Dear Tankies on Social Media

Stop, just stop. You're infesting every corner of the digital left.

You want to make an argument about how North Korea and Stalin's Russia is/was misunderstood, then make it. But joking about gulags isn't. even. a. good. strategy. It's just trolling. And even if you're not a tankie, then why the fuck are you trolling so much? "Go to gulag" is your version of "muh six gorillion". It was funny in bad taste for about a day, and now it's not funny anymore.

Also, stop the bullying call out culture. Whenever someone gets in your way to become moderators of every goddamn thing, you immediately start bullying that person publicly. Everyone that criticises your Stalin apologism is a liberal, ok fine. But chill the fuck out with the bullying tactics. The truth is that you tankies are all clearly the social rejects, so don't forget that you are increasintly making yourselves targets of bullying.

inb4 lol gulag memes

gl with that on Holla Forums….
Buncha ultras here too

leave tankies alone

Yea, why try to reason with the cancer of the left?

I swear some of these tankies/ultras are big-money infiltrators meant to sow discontent. They are that fucking insane and divisive. I'm so tempted to list names of some of these people who put themselves everywhere. And I don't think they'd even mind, they're like exhibitionists the way they put themselves out there.

It's not my fault that you bought into the western porky propaganda about how evil USSR was. It wasn't.

Gulag jokes are fun though

ye apart from all those genocides and sabotages of left-wing regimes and movements to keep us happy and leftist executions and whatnot

no liberals deserve to be bullied to the point of suicide or reading a book

gulag jokes are funny though

We might have Stalinist tripfags but at least here on Holla Forums they aren't as numerous compared to reddit, you should visit /r/communism sometime. I don't know any stalinist moderators on Holla Forums though

its an obscure kind of feel

lmao, you triggered pinko?

lighten up sweetheart

Tankies need to be hidden away so they can't interact and turn away potential leftists with their autism.

There are not two positions to the argument, and only two; it's not either 'you are a liberal capitalist supporter who fell for propaganda', or a stalinsit.

YOU fell for stalinist propaganda that there can only be those two positions. You've chosen propaganda 'B' instead of propaganda 'A', and you call everyone who doesn't support either as a misinformed 'A' supporter.

They really aren't. They are just the same sort of 'woah I'm edgy' shit as Holla Forums laughing about gas chambers.

How about no? Just because you happen to lack in your convictions it does not mean that we do.

Typical menshevik position to hold. Color me surprised.

Absolutely, tankies are the yappy guard dogs who ensure that normalfags either fuck off or lurk long enough to absorb the board culture.

And unlike Holla Forums, where the Nazi memes became unironic due to Stormfront infiltration, there is no vast internet reservoir of tankies to sweep in and overwhelm Holla Forums.

Stop meme farting. You want to make an argument about something then make it. You're nothing more then fat troll right now. Why would anyone talk seriously to you. Now go fuck yourself.

State socialism is destined for failure tbh

and stateless anything is not, uh-huh

Communism is the only thing that'll keep this species alive, and the only thing that'll make us deserve it.

I honestly don't get why so many get their panties in a twist over the tankies. Sure, they are sometimes clownish and I often don't know whether or not they mean what they say, and they generally seem to be better read than most users here. At least they aren't as insufferable as the anarchofags.

Because they tend to be asschalkedfull of idpol and nationalism. The few who actually have read marx I can respect but most of them are nazbol-tier retards and partly-reformed Holla Forumsacks.

And you can be a marxist without being a tankie. Stalin apologists are fucking stupid this shouldn't be a question.

and those people call tankies cringy

Liberal. Rubbish.

ancoms proving to be among the most delusional left tendency yet again

Right. No.

no thanks bud, i'll stick to living in the real marxist materialist world

You mean global capitalism? Yeah sure. I'd assume a marxist would realize reaching communism is essential to the survival of the species.

fuck the species, i care about the proletariat

The proletariat is part of the species. If we all die, we all die.

Holla Forums frowns on drunkposting, comrade.

Say goodbye to human species then.

is this fuking bait or are you for real

I'm ready to fucking die now.
Also implying communism with a state is even a thing in the mind of the tankiest of tankies

Because their ideology was the gravedigger of 20th century socialist movement, and they fail to see that, and want to repeat the same mistakes. They don't want to learn, just make excuses, and the only way they are 'well read' is because the best tactic they have in an argument is to shower opponents with rhetoric from Stalin to prove how Stalin did nothing wrong.

Agreed, it was a welfare state like any other, Sweden, France, BRD etc.

Problem is, we don't want social democracy, we want communism.

That's a bit like saying Fundie Christians are well read for knowing their bible (as interpreted by their favourite televangelist).

Tankies have 0 understanding of Marx, and often support theories he very explicitly rejects. State=good, commodity production under socialism, etc.

If you want to make this point, go to r/fullcommunism or related subreddits.

Because they are literally trying to claim the entire left for themselves and hijack the moderation of everything. This has only started happening for about half a year. Maybe since S anders' mildly authoritarian socialist past was made light and they got super excited over that. They are either a bunch of social rejects in their 20s or infiltrators.


It's bitter irony that a group of people who supposedly want a stateless, classless, moneyless society are now the ones who are the most divisive, judgmental, authoritarian (not just in ideology), and elitist people currently in left politics.

2nd place at best

well to be fair, the idea of the free individual is a myth
But that doesn't mean we shouldn't let people think they no control or hand over control to a select group of people.

And there should be limits on free speech. Either legislated or through consensus in a hippie commune.

The idea of the free individual is no more nor less a myth than the idea of the unified society, either can take precedence depending on one's situation or desires.

Clamping down on free expression is likewise ideologically bankrupt, since every defensible objection to any given expression is based around physical acts that are done as part of the expression, never to the actual content of the expression itself, which can only be countered with further expressions rather than censorship.

Vanguard aint free. It needs to be protected by censorship to weed out reactionary,opportunistic and revisionist dogma. This is the only way we can have actual progress and democratic centralism.

And how the FUCK are you going to have a vanguard? All you have are 50 Facebook groups with the same 3,000 people in it, 2,000 of whom don't agree with you and are just in it for the laughs, you don't have any real infrastructure, political party or whatever.

You tankies are also the largest promoters of idpol, which seems to be an unendending source of fuel for the right wing.

Cuban revolution was started by just 48 people. We do have growing parties and organizations(JPC for example) that tend to inflate whenever crisis happens to strike at economy, but I do agree that we could do with more numbers.


cpj doesn't even fucking turn up anything on google.

The last real life organization you all had that I remember is the American Labor Party, and now that's gone.

Make an argument and try to convince people, or hit the showers. You all are just being authoritarian bullies at the worst and white noise at the best.

I think you should amend that to 50 FB groups with only 50 actual tankies, and the rest are other leftists they are desperately trying to recruit for some non-existent organization

World is filled with communist parties, what the fuck are you on about? What do you even define as "tankie"?

A tankie is a stalin apologist. Not all marxists are tankies. You are outright saying you're one by putting on that flag btw.

This is just wrong. We(tankies) are not stalinists, but those who defended the soviet intervention into Czechoslovakia and Hungary(and supported the coup of 1991 against reformists).

Joking about controversial things is a good strategy though. It eases viewers into an idea by disarming them with humor. These viewers aren't worried about being offended.
Have you been reading the news comrade? There's a strong reaction against it, most of the fight for this political correctness is done by upper middle class bourgeois and that's exactly what you sound like.
Is a factory worker going to be horrified and nurture a blind hate for communism after a gulag meme? Of course not, the propaganda damage has already been done, workers already fear leftism.
You've created a vulnerable strawman group to 'defend' in order to attack your comrades over a non-issue. Whether you think they're misguided or not is irrelevant, it's your smug elitist methods that will alienate potential revolutionaries.
You call for an end to bullying, why don't you start?

You've never been to Reddit, have you. I don't blame you. There is a huge reservoir of Tankies.

They're unfunny, anyway. Even the Stirnermemes were better than Tankies.

This. Just look at Jezza and the smears about le ebul gommie entryists who terrorize innocent New Labour MPs and want to turn Britain into a giant gulag. The workers are laughing their asses off, even as the press are eating it hook, line, and sinker.

All of them are larpers. Compare that to neonazis, who actually form and fund real-world orgs, build survivalist compounds/cults, and have a significant presence in the world of crime with skinheads.

The closest parallel on the left are feminazis, black supremacists, and anarkiddies, none of whom have any particular affection for Marxism beyond Che shirts.

Every single leftist related thing (groups, events, everything) is always the same: anarchists start it, anarchists make it good, but somehow the tankies end up in positions of power where they always ruin everything.

" It eases viewers into an idea by disarming them with humor"
Yeah that's exactly how stormfront was discussing making people feel less bad about Nazi Germany with their catchphrases..

For many reasons, not just because of they way they act, I consider tankies to be fascists, and they have no place in anti-fascist efforts going on right now. Not that we wouldn't notice their absense on the ground, but fuck are they annoying on the internet.

So a powerful tool can be equally useful for our opponents, brilliant insight friend. They use memes too, should we ban those?
and there we are, you've outed yourself. The fact that you're so deep into bourgeois imperialist propaganda that you can conflate 'Stalinist' and fascist ideology is proof that you're still nothing more than a capitalist tool. You obviously don't really care about the cause, you profess the need to reject tankies as a principally personal preference even if it hurts the cause.
This is completely anti-Marxist and counter-revolutionary. Solidarity first comrade, we are all oppressed by this horrific system.

Even when I was apolitical I joked about gulags


I'm really interested in hearing how a group of divisive, judgemental, identity obsessed, anti-social, authoritarian, bullying etc group of people

are going to help help with the cause of a moneyless, classless, stateless society.

Ummmm, yea, and we're seeing this happen. People associate dictatorships with PCness. I don't know what you are thinking.

I haven't ever strung the legal name of someone across social media because they weren't the "right type of leftist". Tankies are doing this on a daily basis just because they can't get moderation somewhere.

That's your brain on mass-media. History gets rewritten so often you don't even know what the words mean.

Tankie is someone who is neither Reformist, nor Anarchist?

National 'Socialists' are not even socialists in any stretch of the word, like most other fascists activities or ideologies, they stole ideas and movement organization from the left while swinging wildly right. Mussolini was right when he characterized fascism as the cooperation of state and corporate power.

Because they're not some sort of division sowing predators like you describe but more importantly, they are being oppressed by the same fucking system that we are.

I increasingly get the feeling that you are some sort of out of touch academic elitist. What you've just said is that people associate dictatorships with PCness and then went on to extol PCness. I don't know what you are thinking.

Just because you haven't fallen into your own preconceived ideas of bullying doesn't mean that you aren't a perpetrator of it.

I'll just say that I appreciate the fact that you are using the term "elitist" as an insult, because I agree we need to get rid of smug, "smarter than thou", "how many books have you read?", "let's rally around Ivy Leaguers", elitism from the left. Not being sarcastic.


expected this from Holla Forums tbh.

The Theater must always be a safe and special place. The cast of Hamilton was very rude last night to a very good man.

Pic related is OP