Former Puerto Rico AG Cut Off By CNN

Fuentes is on at about the ):17 mark and is cut off a couple minutes later. Also that woman at the beginning is suspiciously white.

Just another day in Jewmerica.

What's new?


good man

The food it INSIDE Puerto Rico. If those incompetent pieces of shit in their government wont do anything, fucking tell the people so they can walk to the containers. I've never seen anything like this before in my life.

Just want to drown this bitch in a gas chamber.

The Most Trusted Name In News™

Yea definitely not any koolaid in her cup.
They deserve everything they get.

here's where they shut it down when he starts speaking truth. notice the anchor fiddle with his earpiece which he takes out at the end, listening to his kike overlords, so they can give the floor immediately to poor mrs. diversity puerto rican woman whose family is currently being tortured real time by trump

I don't know why they even bother getting these people on the news. And the mayor wants to e a governor?

Check the youtube comments for a solid blackpill.

These people are all sub 80 IQ. I'm so fucking sick of these people.


This , like everything else, is blowing up in their face spectacularly.

That cunt deserves rape.

I know just the man for the job.



I can't believe people actually watch this shit

Fucking hell I mean I know CNN but please stop hiring crazy bitches. You don't need that level of hysteria to push your narrative.
Fucking ear piercing.


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CNN is literally worse that Pravda was in its heyday during Stalinism.

Checking those dubs, it's so true it'd make a preacher swear if they understand the gravity of the situation.

They're crashing and burning, airport news bids are going up this November and I believe FOX is going to win the new contract.

(((Chicanery News Network)))

chicanery: the use of deception or subterfuge to achieve one's purpose.


This problem is easily correctable with a bullet.

Why the fuck does the pronounce "Puerto Rico" in Spanish in the middle of speaking English? I'm Puerto Rican and don't even do this shit. Other Puerto Ricans I know don't do this shit. It's reeks of "OH LOOK HOW AUTHENTIC I AM".

Fuck that shit really pisses me off.

It's a gesture, he's trying to show respect. It isn't like when HRC fakes accents and is patronizing. That said I think it's annoying when people do it also, I pronounce everything foreign in my native accent with 0 fucks given.
Go back to halfchan dirty spic.

Wait spic before you go, how do you like Puerto Rico? I'm thinking about visiting after basic infrastructure is fixed.



That women needs a proper beating.

Leftists LOVE doing this. Listen to NPR for a cornucopia of examples. I think it makes them feel smug, makes their viewers feel cosmopolitan, and appeals to bilingualists and academics who cuck out for foreign cultures. Some commonly embellished words include:


latina (oy vey assumed/binary gender built into these oppressive nouns! Yet strangely no complaints from the pronoun gallery.)

Niger kek. First heard this one from the gefilte-fishy lips of NPR's (((Ari Shapiro))).

Puerto Rico


Notice how they never bother to "code switch" as they pronounce these:

Vladimir Putin



It would be fun to compile a list of all of the words that they cherrypicked for enhancement.

If Maria was in my vicinity right now she'd be put in a 5 year coma breathing out of tubes.

I spent a month in PR every person that pronounced PR that way was a soulless being in my eyes. People that lived there their whole life never pronounced it that disgusting way.


There is a great need for public executions.

Alright, Maria, please.

Thanks Maria.

kek that bitch probably speaks Spanish as well as Peggy Hill with that over-the-top pronunciation

It's true, it's like arguing with a fucking dog.

This made me lel hard.

Don't forget "anTEEEfuh".

"I am growing stronger"

I wonder how many of these worthless faggots say that without having ever picked up a book either. And those who do even bother reading, I wonder how many of them read a book that isn't a fuckstory on the NYT bestseller list or a Harry Potter book. Or a listicle on a site about why green beans are racist. Fucking plebs


This has gotten slid as fuck




I don't live in that fucking island. I was born here. I never even got along well with other Puerto Ricans, or even Hispanics in general. My friends were always whites and mainly grew up with whites. Why the fuck would a Puerto Rican IN Puerto Rico browse this board?

Stupid question to ask either way since it's been assfucked by a hurricane.