African diversity. How are the different tribes?

All this talk about South Afriac and Good Hope got me thinking I know near to nothing about African sub-races.

Probably will get some heat for this, but people are not shit because of the colour of their skin.
They are shit for other (correlated) genetic factors that mark their affects how they behave onto others, and shapes their thinking and the society they live in.
You have to admit that if there are so many differences between races, there must be some between sub-races.

For example, the Bantu people, who expanded like a cancer all thoughout Africa.
Maybe it's not all niggers, but rather that the most violent ones spread more.

Specially in Africa, a huge continent with the most diversity.
As Egypt was the passage for the rest of mankind, all other races have less genetic diversity even within their differences.
The only reason all blacks are (mostly) black is because their skin tone is not going to change because it's adapted to that area, but afaik they are very ethnically diverse.

Can anyone comment on this?
What are the differences (specially behavioural) among Africans?

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Really, truthful, who cares. Sage and reported

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Don't care, we gotta save our own race before we can devote resources to preserving wildlife

Maybe do an ethnography thread on Holla Forums or something, if anyone still goes there.

/thread and checking those dubs

"Human Biodiversity" is a perfectly acceptable subject for Holla Forums though your OP could have been better.
Here's something you might find interesting:

Also, checking those trips

Yes, Africa has multiple races.

Dude, it's just a topic to discuss, not a call for action.
Stop talking like you have your schedule filled with "save the white race".
Let me read a book and discuss races ffs.

I just want to tell Africans apart and know what's up with each sub-race.

will read
Thanks for making my thread worth it

Nobody here will argue there's no difference between the many european races, or that a pygmy and an angolan are the same. I don't know much about Apefrica though so I can't tell them apart like I can with humans.
Of course. The bushmen for instance got their ass kicked many times by other niggers for being too passive.
Less than whom? Egyptians?

North Africa used to be White, similar to Sardinians.
Now there are 3 Macro groups of Africans:
>The West African Cluster, from which African Americans come from, in Blue.
>The East African Cluster in Salmon Pink representing Somalis, Ethiopians, etc. They have acquired Caucasian admixture from the Religion of Cuckā„¢ic Invasions.
>The South African Cluster in Green, from the people like the Khoisan are,

These groups mixed with each other and you can see with the color admixtures.
Now, there are 3 Special Races which aren't from the 3 Clusters, but diverged from them.
>The Ju Hoan, in Aqua Green, diverged from the South African Greens.
>The Hadza in Bright Pink, are a very very ancient mixture of West/South Africans and Mediterranean peoples.
>The Mbuti, in Cyan, which is another very ancient mixture of West/South/Hadza.

Orange = Mediterranean peoples
Purple = Arab, Bedouin

Khosians and Bantus aren't just different subraces, they're different races. Thinking they're the same race is like thinking that we're the same race as kikes or light-skinned Asians just because we all have light skin.

Also, I forgot to say:
The Deep Blue component in North Africa/Levant comes from ancient Europeans.
The Dark Green component in the same regions is from the Caucasus.

This one here is better.

you can, just don't start a thread about it. Knowing a ubangi from a watusi might interest you, but don't shit up the catalog.
I missed this the first time, are you still basing your understanding on the OutOfAfrica theory?

very jewish even if politically incorrect. The article's main argument in the beginning looks (I skimmed after a while) like it's based on prestigious places having blacks in promotional material and other anecdotes. I'm not seeing anything in it that looks like testing intelligence of tribes or nations in africa as opposed to testing immigrants or descendants of. Do they think regression to mean happens all at once?

And academic acheivement is hardly related to IQ when this is part of it
just go look at the subjects that gcses consist of

OP is black and is desperately seeking anything he can cling to in order to separate himself from the niggers he's been lumped in with.

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This is just a general map, don't take it too seriously.

Essentially there are 6 major ethnic groups in Africa. 2 of them are foreign. These two are the Afro-Asian, who are just Arabs and Turks who immigrated and conquered Africa, and Austronesian, who originated from Malaysia and colonised Madagascar because Africa didn't develop sea travel to do it themselves.

And now for the actually African tribes:

Then you got the Nilo-Saharan people, who are the original settlers of Sudan and the Sahel. Semi-decent, for an African tribe. Keeps to themselves and have fairly low populations, can be ignored.

After this you got the Bantu, who are further split into 2 ethnic groups in West and Central Africa, but are pretty much the same. This is the group that Blacks in the Americas belong to. This is what most of Holla Forums considers as African, and are by far the majority of Africans. Nothing more to be said here.

And lastly you have the Khoisan. These people are probably the best African tribe there is, and could serve as useful allies. There populations are pretty low, and they don't threaten whites. They even worked with us in the colonisation of South Africa. Definitely not Honorary Aryans, but they are decent people and don't deserve to be lumped in with the Bantu.

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pitty Holla Forums doesn't like to talk about genetics

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