, a review:

"Alien Gear Holsters — 5 star
about 2 years ago


toxic masculinity

No way. They would bury it just like they buried Hodges. I'm going to bet some cash that this fag is the shooter.

That's a pretty good indicator this guy was into some lifelong criminal shit.

So a lone white male who also happens to be a registered sex offender goes on a rampage with a rifle. Yeah, they're going to go hard on gun control with this one.

he strikes me as the type of liberal gun owner who has an autistic love for WW1 and WW2 shit, not an actual avid shooter or prepper or gun nut type.

real gun owners who were raised with shooting and discipline don't turn them into offensive weapons, theyre tools to us and weaponized only in defense.

Don't say I didn't warn you faggots.

What is going on in these threads? Fucking newfags lurk two years.

Nope, it's Stephen CRAIG Paddock

If it was this geriatric dude, I wonder if he had a terminal illness or something.

If this is him, oh boy.

t. ADL kike

I agree, I can't believe what I'm seeing on these videos. Just total Sheep. No situational awareness.

I see it now, thanks

Not the right middle name

youtube. com/watch?v=3CvjRLIHvQo
Cuck's friend supposedly just died, said he put his finger in the "hole" (barbara boxer line), no emotion. So fake.


So this is the british guy

Tell me is this a good photo are what?


not necessarily, if it makes the cucks and leftists look bad, they downplay it and shift the narrative away from the shooter. Think the gop baseball practice; that entire narrative was shifted to muh guns and #prayersforscalise.

they only focus on the white aspect of something if they're white and also a wrongthinker.


They're utterly pacified, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


I personally don't think they'll be able to just memory hole this. Too many people shot, too many killed, so many people will remember this. The media will try to play up the gun angle, (((conveniently))) ignoring the fact the guy loved (((Maddow))) and shariablue, but if we continue to remind people about the nut who tried to kill Scalise, along with all the crazy shit antifa have been doing, there is no way this will go away anytime soon.

I just woke up. When did this happen? Is a descriptive story from 8 hours ago odd? Not sure if it's being updated or how Google does creation times either…

well regardless of that, the police have stated theyre not prepared to give a name so they're going to be using vague terms in the media right now.

it could actually be a room mate or it could be the husband, theyre using terms like 'companion' over and over again. we'll know for sure in the next hour probably.

Just report him and move on lad.


This can be the gift that keeps on giving if we collect info into memes and distribute constantly.

I hear all this gunfire, but I don't actually hear any bullets. Surely someone filming must have had a bullet whizz past their head? A near-hit by a bullet is a very distinct sound.

For those arriving…. The shooter is either Geary Danley or Stephen Poddock.

Geary is the husband but do not live with her
Paddock is the current roomate (lover?)

News organizations will constant change their articles without any notice of it being updated, thats why its important to archive pages when you first see them.


Stephen Craig Paddock. Dig anons, this looks to be our shooter, before they wipe everything.

Agree, we have to collect social media info NOW and disperse later after it's taken down, if this was a Leftist nut.

When they say "companion", it could mean they believe she was with the shooter at the time.

The beautiful thing about this is that it is simply too big to cover up. 2 off duty cops were killed, in addition to civilians. Still waiting to see if kids died. If leftists are responsible for this, they just gave the green light to murder them with impunity. Charlottesville is a thing of the past now.

You can hear a clear ricochet in one of the videos.

Habit from cuckchan, having to prove your not a bot or a shill. When im around…shills know it's me, and know I don't play games. Let them fear a name.

Geary Danley has tactical shooting classes liked on his FB

wait. I remember hearing something about those folks going to PR soon also.

Rubicon is supposed to be ex-military. so if we could find their SSN I could do a records request

oh look, shooter was on 32nd floor of mandlay building, very occultish right there. Not only that but there's a giant pyramid and obelisk. Too many coincidences…

I seriously doubt it was a 76 year old who wanted to do Rambo impersonations. I think he would be the oldest spree shooter if that were the case.

Exactly. never stop memeing. Liberals will try to forget, or try to change the shooter into some "conservative gun nut", but Normies will be cognizant that they're being lied to.

We need to be vigilant about remembering this, and making sure libs never forget.

Which is why they're looking for those cars.
Earlier reports were multiple shooters, the police might might be looking for them in those cars.

Officers are hearing bangs.

stuff like that doesn't pick up on audio that well especially if there is noise cancelling but I'm sure you could find some similar sounding sounds from the right video. seriously this isn't faked and it isn't a hoax. it MIGHT be a false flag but it definitely did happen.

The Danley woman worked in the hotel as well. I reckon it'll end up being Paddock. He has probably stolen her ID card to get to the roof top.

Witnesses reported an Asian woman saying everyone was "going to die" at the concert, walking through the crowd, some moments before the shooting. No links, just head this a few times.

That's the Luxor


Does this matter?

When the house whip was shot it was a leftist pedo that was pulling the trigger. Pretty obvious the kikes threatened him and forced him into shooting Scalise so his faceberg etc would be edited beforehand

ive never been to vegas. its all foreign debauchery to me


How much do you want to bet that it really was him, and he's actually a Shareblue boomer antifa cuck that fucking snapped and has been practicing for this? Archive related: archive.is/uj4yi

It's probably Paddock, but Geary links these people to Leftist ideology which is really important. The wife is likely a Lefty. And maybe Geary helped out, with his gun knowledge.

Tax appraiser should say who owns the home. That might clarify things.


Balcony view


massive bit of info if true

Don't forget the pizza


Regardless, MSM will just paint him as an absolute maniac with a mental illness and no political motives. 90% of the general public will believe it too.

Checked. Keep updating

ive only gone there for SHOT Show since I work in the firearms industry.

kind of weird this happened in vegas where the biggest industry show for firearms takes place every year.

What about this?

Sotomayor's stream youtu.be/kcVbyg_8g1w

How does this guy impersonate a 4'11" Asian woman to user her ID card?

Wow that is huge. Rubicon connection.

The witness's video is in this thread, and she said it was a hispanic woman with a hispanic man. NOT ASIAN

(310) 200-8570 - Wireless
(310) 200-8647 - Wireless
(310) 398-9076 - Landline
(310) 644-5341 - Landline
(310) 675-2570 - Landline
(408) 394-1168 - Wireless
(562) 644-5341 - Wireless
(818) 398-9076 - Wireless
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

We're crossing the Rubicon.

Card readers.

32 is an occult number

That witness said she looked hispanic; it's conceivable Danley might've looked hispanic to her. Maybe she was the woman removed from the concert.

no mention of ethnicity; but the chink is a pinoy and you could probably confuse her for a hispanic in the dark

I guess MPC was right again, another mainstream liberal boomer radicalised by the mainstream liberal media, just like the Scalise shooter.


Doesn't need to impersonate anyone. Needs it to get past swipe points, because most of those cards have chips in them.

delete this. if people spam his phones, he can shut them off.

Can't be tracked if they're off.

Yeah, good idea. I'm sure the FBI won't find that to be suspicious at all.

Fuck I'm stupid.

Marilou and Geary have a decades long connection to Nevada based on public address history. Link was shared above.

Filipinos are part Hispanic.

Wrong faggots, landlords own homes, firstly and that area is a brand new development with unfinished homes all around it. None of what you posted indicated he is not simply the landlord.


it won't let me save it someone do it pls, probably marilou said it

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

Alot of Filipinos look hispanic. It was a Spanish Colony, the spaniards fucked everything

Like Holla Forums MPC is always right. Everybody reads MPC, Nobody reads MPC.

I though she was a nigger from the first photo I saw.
Flips are weird looking.

Rarely. Only the good ones.

It's all there.

old thread archived before I could post this, just gona copy and paste this here.

From what I can tell the fire sounds like it is coming from an AK-47 variant rifle. This is supported by this video
The Ak-47 has a rate of fire of 600 rounds per minute and in the video above, the fire starts about :06 seconds in and stops at :16 seconds in, putting 10 seconds of solid, fully automatic fire adding up to 100 rounds in 10 seconds, 600 in 1 minute. The only thing that stands odd at this particular moment is that it would mean he is using a 100 round drum magazine, which is odd because (as I understand, had to research this part) the 100 round drums were chinese imports that were banned in 94 and were never allowed back in, making it hard to come by and expensive for a regular person to use for an attack, when 75 round drums are common and much cheaper.

I believe it was one shooter, with the second report you're hearing being the crack of the rounds breaking the sound barrier closer to the people recording, with it fading out of audibility as the shooter sweeps his gun back and forth through the crowd, the inconsistencies of its report seems odd for it to be a second rifle firing in tandum.

back to the AK though. The rate of fire can be confirmed as well as a similar muzzle report can be seen in this video
as it starts around 8-9 and ends around 18, giving 10 seconds of fairly solid fire, minus that initial skip he had.

However, the odd part here is that if it is in fact an AK used, it's likely a nicer, modified AK and not the run of the mill basic shit as the regular ones either have the slanted muzzle break, no muzzle break, or the break like the one seen in the youtube video above.

Yet in this video
and in this video(same camera maybe?)
The shot is on the entire hotel but there is no visible muzzle flash anywhere that I can see. May be the cameras recording just isn't good enough to detect the flash, but I can't find any footage with a muzzle flash.

Doesn't tell us much, just the best analysis of the fire I can offer. If anything, seems likely it's a sand nigger attack, niggers aren't smart enough to put the forethought into buying rare 100 drums. Most likely it will be some shit smuggled in across from mexico. Could be the retarded lefty mentioned elsewhere, though that seems less likely, time will tell.

cant shut them off if hes already dead idiot

The witness specifically said 45 minutes. Why are you reporting shit that you find so piecemeal that it becomes incoherent?

holy fuck what reality is this again

It might be possible the Geary and Marilou worked with Paddock. Geary would provide weaponry and knowledge, Marilu would provide access. Paddock would be the triggerman. My guess is that if we find Marilou, we'll find Geary.

she has em probably

Also a fan of moveon.org Obongos Pac/Website

Video is here

If they weren't this crazy I would say it's too easy

Did anything happen At all? Holy shit I'm expecting a fucking tumbleweed any second.

I used to work at Mandalay Bay and Luxor, so I have a good idea of where those shots came from and landed. They crossed Las Vegas Ave, probably traveled 500 feet.



Maybe he's possible Mossad/CIAnigger? It would explain how he was able to get his hands on flash hiders and fully automatic weapons. I really doubt he had something pre-1986.

Thank you. Confirmed multiple people knew the shooting was coming.

Modern Day, Modern Time.

Do you know Marilou?

Got your back

goddamit I was too late

Marilou's FB is down. Hope you anons archived everything.

fucking lmao me too bro

she got Zuck'd

Woman has been to Dubai

I'm not disagreeing you but a muzzle device on an AK can be changed in like 30 seconds lol

the ones with no muzzle device usually still have a threaded barrel they just ship with a simple nut on the end.

either way I know this is a longshot but I feel like it was an AR-15 with a binary trigger system installed. fostech echo or franklin armory. makes it so the rifle fires a round when you release the trigger, so you literally double your rate of fire from how fast you can pull the trigger in semi. ive shot them and they feel exactly like full auto when you spam the trigger.

I have them both in my hood and they look and sound very similar

Mark Zuckerberg the creator of Facebook born on May 14, 1984 which adds up to 32.

that girl might just be looking for attention tbh, has anyone provided the same story independently?

Happened at 10pm pacific time (according to the news), I didn't hear about it until 1am

No but to be honest, based on her address history, I bet we crossed paths. I was in Vegas for 8 years.

Don't forget the mall shooter that was a TYT and HRC fan.

Holy fuck, I know it's a basement but look at all that fucking mold on the pipes on the right

that was fast, (((they))) sure are moving fast to zuck everything before more people can research.

she said security escorted her out so hopefully they remember.

Cenk is going to have a field day with this since it's a WHITE shooter.



Found another compilation video with new clips in it


Three videos.

First is of all three periods of fire from the ground. Nothing new, just context.

Second is the second or third period of fire filmed from the base of the hotel. Note the very erratic rhythm of fire, almost sounds hand-cranked.

Third is the last two periods of fire filmed from the concert grounds. Only thing of note here is sounds of ricochets and near-misses, which I've seen wild speculation of as mysteriously missing.

That is spray on insulation faggot.

Glad we have the top Holla Forums detectives on the case.

PEOPLE ARE CHATTING on Geary's FB…. not sure if you can see this:


They just mentioned the time again on fox, 10:30pm west coast, 1:30pm east coast

Location of 32 & 322 in movies

Classical conditioning pairs a non-traditional stimulus with a bodily reaction. In the movie theater, as we associate with the protagonist, we experience the same emotions and hormonal release as if we actually were living the same events- but at a reduced level.

In movies, during specific times of desperation, and at which time salvation comes not from the protagonist, but from a source external to the hero or heroine, the number 32 or 322 is visually displayed or else audibly heard immediately prior to, or during that scene.


List of 32's and 322's

1. Truman (Jim Carrey): Truman lives in a fabricated world. Everything he thinks is real has been carefully controlled. One day, Truman begins to think that something is wrong. He attempts to cross the only bridge off the island (really a massive stage). To do this, Truman must take a bus. As he approaches the bus, the bus number appears: 327. However, when Truman boards the bus, the driver strips out all the gears one by one. As he does this, the screen shows Truman's view looking up the bus aisle. The bus number is again visible. Though it should be in reverse from this angle behind the glass, it is not. And, the "7" is cut off at screen right. All that appears in the upper right of the screen is "32".

2. National Treasure: Declaration of Independence is stolen. But, as security seek hero, he is stopped by clerk who thinks the Declaration he has is a copy sold in the souvenir shop. He must pay the clerk. He searches his pockets, and pulls out $32.57.

3. National Treasure: In the Centennial Bell Tower, the assistant, who produced the idea to save the hero, yells, "It's three twenty-two, my idea." The time is 3:22 when the sun casts a specific shadow.

4. Executive Decision with Steven Seagull: a stealth fighter attaches to the hijacked plane. Then, men board. At the critical time of boarding, one man begins to yell, "3-2-0! 3-2-0!"

5. Hudson Hawk: As two old friends rob a museum, they chose a song by which to time their job and exit. The song is 5:32 long.

6. (1976) Midway: When the Americans finally locate the Japanese Navy, the enemy fleet is at bearing 3-2-0.

7. Click! with Adam Sandler: Just before he learns the truth about the remote, the time on the clock is 2:32.

8. Killer Pad: In beginning of show, a car drives up with license plate which includes 322. In the house is a portal to Hell.

9. Ocean's 13: At the end of the movie, the check handed to the casino owner is for tens of millions of dollars, and 32 cents. The man holds power of life or death for them, and 32 is put on screen.

10. Shawshank Redemption: "Red", who helps Andy, wears shirt number 30265. (The subconscious ignores zeros). When Tommy enters the prison, and brings information about a confession from the man who really murdered Andy's wife (and Andy would be freed),, Tommy's number begins with 32. Again, at the end, when the postcard arrives from Andy's crossing point in Texas to freedom in Mexico, the zip code is 302xx.

11. Love and Basketball: The main player is #32.

12. Enemy of the State with Will Smith: When the girl finally tells Will Smith about "Brill", a drop is made- behind seat number 32. See: Smith is in trouble. The girl (outside source, not the hero) has the answer, has the solution.

13. Remember the Titans: After the white police officer treats the black football player with respect in a town known for racism, the black player crosses the street to Geary's house. 322 is on the post.

14. Conspiracy Theory: The hospital room from which Mel Gibson escapes is Room #322.

15. Supernova: Distance to rogue moon with distress call is 3. 432 light years from rescue vessel. (distress + rescue + 32)

16. Supernova: Cell holding suspended pilot is #A32.

Geary commented on this pic back in Dec 2016, so they were still on speaking terms then. Albeit, likely separated.

Security escorted them out? Then we will have multiple confirmations.

17. The Brothers Solomon: While sky banner flies overhead with note looking for missing Jenny, Dean and John stand in front of Building 6322. Banner says, "Jeanine, Look at the sky!"

18. Armageddon: While miners are on the asteroid, the asteroid spins on an axis of 32 degrees off axis. But, this shifts, endangering them.

19. Walking Tall: Lone Justice: Protection vehicle plates end in …32. Police inside are killed to get to witness.

20. U-571: After their own ship sinks, an American crew takes U-571 German submarine, only to be attacked by German supply submarine. In frantic scramble to learn the controls of new German submarine, sailor reads bearing, "Now passing three-two-zero, 320"

21. Terminator I: Schwarzenegger enters gun shop, kills owner and takes guns. Shop address is 14329. The address of the first Sarah Conner killed is 14239. (Note: Kyle Reese has a bar code, not a chip.)

22. Sudden Death with Jean Claude Van Damme: Agent Hallmark talks with hostage taker, then says to associate, "He knows too much." While hockey player #32 skates on screen behind him. 2nd: McCord talks with Hallmark, then #32 from the other team is shown.

23. The Cowboy Way with Woody Harrelson: Nacho gets the phone number for the man who brought his daughter out of Cuba. It is 555-212-4320.

24. The One with Jet Li: when agent Jason opens the worm hole predictor, there are 32 seconds remaining.

25. Star Trek (May 8, 2009 release): When Romulans attack, shield strength falls to 32%.

26. Fled (Laurence Fishburne & Alec Baldwin) Near end of movie, trolley at Stone Mountain, voice over of a "tour conductor" says the park is 3200 square feet (sic, miles?). Note: Stone Mountain is where the KKK used to meet to conduct ceremonies.

Archive and save/screenshot everything. Can'l login atm.

Genesis 3:22 - And the LORD God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil: and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live for ever:

10:32 ? I wonder.

Nigger you can't tell what kind of rifle it is from some compressed audio recording.

Who is Behind the Number 32?

Freemasons: They have 32 degrees. This is the official number. Beyond this, there are more degrees offered to those who are willing to sign a document acknowledging that "the Grand Architect" they worship is actually Satan.

Sorcerers: They believe that 32 is a transition from mundane to spiritual and powerful. For example, the anthropologist Carlos Castaneda studied for years with a brujo (sorcerer) named Don Juan, who called himself a descendent of the ancient Toltecs. One spell the brujos use, Don Juan taught him, is to take 32 kernels of corn and, after performing a ritual on the kernels, lay them out in the path of an enemy. If the enemy steps on one, he dies.

Jesuits: In photos of ceremonies, they have a large 32 on their bibs.

A Satanic Ritual: When praying for the Lord to show me what 322 represents, a member of Christian-forums.net posted an explanation that the main satanic ritual consists of three major portions and 22 smaller parts. This is 3 major and 22 minor parts, or 3-22.

Skull & Bones: These people keep the 322 on their crest. They believe that power can be derived from possessing the bones of great men. Just as a man was killed and fell on the bones of Elijah- only to spring back to life when he hit the bones, these men grave rob and steal bones. A group from Mexico claims the Yale campus group hired a grave robber and now hold the skull of Che Guevara.

Knights Templar: A predecessor to Freemasons, they also have 32 degrees. Masons can worship any god they want. But, Templar Knights are limited to just worshiping the God of Abraham (by their own words, not mine.)

Buddha: "According to the Lakkhana Sutta of Digha Nikaya, the Buddha inherited exceptional features, such as the 32 major marks, as the result of his past meritorious deeds. The ethical reason for acquiring each physical feature is clearly explained in the Sutta." (beliefnet.net)

Shriners: Shriners are actually selected from 32nd degree Freemasons. They have a multi-billion dollar fund which provides for their burn hospitals. A very small portion of what they raise each year also goes to help burned children. The rest funds cruise ship rentals, huge diamond rings they receive, and the beer festivals they conduct on the annual cruises

Thread theme, mark II.


If his FB is still up, they probably haven't made the connection to Paddock either. We need to dig before they get to him.

I live like 5 miles from where this was

I hope his dog is okay.

Binary trigger can achieve impressive rate of fire but it's still something that needs practice to sustain, all the videos really sound like something a lot more free-wheeling than someone trying to focus their efforts into sustaining rapid fire with a binary trigger.

that is not mold, that is FIREPROOFING. Monokote fireproofing. 110% common

There is no mold in las vegas. it is the high desert. PS - I hate you

Geary's replying to Cynthia, OP.

Marilou was murdered, had her ID and vehicles stolen by Paddock (and maybe co-conspirators).

The hispanic thing is a red herring.

Calling it now.

Anyone find it odd that this happened right after Trump loosened the restrictions on sales of firearms?

From Geary's FB chat going on NOW:

"Nah, they found a Credit Card in the room with her name on it, which is why they're looking for her."

"Alice Enwanderlund HELLO FBI/CIA/NSA!"

"This man has been remarried to another woman for many years still lives in NW AR, according to local property records. He is not the shooter."

not OP

27. Hot Tub Time Machine: At end of movie, when characters return to home time, the address of John Cusack's character is 32499. Before he left, he was married to Lilly, who left him and took the TV. When he returns, he has a great house and is married to a spontaneous woman he met in 1986 during the time displacement. (Note also that the idea of a wormhole, an interdimensional gateway is again shown to viewers in this movie.)

28. RED (Bruce Will, John Malkovich, 2010) When Willis' character wakes, just before his house is attacked by a South African WET team, the time on the clock is 2:32.

29. Transformers Revenge of the Fallen: When Witwicki and his friends arrive at the meat shop, I fully expected a 32. This is the standard scenario: They need something to continue in their path (a translator of ancient alien pictolanguage). The butcher shows them a video of finding the language, filmed in 1932.

30. Transformers Revenge of the Fallen: When the group enters the military lab under the dam waters, there is a sign on the wall: Days since last accident: 322. Does it make any sense for such a sign to be in a top secret research lab?

32. The Next Three Days: A mother is arrested in front of her husband. After years of appeals, she will remain in prison with a life sentence. The husband plans to break her out. During his calculations of cash flow, he reduces the amount after expenses. Throughout it all, the cents remains: .32. When the ambulance takes the wife to the hospital, transported from prison, the ambulance is Pittsburgh 32. As one of the investigative detectives surveils the home of the husband, in the foreground is a parked car. The license plate ends in 32. In another scene, a different car also has plates ending in 32. Total, 32 was shown 5 times (if we don't count a second appearance of the ambulance). I forgot the fifth incident.

33. Out of Sight (George Clooney, Jennifer Lopez): In prison, one man says "I'm number 32." Clooney says, "Out of what, 20?"

34. Out of Sight (George Clooney, Jennifer Lopez): When J-Lo shows her driver's license, the first numbers are 324…

35. Monsters vs. Aliens. This cartoon film takes place in the city where I lived: Modesto, California. When the President of the United States (voiced by Stephen Colbert) steps up before the giant alien orb, he plays the keyboard. As he plays, the keyboard digital window shows a red 32. A video for this one is posted at the bottom. Notice also the satanic horns flashed at 0:52. Note also that Colbert published "I AM America". The "I AM" is used by high level masons and satanists; It is the first line on Colbert's book cover.

36. Mission Impossible III (Tom Cruise) Several 32's are packed between 10:07 and 10:52 of the DVD I rented. 1. Ethan Hunt's ID number: 02-32102. 2. When Davian is shown, the number directly over his head is OP 3 - 203 (The 3-2 remains highlighted as it is always backlit against a black suit in the scene behind where the numbers have been placed. The last two digits fade out in front of lighter backdrop.) 3. When the vehicle is shown, in the lower right of the screen appears "SATIILOC1-3221-98". This does not change. 4. In the upper right is LCRD-732. Next is 733, as if these might be image numbers. 5. @ 10:52 is L. STICKEL Profile N32-1. That is 5 32's or 322's in 45 seconds.

37. Smokin' Aces 2: Assassin's Ball: When the CIA agent is removed by van to Chicago, the time of departure is posted in the lower left of the screen: 3:02. The elements of the conditioning are very obvious in this instance: The wheelchair bound agent depends on the other agents to protect him. He cannot do it alone against the group of different assassins coming to kill him. Inside the van, in conversation, the wheelchair agent, Weed, mentions that the leader of the op has a promising career, as he is just 32 and already in charge. (I removed the DVD shortly after this… it is a crude movie.)

38. The Adjustment Bureau: When David Norris' friend and supporter phones him about a job offer, he tells him to use the official phone. Norris (Matt Damon) repeats the number back to him. It ends in -3227.

39. Dreamscape: When Charlie Prince meets at the Village Pub, he hands him his book. The book, titled Stab, is quickly turned over to the back cover, which reads, "32 Weeks on the Bestseller List" It then lists three bullet points: *an ancient knife *an ancient curse *a modern reign of terror. (Note: release date August 15, 1984- before terrorism became a daily news item and political lever.)

40. Season of the Witch: In the opening minutes, the two main characters fight in several Crusades. The very first battle takes place in 1332 A.D. This number is displayed prominently. Note also in these scenes how Christ and Christians are blamed for the Crusades and murder of innocents. In truth, the Crusades were the work of Rome.

Damn, i am russian and this is just embarrassing. Holla Forums, stop infiltrating my shitty television with your memes.

Can't see the comments in the archive of that link: archive.fo/yT9ZX
Screenshot pls

Reminder to filter the TORpedo.

just ignore and filter the TORpedo

A full list of fb graph searches.

Thanks for correcting him before I did lol


So it's Paddock? Not the boomer.

41. In a preview for the movie Columbiana, the opening scene pans over a sign for Uncle Larry's (a real establishment in Metairie, Louisiana). The address on the bottom of the sign is 3220 Edenborn Avenue.

42. In The Killing Jar, at just 6:30(ish) into the movie, a young photographer films the waitress. He says, "You know, Norine, you're pretty hot for an old broad." From behind a frown, she replies, "I'm 32."

43. In the opening cockpit scene of the cult favorite Airplane, the navigator asks for a "…vector, over." Pilot Over says, "Huh?" Then the tower responds "Your vector is 3 - 2 - 4."

44. Where the Red Fern Grows: When Billy is wondering how he will acquire some "coon hounds" of his own, he finds a catalog sitting on the trail side near the top of the bank of a creek. It is open to a page with an advertisement: "Registered Redbone Coon Hounds" is the title. The address is given immediately below: "Box 32 Midville, Kentucky". So again, the main character is desperate, and does not see the means himself, but receives the required help from an outside source.

45. HEROES -In episode 2, the blonde girl who has a violent doppelganger following her in mirrors, receives a new convertible supernaturally. In the trunk are the two dead men who had arrived to beat her into the hospital just a little more than 4 hours previous. The license plates on the car is 329 OCX. Home addresses and license plates are very easy to change for a shoot. These are common.

In Season 1, episode 4, the last two cards of a losing hand are 3 and 2, or 32. Hiro freezes time and trades the losing hand for a full house, so that Ando wins.

46. J. EDGAR -As Edgar Hoover and Ms. Gandy his secretary review a pile of applications, he asks her how many applications they have reviewed. She says they have rejected 320. The applicants depend on an outside source- the review committee - to approve them and get them work at the FBI. It is also at this point in the movie that J. Edgar shows his desire to hire Tolsen, who is also portrayed as being gay in this movie.

47. Varsity Blues: Play called is "32", "32" on the play where Lance gets hit after Billy Bob passes out.

48. White Collar: In Season 1, Episode 1, starting at 3:10 into the episode, a safe cracker begins turning the dial of a safe while listening for the tumblers to fall. As he turns first left, then right, then left again, he calls out the numbers: "3… 2… 4". The lead agent on the scene yells, "Wait!" But, the cracker opens the door and an explosive detonates, destroying the evidence inside. The lead agent tells the other men, "Look at your phones. 324 spells FBI."

According to this phone code, I looked at the possible 3- letter acronyms that also form 3-2-2 on the standard phone keypad. FAA and FCC are both 322 on a phone. These are the Federal Aviation Authority (controls most aircraft in the U.S.) and the the Federal Communications Commission (Controls television, radio, shortwave, cell phones, etc.)

49. White Collar: In Season 1, Episode 3, the texted pin code to transfer $250,000 is ****3324

50. The Last Lullaby: As the movie opens, the camera pans out from a man sitting awake in the dark of night. We see the time on the clock: 3:02.

51. Battleship 2012: In the opening scenes, a news reporter talks about the Beacon Project, which sends a signal to Planet G. The time on the screen is 9:32. When the John Paul Jones locates the enemy, they are at bearing 232.

52. Atlas Shrugged: In the opening scenes, as the state of the world is established, a news clip announces passage of the "fair price" act. Nay votes are 32.

53. Transformers: Dark of the Moon: When Witwicki's Datsun fails to start in front of the building of his girlfriend's rich, handsome boss, he begins kicking the Datsun. The boss approaches the car and speaks to Witwicki, who responds, "Yeah, I'm about 32 percent complete with my restoration [of the Datsun]."

54. The Fifth Element: When the "perfect" woman, an alien, comes to save the earth, her ship is attacked. She is reconstituted from just a few living cells from her hand. Leelu (Milla Jovovich) jumps from a ledge to escape police. She crashes through the roof of Bruce Willis' maglev taxicab. Leelu rapidly learns the language as she reads a poster appealing for aid to orphans, "Please help", it says. The number to call ends in 322. Note also that the number lacks one digit to be a 10-digit number.

Full auto is still illegal. It had nothing to do with this.

55. Sphere (Dustin Hoffman, Samuel L. Jackson) A group of specially selected professionals working from the bottom of the ocean explores a discovered alien ship. Inside is a huge golden, shimmering sphere. The sphere enables those who enter it to manifest their thoughts- including their fears. A fear of jellyfish manifests a colony of aggressive siphonophores, which kill a member of the team. Nobody could help her. Immediately after this, the computer system is overtaken. A string of code numbers flies across the screen. 32 is dominant among them.

56. Looper (October, 2012) When the boy is exercising his brain on a very large Sudoku board, his mother asks him, "What number goes here?" The boy says, "32". Mom asks again, "What is 3 times 8?" Unmoved, the boy says, "32!" After a few tries, the boy gets furious, and mom locks herself in a massive safe. This is the first hint in the movie that the boy is dangerous when he's angry. (Mom depends on someone else for her safety- the discretion of the boy. The 32 is associated with this event. Classical conditioning in it's basic form.)

57. Bangkok Dangerous The combination to open a briefcase lock during a high-speed motorcycle chase through every type of avenue and obstacle: Joe gives the combination to Kong. It is xx-32-xx. The middle number is 32.

58. Recruit (Colin Ferril) Ferril is recruited to be a double agent. He believes he works for the CIA. His handler provides him a pass to enter an area he should otherwise not be able to enter. The number on the pass is 3-241.

59. Chuck: In Season 3, episode 17, with 32:22 remaining (Netflix streaming bar), John Casey is grilling Sarah Walker about her activities with double agent Daniel Shaw. Casey says, "On March 22nd, you and Shaw were off grid the whole day."

60. At the opening of the vampire flick, Underworld:Awakening, a new reporting pops onscreen two times. She says first, "new races have been discovered on earth." The second time, she says, "Martial law has been declared." Both times, the clock in the lower right of the reporter's screen shows 8:32.

61. Flyboys: As the Germans occupy the majority of the French and British air forces of World War I, a German blimp goes on a bombing run. The American volunteers must head out to attack the zeppelin. In the first image of the air battle, a close up of the zeppelin's markings is shown on canvas stretched over the fuselage ribbing: L 32

62. Kill Bill: When Black Mamba buys her ticket to Japan, the flight time is 5:32 p.m.

63. In the television series "Lost," the number of people on flight 815 from Sydney to Los Angeles is 324. (Season 3, Episode 16, between 34:30 and 34:45)

64. In the television show "S.H.I.E.L.D.", some of the agents are injected with a serum called GH325. The serum was derived from the blood of alien beings. Later, when an enemy who was injected with GH325 kills a shield agent, the dead woman's address is 932 Bernard Avenue. And, her ID number has a 32 in it as well.

65. In the movie, Revenge of the Sith, Anakin beheads Count Dooku. The scene is symbolic. Anakin holds two lightsabers: the blue saber of the true, natural organic crystals, and the red saber of the synthetic crystal of the Sith. The swords are crossed, as Anakin stands spiritually at the crossroads between good and evil. He obeys Palpatine and kills Dooku. Right after that, Anakin tells R2D2, "Activate elevator 3224." This symbolizes that Anakin is now with the dark side- corrupted and intertwined with evil forces.

NBC NEWS is speculating weapon was "tripod mounted"

From the same people that think we need to import illegals and "refugees" too, probably.

Please fuck off.

Wonder what the motive was.

here's his family, im trying to get more information about him. I dont trust the MSM to do anything, gotta dig ourselves.

I thought that Freemasons had 33 degrees…


I'm saying it was probably staged to make Trump look bad.


When Obama gave his victory speech, he said, "Yes, We can" thirty-two times in his speech. When Obama forwarded the voting copy of Obama Care to Congress, it was House Resolution 3200.

That would mean its a beltfed. But NBC is retarded so idk.

Stop clogging the thread up with this stupid shit.

Then you know the Lenin statue in Seattle's Fremont neighborhood must come down to deal a psychological blow to the lefties ruining Washington state.

gj spamming the thread with your 50 paragraphs you greasy spic


We could make lists of 33s, faggot. Fuck off.


where are you seeing this chat, user?

The mayor that ordered the statue's removal resigned a couple weeks ago due to sex scandal accusations.

Please create a SEPARATE THREAD for "32" connections otherwise it muddles this up. We know 32 is probably significant.


Is there any public info on whether or not the kid is theirs? Seems odd to go out with a bang and leave a young child behind. Wtf set them off


Showed up on my Facebook….



dont call this number

Kill yourself, faggot.

They just showed the window the shooter broke out on the 32nd floor

The Democrat child rapists are getting very nervous. If we make them take responsibility for Vegas their rectums will never recover.

your wrong!!!


I don't think anything 'set them off'… this looks like some kind of political / terrorist op.

We don't know if this Paddock guy is a liberal or why he targeted the concert. About the only thing we can be sure of right now is that the left will use this to hard push for gun control.

looks like he used an explosive. So the sheriff was wrong.

This isn't him. That's the only Stephan Paddock on Facebook, and he lives in Canada. That picture is stolen from his profile, which was taken months ago. Still weird that instagram shows it was posted 14 hours ago before that shooting. Any explanations for that? Possible database error?

underrated but a link and screenshot would be nice too

any pics of the weapons yet?

Thanks wow

please can we meme this stupid old cunt out of a job


What is that creature? Looks almost southeast-asian, but not quite. Black man in a wig?

Nope. Leftists are rightly tarred as mass murders now. Their allies in the media can't shut this down like Hodges. Fuck this is going to be awesome. The fact this is happening during the NFL bullshit and antifa becoming known will only add gas to the fire.

That's really weird if that's true.

full auto isn't illegal…in fact you go through the same background check as you do for normal guns, you just have to send away for a tax stamp and that takes like 9 months on average to process because the ATF has a huge backlog of people wanting NFA stuff.

only restriction is the machine gun has to be made before may 1986 and had to have been registered as transferable also before may 1986

believe me I have two transferable automatics in my name, a STEN Mk.2 and an UZI, easy to get just took a long time.

Could very well be the case, I couldn't say for sure since I'm not familiar with the 47, the only AK I own is a bulgarian 74 with the standard 74 brake so I can only call it as I observe from light research.

as for the rate, couldn't say for certain but I feel from, for lack of a better word at the moment, the bass heard from the report sounded too deep to be a 556, and the rate seemed too consistent across all the magazines for someone likely pumped with adrenaline. Also, not sure if it is the case, it would slow the rate of fire down enough, but at full auto rates an m16/ar-15 rate of fire passes 700 rpm, breaking that 10 second fire rate seen in the videos which would come in around 7 or 8 seconds from the beta-c mags available.

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The might-is-right right-wing is getting fucking smacked by flabby, boomer, coffee shop Liberals. SMH

Looks like a flip


Some Filipinos can look Black or Hispanic

The 33rd degree is invite only. Like the other poster said, that's where they finally just admit they worship satan. You'll notice masons often revere both 32 and 33. The example that come to mind is the eagle on the great seal. One wing has 32 feathers, one 33, and the tail 9. (9 is the number of degrees in the york rite.)

And the ammo is incredibly expensive.

pretty sure this is fake
doesn't it usually say the account was deleted if its recently deleted? I type that name in and it only says not found

Or just broke out/shot the window, that's the blind flapping in the wind
Stream: fox5vegas.com/category/214173/fox5newslive -6 minutes

one frame of video showing someone get shot or bleeding? i see nothing but people running because they hear stuff and others r running

I am ready to finally be able to put my training to use against these fucking commies. This is going to be a fucking bloodbath. I hope I get to kill a few of them in my area.

This bitch needs to be shamed out of her job

Is the gook bitch involved? Was she the second gunman?

gave me a chuckle thanks

There's zero difference between ammunition used in a semi-automatic weapon and a fully automatic weapon.

5.56 is fucking expensive in full auto. brrrrrrrrppppprhghgah… sweet there goes 30 bucks let me get another magazine.

NBC NEWS… 64 year-old Stephen Paddock is shooter…. Mesquite, NV…. Marilou Danley lived with him…. "companion / roommate" ….. He did have a criminal past, known to local L.E.

Oh, it looks like explosive residue in the pic

You normally don't see shitloads of blood unless there's either arterial spray or the vic has enough time to bleed out.

Whatcha gonna do with that, lady? Dude's upstairs.

Yeah, and ammo is still expensive. What point are you trying to make?

Are you a freemason?

Just stop posting.


> fox5vegas.com/category/214173/fox5newslive
i dont even see dead bodies. 120+ people are shot and i havent seen one victim. this is bs

I am familiar with tower glass and how it breaks, and that looks nothing like anything i have seen. How it is blown out but still holding together is nothing i have seen.

When you're that one country music listening nigger


Holy shit you can hear the bullets whistle by so close to the cameraman.

She's a woman. What did you expect

ahhhwww he partied to hard

one thing is 5.56 stays supersonic a lot further than 7.62x39 so at a certain distance an AR will be louder because the rounds are still sonic booming.

there's also the possibility of an AR simply chambered in a different caliber, could be 300 blackout, could be in an AK caliber, could have even been an AR-10 pattern in .308.

I mean there are a lot of variations all we truly know is it was a rifle and was being fired at a fast rate.

Wtf is she aiming at? That's weird af tbqh fam.

I actually saw quite a bit of nigger there. They were most likely there to rape white women.

Maybe if you live in poverty.

Ya sounds like one hits their building.

literally kikes making money off of death

No, but I made the mistake of joining a secret society once. Freemasonry and the occult is an interest of mine. I've been studying it for some years now. I keep telling myself I'll write a book about all I've learned, but that's really a massive undertaking.

CNN says the "lone wolf" perpetrator was killed. Why does the term make me feel like it was a false flag?

Very relevent pic

From police:
Multiple weapons.
I did not hear properly but police said something about a cold card with Marilou Lou Danley name on it.

Creditcard found on killed suspect?


complete bs
thats like the ariana grande shot of pics of people on the ground way after it happened. im talking about active.

a far away shot of people lying on the ground. go find the pics of ariana grande concert. how do you know these arent actors or this pic was taken somewhere else or here another day.
whre is the video showing these people on the ground. i bet u will never see one. EVER

Look forward to mainstream media talking about…

Some of the downed people in the vids are very likely dead or dying. It's not as dramatic as you think.

She's a prop.

Probably one of the entrances to the hotel. They always position people around all the escapes. I accidentally almost walked into a couple cops who were hiding behind some guy's house one time while some other cops were trying to arrest him for wife beating

You everything-is-a-false-flag people are a scourge.


Can anyone webm the vids from this guy's stream? I saved files but can't webm until tomorrow.
m.facebook.com/feedlebom He was an autistic nerd who's former air force. He was there when the first shots were fired and reported
He clearly stated automatic weapons fire, and had the hotel crew in some of his footage contradicting the police.

Here we go with "every shooting is fake" fags

I'm not Yogapig, and I'm no friend to masonry.




watch that including the pic

Stephen Paddock



And the child she's holding in her pic out of her family into CPS.

Because "lone wolf" was stated by he PIO during LVPD press conf, and is being parroted everywhere.

The shills have exhausted everything else.



Facebook has deleted Marilou Danley's page


It's a good stream from a solid source.

oh darn

what did they mean by this?

Spread this around.

So much for that NFA repeal…

11/4 leftist domestic terrorism hyping? Maybe 11/4-11/11.

News station saying more than 20 dead, more than 100 injured.

They're sending out detectives to question witnesses at the concert venue… finally.

Maybe the woman police is looking for.

He wasn't there to listen to country music. Here was there to pick up coalburners. I've seen it all the time at white gatherings where there are always a couple blacks that clearly have no interest in whatever is taking place. Nigger women do the same thing too.

Does that look like a 4'11" Asian woman to you? Does it?

>(((they))) purposely caused an explosion and blamed it on a mudslime even though this entirely hurts their narrative and redpilled a bunch of bongs

sorry kid but jews can't into 4d chess.

anyways, fuck you and your shilling. you assholes are going to try to split this discussion into a real vs fake thing.

LISTEN UP Holla Forums.. I'm fixing to drop some knowledge on you.

The weapon used was NOT A RIFLE.. (or if it was a rifle it was firing subsonic ammunition)

Notice how there is no loud SNAPS as the bullets go by.. this means one of two things.

Asshole is firing a pistol caliber firearm (more than likely a "PCC" (pistol caliber carbine) OR asshole is firing a rifle using subsonic ammo (like 300 blk subs out of an AR)..


Because of the lack of MASSIVE ECHO from the surrounding buildings, I believe a silencer was used. If a silencer wasn't used, the initial "report" from muzzle blast would echo and be VERY noticable.

IF YOU HERE IN REPORTS THAT AK RIFLE WAS USED.. its BULLSHIT (as subs and silencers are exceedingly rare with AKs due to issues..)

As for the fullauto shit.. yeah, I agree, it seems like it was a bumpfire stock such as a "slidefire".. could be real FA (sometimes cyclic rates vary as you shoot, depending on firearm and ammo)


I will

762 x 39 ballistics info


you're a fucking retard

"Go for thots, get shot"

Hey buddy, check out the snaps and echos

your digits don't lie

I had a similar thing happen. I was leaving work and some nigger was robbing an El Pollo Loco next door. Spooked the shit out of me to walk into the barrel of a shotgun like that

Any vids on people actually getting hit ny bullets, this is FAKE, I wanna see blood!!! Fucking crISIS Actors.

That's obviously a spic.

I heard it, it's not even in the same league..

And you can clearly hear the supersonic cracks as the bullets fly by in addition to the gun report; retard.

Stop sliding with ballistic bullshit.

Are you retarded? He's referring to the woman the girl on camera was describing

Botnet cianigger get out REEEEEEEEE

762x39 ballistics chart


Shooter was on floor 32 (approx 100m elevation?)

Distance to target, 438 meters.

Where would you aim, user?

They fall into two categories:
People covering it up.
People who don't know what the real red pill is; don't want to admit to themselves. Oh they know the gov is bent, and the police, and they know crisis actors exist. But believe they would manufacture most of the news including attacks? They only do that in Syria don't they? Everything on TV is real in the west.

Nobody will watch your video except to tell you you're mad and give vague excuses for all the anomalies that point to the reality.

It was hundreds of yards away you say?.. right.

BREAKING: Las Vegas shooter has been identified as 64-year-old Stephen Paddock

This is an imageboard dumbass, post the fucking image.

Hey buddy, that's an M60 you have there in your pic, not an M16.

You know how I know you're not from around here?


I hope this was some antifa faggot. It would get them banned for sure. I don't know why anyone else would shoot a country music concert. Country music = a lot of whites.

So it did it for the lolis or is this a different Paddock?

those are not considerable snaps.. GO TO A RIFLE RANGE AND HEAR A REAL SNAP..

The "SNAP" is so load on a rifle that the "SNAP" itself ECHOS!

The shooter's son/nephew/relative's facebook friend… not looking good lads.

And a lot of republicans


i'm telling you retards, IT WAS A PISTOL CALIBER GUN..

I don't see any blood or injuries on her.


How do you know this? Is there any connection to Stephen?

Not him you fuck

Maybe it really is like filterman said. Done by antifa, but blamed on alt-right.

what is stephens account?


Literally doesn't mean shit

Ah, she's scared guys. She just needs a strong man to show her that the cover of a car against an automatic rifle is useless and should instead hug the side of a building and get out of the street. I'd probably pick up on her fuck her calm.


we need to dig to make sure this is true. message geary's family, ask them about what's going on, and so on.

Stephen is a big leftist, the support for which cancels out any unrelated innocent family members.

Keep in mind, Paddock was roommate's with a woman whose husband is a Leftist nutbag. One degree of separation from an Obamatard.

Shooter intentionally shot into a crowd of country music loving likely Republicans.

i wonder how many people here can tell how out your ass youre talking just to sound like you know something.
theres 4 giveaways that you know casual to minimal about guns at best in this post


on which channel? Link?

This sounds pretty snappy to me:

The reason I brought it up is because we need to know the truth.. If they name the wrong weapon it's a red flag my /k/iddo

that the joke

She's behind the engine compartment. That's not the best, but it's far from useless.


What did he mean by this?


Stephen Paddock confirmed by (((NBC))).

This reeks of a false flag.

"Eye witness" (looks exactly like every special forces I've seen) "has a guy die in his arms," totally fine to do an interview a little while later. "Buddy shot 3 times," still wandering around the streets giving interviews, not at the hospital.

No info has changed since I woke up, everything on every news agency matches. At this point it wouldn't surprise me if the Stephen Paddock name was leaked intentionally on Reddit and halfchan to move the narrative along the train tracks.


Not rifle snappy, rifle snaps echo for a week.. they are LOUD.

archive it, retard

I was just there yesterday, retard.

halfchan has it boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/143664979/facebook-of-marilou-danley

actually a few feet off cover with the engine block and front spindles and wheels between you and anything 30-06 and below is pretty decent enough. she shouldnt be leaning on the car though thats dumb

Fox is so gay, they haven't even released the guy's name yet.

source for him being libtard? I've only seen talk of that other faggot geary

Speed of sound by elevation above sea level:


Ballistics data, 762x39

Las Vegas at 2000 feet asl

762x39 velocity at 450 yards, 1131 FPS
Speed of sound at 2000 asl, 1108 FPS


Out of all the videos, this one has the clearest audio

it's an m240 you turds

link? archive?

Posting in a thread isn't forum sliding. Forum sliding is making new threads or bumping old ones to slide a thread you don't want to he seen off the front page. Also this is a sticky, so you can't slide it even if you wanted to.

Reddit flipped the killswitch on this the second it looked like it was against their narrative. New threads are deleted and the megathread is locked.

Weird chat feature continues on Geary's FB… I haven't refreshed cuz I'm worried I'll lose it:


Can you boot up PUBG and make 100% sure it's subsonic pistol ammo for us user? Like play for 2 years before reporting back? Or just fucking kill yourself.

This shit double translated back to english properly


No it doesn't, an AK fires much further than an AR15/M16
Spic isn't smart enough to "Make" a 300 blackout, and if attempted…would most likely fail and explode in the chamber.
An AR10 "IS" a .308 there is no "Configuring" it to be so. I know this…because I own one. Do you even guns bro? Or are you still in video game land?

This shit double translated back to english properly



Copy the URL to a different tab.

sure buddy.

go shoot a rifle surrounded by hills.. it's much louder than the vids.

He used a suppressed PCC, in 9mm probably, with supersonic loads.

A Vietnam Vet shoots the shit out of people in Vegas.


I'm curious as to how msm will spin this as he is confirmed white male but also confirmed literal antifa.

I'm out boys, got class in 4 hours. keep up the good work


I hope you are all listening to this audio.

Melbourne antifa claiming responsibility. Wut


Could reflective lamination be holding it together?

Idiot. It is clearly a glock. hopefully they will get this. :^)

You don't even know what happened do you?

Its apparently a troll FB account. Don't worry about it.

they'll just completely memory hole the antifa part, his facebook is already deleted. this is white terrorism, ban guns now, etc.

You sure?

Pic of view from the 31 or 32 floor.
Pic of possible suspect and suspect woman.

Yeah, westernized flip seems right.

Story makes no sense in absence of it - random white guy shoots up other whites for no reason?

Archive that now.

idk they havent caught on so far

Enjoy the ricochets from the asphalt, that's where I'd aim or on an automatic that's where the fire would just go. Especially when she sits her ass on the street to reload or take cover because that squatting won't last forever. I remember cops doing that during the Hollywood shootout, cars don't help if you can be seen because its just free space below.

Where was this confirmed?

I think the clearest indication this wasn't a falseflag is that they've taken this long to identify the shooter and establishing a narrative. They might still try, but the shooting wasn't staged.

Pic related

uh oh… just wait for the vengeance of his hapa son

Audio from the clearest video sounds like hand-cranked fire.

That's our guys you idiot.


Cameraman had an optimal and safe view eh? He barely flinches as those people go running and diving just past him. Why is he so sure he isn't going to get hit? He doesn't appear to be covered by anything.

Masonic theater pic related.
They're trying to trigger the subliminal planted in the negro 30 years ago.


it's not staged, but it's some kind of politically-motivated "op" of some sort.

Geary has a connection to Rubicon.

It wasn't. They are mistaking the flip's husband, as opposed to the boomer room mate (the named shooter) who has jackshit on the internet about him.

muh mental health funding, this is why they are forcing every child in elementary school be seen by a shrink so they can diagnose them with autism or whatever made up problem so they can take their gun rights away before they ever get the chance to use them.

they'll use this to take gun rights from anyone who see's a shrink for any reason, sleep problems, veterans with sleep problems/ptsd, anything.

tldr; don't ever see a fucking shrink

She was living with paddock the shooter. Geary seems to be chatting on FB but not a member. Can one of you screenshot the FB chat and confirm it's Geary chatting right now.

Man amongst the Ruins

You guys sure are optimistic about this guys political leanings. If he is a conservative Alex Jonestein was right about everything. What a time to be alive.

reminder: melbourne antifa is a parody account. IIRC

I won't disagree with your theory. Does surprise me some of the calm reactions and videos.

But for many, the shots sounded like firecrackers. They were slow to panic

is this for real? Link to vid? xD

Antifa is say its one of there people.


if it was a conservative i doubt he would have shot into a country music concert, he would have shot up a bunch of niggers and spics at some pop or rap concert.

Why would a conservative shoot up a country music festival?

Why would a jonestein shoot up a country music thing.

Good work user! One thing I would say is that if their was a significant downward angle it might be a little faster at impact.


Sheriff is speaking again: fox5vegas.com/category/214173/fox5newslive

They located the chink and vehicle

Full auto AK47 add on, $39.99



Over 200 injured

32 floor



Sheriff confirmed shooter is STEPHEN PADDOCK
DOB: 4/9/1953

Paddock confirmed


50 dead wew

holy shit over 50 dead and 200 injured

Really activates my almonds

Holla Forums brought to you in association with the CIA and isreali intel

Not a false flag, a hoax.
This is you country's Dunblane, Port Arthur or Hungerford.

50+ dead
200 + injured

Stephen Paddock confirmed
Asian Bitch caught

Sheriff presser now

Geary is an extreme leftist retard, but I don't think we know Stephen's political leanings



Not the time hasbara.

This list of Geary's "likes" is going to be CRITICAL to finding the truth here:


We need to find out everything we can about Stephen.

We do know that extremist shitlibs don't make nice with republicans. If this guy is a registered republican, false flag confirmed.

SHERRIF: "They were rifles"


We're gonna beat the orlando shooting!
We own the narrative again!

Your posts have been nothing but garbage the entire thread. End yourself you fucking faggot. Filtered.



To show republicans that they can get shot en masse by a crazy gun owning republican, so everyone needs to hand over their guns so the police can really fuck you up like in Spain yesterday.

Paddock: 50+
Breivik: 77

Oh no, he might break the high score.

>(((Israel National News)))
you know, i want to believe, but i'm not sure i'd put money on this

No way this will be memory holed. The best the media will do is try to pivot this towards a gun control message.

plebbit just shut down their "live coverage".


getting this mad online xD


Oslo was also a hoax. That's why they staged it on a remote island with no access to the public.


It could be leftists tying to start a race war with hispanics. If enough whites get shot at, then whites would be more likely to defend themselves with lethal force, making whites seem paranoid and trigger happy.

Only archive link that shows Geary is married to the ching chong. Once they took her account down, it erased her name from his page.

God this feels like oldchan. Im glad I came here, It's more comfy and a feeling i've been missing for a bit.

Matt Lauer almost sounds….giddy.

stop watching infowars you retard

Well, let’s just use some logic:

1) TEA party or ‘alt-right’ types have never engaged in mass shootings
2) an aging boomer cuck already shot up a baseball game
3) The target has no meaning or relevance to anyone on the right; why shoot up a concert?

So either the guy is a Muslim convert or a liberal, or an old-fashioned lunatic.

You don't think they'll shut it the fuck down when it comes out that he was a hardcore Trump-hating leftist?

The narrative is going to be
They are pushing it hard on 4pol.

Geary's page is a treasure trove

That wouldn't surprise anyone, but needs a better source.

are you the faggot who made that video?

Kek I cant take much more of these happenings

Holy shit, that's accurate. Authentic police sketch?

Hopefully they do push it hard since it'll be easy to just bring up his politics




That's their twatter headline, but I can't find an archivable page on their site claiming so.
Is this just a JIDF IP harvesting honeypot or something?

There were veterans and off duty cops attending.

No, like I said they'll try to turn this into a gun control narrative. This is too big to properly cover up. That's why we need to stay on top of this and collect any shred of info that can be found on the internet before it can be erased.


I was wondering why it took them so long to identify.

you faggots are calling false flag too fucking early we need to see the bigger picture and what (((them))) are trying to push as an agenda before we can even call anything i still have my hopes thats its a crazy blm supporter since it makes no sense that a fasle flag would shoot up an country music concert

Seeing the woman with the piece of metal sticking out her skull get on the bus is what convinced me of Oslo being totally fake, then when you research Breivik it becomes clear, and monotonously the same people behind it for the same ends.

Who is paying you to manage the narrative here?
Breivik was a hoax, this is obvious to anyone who has looked into the events in question.
And this "attack" is nothing more than computer game sfx played over the sound system (playing sfx over sound system to simulate an attack was trialled in Manchester with the M.E.N 'bombing')

whatever you're smoking; stop it, get some help


Jesus christ. Filtered.

he was saying that a right-winger wouldn't shoot that concert.

old news

It won't even be mentioned. They'll simply hammer the fact that he was an angry white male who shouldn't have had access to guns. That is how they're going to spin this.

The FakeTards are out in full force on this one.

Republican House+Senate+President. No chance in hell for further gun regulations least of all on a weapon that is already banned.

We don't know his politics yet though. I don't know why everyone here keeps parroting it. The guy everyone is talking about who is a leftist is the husband of the woman the shooter lives with. And he lives in a different state.

If anything, we should be digging up as much as possible on Paddock (I can't find jackshit), but faggots here keep saying he is leftist while confusing him for the wrong guy. You guys realize that leftist faggots will skewer you if you do this right?

Right, because you can hear fireworks landing closer and closer to the camera from a speaker.

Enjoy parts of the road and automobile in you, car is cover faggot.

They’re going to try to skewer us anyway. They will never love you, user.

Jeez, country music isn't that bad.

Same. All of the "casualties" from the "bombing" were evacuated by bus. The woman with her face supposedly torn to pieces appeared completely free from scarring a few months later, pretty hilariously bad.

Debunk the evidence instead of trying to ad hom.
Explain why there is no crack/bang (google it) and instead we hear omnidirectional canned video game "machine gun" sfx coming straight from the speakers.
Fucking hasbara kike.


Tweet does not match actual story OR headline.

So why did the Norwegian government censor that Breivik did it because the government infiltrated and destroyed any pro-white organization with extra-legal means, making peaceful resistance impossible?

There seems to be no online traces of Paddock, which is very strange.

HEAVY.com article on Paddock:




That hasn't worked out so far. Trump tries to do the things he said he would and neocohens go full on (((shut it down))).

he's a 64 year old boomer, why would he have any social media?

you don't belong here


Paddock is 64?


Archive: archive.fo/Kgnfc

Midterms are coming. Passing any gun regulations would be absolute death for cuckservative seats in Congress. Not happening.

That pic really make me think. I used to draw that Stusi thing all of the time. WTF is it even?

OK, so that kike site is claiming the guy converted to pisslam aged 30 and calls himself
I'll go with this being a corruption of Sam Hyde until someone confirms it.

Doesn't matter. Look at Hillary. She lost so fucking bad, and should be completely ostracized from public, but is still out there laying the pieces for her ugly daughter to continue the family business. Gun control BS will still be used to try to damage Trump any way they can. Look at the grandstanding that the mayor of San Juan Puerto Rico is doing.

All just signaling their childishness.

Yeah he needs to be dug up, especially since now he's dead Marilou can craft pretty much any narrative about it. Regardless of his leanings they will still use it against gun laws anyway and he's a WHITE MALE

Super Secret Kool Kids Klubhouse online xD

kill urself xD

stephen paddock 4/9/1953

Hey, doesn't a concert have speakers?

Geary Danley is the key to all this.

Drudge finally woke up and updated his site. He really needs someone to help him with late night happenings.

Can we look him up in the voter database? Possibly get a party affiliation.

Only the engine compartment is of any use

please leave

Oh very solid logic and excellent evidence you provided to refute the evidence shitting all over your unfounded claim, you sure showed me!

1372 Babbling Brook Ct Mesquite NV 89034

that's his address.

Not sure how that link got there. I need to go to bed.

So did I.

You answered your own question, they got something out of it. Control over peaceful resistance, making it harder for any opposition to gain ground. They are doing the same all over Europe. Call them a Nazi, a Breivik sympathizer, a Roof sympathizer and shut them down. That's why they post memes of those people on here. Sure some are misguided or think it's funny or even edgy but a good proportion of them are gov agents trying to stop us from peacefully interacting talking about politics but on a global platform. They don't want that.


I note you've provided nothing to the debate aside from

The trouble with Americans is after a steady diet of hollywood brainwashing any load sounds makes them freak like Pavlov's dogs

OK. So the headline probably did include the Religion of Cuck™ convert claim at one point. It has been taken down now. My best guess is that someone jumped the gun, and the claim was removed once they determined it could not be substantiated.

I am not sure how reliable the website israelnationalnews.com is, but I have no reason to trust it over someone's shitty blog.


Oh, jew!

/k/ here.

This, and other than a "temporary cover" cars should always be considered concealment- not cover.




Geary Danley's Likes list… holy shit…. Shareblue and Rubicon, and every known Leftist outlet:


use an oil filter


Suppressors are legal

They gained nothing, as the Norwegian Secret Police are unable to shut down pro-whites, without showing that Breivik was correct now.

False flag?

Does Stephen Paddock sound like a Muslim name



isis in the philippines attacked america.

Top lel

Screenshot it please nigger.



He's only like the 6th or something most highest visited site on the fucking web. You'd think the kike would have a dedicated 24 hr staff.

A white nationalist attack on country music?


Can't handle the truth redneck? xD


The party is over you depraved hedonistic normie faggots

If they were true Christians they wouldn't have been in the city of vice…

Oops - Sorry it was meant to be in mock response like all the kikes here, I never meant to put it as a quote from you.

So he's only been there for about a year and a half.

welcome faggot



I know if I were in Vegas and were angry about degeneracy that instead of targeting all the whoring and gambling, I’d target an event with lots of veterans.

Holy fuck, you can't be this stupid. Hiding behind the engine block and tucking your legs behind the axle is better than fucking nothing.

You take cover behind the engine block to prevent your vital organs from being shot. The last thing you want shot is your head, arm, and any part of your torso. Besides, you can keep fighting with a cut up leg. Though you better kill the guy or else you're a sitting duck when your legs do get blown off

Also it provides a stable shooting support.

We have IDs here Holla Forums I can follow posts to find your faggotry.

I will, others have i think but I got it

Shieet. What universe are we in now?

If this guy turns out not to be a liberal then fuck will I be embarrassed, I got into a minor argument with my brother after I said he was a crazy libshit.

Me as well, just felt natural as a kid.

Babbling Brook=Hababy


Not suprised they'll try whatever they can to turn it around yet again.

Meant for


I have heard "full auto" no shit 30 or 40 times. Fox news of all things is going over in agonizing detail just how dangerous full auto guns are. A specialist is on now telling how semi autos are easily convertible, and a full auto makes you invincible with no training. It's an anti firearms psyop and based on the lack of footage I'm calling it a hoax. Remember

1. Lie: the internet is shit posting you, nothing happened.
2. Hoax: the jew is shitposting you, nothing happened but looks like it did.
3. False Flag: Jew still shitposting you, but at least made something happen before claiming it was someone else responsible.
4. Happening: shit is really going down. Even the Jew is surprised when these get pulled off.

Proceed in order always, assume the first before you allow the next. This is hoax tier at best yet, they have hidden bigger body counts like in utoya and pulse nightclub. Look for roundabout connections to shareblue, tavistock.

No, posted above in this tread shows the public records of her and her husband. They have a decades long history of living in Nevada, off and on.




Already posted but

he bought the house 7th jan 2015 ($369,022), listed as a single man.

Careful, the mods have banned dozens of anons daring to suggest this might just be a psyop.

Why has Holla Forums become so normie tier believing every little jew media managed false flag that happened over the last few years?

Didn't Holla Forumsused to allow investigation into jewish tricks at one time - Now everything that goes bump in the night is an "Religion of Cuck™ic caliphate terror attack on our freedumbz", every time - What happened?


t. retard

I was agreeing with him, moron. Fuck are you on?


shit i linked the wrong post, apologies brutha

For a normal gun the state does the background check (in PA it's by phone, takes about 5 minutes), with full auto the ATF does the background check, and it's far more thorough & far more restrictive.

god stfu. No one is banning anyone suggest this is a psyop. Not only that, Hoaxtards reign free here



New bread

I guess it was just a pre-internet meme


I think you missed the door to the >>>/gaschamber/ . Just make a left next time at reddit.

Post proof faggot and stop derailing.

Could also be a hand-cranked gatling gun, with a gravity-feed magazine.
You can buy the plans to build them (although I've never seen them for sale), and they are legal to own without a machine-gun license, because they are hand-cranked, and not considered a machine gun.

I doubt the dude was worried about legality if he had planned to open fire into a crowd of people.


New thread ^


Also watch for "victims" missing their shoes, missing one shoe, or with shoes placed neatly by.
Of course the event was staged at a 100% White venue because country-loving Southern Whites ('red necks' as liberals and kikes call them) are the most staunchly pro-gun group and needs the most work to bring them around to a disarmament-friendly mindset.
Of course the kikes know that even this won't be enough, so to add weight they will feature a number of "super victims" to tug the heartstrings of traditional White men.
Look for these:
Look for professional quality, staged photographs showing the likes of:
This is how they will try to influence gullible trad men are to hand over their guns, target their wives/girlfriends with propaganda and let the nagging/social pressure work its magic.
Of course despite the concert having thousands, if not tens of thousands of phones rolling footage right at the moment of the "attack", there will not be a single example of clear HD footage where bullets hit anyone or visibly strike nearby.
Not a single example.
The Law of Potato will be in operation as per standard hoax protocol:

God it honestly makes me sick to my stomach how normalfags use the internet to share personal details like this publicaly.

no one said anything about religion. still not your call to make.


You're trying a little too hard. Filtered.

What is the shooters middle name?

"Stephen G Paddock", 66, is a registered Democrat.


No date on this news article, according to this: washingtontimes.com/news/2017/oct/2/isis-had-threatened-las-vegas-may/ it was in may

I believe it's Greg

Sorry, it's Craig

Yeah, you're right. Not the same person. Oh well.

room service is going to bitch a fit and the maid is not going to be too happy either

So he converted to Religion of Cuck™ about taking a trip to Mena with that gook right?