November 4th

What do we know about the radical left's plans on November 4th? Do they just plan to riot and protest in the streets all day throughout the United States? I attend a very liberal public university in the U.S. and myself and some classmates of mine plan on counter protesting/defending free speech, property rights, and everything else related to western liberal values. Any information Holla Forums has on the left's plans for this day would be greatly appreciated.

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I live around niggers but they typically stay in line for the most part. How ever I am staying up all night at my parents armed just in case they try to rile up niggers en mass across the country that night.

Pretty much. Remember the student riots and terrorism of the 60s?

It's also so funny to me, for years and years and years now these goons are obsessed with communism despite it being an ideology that isn't even meant for them. At least the fascists make sense to support something that supports themselves, meanwhile you have bourgeois children who can afford to have an education when the proletariat cannot and "intellectuals" supporting a clearly anti-intellectual ideology as if the history of communism and all its revolutions from Lenin to Pol Pot knows how intellectuals are to die up and as to quote Lenin "The intelligentsia are not the brains of a nation, they are the feces of a nation." -Lenin. It's just so very funny how modern communists are always so obsessed with how educated and well read they are, completely bourgeois things as talking about their art collection. These idiots follow an ideology meant for literal uneducated brute hard labourers and factory men, and they call themselves intelligent. In the end, the proletariat will always kill them because they may be poor and uneducated but they aren't stupid. An ivory tower subhuman can never be apart of the revolution, they are the first to die, all posers and thieves, worse than fascists.

I'm more concerned about the middle class college students larping as revolutionaries.

Don't counter protest, don't make yourself visible.
Wait for them to cause enough chaos that the police can't control the situation, then from a elevated position start shooting.

only thing you got right is property rights. liberal values and "free speech" are how we ended up here. lurk more.

11/4 will come and go without incident because these deranged idiots will have been detained en masse by then for conspiring to provoke civil unrest.

liberal values like what and "free speech" is used as a justification to subvert our nations.

is /liberty/ still a board and is this a raid by crypto commies?

Nothing will happen just as the summer of mass riots they were planning didn't happen. A few minor happenings at Berkeley but Berkeley is Berkeley. Happenings will come under the guise of more (((Alt Right))) "rallies" organized by controlled op. I expect chimpouts over false flag (((white supremacist))) terror attacks and not antifa cowards storming the White House.

Nah. Just mocking dumb pinkos in their ivory tower. Let their limpdick "revolution" revolve around how many books they read instead of actually working hard without being able to afford an education or books like a real prole.

A few small riots will break out in liberal universities. Drum circles will form and disperse and you may smell some unwashed cat lady snatch. If niggers get involved, the local CVS drugstore may burn down.

When have these people ever accomplished anything? Don't bother counter-protesting, these idiots are the establishment they pretend to be fighting against and, if you leave them alone, they will gradually realize it and grow out of their Anarcho-Communist phase. They will not accomplish anything, because they cannot accomplish anything.

OP, I love the idea of picking a fight with these idiots as much as you do, but this is one of those situations where if you just leave them alone they will fuck themselves over.

Bunch of blueballed and blackpilled faggots ITT

No, we ended up here because we let crazy speak too long without significant dissent. The only way to fix this problem IS free speech.

Nothing to get hyped for. Remember Summer of Rage? Yeah, nothing happened. Besides other than doing what they've been doing what else is there? They haven't had any new magic tricks up there sleeves for decades, just more of the same. All time has done is expose their brain dead tactics for all to see who still have one.

Wouldn't it be a shame if Joe Sixpack's life was interrupted by more than antifa protests and blm kneelers.

Underrated post

That little word means more than you think.

Communists kill the intelligentsia because they are their competition in controlling the proles.

This should be on posters, user. I was guilty of it too, but at least trying to make good.

Satan manifested just to shit on any potential nov 4th happenings. Pack it up lads



Methinks you give credit where it is not due.

What's special about the day?

I was guilty as well until about a year ago. Now I'll exercise dissenting free speech every sensible chance I get.

The free speech movement was a magnificent left-wing force that eventually snowballed into an ideological echo chamber. It's time for all other political positions to jump start this movement back to life. Appropriate the free speech movement!


Hell yeah man , it's basically fucking here already. One side is just waiting for the """""""shot""""""" to be fired

I'm telling you guys now is the time to run for political office. I've never in my entire life at work or public seen such extreme redpills thrown around and discussed so openly and frankly before all thanks to stupid sportball crap. Just make sure you make it clear what you are and don't cuck out and bring out all their rage and discontent. It's why the people all voted GOP majority but it means nothing since the GOP are just as cucked and weak as dems are. We need a fresh new batch that will solve the nigger problem and a future for white children.

update your goddamn gore folder already. i've seen that same image three times this week.

If it's higher than county you will get shutdown, the only use if for acceleration if you're willing to be completely open about what you want, which I agree with.
not going to happen without changing the system

That's exactly. The system must be changed. Everybody knows multikulti is a disastrous delusion and there's overwhelming evidence not just in the US but all around the world now. It's over, the time is now.

The POTUS himself campaigned against Roy Moore and he still won. And Trump won an election that was rigged against him. There's a certain tipping point where grass roots support overwhelms electoral jewry.


I'm skeptical of this being a happening from past experience.
I remember the planned march from Philly to DC in April 2016 that got rained on so no one showed up, there wasn't shit in DC on their planned May day arrival. What about the Charlotsville to DC march? It's gone down the memory hole, I have heard nothing. I don't doubt there is some kind of plan for a color revolution in the US, but I don't think it will be advertized beforehand.

really stimulates motor brain function

You are correct to an extent. Twitter is awash with people throwing around crime stats now. Hope lots of people are bring affected by that, even if subconsciously. White ego and pride is being flamed and let me say I really do think the nigs are backing down a bit now too. They're getting resounding fuck yous from a lot more people now. Funny how nigs autocorrects at first to bugs. Get the fly swatters.

You misunderstood me, I don't mean just keep you from getting elected, I'm talking getting framed or blackmailed or bought or manufacturing reasons to remove you. As far as Moore, I'm glad there's someone who's antifag and if not bucking the system, at least bucking the degeneracy being spread. But I don't trust him. He's a holy roller, west pointer, judge, and the people I've known like that all have the same look in their eyes are like asians, I don't understand them or their motives. The ones who turn and act like psychopaths are completely indistinguishable from the ones who don't

and yet many of the jews knew he would play ball (and have for at least 18 years if the jewish daily forward quote is anything to go by), so some of them backed him.

A few days in they were down to one or two dozen people, it was the announcement that mattered I guess.

Ha watch it now be 'unexpectedly ' on the 3rd to take all the 'nazis' by surprise. F the right were as violent and aggressive there would be a wonderful Dia de los Muertos celebration. A real Day of the Dead Antifa. Can this be memed into reality, or even just threaten it? Let's help our lord and return some hopelessly lost souls to heaven.

By this I mean kill these commie fucks while they sleep before they can even begin, in a more literal sense. But of course I am joking with my satirical post.

Polls show they're all onboard with the 14 words anyway so just focus on that. Don't bother with 88 until you're years into it.

Good news is even the leftyfaggots are getting clobbered and disengaging from leftism. Why? The non-whites keep attacking them lmao

The antifa is a joke haven't you seen the recent events where spics and niggers beat the shit out of them for being white? We don't even have to lift a finger.

I totally agree. That's all we really need anyway. 88 is still too triggering as our close ancestors died fighting him. It doesn't matter now that we know it was mistaken. Almost all our modern wars were as well. This football thing could be a big step towards rahowa. Whites are getting offended by everything to do with it. The anthem and flag, the act of protest at your job, the obscene salaries these monkeys get, and now throwing games. And calls for cucking are going ignored. Aaron Rodgers knows that. Let's make this the return of nationalism.

God I hope they actually try something.

Please, please try something. I'm so tired of the waiting, of the hooting and hollering from the muds and cucks, of the empty fucking threats.

Please, let these faggots try something. I fucking dare them.

OP is getting stabbed and thrown out of school for hitting a girl's leg with his as he fell to the ground grabbing his bleeding side. Fucking racist White male.

Get some stinks bombs and shut them down. Or sue the school for an 'unsafe environment' and graduate with top marks, no debt and a nice little stipend.

want to know how i know youre a kike?

Nothing will happen, they will be busy standing in lines for iPhone X

Every fucking year anonymoose post warning online about some big action for Nov 5th.
And every year nothing happens.

Hopefully it's a false flag to get a crackdown going.

I don't know… I think in regards to escalating to violence it would be a better plan if they take the first shot against us, if you sniff my drift.

If your economic system is set up so it does not favor the already-wealthy, then the mass of the population will be affluent enough to own property, and property rights will then be defended by the vast majority.

And, in the current situation, you have no real property rights, anyway.
You can "own" a piece of land…but the local governments will tax you on that ownership, essentially renting "your" own land to you. And if you think this is not true, just stop paying those taxes, and see how fast you're evicted.

Now, you may say, "b-but I own the majority of the interest in that land, I can sell it!!"
Yes…you own a financial stake in that property. If you sell it, you will get shekels for it…subject to capital gains.
But who really owns the shekels? Who is it that can inflate or deflate the value of "your" shekels? The central bank.
If the central bank had a mind to do it, they could inflate the value of your shekels tomorrow, to the point where they are worthless.
So your financial stake in "your" property isn't really yours, either. Someone else controls its value.

You cannot truly own real property, as long as it can be taxed & as long as the value of money can be manipulated.
You don't own any-fucking-thing.

Who shot first at lexington and concord?

So you're saying we should all buy gold?

Ownership and property rights are abstract concepts that don't exist in the physical world, and thus are very flexible. If they help me and my ethnic group, I'll support them. If not, I wont.

This is true for most locations, but in Texas, Kansas, and Oklahoma, you cannot be forced out of your primary residence for failure to pay property taxes. Period.

You do have to stay paid up on your mortgage, but those do not last forever.

This is called a Homestead Exemption, and the Texan version dates to the lone star republic. It applies only to your primary residence. If you own two homes and do not pay taxes then they can and will seize the one that you do not live in.

Yankees can eat a dick, and I hope that they choke on it.

Nothing will happen

This, niggers only riot when there is an extremely (((organized presence))) telling them too. Such as msm during the BLM riots

They tried this before earlier this year and it failed. They'll do it again and it'll fail even worse even if they do shit because all the alphabets know and I'll fucking astroturf the shit out of it to destroy them. It is the natural course of things. If you're white and a leftist, you're going to fucking die, by the hand of your own smelly darkie pets.

I think most likely they will plan to get weapons from armories.

God, doesn't anyone brush his teeth anymore?

Things could escalate quickly

For real though, nothing will probably happen

reported for D&C cuckoldry

Not that he did, but implying.

They don't have the nuts to pull it off.

May your digits make it so. But don't be surprised if they have inside help at some armory(ies).

They tried something similar, back in 1968, around the world. It the largest attempt of its kind and it was a miserable failure. So they chase after to this very day to attempt to take down capitalism, by sabotage, by accelerationism using cultural marxism yet after all this time since that day it stands, even if somewhat battered and abused. That in itself is just a testament of its strength, how much people love and value private property. They can't come to terms with the fact capitalism is dynamic and while it can depress like depressions it will never fall because it will always be reborn until there's no longer a need for private enterprise, which is never unless humans have genie like powers where any material item they desire can be freely obtained, possibly instantly. So by the year 40k, and by then we'll be under monarchy of a God Emperor and not communism. Communism will never come to be because communism lacks order and purpose and order is needed in large populations. Communism cannot and will not even exist beyond very small populations, aka communes the root of communism.

if there werent anymore nonwhites on the earth, would the system still be flawed?

Get ready for a fight my friends, this should be fun

Please read before posting. Also yes, communism is inherently flawed.

Yes, it's fundamentally a cucked (moral) system in the West. The degenerate elements empowered through Christianity must be rooted out. The existence of other races is fine, but obviously they shouldn't be pitied or treated as equals.

so what do we have on Kareim Faiza?

same person? If so smells like the usual CIAniggery

looks like a false positive, disregard. found this:


Kareim F Mcknight

Current address
132 Rounds St Vallejo CA 94589-2032

Neighborhood: North Vallejo

Kareim Mcknight

Phone numbers
(510) 250-6851


Current address
5555 S Verdun Ave Los Angeles CA 90043-1523

Neighborhood: South LA

and also:

email: in@r**.*** |
Version: 5.6.34-log

I thought it was supposed to be on the 5th?

You know, because they all masturbate to pictures of Vee for Vandetta even thought hey don't know anything about Guy Fawkes.

fucking shit
i n * * @ r * * * * * * * * . * * *

I know some anons in the midwest who are doing this right now. There are more of us than you think, never be intimidated by our opposition

maybe they want to do it at night for extra edge, so they're gonna wait until midnight. They'd do it the next day, but they have women's studies class in the morning.

Any in Michigan? This state needs to get its shit together. Too many niggers, A4 assholes, liberals, and fatties around.

I don't know what the hell that gore picture is; its just a confusion of funny bits in his mouth. Doesn't faze me though; I see enough gore when I go hunting, sucker!

Or just stay at home and let them make fools of themselves.

I don't know fam. They're trying to turn it into their straight up days of rage and to actually overthrow the government.

Some of the murmurs I"m hearing from people that work as cops in NV about the shooting is terrifying to me.

Basically, they know it's a crazed leftie, and they're trying to figure out how to drip that out without causing a straight up civil war.

Why contain it.
Really though if that's true then the they are caught in a no win situation. Either release the information promptly and cause a civil war due to the right being enraged and the antifa being emboldened, or withhold permanently (or just for too long) and still cause a civil war due this event being used to push gun control and other anti liberty measures and right wingers being pushed into a corner. "Dripping it out" isn't really going to change things. It's like finding out that you neighbor raped and murdered your kid, whether you're told all at once or whether you're slow walked to the revelation your still going to be homicidal angry when you find out.

"The intelligentsia are not the brains of a nation, they are the feces of a nation." -Lenin.

Hw is that wrong? Look at the "Intelligentia" in the last 50 years, they are vanguard of degeneracy, demanding that " Hate" be shut down.

Last 50 years have proven how pernicious the "intelligentsia" is and that purging it is 100% justified.

The solution to the Intelligentia.

Communism isn´t what they actually want, it is just an excuse and a mean to pretend they have a moral cause.

The intelligentia was the enemy in 1968 and it is even more the enemy today.

To be fair not everything that comes out of Comunist figure heads is wrong, I mean Stalin was right when he said Work is good for the soul
The biggest reason for the failing of Communism is that it denies Human nature, while National Socialism takes the few good aspects of Communism/Jewish Socialism and states that Human nature is not just a thing but one of the most important things to note

God speed user and let's hope we get some of /ourguys/ in the Senate and House in 2018 because with the shit most (((Republicans))) are pulling we need to be in there ourselves to stop the cuckseritives only voting shit through when it fellates Israel/is against whites

From what I've been told, from my source, is they're scared shitless of just straight up saying that yes it was political violence, and yes it was targeting conservatives.

They fear, correctly, that there would be a hot shooting war in 24 hours after that comes out.

They're trying to figure out how to release the info slowly, to not get straight up right wing death squads tomorrow.

Agreed. This amounts to little more than more tantrums from the weak members of society that have thrived due to the overall success of the U.S. The weak being the "oversocialized" (see Ted K. 25.) millennial kids and baby boomers usually from wealthy families, young men raised by single moms who had no father figure, young women with no father figure, raised in an overly domesticated society at the peak of its civilization. And of course young kikes being kikes.

They'll come out and try to look scary with their black clothing and masks, kick over some newspaper stands and maybe set some trash cans on fire. They've got no bite. The worst of them will stand on a corner wearing fatigues and carrying airsoft AR's. A psychotic individual may even lash out and sneak in on someone with an awkward weapon like a bike lock.

We like to think they're going to escalate, but it will be yet more tantrums from society's weak and inferior that continue to gain numbers.

FInally being a Valentines's spawn pays off

Sounds about right.

Either that or they're trying to trick everyone and doing a piss-poor job of it.

Or legit don't know what they're doing. That one seems the most plausible.

Yep. Run for anything you can. Start locally and build yourself up. In many small to medium sized cities, a lot of these folks run unopposed and voter turnout is low. I bet if we coordinated we could use our autism powers to get /ourguys/ in local places. Start doing good works for your community. Go from there.

Please let it be real this time…

You go to these rallies (to observe) and there are no niggers besides a few queers on the margins. Its almost all good goys who believe everything they hear on TV and their jewish influencers.
Let me peel off a bit to point out that there is nothing wrong with being a socialist leftist. Unfortunately, the left in the US and western world is the side the jews put the most resources into controlling because reasonable people do not want to be conservative assholes polluting the environment and trampling workers' rights.

Social cohesion is winning, just because I am a leftist doesn't mean I don't want all niggers back to Africa, it just makes me a rarity on the political spectrum.

Ingersoll Lockwood stated they'd storm Trump Tower.

But if no one is opposing them, what sets them off?

This, but be aware that the ADL monitors local politics as if it was a farm team for future shabbos goyim. Reveal your power level on the city council, and you'll encounter surprising (((unforeseen difficulties))) on your way to the state legislature. Shit, where I live, a kike judge can kick you off the grand jury for making a most unfortunate remark about banks.

Just assume you're being watched, and that the scrutiny will increase as you attract more attention from serious players above.

Damn, Schlomo, you're trying real hard for that promotion, eh?


Is this even real? I thought it was pysop

wait this is real? I thought it was a pysop
quick rundown?

They better not fuck up shit while I'm taking the MPRE.

We should be all on the lookout for any strange movements from the likes of soros and anti-fa and similar agitative groups in relation to 4th of November, it might be nothing but then again the happening needs to only happen once.

Anyone within eyesight. The antifa and left are known for eating themselves alive.

Quadriplegics and active military are exempt from $25,000 personal property tax in my state.

Get hunting licenses, do they dare come into the woods? Haha

Nothing's going to happen, the white left is cucked beyond belief. These aint your grandad's commies. I'd argue that La Raza/BLM are actually racial nationalists rather than commies. Especially La Raza.

Braise stek

The kikes want to divide and conquer us. Once we get rid of the niggers and beaners and muds, we can start taking care of each other.

This. It might be worse than we thought too. Trump might be a D&C honey-pot.

Fuck off, you can tell from their reaction that they thought the election was rigged for HRC and they could emasculate the goyim saying their lord emperor drumpf lost to a girl.

All those smug celebs saying they knew there was no chance Trump could win. They gave Mitt Romney and John Mccain a fighting chance at least. I am relieved to know enough of the nation can see though the Jew bullshit media.

they're commies generally, and race oriented. Kinda like the kikes. Race comes first for the jews, spics and niggers like to make sure gibs and sticking with their homies is all the same shit.

just ignore the soros lookalike Adelson supporting him, and surrounding himself with more jews than any president I can think of, ever
because they said the right things, signalling what team they were on. Trump said the wrong things. that's all. Jews claimed trump was one of their own 18 years ago in the jewish daily forward, I won't contradict that.
go back to reddit

Post flyers around saying there is a nazi meeting in the forest

Did you actually read it, you dumb cunt?

Tell them the Nazis will be the ones wearing orange.

Or meme to the blacks that the "white" people in their midst are secret Nazis trying to infiltrate. Then tell these so called whites that the non-whites are actually Trump supporters trying to subvert their radicalism.

Dude, that fucking earlobe guy is clearly the vanguard.

Surely there is some way to volunteer to help the local police.

That is adorable. That right there is what an innocent mind looks like desperate to think of a way to avoid the inevitable. I hope someone manages to red pill them quickly because otherwise the realization that there was never any stopping a commie coup attempt how rightly knows how long in the making.

No these faggots are going to move forward with this no matter what happens. There will be violent communists attacking more innocent civilians. There will be commies attempting to storm city halls and well known personalities on the right to deliver a torturous death.

And when that happens those who thought this could be prevented are in for a very rude awakening.

Frankly right now it seems to me the only things still up in the air are:

The answers to those questions will paint a good picture of how this will all play out. But this IS happening. There is NO turning back now.