The STD Blackpill

CDC: 110 Million STD Cases

The incidence of chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis is increasing, according to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. At any given time in the United States, there are an estimated 110 million sexually transmitted infections requiring treatment.

Chlamydia is the most common S.T.D., and the number of cases rose 4.7 percent from 2015 to 2016. The increases occurred nationwide; rates were highest in the South and lowest in the Northeast.

Chlamydia is usually asymptomatic, and the number of reported cases may have grown in part because of newer, more sensitive screening techniques.

Adolescents and young adult women have the highest rates of chlamydia: one survey found that 9.2 percent of girls aged 15 to 19 were infected, as were 8.0 percent of women aged 20 to 24.

Rates declined 3.5 percent among African-Americans and 6.4 percent among Native Americans and Alaska Natives, but chlamydia still is most common in these groups. Rates rose among all other races and ethnicities.
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From 2015 to 2016, gonorrhea infections increased 22.2 percent among men and 13.8 percent among women, the C.D.C. reported. Almost 92 percent of cases are in people 15 to 44 years old.

The only recommended treatment is to take two antibiotics simultaneously, ceftriaxone and azithromycin. Resistance to azithromycin is becoming more common, however, and there is some evidence of growing resistance to ceftriaxone, as well.

“Several drug trials are going on now that we hope will provide new treatments for gonorrhea,” said Dr. Gail Bolan, the director of sexually transmitted disease prevention at the C.D.C.

“But these treatment trials take years, and we don’t know if these new drugs will be safe and effective.”

The rate of primary and secondary syphilis in 2016 is the highest it has been since 1993, and it increased among both men and women from 2015 to 2016. Men account for almost 90 percent of cases, and most are among men who have sex with men.

Rates of syphilis increased in every age group and all races, and they were highest among people in their twenties. The number of babies born infected with syphilis increased to 628 cases in 2016, from 492 in 2015 — each case, in Dr. Bolan’s words, “a needless tragedy.”

”The enormity of the S.T.D. epidemic requires everyone play a role in reversing these trends,” Dr. Bolan said.

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What's the STD that makes you feel joy because it's eating your brain? I'd like to catch that one when I'm 60.

Communism I believe.

Feminism, not even once.

Looking into this more closely, you'll find that the highest increases in infections are overwhelmingly between faggots. Leftism made more "bisexuals" during the King Nigger years, and now it's bearing fruit. Let us not forget the deviant fuckup trannies, who, like any average faggot, will fuck anything, and "straight" women will oblige with them, bringing fag diseases to straight men. Leftist women can now be regarded as disease vectors and categorized as the same biological weapon faggots have been since the 80s. The opiate epidemic also plays a role.

Chastity has never been more important, especially when 1/3 of fucking people in the US now have an STD. Pure filth.

Syphilis… also

The "altered behavior" part is what you're thinking of, because you're thinking of that episode of house where the old lady caught that shit in her 20s or something and it just laid dormant then hit her brain and she was fedora levels of euphoric (also unrelentingly horny)

Thing is, thats tv drama bullshit. As you can see from the description, its causing brain damage, and just because once in a blue moon that damage may cause you to experience pleasure, doesnt mean its the norm. I mean, I'm sure there are some dementia or alzheimers patients who feel happy or only keep the good memories and feel great for a long time.. vast majority though suffer, become angry, paranoid, simply lose their memories equally and forget who they even are, and so on. Either way, NONE of those thigns are things you actually WANT to have.

So yeah, there you go, also is probably right as well. I mean, considering how many american commies are the "free love, fuck everyone, no protection" types who have every kind of degenerate sex you can imagine, a lot of them probably contract syphilis which probably leads to neurosyph a fair bit of the time since they probably never get treatment either. So yeah, communism'll do it to you as well (by proxy)

Syphilis turns you completely insane, so maybe that?

Is the "Syphilis ended the Renaissance" theory still accepted in historian circles? This story reminds me of that theory and book.

Pick one.

See also:

I'd have posted it, but apparently torfags can't post images anymore.

The shitted craze will soon be over when white garbage brainwashed by hollyqueer end up with STD's from burning coal.

Ha, you really thinking asking politely is going to get these dull fucking animals to wrap it up.

Why do you have zeroes on you ID?

ID:Heaven is shitting up this place now too

Not an issue for me, as there isn't a white woman within 50 miles of me that I'd have sex with.

The fuck? I made this thread… 10-12hrs ago and it was deleted. OP must be sucking Jew mod dick.

I recently went to a doctor for the first time in a decade and of course they ordered lab work. Just the regular check up, liver function, some vitamin levels, OH also HIV test. I explained that is not necessary, they said that due to "guidelines", HIV test is "no longer optional". I assume this happened around the same time that doctors started asking if you have firearms in your household.

I can't wait for antibiotic resistant strains of STDs to come and wipe normies off the face of the planet. THEY NEED TO FUCKING GO.

This. It'll be a good day when getting a STD is essentially a death sentence. I just hope it kills them quickly so we don't have to look after them.

This is why I get scared when my dick touches the toliet seat.

I blame Anonymous ## Mod.

Agreed. Let the degenerates all fucking die.

Actually this makes me wonder if this sort of thing hasn't happened at different points throughout humanities history. Promiscuity and such become rampant, STDs/STIs spread like wildfire, and those people are culled from society, leaving only those who stuck to a single mate alive, thus the next generation is made up of non-whores raised by non-whore parents. But every so often this sorta behavior creeps up, STDs spread, and cull it out of the population.

Maybe we just stalled it out for awhile with advanced medicine, but you can't beat it back forever, and now the death toll will be far far greater than ever before. Leaving only those who refused to engage in random sex, or sex with apes, or IV drug use, or w/e else, as the only viable people left alive. AND leaving a very clear/detailed record for history about what happened and why, thus preventing future societies from ending up in this same boat.

Either way, this is truly the most effective cure for "thot"s, the one and only "thot-b-gone" you'll ever need, drug immune STDs culling them from the face of the earth

You're a braver man than I, user.

Reminder that the standard STD test doesn't even test for the clap.

(see, this is why I'm profap, nosex)

You just realizing this now? There's a reason our 'traditional' family values were 'traditional' - they survived natural selection because they worked.

Generally speaking the specifics don't survive, only the ancient wisdom. Usually this takes the form of a religion or so on. Keep in mind the degenerates have a vested interest in actively destroying the hard evidence, no matter how hard people try to preserve it. The next time society goes off the cliff the lessons we learn here will be scrubbed by the leftists of the future.

Unless we usher in a thousand year Reich and break the cycle, of course.

Degenerates get what they deserve.

Also I wanna point out one other thing

So lets say you're an average guy with an average income. Lets say you're a 7/10 on looks (the way women judge), not the "hot" guy but you're good looking over all. You're also not rich, but lets say you have a pre-tax income of around $31k/yr ($15/hr x 40hr/wk x 52wks) and are in your early 20s, thats not a bad place to be at at that age by any stretch of the imagination (basically, you aren't getting women for your looks or your money, YOU have to win them on personality.. good luck btw). Finally lets also say theres an equal distribution of women at all level ranges (ie: a 1/10, 2/10, etc) so each number contains 10% of the female population.

Off the bat you can forget getting any woman thats a 7/10 or above, realistically more like a 5 and above because they all want "chad" even if only for one night (and you also dont have the riches to essentially buy them), and so they arent going to settle for your 7/10 ass, but lets just say you are forced to date down one level or more to be conservative. Lets also say YOU have some standards and arent going to date the whales or man-faces of the world and so on, so lets remove anyone a 3 or below from your dating pool.

This means, before anything else is factored in, thats 70% of the female population that might as well not exist for you. But the fun doesnt stop there. Lets also assume that an equal distribution of women go to college at all levels of the looks scale, and lets be conseravtive and say half of all college women are whores you wouldnt want anyway. According to pewresearch, in 2012 around 70% of recent HS graduate females went to college immediately after graduating. So, 70% of the 30% you had left? Yeah thats out as well. So thats 21% out of it as well. This leaves you with about 9% of all females that are non-college whores, and that are going to be available to you based on looks/wages.

NOW, you get to strip nearly another 10% out of THAT for just the ones with the clap. If we assume all other STDs/STIs COMBINED only match the rate of the clap in women in that age group, thats still roughly another 20% of women to strip out of our group.

Leaving us with this hypothetical guy, having a little better than 7 out of every 100 women (or about 1 in every 14) that are possible dating partners for him. And thats just off the obvious stuff AND assuming that 100% of the women we've already ruled out are ALSO ruled out because they're mentally ill (leftists), or drug users, or fuck niggers, or dykes, or w/e else. Then we still have to account for a female that actually matches this mans personality, his likes, hobbies, interests, beliefs, and also she cant be rude, bitchy, demanding, selfish, etc. I'd be surprised if after factoring all of that out, this hypothetical guy meets more than 1 out of every 500 women in his age range that could possibly be a good mate for him. And considering that, in reality, you just dont encounter and talk to that many people (not nearly as many as you'd think) in your day to day life (I mean, even if you met one new female every single day in your age group on average, it would take almost 17 months, nearly 1.5 years, to meet 500 women.. and thats just to have a CHANCE to hit it off with her, what if shes already taken?)… yeah… the odds of finding a suitable mate in the west right now is insanely low, we're talking seriously a "once in a life time" thing.

All that romantic bullshit about "soul mates" or "the one that got away" or "the ONE [girl]"… well… its not exactly so unrealistic. But its all purely because women have so destroyed themselves, that only a small percent are even worth it, and only a small precent of that will be single, and only a small percent of that will even be compatible with ourselves

In short… I just depressed the hell out of myself

What are the chances Syphilis was invented by the kikes in a lab to create mindless commie drones?

Yeah, most of modern degeneracy seems to be designed to spread STDs.

>Fuck without condoms because muh (((abortions)))

Well, at least it seems to pay off fairly after all. You reap what you sow.

If you lick out Jamal's sloppies then I hope you enjoy speaking through a hole in your trachea.

Fucking newfag

Incidentally, this entire thread actually makes me a bit relieved to be a virgin … just… FFS man, I don't want to get throat cancer, or have my dick rot off, or get brain damage from some infected cunt who insists shes clean or w/e else. Just DONT fuck my shit up, fam.

Where do you faggots get off acting surprised? Yep, most women are sloppy whores. This data is useful, but not news to anyone with a functioning frontal lobe.

why would you rawdog a bitch without firstly spending some time getting to know if she's a slut, then having tests/checkups?

Surprised the left haven't tried that one on Trump.

What a surprise, above-average women do not want average men AND average men do not want below-average women.

i.e. the best match for a 5/10 man is a 5/10 woman. sounds like the system is working correctly.

They did. I saw it some time back recently. Look it up.

This. Fucking sickening though to think what has become of society.

What exactly am I looking at here?

HPV prevalence by age group and type of HPV.
"High risk" HPV are the strains which cause throat cancer.
As you can see between 40 and 50% of American women aged 20-24 carry the cancer causing strains.
Basically oral sex now causes more cases of throat cancer in men than smoking.

What pisses me off the most is that blacks are maybe 10% of the population and are responsible for like 60% of the STD cases.

Ohh noo and we can't discriminate against them because its a social/health issue!
Fuck you, if I work in a restaurant and caught HIV, I would get fired on the spot or reassigned to a janitor. Fuck your degeneracy.

Jesus Christ…

To be fair, we did the same thing with Hillary for her pneumonia and implied she had kuru from her degenerate pizzagate shit

Holla Forums is always right, however

Except thats not what I said at all.

When I ruled those out, I did it PURELY on looks. This group was not distinguished based on intelligence, personality, income, etc. And frankly, its true for the vast majority of them. Sure, once in awhile you'll get some 9/10 girl who will stay with a 6/10 guy because she is, ya know, an actual human being with thoughts and emotions and not a sack-of-meat-around-a-vagina type of "woman," and actually has feelings for that guy after giving him a chance… but those are vastly few and far between. The vast majority of women will rule you out, regardless of ANYTHING about their own self, based purely on your looks and/or income.

So, no, its not exactly a fair comparison.

But if you paid attention, you'd notice I said I was being generous giving the guy access to even 6s when he was a 7, but did it for argument sake. Meaning, the man is already dating down, despite at his age being fairly attractive AND with a stable and good income for his early age. But its not enough for women anymore. In their minds they deserve a man at least 2-3 levels above themselves, and they are obligated to provide nothing in return, be it personality, intellect, income, loyalty, etc, they aren't REQUIRED in their minds to come with any of that nor to ever have it to give nor to give it even if they have it.

So you see, its not actually "a 5 dates a 5," its "men objectively have to date women lower, sometimes several steps lower, on the social ladder than themselves because women on equal standing or slightly above them or even slightly below the man, will refuse him because they think they can do better.. and they can, for a night or two"

Thats how things work now. Where the fuck have you been?

It's been around for hundreds of years, so 0%.


Syphilis. Funnily enough Lenin had it and became more and more insane. Imaging an insane kike becoming even more insane.

Music related

Thanks for the clarification user. That's pretty much how I understood the graph as well but it just seemed so surreal, I couldn't believe it.

Just surreal.

And how many of those "american" women are niggers?

Well, less than 13-14%. If you don't eat nigger pussy you're no doubt increasing your odds of survival a bit. Still a very dangerous thing to do though.

The civilizations who survive the birth of antibiotic resistant syphillis bacteria will forever celebrate that day as the great purging and a reminder for future generations to not succumb to degeneracy.

IIRC eating pussy is a very new trend. A century ago, nobody in the West did that and even today it's unheard of in Asian societies.

Straight out of a zombie movie, damn.

My mother and father did not. My girlfriend better not. Saxon way is best way.

Eventually one of these minor diseases is going to become much much more dangerous.
79 million people in the USA alone have HPV with 14 million new cases every year. Eventually one of these seemingly minor diseases will have a newer strain and all this degeneracy can be wiped out. I wouldn't really call this blackpill.

please tell me that is not a thing.
God is really letting people know that degenerate sex is bad.

Why would you be against it at this point?

The easiest way around this is to aim young. Target 18 and 19 year old girls who have yet to go to college. A 25 year old guy who is above average attractiveness and a decent amount of money would beat the shit out of every dude in the girls age bracket, essentially boosted your attractiveness score. Then, because they're young and impressionable, convince them to not go to college, mold them how you want, and marry them. Their parents would probably hate you because they wanted their daughter to go to college and become a cum engineer, but since she's legal, it wont matter.

Thanks for letting us know up front that you're trying to blackpill us. Now let me apply some logic to this situation so that people don't draw the wrong conclusions.

The two groups most affected by STDs are niggers and faggots, and disproportionately so. Don't commit bestiality, don't engage in casual sex, and especially don't sleep with anyone that has "experimented" with the same sex. If you adhere to these guidelines, you'll dramatically reduce your risk of exposure to the wrath of God upon your genitals. There's no reason to freak out, just don't act like a dumbass. Nothing we didn't already know.

Here's the actual data.
Note that the banner blatantly emphasizes niggers and fags because the CDC knows what's up. Take a look at the graph, figd.
Notice how the areas most affected are full of niggers. What a twist!

The 110 million thing is a meme. While trying to find an actual citation for that number, I ran into an article from 2014 claiming the same number and attributing it to the CDC. Am I to believe that the number hasn't changed in almost 4 years? Obviously that number must have some basis, but I'm betting that some dumbass just skimmed across the data on each individual STD on the CDC's site and then added up the total number of cases, not realizing that gay niggers probably have both HIV and genital herpes. Most occurrences are probably within the same groups of people because they're habitually playing the STD version of Russian Roulette.

I wasn't able to find a proper citation for that 110 million number. If someone else can find it, feel free to post it. Until then, I'm going to write this off as a FUD campaign to stop us from breeding.

Sauce on the gay nigger image:

I'm convinced that the "women are awful" meme is just a demoralization tactic by the enemy. If you treat them right, white women are generally the most loyal women on the planet… Except those that aren't, in which case they're going to be coalburners that are into getting spitroasted regardless of whether or not shekels are involved.

Yeah, try being divorced twice and let me know if you still think that. Or hell, just try to find a virgin and report back

Girls in the 18-20 year bracket are not interested in money yet. They mostly live off their parents anyway. Your best bet is to be tall, handsome and have a high status in your local community. That way you can score some prime pussy. Physical attraction beats money every time.

Having money in the bank? No, but having spoils of money certainly does. Having a car and a house puts you far ahead of any 18 year old dork that asks them out for coffee. Being tall and fit is always best, but never underestimate girls attraction to status and shiney presents.

She's not a good girl if she is swayed by trinkets and shiny presets. There is always someone with more money than you.

this place is a kike-controlled honey pot. The ADL works in conjunction with the FBI and state and local law enforcement. If you post here they know who you are and if you are extreme enough they'll get eyes on you


Even practicing (((safe sex))) does not guarantee protection.

That clip btw is taken from the legendary documentary series on the South African Police's special forces. Hands down one of the best documentaries I've ever seen (and some scenes are straight out of an 80s action flick except they're real), an absolute must watch for any Holla Forumsack.

Episode 1/3: embedded

Episode 2/3:

Episode 3/3:

are you able to find any higher res videos of it, fam? i remember looking for this documentary in decent quality a few years ago but i couldnt find fuck all

No but I already posted the best quality version that's available on jewtube. Just watch it, the quality is good enough.

Also keep in mind that the doco is pretty old (1999) and low budget, so you won't find any 4K HD versions of it or anything of the sort.

It won't just be money that persuades them, but the fact that you're assertive, intelligent, and fit, which if you know anything about society, should be a given. Once a girl "falls" for you, all you have to do is maintain frame and keep things stable and she's yours. The initial show of wealth and gifts is just to prove to her (subconsciously) that you are a provider. You don't want chicks that consciously seek out money, but they all are swayed by it. Finding a girl is all about understanding their subconscious desires. Seeking out a younger girl means that they have less frame of reference, and are more easily moldable. Also, it gives you a higher chance of them being a virgin.

A stable alpha provider will trump any random Mook with money in their mind.

Yep, it's fucked. I'm opting out, not because of some MGTOW shit about how all women are shit, but because it's unlikely I will find anyone and it's better to die alone than compromise. Picture it like this, you're a conservative guy, family focused, etc. You can either die alone, or marry, and the person you're marrying and devoting yourself too, has spent their life advocating for everything wrong with society, done everything to deprive you of that traditional lifestyle and done it with the belief they can have everything in life. By marrying them, you show them they can have it all, you reward them for contributing to degeneracy. It's a mix of treason (you're rewarding someone who destroyed society) and cuckoldry. You don't have a wife, or a great community, but you still had your self respect and your values that they couldn't take away. Then you proceeded to bend the knee to those who deprived you of happiness and married them. There is no self respect there, and you traded your values for a relationship with someone who hasn't been loyal, committed or virtuous.

My values are all I have, so I'm pretty much expecting to die alone. I'm too prideful to ever compromise. On the bright side this gives me more freedom to do other things, like continued self improvement to build a better society.

Totally viable until the boomer generation, everything after is fucked, for now anyway.

Only one problem. Women are delusional.
I see lots of guys date down, but women never rate themselves honestly, a 5 will think she's atleast a 7 and only date accordingly. Add in women in education looking down on men who are earning the same or looking down on tradesmen because they associate that shit with lower classes.

23 dating a 16 yr old, gave me my first STD, the clap, antibiotic fixed it, find out years later that she also gave me my second STD, HPV, my new gf has it because evidently I'm a statistic, fml

That ones good, but you must not watch very many documentaries. Check out that SAS survival secrets one, and theres a second SAS training video from the late 90s IIRC. They even teach you how to do professional bodyguarding of VIPs against terrorists and assassins… its everything from a small recon team up to full scale platoon invasions like the Falklands over like 5 or maybe 6 hours of shows.


It's not just their promiscuous antics that will have them die out either. Their communist/socialist philosophy is set up and made to be self destructive for the existing population. All towards the goal for (((another civilization))) to move in and take over.

Oh it gets worse.
Remember the push for single payer healthcare. Have fun with your country going bankrupt unable to handle the strain.

Oh and that's just std's nit including paying for "safe rooms" for junkies to get their fix, their drugs, people addicted to painkillers prescribed to them, morbidly obese, the diabetics, abortions, sex change surgery, hormones, boomers, alcoholics, and so on.
Single payer healthcare can work, it just requires a certain culture/society that the west is anything but. But hey atleast we were kind and tolerant to people living unhealthy lifestyles.
Single payer is bad in many countries, but none are as unhealthy as American, America is fucked.

That's entirely set up to have free reign for deciding who dies and who lives; a death council, if you will. For the sake of organ harvesting, trafficking, (((donating))). you'll have plenty more stories of "some unfortunate (white) soul didn't make it during (((treatment)))". A way to further kill off the white race while filling their organ freezers, and having niggers, spics, and (((others))) fill in the void.

Interaction with an recently turned 16 year old.
First question : what do you do (for a job)?
Second question : are you married?
Not even a fuck given about name, age or anything, or it turns out that second question was a yes. 2.5 times the age and the fucking cunts first thought when dealing with a interaction with an new male is this. Sweet girl too, and in advanced placement classes, smart as a whip by the sound of it. But immediately starts commenting about how nobody will be at her hour for another six hours and how her mother says she should experience life and date new people while shes young. Mentioned how she was the one to end it with her exes all the time cause they are 'immature' or not 'experience'. Mentioned nobody at home, again.

Oblivious old man mode engaged and noped the fuck right off. And not letting her around me alone again. If you think 18 year olds are in any way 'young' or impressionable you are fucking dreaming. This bitch was barely past fifteen and exuded NOTHING that screamed whore or degenerate until the moment we were alone. Shes the kind of girl you see and think sweet, innocent, good girl, good wife material eventually from the look of it. No outward signs of whoreishness. Shit is wild out there, don't lower your guard or assume ANYTHING about what a female is at any age. 2.5 times her fucking age! And a god damned man eater already.

Double dubs of truth checked.

If I'm understanding you right, you tried to get with a 16 year old and had her turn on you. First of all, I was talking to guys in their mid 20s, so being 35+ would be totally different. Now, it would still be better than going after girls in your age range, because 25+ are almost always trash. A 24 year old guy lamenting about girls his own age needs to wisen the fuck up and realize that 18-20 (or 16-20 where legal) is the only way to go. Obviously, they're still stupid, but you have to know how to deal with them. I haven't screwed an 18 year old in some time. Considering I married the last one I did it with, so knowing how to deal with this next generation is up to whomever takes on the challenge. Yes, they are impressionable, but you also have to work thorough their brainwashing. It is of course no easy feat, but if you think dating a 30 year old woman is in any way preferable, you're mad. The best way to do it isn't to pick them up off of tinder or the street or whatever, but to contact them through family, community. Just like any women, some are just untenable, but if you want to find a wife, that age range is far superior to anything else. All the time I hear guys talk about girls their own age being terrible, and the guys are young already. A 30 year old SHOULD NEVER date a 30 year old woman. That's just wrong. The girl should be 4 years younger at minimum. That solves damn near half the complaints guys in here have.

No. I had an 16 year old try and get with me. The girl was NOT what I would have ever thought of as one of 'those' girls that would do such. I am the one whom took one look and said 'nope right off'.

Also all your bullshit is rubbish. Some callback to the 50's that doesn't exist. The quest to find someone decent is even worse than when I was in the game. And it was damned hard and pathetic just twenty years ago with the degeneracy and cuckoldry then, now its beyond wild. And even women my own age are constantly on the prowl, I am no chad and the number of openings and passes that are tossed about is disheartening. Finding a good woman is akin to winning the lottery, and no guarantee you are getting the full value either.

Everything is a honeypot if you are online moron. Every bit (pun intended) that goes through your comp is recorded at every moment. They know we aren't threats.

This place and cuckchan are more than likely predictive programming ground floors. Fags here do their job for them by slowly integrating this information into the public knowledge so as not to cause a stir.

People find it all out, but at a rate that is so slow that the "red pilling" is actually just social conditioning.

Boil the frog.

This and Syphilis. I suspect the earlier might be a symptom of the later.

Jews did not invent it but they propagated it.


They specifically ask children if there are firearms in their household. This information is recorded into electronic medical records systems.

I was asked something like this as well but I don't remember if it was paperwork or verbal. Or the exact phrasing.

This started at or around the same time as obamacare.

>65%+ White for now, deportations then purges soon
Non-whites are truly disgusting savages. I feel bad for the white people who get caught up with this bullshit. This is a good argument against any kind of healthcare in my opinion.

I'm not discounting your story here as you should know best considering you were there and caught the vibes (especially the hinting you should come in thing. Definitely whorish), but to be fair, what else would she talk with you about? You're an older man and she's a teenage girl. Teenagers are in full blown larp mode in any case but especially when they're around older folks. They try to pretend to be older than they are and talk the talk. Speaking of work and marriage is probably what she thought would be meeting you in discussion. Plus teenagers are notoriously bad at first impressions, saying stupid crap and just being dipshits in general. Doesn't help that her Mom encourages her to "experience" life so this is likely an extension of that in the teenager's mind. And I reckon she's left alone in her house often, by the sound of it. Doesn't sound like solid parenting of a horny teenage girl.

Just saying. Not trying to defend the state of gender relations here or anything. I agree things are pretty shitty out there and I know I've experienced some situations that left a bad taste in my mouth regarding the opposite sex so I hear you, man.

No woman is worth saving. Let them suffer. Let them get what they deserve.

look and laugh people.

And if you don't answer honestly you will be flagged because those electronic medical records are fed straight to ZOG who also has the NICS records.

Honestly dude, if you're lonely, just get a dog. They don't call them man's best friend for no reason.

Get a dog, user.

Blackpill faggot.

understand that a dog is also like a child
it takes commitment and you must care and look after it
only discipline it in love and immediately when it misbehaves (i recommend a good dog trainer/expert so that this is approached correctly)

you must make it part of your family, but they are one of the truest friends you can have

has anyone mentioned yet how std rates rising is related to nonwhite rates rising in white countries
its been broken down by race many times
theres huge discrepancies between whites and nonwhites

That would be fine if there wasn't also an epidemic of miscegenation in the younger generations to go along with the STD epidemic.

There's hundreds of schools with Black majorities in the South, and White children are sent to them like sheep to the slaughter. There they are brainwashed with anti-White propaganda, then they go home and see miscegenational propaganda on the talmudvision. Then, they are constantly propositioned by niggers for casual sex. What do you think happens?

those are not heterosexual males user. those are promiscuous faggots vigrously chugging each other's cocks.

Irl less than 3% of white girls ever had interracial sex. (Counting every race)
White guys are twice more likely to fuck a non-white chick.
White females are the most wanted by guys from all race and also the least mixing.

Yep. Race mixing sluts do exist. But they are definitely not the norm.


kinda makes you think pol pot kind of had a point there.

can they not?

can they not?>>10687104

Who cares?
Even if she only fucks whites, you would marry a whore?

The problem is how people act, how casual sex is the norm.
These women will also put off having kids, divorce you and possibly abort some.

I never got the WN obsession with white women, as long as she's white that's all that matters? Not her quality, values, interests, etc?
Must be nice with no standards.

Whatever I'm alone, will probably suicide alone in around 20 years. I think society is fucked, and you can't see that. Maybe it's because of culture, but I assure you, white women are pozzed as hell, and it's the majority, and the majority dictates how society works.

take away their voting rights then

tfw virgin

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Who do you think you're fooling?

HIV Among Gay and Bisexual Men
Everyone who is not an exclusive heterosexual makes up about 2.1-2.7% of the population. With about 1% being homosexual. So the number of dudes that fuck dudes would be around 1.3% at most. So if they account for 56% of new infections they are 43 times more likely to be infected.

The total number of these dude-fuckers shall we call them who are infected each year is 28,200. Given that sexual activity occurs between 15 and 45 that means that in that time 846,000 of the sexually active dude fuckers will be infected. Their total population is about 4.095 million at the most. Of which 55% will be within that 15-45 age group. So about 2.25 million of them are sexually active in a given 30 year period of which 846,000 will be infected. So about 37.5% of their sexually active population will be infected in their lifetimes. Now before you say “but that is just niggers and spics”, look at the data, even when only accounting for whites the rate of infection is still 31%. Which is admittedly better than 37% but still not great.

Homosexual Men Have 50 Times Higher Rate of AIDS

One in Five Gay, Bisexual Men in U.S. Cities Has HIV

Report Finds Black Gay Males in US Worst Hit By HIV-AIDS

STD Facts - Syphilis & MSM

Viral Hepatitis Populations - Men Who Have Sex with Men
“Didn't your study reveal that 40 percent of the homosexual men claimed to have had more than 500 partners?

Post them.

That toilet is actually cleaner then the average cell phone screen

How about don't have sex until you're married?

There's a good reason why Christians implemented it in the first place. They don't want to ruin your fun, it was to prevent shit like this from harming you.

The issue is that those people will argue for everyone else to support them. They want STD medication as a human right and they want you to pay for it.

They actually already had that even before Obamacare

why aren't the circumcisions working? it's supposed to lower the chances of STD's!

More whites are circumcised than minorities. Coincidentally, the latter has a higher amount of STDs than whites.

So yeah, it's probably working. It's not a good idea to increase sexual activity in this climate.

agree with celibacy however i doubt the original intention of "no sex until marriage" in catholocism (NOT ALL ABRAHAMIC RELIGIONS SINCE MUSSIES RAPE KIDS AND JEWS SELL 'EM ) had anything to do with sexually transmitted diseases. it had much more to do with worth of a virgin vs. non-virgin woman and the purity associated with used vs. unused women. it isn't difficult to explain why virgin women are valued much higher than the town whore - plus catholicism weighs morality + "having sex for pleasure and not for breeding is sinful" . come on m8 - think about this.

Men who have good wives have them because they keep control of their wives. Good wives are made, not found, this is likely why you've been unsuccessful.

The redpill here is that "used up" women have shorted out their dopamine/oxytocin receptors and are past the stage where they can be molded. Anyone who "can't find a good woman" needs to find someone who is amenable and start to work on building something together instead of just hoping they're perfect for you right from the get go.

Incidentally, this is the reason why arranged marriages have a high rate of success.

It doesn't state the motive, it just states that you'll be pure from it. Which is true. Keep in mind that diseases like Syphillis existed in the past and they were more deadlier. People in the past saw an action linked with a particular consequence several times to the point where they documented it.

The Sex Before Marriage solves all the issues that come with unfulfilling relationships. It serves as a vetting system, leaves you at less risk for STDs, and tests your commitment towards each other

If I'm not mistaken that meme was pushed by that "Eurasian tiger" and his group, the same people who spam cuck porn on every image board. To be more specific, he claims "all white women are shit".

Actually, it's closer to 60% of adults since the population of that demographic is a little over 200~ million.
Pretty much everyone that has casual sex has an STD.


center for disease circulation and proliferation

Yep. I've been fucking around for years with no protection. I don't even know anybody who's gotten an STD. But I don't fuck the kinds of whores that fuck faggots or drug addicts so it would be kind of hard for me to get one. Unless they're talking about (((HPV))) which everybody has and you totally need to vaccinate your 13 year old daughter against, goy. Nevermind that it doesn't work, costs hundreds of dollars per inoculation, and the virus itself doesn't do fuck all.

What is the total population of America?

If there's 110 million people infected with STDs and most of them are young adult women, does that mean virtually every adult woman on the continent is STD infected?



Yea dude think about it. A minority of Chads fuck ALL the women, barring those so hideous that nobody would. Then the majority of men fight for the scraps, while a significant plurality of men get little to no poon. You know Chad probably has loads of STDs since he's fucking hundreds or thousands of women over his lifetime, and every whore he sleeps with has secondary contact with every other whore Chad sleeps with, and also has tertiary contact with all the other Chads that Chad's other whores are also sleeping with. So basically you get STDs tightly concentrated in a few men who spread it to the majority of women, while most straight men are probably STD free.

I wish AIDS was deadlier.

Dang, maybe we need to "discourage" research into HIV/AIDS medication.

I had seen recent posts in a regional burningman facebook group where someone was joking around about something like 97% of them having an STD. They then said something that horrified me. "Oh, herpes doesn't count… that's just a skin condition."
They also had an attitude that one should never gossip about STDs or out people with known STDs because that was a form of "slut shaming".
STDs are being normalized.
STDs are bio-warfare.
This is a key component of Weimar culture warfare.
Hitler had many observations in Mein Kampf about it.
I believe he contracted Syphilis, and did not marry or have kids because of this, mostly because of the tone of regret in those passages.
If the (((golden horde))) will lob bodies over the walls to start the Black Plague, they certainly aren't above this.

>(((Golden Horde)))

that's a new one.

The studies that have shown circumcision to reduce the chances of contracting an STI are completely flawed.
Nearly all of them are conducted by Jews.

To summarize the four AIDS+circumcision studies I've personally read:
The kikes involved framed the experiment as one to identify the effect circumcision had on niggers, and presented the results they should be obvious by my summary as a direct result of circumcision when they were in fact caused by teaching niggers how to use condoms properly.
One of the kikes gave an anecdote about how he once saw a nigger put a condom on a broomstick in order to ward off the diseases.
Everything I've read has shown that the benefits of circumcision are outweighed by wearing a condom by several orders of magnitude.
Whites have lower rates of STIs because they aren't retards.

Don't fuck a shitskin
Don't fuck a coalburner
Don't fuck a slut
If you lack self control, wear a condom, but keep in mind that condoms don't protect you from herpes or lice.
A goy with a cut dick is nothing more than a slave.

Wow at that OP pic. Sweden, UK and france has nothing on usa tier levels of degeneracy.

That level of underreporting says they know its a shameful act yet they do it anyway.

They're pushing for circumcision of goys to blend in better. To find a jew in Europe all you had to do is pull his pants down. You can't do that in America anymore.

Checking who got the fives

Kagan = Cohen
Just another Kagancidence.

Here is their role in the black plague:
Ctrl-F for Crimea (what is it with this fucking piece of land anyway?)

I like where this is going. STDs are the best natural answer to degeneracy. I hope STDs become deadly again asap. Go and grow more resistant faster. I hope doctors continue to overprescribe anti-biotics and fags keep ending their treatment too early.

Really? Where did you meet them? And yes, virgins do exist. They're not too hard to find actually.

That's what I meant.

No idea who that is. I thought it was an MRA thing.

PIctures is horrible.