Where do I go for non pozzed entertainment?

Where do I go for non pozzed entertainment?

I used to hang out on 4chan maybe 10 years ago before it got super pozzed.

I gradually faded away from it in favor of real life activities, however lately I'm bored a lot and have lots of time on my hands. Any non pozzed places of entertainment you can recommend?

Not politics.

Online or off?

Don't seek entertainment. It is the opiod the Jews use to placate the white masses. Use your spare time to better yourself and your race.

(I'd say Holla Forums but you specified NON-pozzed.)

Here you go faggot

If you are a gamefag, Witcher 3, the older COD where you get to fight in London and Paris and shoot huehues in Brazil. Episodes of "rome" and "Sopranos" if you have an electronic synagogue. I've been going through same thing. When the Nat Geographic Online Magazine came out, it was amazing. Then they brought in, who else, a Jewess to turn into SJW and covers about Trannies and replacing native europeans.

While others are here, any other games like Witcher 3 that are genuinely fun and I don't have to lay my eyes on a nigger?

Yeah if you are even slightly enjoying yourself you are in danger of becoming a crypto Jew

Holla Forums reading list is pretty good.
Chess, Civilization, and military history books are also good.
Get audiobooks and work out while you listen.
(((Robert Greene))) also has useful books.

I am enjoying my self so damned much being on Holla Forums and doing Holla Forums stuff I AM the fucking jew now. Jews aint got shot on my jewishness. Fuck crypto, Imma go all the way in my funns.

Oh, and OP…..

Back in time for movies/TV.
Books. Partritian sports and activities.

Fable 2. It has fags and blacks but the good thing about it is you can kill them all. I used to love that game as a kid.

or you could just read a book


Nowhere. If you want non-pozzed entertainment you have to make it yourself.

Buy some funs and reloading equipment, that will keep you busy and you will learn valuable skills.

Go find some books.
Miguel Serrano, Jünger, von Salomon, evola, Jung… Start reading more about Aryan Hinduism. Start to uncover the mysteries by penetrating deeper. Your life will begin to change. You'll start noticing your Guide. Positive things will happen. Ignore the Jew and jewtainment.

All knowledge is found from within.


It's a great watch.

As far as "where" you'll just have to dig around. Made in Abyss is neat if you like animu.

Why does the presenter have a negro / mexican I killed someone and I'm a thug 4 life tear tattoo?

Shoulda chosen someone presentable looking.

To hiking. Sit in silence. Watch the birds and bugs go by. There's your entertainment.

I know- however it's not irredeemable. Beyond the opening, when it gets past the bit about the Fed and De Rothchild.

Witcher 3 for sure. It's made by a based Polish company that told BLM activists to fuck off when they complained about no niggers in the game.

Best game I've ever played.

Working out and reading books man.

If you cant live without entertainment, watch anime and play non-poz'd vidya games (mostly indie stuff at this point).
Start spending some time learning a hobby/ useful skill as well. Try outdoor hobbies like hiking and stuff. If you're not already getting fit/working out, do that too (just pushups/situps are enough tbh). If you don't have any hobby then experiment with different stuff like drawing/music/etc until you find something you might like, and then spend a couple hours a day practicing it.

While you're at it, try eating healthy too. It actually helps significantly to improve your mood/energy.