Pizzagate is back on the menu

On yesterday's Fox news broadcast a truck drove past the window behind the news reporter. The truck had a giant fucking pedo symbol on it.

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Here's a gif of the video.

Digging now.

Wew. We need to find out which company operates that truck.

The autists at cuckchan have already identified the company, it's an office installation company.


Basically you call these guys and they'll set up an office with furniture and security cams and everything you need, then they'll come and remove after thing when you shut down or move your business.

What city was this in? D.C.? Jew York?

Reporting for duty.

Fire up the engines boys. It's time to hunt.

Can they set up security cameras for me in my pizza parlor's basement?

I wonder how much do they charge for the move-in/setup of the secret ritual kill rooms?

What's the betting they're "cleaners" for when those (((businesses))) down? It's a pretty good cover for removing any incriminating evidence and all that good stuff.

Not sure where the newscaster was broadcasting from, but the area code on the truck is 201 which is the part of the New Jersey just outside New York city.

O hope you dont actually believe that, like just that much. Obviously its a company that deals with people who start a front business, fill the office with equipment, and then disappear a week later because they scammed people, or the cops were onto their child molestation ring. It also provides a lot of cover for moving people around. You know those stories about people signing up for a too good to be true add in the papers, and then they invest like 500$ and show up at the office the next day, and poof, the whole thing is gone and boarded up over night? That kinda thing.

Ok what the fuck

8 miles from their headquarters is a fucking pizza restaurant with the same style of logo as comet pizza.

Archive all this shit b4 it's scrubbed

Behind their building is a navigable canal with a boat ramp

Start digging. Look for schools and playgrounds and like user said pizza joints

Why is that a reffer (refrigerated) truck when they are moving office furniture?

How much you wanna bet they're "asset management" is really "pizza management".

OK I'm sure we are onto something big here dudes. The fucking YMCA is right across the street blecccxhh

Don't look too closely, goy! Clearly those, ah, chairs a-and desks and all that o-office equipment needs to cool down after each use, goy!


Do legitimate companies normally hide behind anonymous registrars?


Cohosted with a company that does livestock auction software.



Juden are afoot here user. This is serious. Mods sticky pls

Good man. Checked

Doing Kek's work.

Someone pulled business certificate… not much info other than name and attorney though.

their website is kind of weird, under the leadership tab there's no employee pages, when usually a company would always show it's leadership. The entire website looks like it was rushed and trys to be as vague as possible.

Workplace Installation Group donated monies to Centenary College.

These fuckers are open about it.

Workplace Installation Group have also been in a bit of legal trouble recently.

Checked trips


That number in pen will be a file number, If anyone has access to the state treasury department then you should be able to look it up on the internal servers.
Or, failing that, I'm pretty sure any data protection act doesn't cover business, just sensitive info like race and what they wanna bag, so if any Freedom of Information request was issued they would have to honour it.

I work in a local council in bongland, and that's how things work here, though my advice is very limited.

This is getting good.


The guy who registered the company spent a decade working for the United States State Department managing refugee-resettlement programs in southeast Asian and Haiti.


Same for this too. Legal fees between the district council and the group can be FOI'd unless it's still an ongoing case.

This is just getting started
Is a $10,000 a plate benefit something that's usually done for a local YMCA?

And furthermore, is it normal for a YMCA to have this many sponsors?

Workplace Installation Group is registered in New Jersey as an IMPORTER

Most importing is done with UK, Germany, and China

If any resourceful anons want to bust these pedo kike, here's how you do it.

Plant a burner phone with tracking software and track one of their trucks. Go to Holla Forums and ask how to wire something that can detect when the truck is loaded, sensors on the suspension or otherwise, and let you know on your tracking phone.

You need to find the smoking gun and intercept the truck when it's full of bodies. Another option would be to rig a camera on the bed. Drill a hole in the top and put a small fisheye cam inside.

BIG LEAD but I need help!

If you look through yellow bars on 201-1-11 shipping date, you can make out that "INFANT GIRL'S KNIT" appears twice. you have to sign up for this site have full access to this information? Can anyone help?

This Rockefeller banner is in their building.

There's also this, why would an office furniture company be importing ice cream?

Odd. There's something kind of odd about that collection of sponsors too.
Banks ? Marketers? Some nicks fucking tow truck?

Check'em "PERFECT" Dubs Kek Konfirms


I need to go out and get something with some serious caffeine in it. You little niggers stay busy while I'm away.



If these trucks are used to transport kids, why use an office installation company? So they get a contract to go to an office building, set it up, and then dump some kids there?

"""""""Office furniture"""""""

can they at least make it not obvious it's a front?

Moloch Tetragrammaton demands it be thrust into the faces of the public. It forces tacit acceptance and complicitness in the normal faggot masses.

Dropping in with this too

Oh god.

It's pretty decent camouflage going through a metropolis. What could be more unassuming in a office field city? Just drive your trucks to an "office building", that could be or could not be an actual office or a front.

Plus, this capture could be completely unintentional and unwanted from (((them))), or it could be seen as (((they))) are taunting both cuckchan and Holla Forums's Holla Forums.

I agree it is pretty good camouflage, I think the big thing is that the trucks are refrigerated. It makes absolutely no sense why it would have one. That and the icecream imports is what makes all of this so weird.

Has anyone thought about actually going there?

Kind of like, HWNDU Capture the Flag?

Does somebody have that infographic with all their hidden symbols? I think I may have saw one on a local business.

Or you mean like when someone went to a CTR office building, captured pics, uploaded here, and sent many of the goons into a sudden silence panic?



yeah, I guess - I wasn't in on that.

there's no way someone going there will end well

It would be a treasure trove if some user somehow managed to get travel manifests from this company. I'd be curious to see if these offices they transport to have any connections or if the run any actual business.


Yeah. Won't end well for the pedos

It woud be huge if there were 10 anons available to go there all at the same time

Interesting. Looks like New Jersey is swarming with a well organized crypto-pedophile cult that practices in plain sight.

/gd/ fag here. that triangular mark is pretty iconic, appealing and easy to produce thing before the secretive US sodomite pedo movement adapted it. i doodled shit like this when i was a kid ffs. no wonder some delivery service would use it in their corporate branding.

Did that cianigger who "shot up" the alafantis (rothchild) pizza joint ever make it to court? Or was it just completely memory holed?

Oh where have I seen that before. point of interest to investigate too.

Nice try.

Tell us a story user.

Reminder that every major police force is controlled by Jesters to facilitate child trafficking.

(dub dubs checked)

this could be connected to james' museum shit.. talked about "live artpieces" etc. and art pieces that needed to be kept cold. can't find where i read it tbh i probably just watched videos on youtube that covered it. apparently james hates when the museum is brought up

to be fair i haven't paid that much attention to the pizzagate thing but i've noticed the psychological trend of schizos attempting to find elaborate hidden symbolism in absolutely EVERYTHING including their microwavable tendies packaging, so to 'outsider' like me it appears silly and dumb. apologies for my ignorance.

lurk more.

wtf is this?

If you compare the quarter to the other logos you can see the quarter is the correct use. The other symbols are in reverse. I think the triangle is supposed to represent the letters B and L. The quarter with the stamp on it matches the company logo on that truck exactly.

Underrated find.

remember a kike's affinity shit too.

during the 2016 election, it was found that the goons coming in to shill up the board were also found to be Hillary Clinton's online "specialist" team known as "Correct the Record" (now known as Share Blue). Someone created a thread about having caught pictures of one of their buildings, and for that night, shilling seemingly ceased afterwards.

any way to confirm same guy? there are probably a number of Thomas P. Conroys out there… pretty generic American name

false flag as fuck. people posted the surveillance footage cameras facing comet were moved a few hours before the supposed "shooting". then back again after.

Kill yourself.

Anons stop being retarded and replying to e051de, the faggot has done nothing but weakly attempt to derail and avatar fag like a freshly baked shill. Stop aiding his agenda you fucking idiots.

just ignore them

I got shoa'd yesterday for posting in a thread about this on cuckchan. (((They))) must be worried.

At the point that you realize you are ignorant on a topic and admitting you haven't even looked at the relevant source material, you should probably stop posting.

I would go, but not alone…

Yes. Some registrars even throw it in for free.

is it an epic maymay to immediately claim people who have any doubts or questions are 'shills'?

here, a screencap from my gd / webdev environment. i'm not a US government agent working for the pedoring. (((trust))) me.

now proceed with your mission to expose the globalist pedophile ring. apologies for interruption. godspeed, anons.

I would go, but not alone…

unfortunately i haven't any postable info but it's out there somewhere. probably in the pizzagate generals. there are youtube videos about it though.

pegasus museum

Checks out.


I'm aware of how caress the rectum was exposed, but I didn't know that someone brazenly walked into their office and documented their bullshit. What was the name of the ctr leader again? I know posting it on cuckchan will get you permabanned.

Best way to check if something is legit or a false flag. You'd think they'd have realized they have the worst poker face in history by this point.

Don't go alone anons, double dubs demands a group.

the person didn't walk into the office. only caught images of the outside. But it matches up with different articles pointing out that HRC was setting up an "online specialist" group. Plus also, one person's account having left the service from not being able to put up with the shit. [HRC spends 1 mil ] [A former paid “Internet troll” for Clinton speaks out: It was “nasty” and “left a very bad taste”] conflicting should be saged for off topic, but should be bumped to keep this up

I posted these two images. Is bestiality against U.S. Law?

If any user does go, for fucks sakes go armed.

Reptilian space jews from the planet Saturn are industrially farming, raping, and cannibalizing your children during elaborate worldwide occult rituals that they perform in front of you without your notice. They have done this for hundreds of years. Sorcerers and wizards of today battle each other in the streets with brand sigils of gruesome intent, and amplify their energies by acting during times and dates of mathematical synchronicity. Gird yourself with the seven sacred metals, with Jupiter for protection upon your crown, and prepare for all out magical war.

Yes seriously.

lol sounds like they got traumatized by professional shitposters

How can you tell? I thought the refrigerator part went on top.

If any user goes, don't go alone and go prepared for anything. Remember what happened last time



I hate seeing these threads, because it reminds me how vile and parasitic our enemy is. But I'm glad these threads are here to expose them. Good work, those of you who are willing to dig and get dirty.

just posting some pics for fuck of it

What happened last time?


I guess I've never seen ones like that. Yeah, the vents really give it away.

user went alone, took some photos, then tried to get inside. user never made it out, and no one knows what happened. There was no police reports filed for a break in ect.

(for actual newcomers)

Kek rest his soul. Likely whatever was inside has already been moved/abandoned. An important reminder never go alone. Go in as a fucking group. 4 at the very least.

Are you talking about that creepy ass daycare with the white rabbit drawing on the outside? That entire thing seemed to get memory holed.

looks like an archive here , but need full image of his story pic.

The more we wish it weren't real the more real it gets. . .

The other kicker here was that the museum had freezers/coolers

first result is a memorial page for a dead c list actress. It has no actual posts on it and some of the photos on it are very strange looking. Its also apparently hosted in slovakia

Because sourcing from the domestic supply triggers Amber alerts sometimes.>>10684524

But the mods here are just as cucked as the mods there, sometimes more so. But I like the users here better.

this may be me being entirely too autistic but a while ago I was looking into leftist esoterics and a term kept coming up. tabula rasa. Wasnt sure if it was another language or code for something so i tried a couple language translations. In latin it translates as clean slate. But if you convert the letters to cyrilic it and translate it like that it translates as 'table frame'.

and the tldr of 'tabula rasa':

I haven't paid that much attention to pizzagate, but that's pretty blatant. Is there any chance somebody just thought it was a cool-looking logo? I mean, it's flat-out one of the symbols from the FBI; they'd have to be stupid to plaster it all over their business right?

Tabula rasa (/ˈtæbjələ ˈrɑːsə, -zə, ˈreɪ-/) refers to the epistemological idea that individuals are born without built-in mental content and that therefore all knowledge comes from experience or perception. Proponents of tabula rasa generally disagree with the doctrine of innatism which holds that the mind is born already in possession of certain knowledge. Generally, proponents of the tabula rasa theory also favor the "nurture" side of the nature versus nurture debate when it comes to aspects of one's personality, social and emotional behavior, knowledge and sapience.

Now, if you practice brainwashing on people, you might want your victims to be tabulae rasae. And if you eliminate evidence from crime scenes, or if you provide paperwork for convicts, you might like the idea of "clean slate."




Also, legitimate companies' websites actually sell their products and services. There's always a "buy now" or "get a quote" function on every page, displayed for maximum effect. The fact that so many of these companies' websites hide the ball is evidence that they are not what the purport to be.

Будь осторожен, шагая по тени, есть лабиринт.

Is that spade pic real?

It's probably from the movie Triumph of the Will (Triumph des Willens)

Thanks user

Yup. And the only mentions of it that I have been able to dig up are either communist sources, sources criticizing communism, or kikes being kikes.


Pathetic. Don't reply to the (1)s

The less (you)s spamming up a thread, the better.

Is that why Holla Forums had a hardcore cp thread up for so long today?

Possibly, that or it just might be aGGros trying to slam Holla Forums as a paedophile hive, again

Sounds gay.
I should just make and sell spy equipment so you fags don't fuck it up.

While we're on the topic of jew jersey, there's tgis logo that I've seen in Princeton and makes me wonder…

Not even Southern California is filled with this much paedophile imagery.

The kikes laid down roots on the east coast, which is one reason why fbi user stated the other capitol of corruption is jew pork shitty.

Show that whore's full name, she deserves lynched.

*to be*

Depends on state tbqh. Why would you upload that?

And the timestamp
And the following post timestamp
I saw that

en.wikipedia. org/wiki/Wall%27s_(ice_cream)

Anything to this, or just pure coincidence?

puuuuure coincidence, goyim, now back to playing your vidya.

Well if this is what you're referring too they did change it



Kikes are extremely blatant about this. Now that you have seen the logos you will see them everywhere


Checked. Kek is with us.

They still use the heart symbol in my country. These guys have a different name in every country afaik


Correct. In Mexico it still has the double heart symbol and they are called "Holland Ice Cream."

So the Sherrifs are pedos… What does this mean for the PD?

Make a list of companies with these symbols!!!
Design by:

Sewanon here and it is odd. 'knit' used this way denotes a certain type of fabric, knit as opposed to woven but why state that on an import form when clothing is sufficient? Knit vs. woven is of concern to sewers because it requires a special needle and stitch. But the word "infant" implies the clothes have already been made because it describes the size of the finished piece. And why does this office company concern themselves with baby sweaters?

there's a surprise

It means you're fucking retarded.

Ohhh fug.

It looks like the design element first appeared in the LACSD badge when Sheriff Biscailuz got his in the 1950s.

I can also make out rayon, cotton and spandex so it's describing different types of clothing or cloth so probably not some pedo code but still odd.



He could still be alive and here with us now. Maybe he got spooked and decided to lay low. We should have sent a drone.

Not sure. Something about niggers in a side conversation. Made sense at the time.

Your ID got b dubs.


hey, if you're going to transport tortured and raped kids corpses by truckloads, OF COURSE put a giant pedo symbol on it, that will work nicely.


Only explanation needed honestly. I'm sure it would have been accurate user.

This is the third thread I've seen you screaming SHUT IT DOWN because its a subject you don't approve of, Schlomo. Please get the fuck out already.

The funny part is there was a big billboard on tge way to work last year with that logo very prominently showing. That thing was up for years. Weeks after that comet shooting, they redo the billboard, still similar theme but the logo was wayy smaller and to the corner. I personally wouldn't have thought anything of it if it wasn't for their coincidental billboard update.


One thing events like that taught me was that there is no such thing as a coincidental event politically, and everything is connected in someway. It's like Dominos, someone had to knock it over.

This company is located next door to Home Source Industries LLC owned by (((Yitzhak Evar))).
This company imports "large furniture" into the US.
The company has a business relationship with (((Houzz))) and therefore pedophile Ashton Kutcher.

has anybody looked at the model of truck and mpg of load w/ ac running

work = magick
place = transporting

Kid delivery for the OTO / Jesters

For what purpose?

To calculate approximate operating distances?

More info please user.

Play me a song Schlomo, I wanna dance

see if they run the ac as they drive and see when they run operations.
Operating distances are a variable, since if they have an extremely low mpg, they may be actually working. But if they have a high mpg, that's a light load, and you guys know what that means…

I mean, they can refuel. They can go anywhere continental. If you think they can't breeze by borders without stopping you're nuts. How do you think Tredau gets shipments of ladyboys?

There are enough front businesses starting and closing everyday that it's a full time business? Is there any evidence that would convince a functional person?

No fucking shit, detective. Figuring out how long they can go before needing to do so and, more importantly, where they usually do so are kinda important.

That makes everything entirety possible. It's just sorta flimsy, shooting in the dark, but if you wanna follow it go right ahead. I'm not stopping you.

Yes, as user as possible. In the old days (pre-internet/pre-computer), you had to hire an attorney to act as your corporate officers, and "be" the company. These days, any random kid can be user.
voat has more threads on him, it is only an allegation, but it fits the overall pattern

Like pottery.

Not sure how to figure it out, chum. I'm not a MAC truck identifier guy.



Murray Hill in Manhattan is the cultural epicenter of Italian American life… also the mafia. Interesting this place is located on a "Murray Hill" as well. Could be mob related? tread carefully

the only thing I find questionable is that they went right behind a window during a broadcast with something so obvious, could be autist bait

that was breddy gud. Much later, I was looking up another place in DC and I noticed that with Googles map it wouldn't show 455 mass ave (if I remember address correctly). It would show a different area of the city. The kikes were scared. And I'd bet they all still use that office.

I doubt he faced anything as he's some third-rate actor listed on imdb.

>This company is located next door to Home Source Industries LLC owned by (((Yitzhak Evar))).


I don't get it… that's not the same phone number.

Maybe they set up offices for businesses like Clair and Todd

Edgar Maddison Welch, the North Carolina man persuaded to storm a Washington, D.C., pizza place by an internet rumor that it hid a Democrat-run pedophile ring, was sentenced to four years in prison on Thursday, the Washington Post reports.

Welch apologized to the victims and the people of Washington, D.C., for his entering Comet Ping Pong with a loaded AR-15 military-style rifle.

He requested an 18-month sentence before eventually begin given four years, just below the four-and-a-half years prosecutors sought.

"Pizzagate" began as an internet conspiracy theory before it ended in gunshots in the D.C. pizzeria . In March 2016, protesting families came from as far as Canada and California to march in Washington to demand the truth about Comet Ping Pong be outed. The internet rumors alleged that Democrats, including Hillary Clinton , were running a child sex-slavery ring out of the establishment. Clinton's campaign manager, John Podesta, sometimes dined there.

James Alefantis, Comet Ping Pong's owner, appeared in court to attest to the "physical terror" Welch's invasion caused. He added that he hoped that "one day in a more truthful time we will remember this day as an aberration."

Welch wrote in a letter to U.S. District Judge Ketanji Brown that he was "truly sorry" for endangering the safety of those present and that he now realized how "foolish and reckless" his decision was.

Prosecutors told the judge that a "significant sentence is required" to deter others from seeking vigilante justice "based only on their YouTube feed," according to the Post.

Welch hatched his plan to enter Comet Ping Pong after watching videos furthering conspiracies about the pizzeria, the Post reported. Several friends warned Welch not to act or do "something stupid."

Infowars host Alex Jones, who garnered headlines earlier this week for his NBC interview with Megyn Kelly , furthered the conspiracy theory on his radio show.

user who shops at Target and Alibaba here. Carelessly worded and wholesale labels will often say "knitted" and your hobby isn't the secret rosetta stone this time round.

So was Omar Mateen.

Does anyone think it's just a coincidence that a truck that gave us this lead appeared on the news for everyone to see?

Not a god damn chance.

Always pay attention to when the listing was created. I know with some recent stories people have been making IMDB pages for perps/witnesses/etc on the day of the event, to mislead. It might be a tactic to discredit IMDB listings as related to news hoaxes. There have been a lot of witnesses and other characters related to stories of mass violence with media backgrounds or talent listings.


Not on their lives. There's a very good chance this is a setup to frame us as crazies for getting way too close, but dig anyway because it could also be one of /ourguys/ making sure it was caught on camera.

Either way, nothing is ever a coincidence.

Maybe it was meant for someone else as a go signal or something

Well fuck. Spread this like butter.

Why would bumblefuck nobody former state department worker have a wikipedia page?



saging a sticky!


Perhaps today being the end of FY2017 has something to do with it. Some sort of financial signal about the trade. Boys on sale?

Those demorat senators might be worth digging into.

guys, I think this is what we were waiting for
this is the thread that unravels it all
MSNBC was reporting on sexual abuse and name dropped clinton a few days ago…
the tables have turned

Yea probably because there's so man Jews there.

You have no idea what they're doing, and you need to stop guessing, or intentionally misleading.

why indeed. Don't they have policies against that?


Everyone reading needs to save everything on hard disk. Pizzagate has had websites disappear even from the archive.

Let's just say if someone was to contact them, what would they say?

Not sure who you are referring to. One of the witnesses for Charlottesville that provided a video was a State Department employee and Dem political operative and campaign staff. I don't think he had a wiki page at the time of the event.

Yes. And don't talk about any of your plans anywhere online. Just do it, get the evidence, then leak it anonymously.

I mean, that could be a very obscure, yet, well planned type of go signal…but it seems like a bit extra work honestly, but like another user said somewhere in this thread, nothing is a coincidence in politics.

There are freemasons everywhere, but not necessarily in controlling positions. There's a few, like LA and DC that are totally controlled, but many masons in the police are getting scared to protect these pedophiles anymore.

I'm not a regular participant of these threads, but there was one where someone posted a StreetView screenshot of a local business near me that had the BL logo on the building. It wasn't a restaurant but I recall it had something to do with children.

Does anyone have a collection of these kinds of images of pedo-owned businesses hiding in plain view?

Pedophile protectors get the rope.

I think he got 4 years. I was surprised. It happened a day or two after someone here found kiddy porn on the server.

Get a gun, a bullet proof vest, and some gonads. More people just makes you easier to spot.

ok, though, can we see the mileage that they have per truck and the mpg?

I see this fucking billboard every time i drive to class in newark nj and it's a huge blackpill


What evidence that they disappeared? Sounds extremely unlikely, designed to dissuade. Surveillance is legal and safe when done properly.

Interesting, but not relevant.


Not a bad idea.

NYC has the banks.


Furniture is what masons call non masons.

Also the garages at the Murray installation center appears to be just like the loading docks at subtropolis in kansas city. This meaning there may be underground facilities at that site.

None except user didn't return to the thread to post again.

This is a G by the way

Notice the red and white like sobib

G for Gay Mafia?



People better be archiving everything offline or in ipfs.

Williams Center for the Arts down the road. moar incoming

Probably masonic. G is in the Square and Compass.

Underrated posts



I'm acquainted with the pedo symbols, it's very old info. What I'm looking for is other businesses which seem to incorporate these symbols in their logos. Apparently they're all around us because like I said, someone posted a street view screenshot of one near me, which came as a shock.

The site just uses random stock photos. Is that normal?

I'm still really confused as to why exactly (((they))) put shit this blatant all over the place


No secret walls in museums or anything like that.

So they can find each other.


Yes of course

$5bln "mall" abandoned down the road from Workplace Installation Group, read on:, nyt, izod center closing, izod abandoned, financing, xanadu abadoned, financing by multiple firms, Ghermazians put in kosher food court and dump $225 mln for water and amusement park,


Is the Scout II significant or is it just the massive warehouse space? Do I unwittingly own a pedophile meme vehicle?
I think they would make awesome commie crushers, I have heard that when they are in accidents, what ever they hit explodes.


Citation needed

I have a copy of the Pizzagate wiki with some "improvements" here.

Please for the love of God post your findings here to create a clean looking source. Then go archive or screenshot the page so that it can be easily disseminated if the source page gets taken down.

Study the occult if you want to understand these people retard.


This I believe combined with the power trip of knowing they can. But I would guess location means more on the balance. Like in the Blade trilogy where the familiars have secret symbols everywhere so that they can always find a party in a new town. I would wager there is a coded language of words and hand signals, even dress codes that say to doormen "I am in the club", just like masons have handshakes and so on.

Summary time for latefags


Look at the logo of the grand lodge of new jersey I mean come on now this cant get more obvious.


area code

IH scouts are solid fucking Holla Forums tier commie smashing steel hunks of driving ever loving shitlord. My buddy has one called Barney and it's huge and purple and rolls on 44" boggers. Good shit


Revelation of the method. They have to do it because of the Talmud. Basically if they show you in plain sight what they're doing, they can not be held responsible or accountable for their actions.

No. They do not have to, and frequently do not reveal their method.


Oh yeah, and here ya go cuckchanner. Welcome to die


And now you know why drones have to be registered. ;)

Your post got dubs

Hey, it's Yom Kippur, is there a Kol Nidre thread?

Yes, we reveal it because revelation and more people knowing about it means less power.

There's similarly a real estate company in DC that has the circle pedo symbol. I found that back in November last year but I'm not sure any digging was done into them. I can't find the name of the company or the google maps image that I saved currently. However, the company had its logo in a window of a property that was related to Alefantis at some point.
So I found this trail in my notes, here is a dump of the trail I was following then that somehow led me to finding this company. The company is called 'Douglas Development'.

> d4jv#1FMUpyZV1jQ 0feraVcqqcvPkb w2bg83GoOQtkNZso

No. It's because you fuckers abuse manifestation and familiarity of masses and their energy for your negative ways.

Just as we spread memes to gas you fucking kikes.


witnessed those dubs, and witnessed your witnessing.



Target and Alibaba? How do you explain 'infant' you fucking kike? How do you 'shop' at Alibaba?

He meant "we" as in imageboard users or others who research and post online about it

Not for any legitimate website that has actually examples to show for. Another thing about the site I noticed was the lack of names and a portfolio as well as short paragraphs. The website looks like someone spend an hour or two max creating it, plus there's the 2012 copyright on bottom which is a bit outdated for a serious company. A few things to note - the images may be due to having little business hence little to show for, haven't updated the website in 5 years showing that they aren't too serious of a company, among the poorly created website that looks like a child made it in a few hours or so(likely a template, if not, that would be quite strange for having put so little info down).

Wasn't that when those two faggots broke into the CTR headquarters in some office building.

Also, on the bottom it states, "site by NWG", perhaps we may seek whom NWG is though from first look appears to be a site claiming to be against "child sexual exploitation"

No, they are not from here and neither are you.
Secondly, they meant revelation as in the Talmud which was discussed earlier.

This is the fakest business I've ever seen. They're not even trying.

Not shilling but consider it may be bait. May


THIS. Never warn them what you have on them or what you're about to do. It gives them time to discredit you or assassinate you. Just leak everything online, everywhere that you can. Hell, send copies to every media outlet out there. SEND COPIES TO TRUMP.

Looks like >>10686154 are the faggots of the day.

Thank you.

If you know what you're doing (i.e. not a beginner) you can leak some bullshit as canary traps to do some analysis. Normies are much stupider and more obvious than you might think.

Better video

Also did nobody notice that this shows Hillary ALSO USED PERFECT PRIVACY LLC?

Pure cohencidence, I'm sure.

Maybe it's for the "ice cream". They would likely also need to be shipping items in refrigerated containers too, unless imported ice cream was shipped warm.

oi lads - I stopped visiting here on a regular basis following the election, but I've just discovered the elsagate youtube kids video shit though and I was wondering if there's been much discussion of them here at all.
I'm currently of the belief that they are intimately connected to all the pizzagate shenanigans. What's the prevailing theory or explanation for them? I haven't seen much of this in the investigation threads.

Well there is your democratic endorsement right there… faggots!

I'll just leave these here.

Just in case you think theyre oblivious to the fact their logo looks like a dick.


I am not saying this is wrong… there is a possible rebranding but this does not QUITE fit the original symbol… it is pretty fucking scary none the less, to have a box truck driving around that could be picking up children in masses!

1. Is collecting artwork of child abuse and serial murder blatant? Art can speak while maintaining DENIABILITY.

2. The symbols would signal to likeminded others in the "community" discreet RECOGNITION of a fellow trafficker.

3. BRAGGING. Think about how hard it is for most fags not to brag. Anons are better about it given the culture of not chasing (you)s or recognition. But most fags like to display their team logo proudly on their sleeve.

Spiral shapes and butterflies are not completely uncommon symbols, thus are only seen as initial possible leads. That's why Holla Forums investigates further. When you have them, plus say refrigerated furniture trucks from a co. with connections to prominent suspects-

STOP IT NOW!!! You will be investigated if you continue to make sense!!! I as a leading member of the DNC SWEAR TO YOU, You will be found and charged with treason and misuse of gender pronouns!!! FEAR US!

This is possibly a bombshell-tier connection.

Guess this comes to no surprise to anyone. Are we all still crazy or what?

Yeah I saw this and commented that it was just an error but the parent/conspiracy (listener) in me made me take a pause.

Perfect privacy LLC, meet domains by proxy, meet wild west domains LLC, meet markmonitor LLC. They are all connected if you look hard enough. It's all a fucking botnet after all.

Fuck you guys and your ability to research seamlessly… thanks for making sure I do not sleep tonight FFS!!

You have no idea what you are doing. I advise heeding 's advice.

wtf dude?


s-sauce of goldmask bro?

Sounds like CP production.

does any of this even help?

his wife sounds pretty interesting too, seems like she had a bigger position at State

Oh shit I just realised he was the same kike.

Holy fuk

I wan't soccer moms to leave.

haha what

These are the only threads where the entire board really comes together, I like that. It's probably the universal despise towards kikes amped to the max when they are taking advantage of the weakest and most innocent members of our society, the future if you will. They are trying to rape the future, drain it out of its energy for their perverted desires at its most critical age and there is nothing more infuriating than that.


this is fucky…
NOTHING in tv/movie productions happens by accident…
if these trucks are showing up in background shots of other shows/movies (and after seeing this clip, i suspect they are) then that makes the "flash" on fox news seem less unintentional…

It's a trap!!

This is a clip from "Mr. Robot" , tv show about hackers, etc.

What the fukkkkk

Hey now what

Fucking Dire Keks, checked as fuck

Moose Lodge is also nearby Perfect Pizza… i remember someone saying there was a a connection…

Wait, someone actually found evidence of them hiding CP on their servers? I remember there was some hidden link on the Besta pizza website that was password-protected, but I don't recall anyone finding anything substantial. What habbened?


any connections to crisis actor outfits?

probably turned into pizza ingredients before (((they))) took a photo of his pizza-shaped corpse (along with his hat), pretty sure it was posted not long after loneanon got (((disappeared)))

one of those sponsors for the weird benefit has a suspicious client with a questionable logo. this client also has business right next to workplace installation group.

i'm spooked boys.

Don't scare me!

Shlomo's are here boys. Arguing with their own ID in another thread and posting here too.


maybe its late and im starting to see things, but are you calling me a schlomo, bro?

If these cunts want to "watch me" for pedo search results then fuck them… I am about ready to go on an all out manhunt to find record and report any god damn pedo in america…. but i fucking hope one tries to get physical with me so I can beat that cunt into a pulp!!

Nah homeslice,

Is the kayak.

thanks for clearing that up - this whole threads got me twitchy…

You mean kike?

I'm with you. Nothing makes it into these shows by random. Especially with how clear and focused that truck is in that clip. Something is fucking afoot here my dudes. There is trickery and mischief at play. And we will not rest until the Light of Truth shines upon it.

Fuck the occult pedo kikes. We are become Kek. All base are belong to us. We are the infinite spark in the darkness that must flee from our very presence. Ayyyyy fuck these shlomo ass shills reading this shit.


Is it deliberately put in the news outlet, or?

I don't remember Fox being that directed by the chosen people, but it may just be me and my memory. That's exactly the only reason I can come up with for it to be a ruse, or, even perhaps a long-term attempt to push these symbols as a part of the collective consciousness.

I'm probably sure the anons who dig into this know these companies by accident and others stumbling over it.

Is it just really a coincidence, or is the baby slaughtering business just so commonplace now that even a random journalist on a street can pick it up by accident? That would be the most scary part, if you ask me, if it's really not just something set up by the addicts themselves to buy some time.

They probably know a lone hero possibly would try to bug a truck so you'd obviously put surveillance on every truck possible to avoid that.

Your post got dubs too

They put that in the show purposely knowing well of the symbology as a means to discredit any developments surrounding it by claiming it's all fiction or that they put it there to go along with the "conspiracy" theme of the joke as an easter egg.

Also I don't proofread my shit because i'm tired

The show started in 2015 though, which was before any of us knew about the symbols to look for, etc.

Curious as to what episode user got that clip from…

They are you disgusting degenerate filth.

its probably a stock photo, looks like the logos on the doors and truck are photoshopped, the company being a front is very plausable:
moving and storing corporate office shit so they can justify security / privacy..spanky new trucks for moving people about, political connections, corporate connections..fuug

this is more or less what red-pilled me - the realization that (((they))) fictionalize the truth (in films and tv) in order to marginalize truth seekers.

The end of the first episode(?) he was saying "it's happening" over and over.
Been awhile since I've seen it.

make it stop

>mfw computer power only is suddenly kill to upgrade glow in the dark rootkit CPU microcode while browsing dis bred.


Daily reminder that Emperor Nero had his own slave sex toy.
Other thread related

Meant for

here is a complete list of productions in nyc permitted for filming as of 9/29.
i'd be willing to bet these truck are making cameo appearances on other shows too…


The 1980s: The Deadliest Decade
Big Dogs
Blue Bloods
High Maintenance
Law & Order: SVU
Madam Secretary
The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
Mozart in the Jungle
Mr. Robot
Orange is the New Black
The Path
Red Oaks
Untitled After Party Project
Feature Films

Brittany Runs A Marathon
Detective Chinatown 2
Faraway Eyes
High Strung Free Dance
Hot Air
I Feel Pretty
If Beale Street Could Talk
The Irishman
The Land of Steady Habits
Like Father
The Pursuit of Unhappiness
Three Seconds
Tu Me Manques
Untitled Green Project
WASP 2017
Cable Series, Broadcast Series and Other TV Shows:

Black Ink Crew
Deadline: Crime with Tamron Hall
Impractical Jokers
Love and Hip-Hop
Oprah's Master Class
Daytime, Late Night, News and Talk Shows

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah
The Early Show
Fox & Friends
Fox Business Network
Good Morning America
Harry Connick Jr. Show
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver
Late Night with Seth Meyers
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
Live with Kelly and Ryan
Saturday Night Live
Sesame Street
Weekend Today
The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon

Did even a single arrest come out of pizzagate? If not, why continue the good chase. because it's fun to play sleuth

That's a lot of garbage holy shit

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

I don't think you understand where this ends as It doesn't end with ZOG arresting it's own.

Sounds probable. Any way it's there, and people are now digging. Probably, companies like this are just recruiting gates.

Logically for covert operations is to make the the fake car take all the spotlight. That way you'd take the dumb, otherwise would-be-heroes off the equation. They probably know it's getting attention, so that way I'd probably best for them in the long run if they run the "muh conspiracy" card again, turning yet another symbol into common knowledge while discrediting it and the mad dogs chase the bumpers while people otherwise taking it for a gate just concluding it's fiction.

They know what they're doing is wrong. The most important transports obviously are being done in private, or as safe as possible.

Applying logic from here on out.
We can probably say this for sure: Companies like this, if they really do handle abducted children, are built both on reward and fear. They lure people deeper and deeper into the lions den by team-building spirit and a good pay. When they are deemed worthy (or preferrably brainwashed enough) they will begin undertaking the more revealing jobs.

This means the families of the employees would be put hostage. If anything leaks not only you'll pay but your family, too. Rewards, of course, goes to anyone revealing any interloper or person wanting to bail out. Probably, most of the work time goes on wiretapping each other and keeping eyes on the facilities. Only the top ranked people, who probably themselves have undergone the rituals, will be handling the children.

The trucks themselves will probably drive back and forth for no real reason but to seem busy.

Technically, doing anything outside of the box won't reveal anything.

We need to put faith in good human nature so that people capable of doing the right thing will do it and ignore the fear. The resistance is growing, and it's showing.

Godspeed, anons.


Is it wrong if I read pepe as peep

Yes. Those where the troops making roads, digging pathways etc. Happened a lot and most of them where volunteers too.

Mossad LARP.

It's kike signaling this company to people that know the symbols, which are mostly the pedorings.


Hmm. He claims north korea is the kikes trump card to keep trump from arresting anybody. If he is not larping that is.

Either you posted the wrong link or that shit has been scrubbed.

Isn't domainsbyproxy just GoDaddy?

IC = Immigrant Children

TV shows like that would block out the logo unless they were hired to provide a prop truck, look into any connections they have with (((media production companies))) in jew york

This is fucking stickies? What are you sledding komphy?
Why the hell are my schoolbooks marked by pedo symbol? This company looks weird


It's a front

Cool, hip and interesting names and brand recognition garners attention.

Tell me, did you know about them until now? No? Then their technique works, right?


no no no no no no


We need a website or something to archive all pizzagate related disoveries

why the fuck is this stickied

this, stickying this kind of bullshit seems a bit suspicious

Why do you care? What is suspicious about it other than the possible connection to pizzagate?

Listen up fuckers.
I just discovered another Comet-pizza-tier creepy pizza joint in the same area code and 11 miles away from workplace installation group
The pizza shop is called Two Boots Pizza and they have multiple locations.

The owner, Phil Hartman, is a (((Jewish Indie Filmmaker with three lesbian born children, who is into filming Movies)))

From their website: About the owner


Seems like a low teir typical kike. Not seeing anything pizza related other than he's a degenerate.

Also check out their instagram

Not political enough? Not trivial, or D&C-based enough? What do you mean? Is this thread so bothersome, taking up valuable screen real-estate at the top of your permanently affixed screen set to Holla Forums, but instead of ignoring and scrolling down you thought it would make more sense to take the time to respond with discouragement?

Wow no gets, 5A66o1>=laD-MzoJyU0
What's that faggoty pic supported to represent?

You must go back.

Well done user. Checked dub dubs
capped for posterity if anyone survives to shitpost

pepe is the reptilian version of pedo bear. the reptlians are playing a game with you. this is not leading anywhere but giving them more fear energy.

Little boy lover symbol in the S in boots.

Digging now on this (((Hartman)) ) character.
God dammit he made pornos and went to Princeton film school. He makes fucking PORNOS!!
People associated with his porn film rise -
Rich ( ((Kresburg)) )
Doris ( ((Kornish)) )
John ( ((Touhey)) )

This is Rich ( ((Kresberg)) )
He gave Two Boots Pizza the dough to get started.
He is in Sag Harbor and is a fucking MERCHANT

Found a name to dig associated with workplace installation

Marie Knee possibly in Jersey City

Wow Doris ( ((Kornish)) )
Am I surprised at fucking all? Nope

Related. Body language of abuse victims

Good catch.

He meant this but maybe Kek is telling us to focus on the poor boys these kikes are obviously selling

I saw it, I just think the Po' Boys ties in.

I remember that thread.

He didn't go inside. Just took pics of the outside of the building and reported back to us.

I'm so glad pedos are this dumb. There is no way we won't win.

Those faggots always have to out themselves just like kikes.

Do you have a counter argument for any of the information presented?



Answer a dumb question with a dumb answer

Look a Sliding, Shilling Kike!

In his speech to congress on human trafficking on Haiti & elsewhere there was a brief moment when he said to the politicians don't worry I'll remain an actor that evoked laughter from him and a few others:


It would probably be good to keep these threads focused.

The symbols are only possible leads. Often these elemental shapes are used by normal people. Like on this anime character, "Yuyuko.jpg" . With her red swirl, on a white triangle. Likely the Jap artists just adopted this symbol by coincidence. Then again it does seem like a good bit of coincidence. Maybe that's a bad example. Anyhow, much more than the symbolism would be needed as proof to normalfags much less a court. I don't expect anyanon to dig deep enough into these things to get real evidence. So where does this leave us? Perhaps the somewhat shallow investigation anons can safely do and report back publicly here will alert some useful authorities or cause a shut-down or reduction of the traff ops. Or just slowly pill more normalfags for a ground-swell.

For maximum aesthetics and utility of investigation threads, I would recommend not expressing too much hostility towards possible suspects who may or may not be guilty, and not assigning group blame too much to the point that it can appear as though the thread is focused on this more than ending these vile acts and those who do them, even if it does largely seem to be the case.

Dun goofd.

Here is a high res ariel pic of the warehouse. I can get pics of almost any location at any angle. anyone want more?

Keep dumping. Is the tool you are using something that is publicly available?

this is great, what do you use?

The service is pictometry connect explorer. I think the service costs about $1,500 for a year and my company has a subscription to it for business purposes. The images are taken from airplanes. All of these images are from May 2013

It looks like there is another company that operate from this address, Fournier Trucking.

There is also some space available to rent at this warehouse as well

Front door has workplace logo.

Just doing a follow up for interest on that Two Boots in Jersey City

I'm so glad everyone hasn't forgotten about this

Too easy

why is voat down?

It's being DDOSd or something. If you keep refreshing it will eventually load.

Fuck me.

it aint working user

why is it being ddosd? are they onto something?

Here is the scene where they mention Trump's latest book being on Amazon's movers and shakers, before the day we actually did it.

ESPECIALLY in that show, director is insanely and notably detail-focused. In fact, if I didn't know any better, I'd say this is part of an ARG for the show (they've done some really crazy ones before IIRC), but I highly doubt pedowood would ever even "ironically" attach itself to pedophilia in a way that the audience is supposed to figure it out.

It's trivial as FUCK, lad.

Why is this thread still pinned? Has something been found out or it's just a very slow news day?

Not trying to disencourage investigation, which is always good, but if it's just about OP's furniture company truck, it could be a case of too much autism then again, I see how such a company could be used as a front for cleanup jobs

I guess I'm just longing for a proper happening.

Do you have a counter to any of the information presented, or do you have anything to add to the discussion? If not, kindly fuck off back to reddit.

They're doing some kind of maintenance, they had a thread about it earlier today on voat.

The symbol on your anime character looks nothing like the little boy lover symbol. The LBL symbol is a blue spiral that is crudely drawn. The logo of Two Boots may not be blue, but it fits the other criteria, which makes it suspect.

The LBL symbol is similar to the main BL symbol which is a "spiraling" triangle (or a triangle within a triangle, if you prefer).

Is this Mr robot as well?

Here's a few from my pizzagate folder.

If you go through and reverse image search not a single one of their images are legit.

Even their super special sauce app is a stock image. Why would they invest in a custom management control software just to show a stock photo used on a real estate site?

As we already found out before, they take kids from those programs that won't be missed.

Don't go if you don't know what you're doing (AKA civilian).

user is dead, I would guess. He sounded like he had no idea what the fuck he was doing. I was too late that evening, but I warned everyone to have it together. It's nothing for these people to off you and they have all the tools to cover it up. You have to maintain physical security and the threat of information leak at all times on an op like that.

and a few more.

Here are some supposed iSteg pictures, not sure anyone every identified the message. (I think they were from Podesta's email)

Thank you for posting this!
Kang nigger and bif skipman and Dave stone and Podesta and Paul Sizemore and Amanda Kleineman will not get away with this



Here's a few more but that'll be all for now

The IP that resolves to is handled by defense .net and their sister company f5. They were created by Barrett Lyon. On his Wikipedia page, you can see a picture of him at MoMa:

Lyon received initial funding via a Carnegie foundation company too. Get your mining hats on boys we're going deep!



FBI wants to have fun too, user. It's not like they are busy catching pedos or anything

Anyone else want to dig on this server using ip search in bing? It's a lot of Catholic Charities, tobacco companies mental health services, cremation services. They're running a ton of sites on this one server, and assuming it's all f5, that's not unusual, but if they were handling all PERFECT domains, eventually some may turn up on this list. Here's what I have so far, probably all nothing:

Studio Papillion (nice butterfly symbolism) -

Rebels Run Afton Mountain VA (we know they use summer camps) -

JT Harding, artist -

A Touch of Magic Travel -

Kid Stuff -

Platinum Dolls Gentleman’s Club NJ -

Going Home Cremation Service (serving MA, DC, North VA) -

Black Family and Child Services of Arizona -

Rochdale Early Advantage Charter School -

Iota Alpha Lambda Fraternity -

Light Sound Productions -

Does anyone know how to reverse DNS by registrar for free so we can get a list of PP domains?

Found one. Those bastards even are piggybacking off the 8ch logo and name.

Holy shit.

Time to enlist /baph/ and Holla Forums


If only you knew how bad things really are. You really should stop now. Like seriously you can't handle the truth.

Did anyone work out whether this is the dude that owns it? If he went to Yale he may be in the Skull & Bones with direct ties to Bushes and Clintons.

Spill yer guts faggot
How bad is it? I can imagine pretty far user

To summarize, everything, and literally any website you can think of is a fucking botnet. 8ch is the one exception kinda. Even then you have to tor post with the correct precautions or go through the kikefare botnet.

You can't fix the situation without physical violence as that is what is employed against those who try to start technology buisnesses to offer alternatives to the (((options))) given for controlled opposition by default. Those buisness either get bought, the owners co-opted, or the owners are (((suicided))).

You literally need a standing army to start a fucking twitter clone that is not kiked. Or a jewtube clone, or a kikebook clone, or a cianiggerhub clone, and or literally anything that is not kiked. You also must be able to fuel that standing army completely independently from ZOG ala best korea style. It's preety bad.

I can handle it, but can you please explain on a more technical level how *every* website, save 8ch is a part of a botnet?

More sites registered under PP:
forgot to whois, Studio Papillion is registered under Perfect Privacy
Jennifer Scott, pianist -
Elemental Alibi (band) -
Loren Schwerd, artist -
Issac Tigrett -
Florida Educational Facilities Planners' Association, Inc -
End Gun Violence Coalition -
Pratt-Taber Inn -
Richard L. Holt -
Chain Bridge Road/University Terrace Preservation Committee -
Pantrol -
Radon Corp -
Mental Health of Monmouth County -
Princeton Immigration -
DTS Recording Studio -
Alpha Technical Services Corporation -

Still trying to figure out free reverse DNS by registrant. Anyone?

Don't just do it by registrant. Unless it is a ICAAN based registrar it's possible to fake registration through the DNS servers. You have to whois the registrar and the dns server for the domain to find who truly created the websites. I.E Honeybee's thread on it. Her video identifying the makers is no longer on YT and I'm having trouble playing it on bitchute for some reason, maybe you'll have better luck. 6th vid down on her channel, title is "IDENTITY OF #ELSAGATE COUPLE - Elite Polish and Czech Banks"

Pure coincidence

Hmm… I can get the first 500 on viewDns They are related to beartrapdomains, and the address is the same as PP's, 12808 Gran Bay Parkway West, Jacksonville FL. Beartrap is the registrant for
sex15 .com
teensamour .com
Not sure if the other domain registrars on there are worth looking into. Don't have time to keep digging.

Another thing to keep in mind is that some of these domains are auto generated as honeypots by the cianigger A.I from amazon. So some might be legitiment leads from (((humans))) while others are just random traps and honeypots.

I'm surprised this much is still there. Pls archive it offline if you can.

forgot one. there are a few more but in srs controlled subs mocking it. Links galore within the links I posted.

T. cianigger A.I

At this moment, the courts are forcing me to pay HIS (my x-husband of 12 years) debt of 5m, without hearing my story or even letting me know where the money went. The options they gave me were to lose/sale my home or refinance his debt. I need a fighting lawyer that can step in immediately and I need to come up with the 5m HE owes.
more at gfm link. she's losing her hair and generally looks like hell for a not very old person.
probably Lower East Side. Fucking New Yorkers and their cult of cool.

fucked up the greentext.

True user. Voat shills and retards went nuts about spirals for a few months posting thread after thread with any spiral and all caps subjects like "found another pedophile!!!". A lot of diggers became frustrated with it and the lazy ass mods not doing their job and so left. Shills will try to post anything at all to make you look elsewhere and to discredit the findings.

They have a very good thread on exactly this company. I recommend reading it. Some excellent diggers over there.

all of you are actual retards and should be banned from this site

Hey guys, I'm in the 13'th grade at this school and i think you might like the logo.
(I've been here for 12 years, no weird shit has happened at all)


Sounds like we have our work cut out for us then
I will not be daunted. I'm pretty good at wrecking shit , maybe I'll wreck THIS shit too!
It's time to melt this little server party down one way or the fucking other
Jacksonville FL

You massive nigger. You barren spiritual desert. Don't you dare come in here with that "Thelema is a-ok" bullshit, because I'm not going to have anybody fucking swallow that poz load on my watch.

Thelma a spiritual abortion of an initiatory school created by Crowley after he got kicked out of the Golden Dawn (which is in and of itself a mason-kiked version of the Eleusinian Mysteries) for dressing up in Scottish highlander cosplay and trying to "seize" their vault of the adepti. He did this because he was supremely butthurt that they denied him acceptance into their inner order for being a massive cum-gurgling sodomite (true story, they had to call the cops to get him out. It was a massive cringefest for everyone involved).

The initiatory syllabus of the Thelema literally culminates in butthole worship. Don't take my word for it, go ahead and look up the 11th degree of the OTO. The funniest part about it was that Crowley was known to promote newbies straight to the 11th if he knew they were into that shit, because fuck even maintaining the illusion of spiritual progress, bend over :^)

The OTO is the "containment board" so to speak, where (((they))) stuff all of the entertainers and high level prostitutes (redundant, I know) who have earned themselves a sliver of power and autonomy. Chances are your favorite musicians and artists are initiates. Chances are even better your least favorite musicians and artists are initiates.

To suggest that they aren't heavily involved in all things pizza is naive at best and a malicious lie at worst.

So fuck you, and fuck everything you stand for. Take your faggot butthole sorcery somewhere else. You will find no sympathy for your profligate ways here.

I'm sure as shit that it's the pedo symbol but isn't the symbol supposed to be like pic related? It's tilted askew somewhat… DOes that have any significance?

Yeah, that's not suspicious in the slightest.

I suppose they

Phuk. Meant to erase that.

not sure if this is too much of a stretch but I saw an user on 4/pol/ suspect another concrete company and this came to mind

Not sure if this was mentioned, but I believe the "NWG" that created the workplace installation site is this company:

Based out of NO, website also registered by PERFECT PRIVACY PLC

I'm not much of an autist, but I didn't see that mentioned. I googled "NWG websites" and the first to pop up was a child abuse protection charity, which was fishy, but didn't seem like the same NWG that would have made, so I googled "NWG website crration, and I got the above.

GODSPEED anons. May Kek give us many hearty and truthful happenings.


Also interesting is that this same NWG seems to have connections in the music/Hollywood scene as they've done work for Marvel and Ariana Grande, etc

Archive it, nigger!

A leading player in the concrete industry…
Can't see why your asphalt needs to be pedo'd up… But if this is as big as folks say, I wouldn't be surprised if bosses in the biggest corporations all have a part in this.

Or as I like to put it…

You guys are morons, I already explained this in another thread. Those aren't mason handshakes, look at the diagrams of mason handshakes; the thumb is almost always on the index knuckle of the person you're shaking hands with. All of Trumps handshakes have been the normal thumb near wrist handshakes.

mundanefags really need to stop talking about things they don't understand. just stick to the pedophilia.


Anyone got a webm or link to a clip of that broadcast - what was said before, and after? Could play a role in the signals.

Good Humor still uses the heart logo all over the place in downtown Chicago

Just found this on their website

yeah good humor is just a subsidiary of Heartbrand, which is a subsidiary of the massive Unilever. This is the banner on Unilever's site explaining their brand Heartbrand, probably better to look into them

and like most sketchy groups, they have a commitment to human trafficking


Installation Group is able to manage the varied needs of our customers throughout our organization.

I just found this on Unilever's website. It looks like it's some kind of kids games that are meant to advertise their ice cream brand. But it's all in Italian.

==RED TEXT==Stephen Paddock
==RED TEXT==dubai

learn to red text
then kill yourself newfag

Unilever went around every country and bought their ice cream company to create Heartbrand. Makes sense when you realize that they need a lot of ice cream and pizza for these kids.

For events like these, absolutely. The only weird thing is that someone is sponsoring a YMCA event in the first place.

Perhaps a lunatic was simply a minority of one.

Stephen Paddock

cant. unsee.

Good find, the U in the Unilever logo has a blue Pedo swirl in it too.

Remember Urban Moving Systems

god fucking damn it man

tbh those are the least suspicious countries to import from in this context.

One of the other sites listed, 4everandadaycreationsphotography, has some pictures of a baby in a suitcase on their FB page. Also, you don't use a ridiculous URL like that if you're really trying to attract business (unless you're just not very business-savvy).

Why doesn't anyone go there with a phone and find out the IP through wifi, then you could use the IP on something like Shodan to control some low level security cameras or webcams?

it says 225 - 10,000

most people probably threw in 500 or so

Yep. And a select few ordered the 10K plate. Guess what they get?


Thanks, user. It genuinely reassures my sanity that I'm not the only one seeing this.

Seems to be consistent across Unilever brands.
What puzzles me is: what's the point? To signal other pedos that they're a pedo-friendly company? Or that those are actually fronts for trafficking? Regardless, it's too blatant to be dismissed.

A plate?

Is this why voat is getting kiddie scripted?

I hear they really appreciate flippant witticisms like yours on Reddit. You should head back there some time.

I love the multiple layers of irony going on in this post. It's so Sam Hyde.


kek at this post and date

That's not completely true. Certain companies only sell to stores or supermarkets, i.e., distributors, because there are different laws regarding selling directly to a buyer. For example, you can't buy bagged vegetables directly from the supplier.

Wouldn't it be a good idea to just lay fire on suspicious buildings? I mean chance is probably better to get away with it than investigating the whole shit and it will attract the attention of firefighters and cops for sure. Officer Barbrady usually isn't corrupted in such a manner and (((they))) couldn't sweep it under the rug that easily when the locals were involved.
inb4 Donny Darko

If you want pizzagate follow Tom Petty's daughter on Instagram. The bitch is crazy as fuck.

Recent events could be related to pizzagate:

Knitting = needles = phallus

They are really drilling down into the SOBIB/Jesters stuff, and they've helped even me piece together things. Sadly I think people in my family were into this stuff.

If that isn't an obvious front, I don't know what one is.

What is it with you cunts and earlobes? Sure, underdevolped (premature?) individuals are more likely to be fucking degenerates. Retards play with faeces. Who gives a fuck.

They're shills that are trying to lower thread quality (across a range of topics) and drive away people that come here to read by making them have to sift through a mountain of shit for a few gems. It's working

Fire destroys evidence, the occupants would just accelerate the fire before bugging out. Quietly, so occupants aren't aroused give


Go to target location
Call police with burner phone
>My spouse and I were in a violent altercation and he/she threatened me with a gun. My spouse is a drug/gambling addict and took our daughter Alice to target location to sell her for drugs/(((vigorish))) I followed them to target location and saw them go in the back door with a bearded man dressed in a cheap black suit with horn rimmed glasses and a black fedora who had a gun. Help plz.

That way if a fire breaks out during the siege, everybody knows fuckery was happening there.

what episode is this and what was being narrated before and after this happened?

Is the Las Vegas shooting a slide?

Didn't Mr Robot start with the protag getting the host of a CP site arrested?


My question is what can we do to stop these people? Aren't they all elites that can have your whole family murdered?

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Now that I'm off from work…
I don't live too far off from that murray industrial place, think it'll be worth paying it a visit to snap pictures?

Or maybe I can order a chinkshit gopro and hide it somewhere to record something

dont talk about it here just do it

Just read thru the links you provided. And the SLC daycare has a similar rabbit symbol (pics from Jan 2015) with a building that has colorful covered windows. Both rabbits are prominently displayed, like advertisements.

Meant to add this but I'm slow.

Yes, they can. And that's also what they want you to believe. Just remember that they bleed too.

Indeed, the entire series started with this. This thread made me start the show a few days ago. Im looking for the episoxe that was clipped in this thread.

Meme magick is real.

oh shit m8

Every Domainsbyproxy registered site that I've encountered is unmitigated jewry. Spammers and fake dating sites. Godaddy is pretty suspicious itself, though. I hear more about them fucking people over than any other web host.

How do you guys know this?

I want to know this too.

What the fuck. Even without the symbols an activity like that is shady. What kind of business man changes office so often that it is more convenient for him to rent equipment?

dude, that logo doesn't look like anything… at first glance, then it's like an optical illusion you can't unsee

ctrl + reddit
user dropped all the links you need

should i be worried i saw it immediately

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this was allegedly at besta and a larpy "menu" was posted. disinfo imo

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