Welp, it was nice knowing you all

Welp, it was nice knowing you all.

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This is fine.

Everything's fine.

Growth for the sake of growth at all costs, even life itself.

we're literally gonna have a mad max style water crisis arnt we?

typical ivory tower leftist

ever considered that the working class doesn't give a fuck about global warming?

Yep. Water wars are the future.

Yeah only rich liberals continue about the continuation of civilization.




the working class has always had a history of environmentalism

it's bourgy and bourgy pawns who try to justify rampant abuses of the earth because of their (your) bottom line


try reading bookchin, user without a name


Unless this is satire (please don't be this stupid), we have already long observed and concluded that the working class today by and large does not even acknowledge its own condition of existence as exploited of its labor, let alone its material interests. This means that avoiding ecological catastrophy and other consequences of capitalism – an economic system built on production primarily for exchange and growth for the sake of it – that directly threaten their very livelihoods regardless of whether they are classcucked or not must happen.

Civilization is slavery.

Zerzan pls

ahhh i see global see ice keeps recovering

fucking global warming alarmists are idiots

we've failed

The global warming religion is a little too apocalyptic even for me, and I'm a baptist for crying out loud.

When everything turns out just fine, will you drop your dogma? Because according to your prophets from 50 years ago, we're supposed to already be sun baked skeletons.

Why should anyone believe what someone who can't even sage properly says

If you're being serious, and actually think this is a recovery, kill yourself

Nice trips retard. Global warming isn't a myth, and if you cared to read any literature besides a 2000 year old sandscript you'd know that

Tell me user, did they do the same to their planet? Is our suffering the farce of the universe?


Only one who could have saved us was Posadas

why live

Where is Greenie user?

Howl long until death?

For the record, how is this affecting arctic/antarctic life? I know polar bears are fucked, but will this make the winter easier on the penguins? I've been watching too many nature documentaries lately, if your wondering why I ask

Yeah they're all fucked sorry


If you don't know what the answer is don't give one.

If people get their shit together maybe…

Also, hi greenie!


Can you please provide a citation for this? And I mean a citation from a peer-reviewed journal.


Donald Trump doesn't publically believe in global warming because he knows it's too late to stop it. That's why he's relying on space travel and exploration.

Donald Trump making to the International Space Station might be a worse plot twist for reality than fuckin Hellraiser in Space

Hmm. Let's see.


Notice (04/21/2016): On 04/05/2016 a change in the solar panel position to shade the nitrogen tank on board the Defense Meteorological Satellite Program (DMSP) F-17 satellite was made. In doing so, the integrity of the vertically polarized 37 GHz channel (37V) of the Special Sensor Microwave Imager and Sounder (SSMIS) was compromised. This is a primary channel used in the NISE processing. On 04/13/16 an additional change in the solar panel position was made. This change had improved the problems we were seeing in the 37V GHz channel for data from April 13 to April 19; however, on April 20, the 37V GHz channel started to produce bad data again. Thus, data from April 20 onward should not be used until further notice.

Bullshit. He's a capitalist and understands that acknowledging the environment gets in the way of business. It's been known for decades that pollution will lead to us all getting fucked, but these guys don't even consider their children when it comes to profit. How many layers of ideology are you on?
Oh yeah and fuck Elon Musk too while we're at it, I'd rather see hellfire on Earth than see capitalism expand into space.

Do you know why socialism has always fallen in history and capitalism succeeded? Because it works.

But Capitalism isn't succeeding. It's fucking dying.

I hate to break it to you, but that's the fact. Capitalism, is dying. There's no argument to be made whether it was right or true, or what would that entail.

It is dying.

Despite what you were also led to believe, history has not yet ended, and there is no reason to suggest Capitalism goes on forever giving us Ice Cream.

How one signifies whether something won or lost is a hold over from idiotic Cold War posturing

Socialism can only emerge after the failure of capitalism. Seeing as how capitalism is failing hard right now, it shouldn't be long until socialism starts. In some places it's already happening. Automated management is making it happen.

Godd thing climate change means retards like you will stop existing

It's not so much dying as it's fragile as fuck. It's only defense is ideology, but then it ends up being just words. Shit is fucked. People want something else, and co-op's are so far providing them.

Bologna. Capitalism is able to contort and respond to change and dissent unlike any other system. However, this is only in so far as the system may occupy the conscious of those it dominates, which will become more difficult as shit gets worse.
Ideology is more than just words, it's a colonization of the lifeworld. Capitalism will only be eradicated from the people's minds as it becomes more blatantly obvious that it cannot serve their basic interests.

On that note, I just want to say how fucking sad it is that it needs to get more obvious. We can't liberate the people from ideology, they'll only realize their true interests when it's too late and the world is beyond fucked (implying it's not already). Wish I could kill myself, but I feel like I'm obligated to ride this out and watch humanity and life as we know it crash and burn.

Really, the idea that everything was going to be rainbows promised by Hollywood until the end of time delivered to you safely by the defenders of freedom in Capitalism

Were the beginning of the unusual seeds for Capitalism's fall

I mean historically speaking the Cold War has barely been fucking over, and yet you're already seeing the tears that caused its existence to come back into the fabric of things

Except now millions of people have no alternative or any other ideology to hold onto to keep Capitalism alive, no nukes to defend its existence.

Just its postmodern existence

It's absolutely insane to think we're having this discussion right now on literally the end of the world as we know it. We may have come close in the past, and I won't deny the intensity of fear back then, but I still have a hard time accepting that now it's pretty much inevitable life will end on Earth and nobody seems to notice.
Idk man, its late and I'm rambling. Life is too important for me to spend my time drugging up and hiding from the fact it's dying. I want to do something but there are no outlets readily available to act here, and I don't see myself succeeding in approaching people randomly and offering them "the good word of the lord, karl marx." But that's what I have to do I guess, if not to remedy the situation at all than at least so I don't go down alone.

Fuck fuck fuck

All the people you hate and who brought this on themselves will be just as dead as you one day at least.

Life will not end, and probably neither will humans, but civilization as you know it may. It will definitely result in war an death.

Hey, it's the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine

I'm ready. Just give us one good, big volcanic eruption to solidify our complete global meltdown.

A volcanic eruption with enough debris in the atmosphere might actually give us a bit of a break from warming.

If the working class jumped off a bridge, would you do it too?

It doesn't matter if you have convinced people that white pride and anti homosexuality is more important than the environment, just as if you had convinced people that ghosts from inside telephones were more important than eating. Stupid commie! The working class cares about telephone ghosts, not food!

Only domed cities, geoengineering and robotification might make that possible. Unless we somehow survive a 10 degree rise and then another ice age after it. Fun times.

Volcanic eruption followed by magnitude 10 earthquakes around the globe and a giant meteor impact in the pacific ocean.

humanity is fucked. we're going back several ages, and it's not going to be pretty. You will all get the chance for revolution you desire, but you'll be fighting over the dregs.

life will be fine - in fact, life will be thriving. humanity will take several billion in population reduction back from the collective famines, population centers + fertile areas flooding, desertification, antibiotic resistant strains thriving in the increased temperature, water resources, the slow death of the resource extraction economy making most of our modern lives (and modern medical practices) unviable,

people will die, and in your backyard. but life will be fine. fragile species will die off, earth will take a reduction in certain terrestrial niches, certainly, but with the human carrying capacity of earth permanently reduced by our pointless hedonism life will fill in the gaps where it left off. it will adapt, quicker than you think, to the warmer average temperature and higher % of c02 in the atmosphere and usurp us as it so often did with pre industrial man. the poles melting will allow an entire continent to be colonized, first by plants and then by animals. it is mass production and economies of scale that truly allowed man to trigger an extinction event, and without these elements mankind's ability to contort nature in such dramatic and horrifying ways will be atrophied significantly.

the data's all out there if you want to find it. nothing about this system was designed with sustainability in mind and it will all burn. the christians will call it the end times, but it'll only be the beginning for a bleak and miserable existence in the deindustrialized world we forced upon ourselves out of our own short-sightedness

global communication/trade breaking down will mean the end of political expression worldwide. this will ultimately lead to the death of the city culture, the bourgeoisie, and eventually, the proletariat. human society will revert back to being simply various elaborations of the ruled and the ruling. slaves, and their slave masters fighting each other over whatever tattered scraps they can salvage from this halcyon summation of everything great and horrific about man.

…or maybe it'll bring about the re-emergence of organic communities with a shared sense of purpose, instead of atomised, alienated individuals hiding from each other in suburban fortresses and rat-warren cities


enjoy your plague, and pre-industrial sanitation. and dying. much dying.

I guess this means it's time to dump all my savings into guns, ammunition, and canned food


This will not happen in your lifetime. You will only live with lower standards of living. The real nightmare starts about 100 years from now.

It's already happening

Maybe 20 to 50 if you want to be conservative. We might end up with allot of automation and possibly notification, and maybe geoengineering to mitigate the damage/weather the following ice age, but shit's risky TBH.

Some a bit like the Time Machine, although it's a fairly sub par movie. Also kind of reminds me a bit about 1900. Has anyone seen it?

This depends if we actually survive. hell, there might also be a subset of humans that do the robot thing and life literally becomes like a sci-fi movie. Or just extinction.

lolwat, niggawat

Doom bump.

I beg to fucking differ.

just build more dykes lol

If I had my own place I would probably future proof it with solar, water purification, a garden etc.

But I can't afford to buy anywhere so I guess I'll just die heh :^)

Just a negative externality.

It's almost as if those people could just move somewhere less disaster prone

That's going great for the Syrian refugees. I'm sure all the Global Warming refugees won't face any problems either!

The Syrian refugees need not move into lands incompatible with their form of life. They could easily move to Saudi Arabia, Egypt, or the multitude of Sharia countries. Yet, they choose white countries, and then tell us how to behave. Really makes you think.

Are you legitimately twelve. What does it make you think, I'm curious

It's almost as though they're not coming here because they need to, but rather simply to achieve demographic conquest…

It's almost like they're coming to the countries with the highest standards of living, and are being welcomed because they provide cheap labour for welfare states with low birth rates.

This is really stupid

And just who do you think benefits? Who do you think is creating the conditions and policies so that these "refugees" are able to invade our fatherland? It's not whitey, because "porky" whites are going to suffer the same fate as every other white man when Shariah is imposed.

Do you think all things that benefit someone have motive or conspiracy behind them

Just who do you think benefits from posting dumb arguments.

Really nobody, I don't want you to post.

In this case, it actually does.

"The white man must engage in sexual congress with the black woman, the white woman with the black man. Our most hated enemy shall soon disappear, and the Jewish people shall witness 1000 years of plenty as we rule over the lesser races"

-Rabbi Rabinovich, leading authority in Talmudism

No, in no case is there a conspiracy to keep your virginity and give it to Abdul. You just suck at life.

Oh shit it must be a conspiracy

You should listen to what the rest of the world says about America and suburban whites.

It's not pretty.

Start with a thread about a material topic relating to climate change

End with a hysterical underage kid being worried about becoming a cuckold

Go on…



fuck the commodification of animals

Since temperature and see levels are increasing, why not going squatting the mountains?

The human-led extinction event did not begin with the industrial era, it began the day that Homo sapiens first left africa. It is well-established that the death of the global megafauna followed closely the expansion of humans across the globe (except for African megafauna which evolved alongside us, but that no longer helped them in the industrial age). In addition, the disappearance of all our siblings in the homo genus that we came into contact with is pretty damning, such as the Neanderthals and the Denisovans.

Good luck moving 7 million people and housing them, faggot.

Works in ruining the fucking planet

If regression to medieval life for less than a million surviving humans is inevitable, then why advocate communism anymore?

gulagposting this hard

Cuz it';s fun to overthrow a feudal power.

That's if we even survive as a species…

Gretchen, stop trying to make your forced meme happen. It's not going to happen!


It's a mean girls meme.

Watch mean girls you plebeian swine



Literally who implied Feudalism is making a come back

It's not. Feudalism is too specific and too infuriating to survive in the future.

Good; all the coastal urbanites will die.

Mad Max shit gonna go down in our lifetime

I wonder if that's why it's been so warm so far this fall/winter. It's November 21st and we usually have feet of snow by now where I live in Canada.

Man, cuck is such a boring insult, Holla Forums
Get a better one
I swear, you are like developmentally disabled children during daycare hours

TMZ here, you guys just got

It's mild as fuck where I am right now. Reminds me of the winter of 09/10 where it didn't even snow until sometime in December. We're supposed to get snow tonight, but we'll see.

Have you ever been in a relationship?

Did you see their guide on 'taming a woman'? They think training their mother to fetch tendies is comparable to a relationship.

Look, Holla Forums, it's okay to have fetishes, but you have to stop trying to force them on everybody. Very few people would go to the lengths you do to store every terabyte of infidelitous porn they can find.

i was missing the snow and ice but this might end up being too much even for me

Why is it that bulls are always niggers in Holla Forums cuckolding fantasies? Implicit admission that whites are not the masterrace?

No. I'm asking if you've ever been in a relationship.

With as loose as the term cuckold you use, I think I can safely call you an incel cuckold for never being in a relationship.

Funny and original meme, as always, Holla Forums! It's how you tell 'em.

lelel talk about hurt feelings

i have no idea what this thread devolved into

but it looks like some Holla Forumsack is fantasizing about black dicks again

why are they constantly bringing it up?
it's a thread about fucking climate change and you guys can't fucking contain yourself

please, Holla Forums, just go here
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I'm liking that some people are waking up to the fact that climate change has not only fucked us, but that it's time to think of a way to survive it.


Fixed it.

That's me arguing against the deniers in that thread. If you want to come and lend me a hand that'd be great.

I swear, Holla Forums needs to put together a bunch of infopics about global climate change because this is such an easy issue to argue on. These people are even easier targets than creationists and anti-gun fags, so there's really no reason why we aren't jumping on every one of their shitty arguments. With concerted effort we could definitely swing the prevailing opinion on 8ch on this issue. It helps that this is a scientific issue which affects everyone and thus should cut across political lines.

You got any of those article that talk about the US government preparing for anti-state mentalities that arise from the side affect of climate change?

Wait, what? I haven't heard of this

There was a climate doom thread with a dude who had an article or two about how the NSA is collecting data on people who are becoming angry at the government for climate change and such. I forget what it was exactly.

And still no snow. Expensive food here we come…

Absolute fail of a trips post

Any luck?

Everybody. It has started.


oh shit. when does the flooding start?

will be more than that

Bangladesh will be entirely underwater in the future. Coastal China and entire islands in SE Asia

Humanity is fucked

I don't want to sound like climate change didn't have any effect on this but keep in mind 2016 is experiencing a very strong El Niño… this could easily explain a lot of the high temperatures we're seeing in the North Pole and the loss of sea ice.

Climate change wouldn't cause this much of a move from the mean temperature in the span of one year…. the only thing that can explain it is the ocean currents. So either ocean currents are being disrupted or we're experience a strong El Niño.

I'm going to take the non-alarmist position.

Have you seen the later graph?

Also, to really find out this isn't going to be a continuing trend, then we will find out next year around the same time. Also, I've heard the El Nino is actually over and that's why its warming up more?

Could you provide a link to where you found this graph please?

I don't know why people care about flooding that much, it will take a long time for sea rise to affect most coastal areas even. What's a much bigger concern is the acidification of the ocean and extinction of species in general, with bees being a very important one that's in danger.
Here's a good video that outlines how fucked we may be.

I pretty much agree with this. But only one minor thing I object to. wtf is wrong with your spacing? I've seen anons rage at "reddit spacing" before, but it's mostly been sensible separation to make a post more legible. No reason your post couldn't have been a full paragraph.

Don't worry the sea level rising is just going to form another C02 feedback loop where lots of the industry producing it is shut down.

The remedying at the end, is that a form of geoengineering?

Also found this TED talk about it, that even delves into class a bit, is it nonsense?

Can you elaborate?

If there ever will be a way to solve this crisis, it will be through geoengineering. Man put nature into this state and man will have to drag nature out of it again.

Prepare for planes dumping sulfur in the atmosphere in your lifetime.

I'm an environmentalist, but if anyone believes this garbage, read through the climategate emails. Not the news analysis, but search for sneaky keywords in the actual emails.

My thoughts exactly. The real question then is, will we be able to make it happen?

Assuming you ever qualified for a calculus course, if you went in there on day one and the prof used the common turn of phrase that "calculus is a 'trick' for dividing by zero," would you sputter autistic horseshit about how all of calculus is a scam? Because that's the level of critique that the "climategate" emails operate on.


Went to the top engineering school in my country. If you look at the climategate emails, they try to hide from other colleagues how they are manipulating data because they don't think it can hold up and others wouldn't approve, while talking about how they do a snow job on the unitiated.

Never claimed it was a conspiracy, and how does alex jones ranting make a difference?

get on with it

No they didn't, they used phrases like "trick" to describe common, mundane and completely acceptable methods of analysis, and utter tards like Alex Jones thought this was some kind of "smoking gun." That's it.

If someone wants to insinuate because they don't have an argument, I have no problem measuring my dick.

Alex Jones still isn't relevant. He is disinfo and always has been. Chemtrails. He reported on the same shit the rest of the media did, because almost no one dug into it. But the emails are still readable and searchable. And you can look at that, and compare the data available now to other times, and the manipulation is clear. They plainly said they did it. They changed data and interpretations to fit their desired goal, over and over. That is not science. I had a parent who worked for the government. I was taught how to do this from an early age. It's easy to pick out if you have half a brain.

Alex Jones still isn't relevant. He is disinfo and always has been. Chemtrails. He reported on the same shit the rest of the media did, because almost no one dug into it. But the emails are still readable and searchable. And you can look at that, and compare the data available now to other times, and the manipulation is clear. They plainly said they did it. They changed data and interpretations to fit their desired goal, over and over. That is not science. I had a parent who worked for the government. I was taught how to do this from an early age. It's easy to pick out if you have half a brain.

"Easy to pick out", implies that it's sometthing that has to be inferred. Or rather, something you in particular are inferring because of how illuminated you are. Can you pick out a specific instance in the email where they are manipulating data, admit this and then went on to publish the data without mentioning how it was manipulated it/ or how they have their own doubts about the data in academic journals?

To be clear, you're making extraordinary claims. And extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. I'm not going to dig through 100's of emails if you can't even pick out a specific example in the email where they admitted they were falsifying data and then went on to publish this data.

They did not. You can't even cite examples of this happening, because it didn't; they used common and innocuous turns of phrase like "trick" to describe particular statistical methods they were using, statistical methods which are in no way deceptive or beyond acceptable conduct for this kind of work, and laypersons and other professional retards who cater to rightwing lumpens took this as evidence of a "deception" where none happened.

Tell me friend, why do 97% of all peer-reviewed climate papers point towards humanity having a hand in climate change?

an environmentalist =/= environmental scientist. you might want to consider this more carefully next time, friend


Okay, I'm legitimately triggered.

Not to mention how utterly intellectually bankrupt "free market environmentalism" is, especially the Austrian variety.

For the good of humanity, someone seriously needs to murder the Koch brothers.

🍀🍀🍀Why do you think?🍀🍀🍀

It has been 2 years and not on this computer. I don't have it at my fingertips anymore. I spend quite a bit of time on it, and frankly it's a boring slog. Give me a while and I will come back with details.

Actually, they did exactly that, I have one example in mind that I need to look up. They DID show how it was manipulated, but never proved their reasoning behind it and had leaked conversations discussing their doubts, and how they dismissed those doubts when talking to laypeople. And these people are still highly-respected(sic) members in their fields, which would make me throw out anyone who cites them or the same data, which is a huge chunk of climate 'science.'

As an example, the very first inquiry found they did nothing wrong, except that board was made up of politicians reviewing reports, and the only one who dissented was also the only one with a scientific background.

I'd like to point out once again, I don't think this is a conspiracy except that these people have everything to gain by continuing what they are doing. There is huge amounts of money in this. They know where their bread is buttered.

I understand. It isn't just hundreds of emails, it's a huge amount to go through. I wish I had made notes on my search terms.

And honestly, I don't want to all these years later. But I guess I need to make some infographics

It doesn't happen in a moment, and I wasn't talking about the MSM or even Jones' "trick" you piece of shit

That is not what the vaunted 97% is based off of, and I'm not going to hold your hand if you're that gullible.

Environmental scientists go along with the money. They have destroyed the place where I lived with 'green' energy justified by this nonsense.

My environmentalism has nothing to do with that. Ancaps in that regard are a mix of hillbillies and people who think everything should be like a city.

There are other people who come first, but I agree. But it would be in self-defense, of course.

not me btw

but I do agree about da jooz

Stop using my flag, disinfo faggot.

I'm back to my roots now

I know what you feel, man. I might shed some light on the whole reason American rural people get so ticked about the EPA and think climate change isn't real.
It pretty much goes to enforcement. Most of the small rural people have had to deal with EPA regulations cracking down on them, while driving by places they see large corporations whom have been accused of doing awful shit to the environment with no real punishment. In the area I lived in we had emissions test that were both expensive and annoying, that commercial vehicles were exempt from. So your tried and true old truck was being punished for just being a truck, but the big box truck spewing out black shit was not. They hear of places like deer run where mercury was dumped and nothing happened to the company who did the shit, while they have to pay money out of pocket and maybe loose the tools they depend on to live. That sweet spot of getting to be a larger family farm was a bad place to be as you had more regulations to cope with on the farms, while large corporate farms were seen as doing the shit your getting fined for and not getting so much as a slap on the wrist. Now the thing is, these people have a weird trust on some things… they basically assume that if these large corporations are doing it and no hell is being raised then its really not that bad, and they feel that really the regulation on them is just to extort fines. Because in their mind if this shit was really awful then they wouldn't let them get away with it because you don't let people shit where you eat. So you hear all this stuff about the world ending due to climate change and see the big guys still getting away with it while your under the yoke of fines and BS and so you think that its nothing more than propaganda to re-enforce the want of the gov to keep getting fines and being invasive to your land.
Not saying its right or whatever, but thats the view and not many people will talk about it because when met with someone who says its real and they say otherwise they usually get insulted and degraded rather than having a discussion. This only feeds the martyr complex they already have.

TL;DR, blame porky for the never-ending feedback loop of why climate change denial is widespread.

I think I know what you're referring to, it was addressed in the video I posted and the author talked about his doubts in his paper. No, this has not happen.

Free market environmentalism is the belief that through property rights, the environment will best be preserved best. "Tragedy of the Commons" sort of thing.

I'll be fair, most people just assume it's lies based on experience with the liars. I know I have seen nothing to make me think it isn't just a massive welfare program from the government to their pockets, their buddies, and a few large corporations. It's billions just in my area.

In the ranty yelling video you linked to 3/4 of the way into? If it was there, point it out. I don't listen to those kind of fuckwads.

I never mentioned free market environmentalism.

He's not yelling, and the guy who made the video is a former science correspondent. Anyway, you have yet to provide any examples of how you are in anyway justified in believing that climate change is a hoax - I think it's safe to say you were BTFO.

Then you aren't an ancap.

What part of I have to go back and dig for this do you not get? This shit is slow if you aren't relying on other peoples research.

Your video jumps immediately to crazy people. What do you expect? He argues against the same emails that were in all the papers. Which is not my point. You can search through those emails for things other than the most obvious word in the world. I never even bothered with 'trick.'

I trust reporters!

Environmental issues are only one component of property, and how the environment is preserved best is incidental unless that is the absolute most important thing to you (at which point just start nuking cities). Perhaps I should say that my environmentalism will be served tangentially through genociding the NAP violaters in self-defense :)

I really do think people who deny climate change or its significance were home schooled and never made it into higher education.

I really do think all anfem posters are COINTELPRO agents

to whom? hipsters?

I really do think that you think Feminism is cointelpro

Either it's science or not. It's importance is a separate issue, femshit

I think you're a bunch of worthless kikes and useful idiots

It is.

The climate of planet Earth is of little importance, industry is better. Do not listen to the lies of universities, breathe deep in the smog of freedom, that's your children's deaths your smelling there.

Really? So you think we're from the same tree branch?

It's definitely separate, because I can't wait for an ice age to help wipe out worthless hominid animals and make you stupid cunts quit smearing shit and blood on things and calling yourselves free

You talked about us believing smearing blood and shit on things is freedom

Yet you made this post to defend your idea of freedom by smearing blood and shit on it



Do you think licking toilets is feminism?

Because going by most of your breath, I'm in welcome company.

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Victory for women everywhere!

See? No one cares. Work on something besides gradeschool one-liners and try again tomorrow.


We've been through this before as a planet


Where did you guys think all that oil came from?

You're the one surrounded by grade school students, Holla Forums.

i don't think they choose it, more like they don't let them in.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure Shia, Alawite, Druze and Christian Syrians are going to be accepted with open arms in the land of wahabbist fuckers.


You know that Jordan, Turkey etc. got order of magnitude larger refugees than Europe, right? Doesn't mean that they are such humanitarian countries (Turkey accepted refugees only for political bargaining chips) but still, your narrative is wrong.


Is that your only gimmick?

It's also talking about what you refuse to research

It's a pointing out hypocrisy and telling you how the world works instead of the simplified abstractions of complex events you buy into kind of gimmick


I actually do know Holla Forums is full of more minors for a fact. I don't even know why you're arguing that this is my "shtick", when Holla Forums accuses others of what they exactly are.

If you watch closely, it's not the first time. But it is the highest it's got.

Capitalism is literally cancer. It's unregulated growth at the expense of all else in an organic system. Single organisms can get cancer. So can groups apparently. It was already too late capitalism has metastasized (gone global). We've been in stage four for decades now. Cancer is a product of entropy. An organism that doesn't die of something else first will end up with cancer. In a way, it's probably a good thing this happened before we became a space-faring civilization.



You know the dinosaurs died out right?

Not to mention, historical temperature changes except those from catastrophic events like asteroids happen very slowly, not in hundreds of years.

I thought that's what you meant with

Isn't it?

Time to get my friends together and build an anarchist compund in northern Maine.

notice the key to the left of enter?

You are being a vague little douche.


The planet is most certainly fucked. Most of the CO2 -> O2 transformation happens in the ocean and the ocean is going to be totally inhospitable to those species.

You're being a stupid bitch. It's not my fault you are fresh from tumblr.

I know you are but what am I

clearly a lie made by China to undermine the American economy

And such, that would fuck us pretty much.

see, now you figured out my point

lol it shows in dec
ice going back to january levels

muh global warming

fuck just do it to protect the nature you fucking dolts, don`t invent moronic conspiracy theories

I doesn't matter if it isn't true, it mobilises people and helps educate them.

How is global warming a conspiracy theory

at this point it's undeniable and a conspiracy of such scale would be preposterously large and benefit nobody in particular, especially the market. Nobody in control would want it, in fact they've been dragging their feet the whole way to except it's occurring because $$$

Stop being an idiot. You're the one inventing conspiracy theories.

Renewable Energy Certificates thats how

That's it

That's the evidence of a global conspiracy

David Aurini you're getting lazy. You didn't even reply correctly

what the fuck are you on about

i want to protect the nature but i won`t base it on pseudoscience

Reply to my posts correctly Cleetus

i don't want to die virgin.
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can't rape the willing.
are you grill btw ?

Holy crap…you're right. The people that benefit from a conspiracy would be the countries below or near sea level, such as those living in 🍀🍀🍀the Eire🍀🍀🍀.

Global Warming is a hoax perpetuated by jewish peer review. I can see now, thank you from freeing me from the NOAA

sauce on this image?


jewish money perhaps?

have you ever been to a university

Do you think the NOAA is a hoax

We just have all these instruments and they actually are hoax instruments in orbit and in the ocean and they don't do anything


no, just corrupted by money

Just like climate change deniers. Except more so with climate change deniers.

Take that flag off, Ancap.


I usually hate anfem poster but I love her when she shits on Holla Forumsyps.

We'll look more like Venus, which is actually a product of global warming.

Most of them aren't logically consistent, and that's consistent with you claiming academic data is forged. Climatologists are in fact, not Reptilians.

Leaving the full playlist here, from last thread. Can't we just make a tidy lab experiment demonstrating the heat trapping abilities of CO2 and put that shit in highschools? Scientists fucking suck at PR.


It's pretty neat tbh.
Thinking the underfunded governments of NeoLiberalism can protect wildlife when they can't protect their own populace is delusional and destructive.
I see no problem in privatizing forests to keep poachers out, it's better than counting on retarded NGOs

As an aside, the Dalai Lama talked about this in an interview. He found it ironic that people would work more towards ending the suffering of animals than working towards ending the suffering of human beings. Just a thought.

I don't understand the rights opposition to it, especially Holla Forumstards. Like they don't like muslim immigration but a lot of it is the result from climate change. If the earth heats up and deserts continue to dramatically expand (which they've been doing for centuries) muslims aren't just going to curl up and die, they're going to look for better places to move to aka europe and the US. Climate change also puts energy in the hands of the people (some are already off the powergrid via solar panels) and out of "da joo" corporations. You'd think the right wing would be all over this shit.

It's usually 'muh taxes' when in reality you don't even have to raise them with a carbon one. In fact you could lower taxes elsewhere if you hat it.

Well the major problem is global warming will basically take away penguins main food source of antarctic Kril. Along with extreme heat events just getting rid of food in general for them. Global warming actually intensifies and makes blizzards last longer, this lead to the death of an emperor penguin colony.

Also due to rising sea levels a lot of sub-antarctic penguins will lose all their nesting sites.

you realize it isnt even december yet right
do you know how this shit even works?


It basically late fall weather here still and all the snow it gone were all going to die slow boring deaths REEEEE

Capitalism has been too successful. It's the incredible efficiency of it which has led to over-production (a problem that communist states could only have dreamt of) which has led to mass emissions of greenhouses gasses.


feels good

Good luck comrade, I will try to do the same in my country. I don't want to be in cities when shit hits the fan. Do you know how to grow your own food?

This wouldn't happen in anarcho-capitalism!

One day, but not today, friend.


I want to see you shitpost on Sarqon's feed more before you do fam.


Wtf is this graph from. It's completely wrong. Sea ice is pretty bad right now but nearly as bad as your graph suggests.

Not trying to insult anybody but there seems to be a lot of illiteracy on this topic itt. I'm a huge weather nerd so ask me anything I guess.

How long before food lines?