NPM CEO calls for murder of "Nazis", after criticism for it creates blocklist for "a safer Twitter"



Supports ANTIFA:

NPM website:

Lists Visa, Blizzard, Autodesk, Trivago as users.

"Historically, the only successful approach has been to publicly hang Nazi leaders and imprison Nazi sympathizers."

"A common objection is that we should try to convince Nazis to not be Nazis. I agree. We convince them by killing Nazis."

"I've now blocked all the accounts that follow Cheong, some chan accounts, gamer gaters, Nazis, and the red pills."

Blocks over 350,000 accounts, thinks he's not the problem.

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What an ugly kike


(Sorry for the chain posts, connection is shite and keeps giving out whenever I post multiple images)

The faggot blocked me without me getting the opportunity to shit post in Russian. Time to create another Twitter alt.

Why do they always look like "my wifes son" cucks?

Seen this guys stuff before, he's really angling for a first spot on DOTR. Good thing NodeJS is utter shit, otherwise I might be upset at his involvement with NPMs.

If everyone thinks like a liberal than society will become more liberal.

Really makes you think.

npm is a pile of shit and Isaac is a shitty coder. every new npm release they break the most basic obvious features that make it unusable.

Instead of fixing the hundreds of open bugs on npm, Isaac has fleeced his VC investors off millions of dollars to destroy npm and indirectly Node.js itself by making it impossible to develop in.

Where did the money go? since when does a fucking package manager even need millions of dollars of investment? what the fuck was he ever going to sell to pay back that Jew debt?

Node.js is dead anyways. After 6 years, I'm done with that SJW circle jerk of kids who can't code and who have no respect for Doing Shit The Right Way.

I switched to Lua. If Lua is good enough for the NSA to build all of their cyberweapons and Stuxnets and Flames and Gauss and Galois and Sauron etc etc, then it's good enough for me.

If you really hate the SJWs, consider Ada. None of them infest that community and you'll have C++ performance without the byzantine language design.

It's judaism.

you might as well leave this guy to his mental illness

let him keep spouting off thinking anyone cares enough to bother with him. The more power these mentally ill morons get the less Twitter is worth on the stock market.

It will make sense, if you strip inflated title and read "NPM CEO" as "Webmaster of a FTP archive" (yes i know it's not ftp).

Commies have purged dozens of millions, and they'll never stop until they're made to stop, whether from outside influence or self-destruction.



When did this happen?

This yid sure loves thinking of racially aware white men dying horribly. Typical kike, gross, emaciated, swarthy faggot talks big about killing his enemies, but is a coward. He's banking on enlisting enough dumb shabbos goy to kill off 'problem whites' all whites for him.
He acts just like the other kike communists did a hundred years ago.

In 1923 of course :^)


it feels like everybody who does computer programming is an insane leftoid supporting antifa and shit. I am very lonely as a right wing programmer.

Right wing programmer here. We need more programming companies in the midwest to take on coastal faggots.

no, don't support the 'tech is lefty' meme. these leftist faggots came into prominence in mid-2000's along with fratty codebros. they are both foreign to geeks and cypherpunks. it's a tech takeover ploy, just like software patents.

it's not a meme they have completely taken over

Yeah, Tech is 99.999999999999% HARD left.



these are dank, if people see these they will understand

don't worry bruh, there are others out here.

How much time does it take to block that many? Is his whole life twitter? I'd pity these people and their pathetic existences if I didn't hate them so goddamn much. Such an effeminate dweeb it's s sun that people can't just shoot people like him. Arghh

Thought he was super smart enough to take all those subjects on, couldn't even finish one. What a fucking loser.

is murdering people friendly and safe?

Wouldn't you know it. Surely, anyone openly claiming to be an empath at this point is scapegoating for something, or making an appeal to character when in fact we all understand that projection of a characteristic may truly be an inferior quality portrayed as an opposite as an effort of inclusion.

Truly sickening.

I've said it time and time again, this is how liberals and progressives REALLY think. This isn't just some neo-bolshevistic marxist indoctrination, oh no, they want you dead. They hate their own skin color, they hate their own parents. They see you as vermin that needs to be exterminated, when they fill your land with subhumans, it's funny to them because they know it will destabilize the country further promoting their anarchistic ways. They truly believe that some white dude in a some office somewhere is oppressive to their championing of minorities, even though whites are a minority in the world.

These people are mentally broken, they indulge in ethnomasochism and whenever they do so they get a large hit of dopamine, the more they virtue signal the less the hit becomes. Granted the social media upvotes have further increased the snowflakes morality spewing but the backlash since Trump's elections has proven without any shadow of a doubt is that these people are the enemy of western life, and they should exterminated for it with out any regard.

The in 1930's we used citizen registry and older newspapers to find people, we will use social media and our massive archival data collections to cleanse the land of the traitors.

Lenin had no sympathy for the millions he murdered, because they were polluted people, who could not be enlightened. Their deaths were necessary to hasten the establishment of the paradise of the enlightened.
The Communist Revolution was 100 years ago. They haven't changed much since then. Still a bunch of idiots led by over-privileged rich kids from university.

That's fucking hilarious, I swear he typed that post through tears and clenched teeth.


easy to fix that just tweet and at him

And of course "Nazi" means whites who don't want them selves to be genocided.

Yes, but Lenin still got cucked in the end by a true uneducated prole. Same with Trotsky and others.

Lol, what a piece of shit.

communism was only ever a vehicle for jews to gain power, manipulate goyim, and genocide the best of the whites. That's why trotskyists could just abandon it and become neocons. That's why media jews supported soviets for so long. That's why american jews sent money to the commies.

Jews have no politics except what benefits them and confuses and manipulates us.

Looks like GitHub is in on the game now, actively suppressing any "Issues" which bring this up: - (404s instead of "closed") - (404s instead of "closed")

Looks like GitHub is in on the game now, actively suppressing any "Issues" which bring this up: - (404s instead of "closed") - (404s instead of "closed")

I can't get into it. 1-based arrays are fucking awful

exterminate all cucks

cuck nigger

poo niggers

There are plenty of us, we just hide our power levels.

I'm a programmer. I make a point of being a dickhead to everybody in my industry. I hate them all.

I think he is referring to Nuremberg.

I feel your pain, user. The worst is having to work with fucking pajeets and chinks all day. I'm not sure if it's because of Holla Forums or something innate, but their accents make my blood boil.

The leftists have infested FOSS projects intentionally and with purpose to dismantle, disrupt, and destroy. Behind closed source, in professional companies, they're nowhere to be found.

It's all pajeets here. It's insane. They try to play virtue signal on the corporate front but everything is ultimately for the most Jewish reasons possible.

Their emails are the best. I have noticed the issue and you must do the needful.

Best regards,

What I've noticed is the prevalence of "sure". They say "sure" at the start of every fucking sentence lel.

The worst part is having to ask "I'm sorry, what did you say?" 2 or 3 times because I have no idea what the fuck they're trying to say.

Is there a reason behind it all? I'm sure it's because they take less money than an American worker, right? I doubt they're more talented than the American workforce.

In the US for years now it's bad enough that they are now the decider or middleman for employment in tech related fields. They are not even just the bottom lackey, but the person that decides who get a job at all, and makes a living off of the work of others.

You're right. Very sad because they usually just hire their own. You can't fault them for doing so, but it's fucked they've gotten into that position in the first place.

It's exactly because they get paid less. Look up records of public companies.

Look at this kike's Google Image results from his now deleted Flickr page

I figured as much. Have to increase (((profits))) somehow, right?

some more


What a fucking retarded homosexual.


case in point, the "code of conduct" faggotry that's been infecting foss for almost a decade now.

this. i'd prefer to use rust over c but mozilla is pozzed.

Holy shit, which one is the man?

I remember a time when you'd go download your dependencies and install them manually. There weren't dependency trees so deep that modern day OS can't handle the length of the file path. I knew it had to be a fucking kike that came up with that shit system of package management known as npm. I'll celebrate that fucking baby foreskin biting jew's death.

What are these, androgynous kikes for ants?


Literally over 9000 vines


he has a script to block people that's essentially:

if (tweeter = Nazi) { cout


bullshit, leftists are just outspoken and emboldened by 8 years of king nigger and pizza parties.

what would be a way to signal conservative companies and devs so we can avoid being dilluted in sjw and pajeet companies? it's not like you can put "hates niggers" on a job ad or a cv next to 9 years of common lisp"


It's a form of NLP. Like saying 'clear.' Preps your brain for accepting their narrative.

What the hell happened to that gook? Not to mention a lot of others. Did they take the redpill or something? What changed them? We must know to break the others.

Scratch one of those "Coding+" idiots and you usually see MSFT or GOOG hiding their nose… this "diversity" stuff is a legitimate market disruption tactic. I'm seeing it in of all places the cannabis market in Canada.

He probably got to know one of the SJWs a little better IRL. That's what happened to me.

>I'm not a nazi because I'm a "(((GOOD PERSON)))"

Go ask him I guess.
But I think it's was realizing that he was just used, and discarded whenever he have some independent thought. Or something like that.

Ian hated Jews and Feminists before he became a SJW, and I guess he reverted back to that.
Still, amazing to see who is coming around these days

Somebody troll this kike.


Every morning I wake up and check the news.
This is the day.
Dare I say it, dare I utter the words…
The sweet kissed promise across cheeto stained lips that Holla Forums has promised me for years now.
What I wake up for.
What I train for.
What I prepare for.
Why I continue, my purpose, my existence.
A sweet whisper ran across sweet lips of lies.

Every day, I tell myself "Tonight! Tonight it begins! Just make it through this day of boring parts management. Commute home, and the happening begins!"
No explosions on the horizon. No burning cars litter the highways. No marauding rampaging hordes of groids fill my cities streets. No Emergency Management System Broadcasts are filling the ears of the cheap repetitive super corporation syndicated radio syncing their hourly top ten tracks.

Nothing but tooth brushing, hair combing, ass wiping, energy bar consuming, 5 mile run, press checks, loaded magazines sit stagnant in chest rig. .40 colorful brass discolors and dulls. The sun grows long, the seasons change.
And still I wait.
Still I hope.
Still I believe.
There are happenings all over the fucking world.
I did three combat tours in Iraq. 27 nations in Africa are having tribal genocides at any point in time, pakis and Afghans push border skirmishes with nuclear India. Deep state agents transport C-130's of processed poppies. Venezuela tumbles into hell. North Korea threatens every fucking day. Market manipulations crash stocks in less than 1/100th of a second on super computers.

But still, here I fucking sit. With no fucking happening.
I wear my Trump hat in downtown Charlotte N.C.
Blacks say hello to me and smile.
Libshit soccer moms give me a scornful glance.

No AntiFa throws acid into my face turning me into a Darkman melted anti hero on a mission of vengeance.


Shit tactic because I hate it.

You're aware of it. Most normies aren't.

t. listened to three days of Ross Jefferies lectures downloaded from Napster and it helped me more deconstruct advertising than meet women

What would be a good Holla Forums space to start a company and only hire good white men?

MSM tactic is to generally push a story while ignoring one else.

Today it was Muh basketball, while admitting the US has been in contact with NK for months now, even during the whole rocket launching charade. The trumpet blows lit a fuel under the 'preperation' economy.

Then there's the whole amnesty thing yesterday, what did we get? niggerball narrative.

US builds military base in Israel = we get MSM with Equifax leak.

On an on it goes.

I've started using golang for practically every project that I write these days. When C isn't needed Javascript is disgusting, I could never be a frontend developer.

Is this a bot response? I wasn't talking about the MSM at all, but yes user, we know. The MSM will never tell you the real issues… this goes without saying. Lurk for 2 years before posting.

no bot just me rambling.

You need to realize that all MSM is cancer. If you still watch it, you need to stop. Nothing good comes from it.

I only occasional check it, i read fringe sites where i read a story and then think "this will surely be all over the frontpage later tonight or tomorrow" and i'm usually wrong as the important event still gets published on page 10 or something but the focus is constant repeat of something that may seem important bat is constructed to be that way. The equifax leak was something they knew for months and they sat on it.

Well according to your own narrative it didn't work with the Jews.

It's not as bad as they say. It's literally about a thousand times worse. The clown disaster that this has the potential to be is as high as any of the other issues discussed here, except that it already happened, and now the fallout is starting to appear.

It provides a probable cause for a whole host of sudden changes in domestic policy in relation to immigration, identification, and all of the welfare state. This could be the blow that kills social security, or it could be the blow that pushes in DNA IDs. The buildings are on fire, the CEO is doing damage control with the same technique as the BP oil guy from southpark, everything is broken, and at any point it might go nuclear, with all of the leaked data being found on some rouge tor node, forcing huge amounts of data to be revalidated, and nullifying an enormous amount of current mortgages, bank accounts, credit cards, auto loans, social security numbers, names, addresses, everything. It could become common place for your parents and grandparents to have their entire lives stolen overnight by the Chinese, with no recourse other than a hand-rubbing shrug and a "We're sorry, but you signed the waiver. Remember goyim, its not like you owned any of those things anyways, they were merely on lease for two decades, which is completely different!"

They didn't say anything about being friendly, safe, or welcoming to all viewpoints, user.

javascript is fucking horrible and people who want to write non-website programs with it are horrible as well. What a surprise

They stole it from us, man. Boycott github. Instantly drop anything you find that has a code of kikery

We are present in the areas that matter. Leftists have turned proprietary into a curse word, but in most serious closed source projects, you won't find blue-haired whales lording over men. That includes Apple by the way


Is this new pasta?

Get those Cheetos out of your ears, happenings are happening all around you stupid shit.

It'd better be, it'd be funny to post on 4chan.

I'm still surprised that you guys are uncomfortable about twitter accounts. Twitter accounts contain little information, you can't make an excel file or data file out of a blocked list and infer more information from it. A much better tactic would be to map everyone in your opposition, attribute things to those persons and with that you can probably inference a bunch of things if done properly. But ofc for such an undertaking gathering all that data is a nightmare to do alone.

Would say I'm pretty far to the right, doing a Bsc in comp sci, a year away from graduation.

The research areas that seem to have the most potential are filled by kikes when it comes to computer science. Blue haired whales are too dumb for computer science and do social science stuff while pretending to be intelligent.

great job user!

I guess it'll stay as a hobby for me. But it's tough to find fun or interesting projects alone.

this topic is much more important to the technology world than it might seem.

this has been censored 3 times off of 8/tech/. and it just got censored off of 4chan /g/. -> suddenly disappeared, normaly threads go to archive when they die.

another evil moderator censoring all discussion of it.

Kinda wish ebil Nazis were as extreme and murderous as they say they are, he's already be done and gone.

Only in front-end web and game "programming".

You won't find any people like that in anything outside of fields that rely heavily on Javascript, C#, or script "languages"


The memes write themselves.

He writes like a child

Come on now.

You can tell someone some put his picture on the original half ass

Genetics. But also mindset. Think of the one or two people youve met in your life who were physically ugly as shit but had something about them that made them look good. That something was the content of their soul.

Just by looking at someone you are given volumes of information on them. You can tell a pedo just by looking at them. Just as you can tell a crook or a scoundrel or a cuck regardless of their manner of dress. It is all on their face.

Nu males always home brew Belgium style beers and they'll always respond to any point someone makes with "actually"

his face is on there twice, i think it's a subtle troll

I originally learned to program with C++, but I've had no need to use it in many years. Now I just solve algorithm problems in Python for fun. But I wish I had something significant to work on.

Does this fucker not recognize the idiocy. He's not describing fascists. He's describing liberals and lefties. He's describing how the democratic party and all other left wing majority parties have function in Europe and America since the end of the war.

Demand the conservatives and right wingers stick to the rules while they break them constantly and slowly take the miles and miles of victories, inch by inch, compromise by compromise.


if you think about it, Stalin was actually based.

yea, really. that guy is masculine af

"i contain multitudes", or "my name is legion"
Kike, synagogue of Satan, possessed by the devil? check/.

I nominate Fagioli as new CEO of the internet (NPM inclusive)

we all know prohibition works
not like anyone would search for facts about something that is banned…..

Ftr, this graphic was created by a shill.

It's literally just ugly, scruffy young white people with glasses and a sometimes a beard, and half of pol probably has some features in this because they are human with variation like the rest of us.

Good job removing that confirmation bias now thought eh goy, eh heh heh.

If you're bored, look into the lefts stance on "lookism", it's full of ugly, but sometimes honest empathetic people. Drop pills there and modern discourse shifts.

It's a quote from Whitman (a racist white man who hated urbanization and believed that only whites should live in America).

I work in a 12-man IT office and 11 of us are fascists.
The 1 lefty in the office is not even an IT he just does our bureocracy, takes calls and his gf probably uses a strap on on him.

Being able to yell at jews and niggers 8 hours a day is fantastic.
The rest of our corp is 80% lefty of course, with at least a 20% of them being convenience-leftists aka they just spout lefty things to suck up to coworkers.

I noticed most people are right wing when they are not in a crowd, even the ones who spout pro-gay/anti-racism garbage all day you can hear moan about fags and niggers when no one is around.
The ridiculous thing of this era is that most people are right wing pretending to be lefty because they assume others are lefty and that being lefty is the socially acceptable thing to do.
I've seen people who are nazis inside go on virtue signalling tirades in public.

If you manage to normalize the idea that being a fascist is normal in your office people will naturally be down with it because being a fascist is the normal, standard mindset of every white person.
Leftism is socially costrued and depends on a combination of social pressure (by media, people, etc) to survive - but, the moment people are free to say what they really think, they always say fascist things.

Are we supposed to know what the fuck npm is? Do we look like we speak fucking hebrew around here?

Machine Learning/Data Science researcher here. I'd put a bullet into that failed male in a second.

The other replies are right, hide your power level. You aren't alone.

I'm getting my degree in comp sci right now, and I write games in C++ and SDL2 in my spare time. Holla Forums programmers should meet irl and plan takeovers of companies.

A couple months ago there was a big thread on making a facial recognition system. Did anything ever come of that?

Found it:

What the fuck is npm? Jewish underwear brand?

A javascript package manager, it's literally the first search result.
Anyway, what's odd to me is that they haven't started attacking python yet.



We come up with a pain-in-the-ass meme programming language that no corporate would want to use in production and no academic would want to use in their CS degree program, and every 'right wing' coder will learn it and add it to the list of off-time "hobby languages" known. Blue-pilled will see it and go lel, red-pilled will see it and offer you the prompt and secret handshake.

It has to have at least some legit uses, or the only ones using it will be us, it will be exposed as a dog whistle in short order.

Antifa are useful idiots for the neoliberal world order.

At the end of the day, they're just loudly-barking chihuahuas. Puppetmasters like Soros use them to disrupt nationalist movements (true threats to rootless bankers), then they call-in the riot police to disperse the commies.

Notice how Antifa opposes immigration restrictions and trade protectionism that would help local trade unions? They're not actually "helping" the working class; and many of them are upper-middle-class NEETs or social science majors living off their dad's money. They're just trying to fill the West with as many niggers as possible, and it helps the globies by driving the value of labor down.

It has to have at least some legit uses, or the only ones using it will be us, it will be exposed as a dog whistle in short order.

Probably could form an underground company to write proprietary games, comes with Tor as a dependency, license tokens are cryptographic currency and user must insert both his token address and a component which, if stolen, would allow the thief to steal the tokens (so as to discourage sharing the address. You make it tokens so anybody could be a 'distributor' who bought in early or buy from first-customers, selling tokens to other buyers who want to play, and buyers who bought the tokens can resell them and it'd be like reselling their game. The game checks for a minimum balance in the token account (Say, each game's minimum is 1 $GameToken to play, but say the token system could manage balance/transaction sizes anywhere from 2^64 to 2^-64. Instead of pirating, people could become miners to get free tokens to then either play or (even better) resell! All transactions, updates, etc, done over Tor and cryptographically signed and secure, so nobody can dox the veritable geniuses who come up with genocide simulators for sale. You buy the game cryptotoken, transfer to game cryptotoken wallet, download the game client (which could also be the wallet client too, say), and the client checks balance and updates itself over Tor or I2P (maybe I2PSnark distribution?).

Also, my game license token idea doesn't 'cost' a token each play, it just checks to see that it's present in the account, and the user needs to provide the account address and a secret which would allow others to steal the token (for resale) if he shared the address and secret like a bad goyi… er gamer.


Tell me who did the quads

No wonder Hitler looked so nice when smiling.

>Supports ANTIFA:
>NPM website:
>"Historically, the only successful approach has been to publicly hang Nazi leaders and imprison Nazi sympathizers."
>"A common objection is that we should try to convince Nazis to not be Nazis. I agree. We convince them by killing Nazis."
>"I've now blocked all the accounts that follow Cheong, some chan accounts, gamer gaters, Nazis, and the red pills."
seems like a cool guy to me

Why am I not surprised?

Get the gas

Get into Wall St related finance sectors. The more important they are to the company, the more right wing they are. Non code monkey programmers are at most cuckservatives, usually "taxation is theft, I'm gonna make a fucking gun in a cave" types.

And this forms what exactly? Some type of hidden signal to other Holla Forums users?

Stay away from UX and anything related to frontend development (Javascript) and you'll be in the company of qualified white males. And this only improves the more you shift towards more mathematically demanding tasks (machine learning, image processing etc.)

Also, speaking of UX, be sure to check this out if you want to see the pure insanity of retarded memes they push on the tech community.
>>>Holla Forums802455

So it's okay to kill "nazis" and not okay disagree with you? Yes, whatever you say you schlomo


That's a masonic cypher. Same with bees and ladders. Read your esoterica.

Bonus: the "oo" sound supposedly activates telepathy.

Didn't exactly stop the American Neo-Nazi movements.


Is this why eastern europeans dominate all coding?

I'm in senior year and i've always wanted to be a programmer, yet it seems like socjus has completely infected the profession.

Please people, just become a good C / C++ programmer doing complicated shit and you won't find any idiots. There are a few good leftist programmers even in this C / C++ / complicated shit area…

But we know that left wing men with an IQ over 115 only 30% of them have ANY children. So given a few generations this will sort itself out. Pic related.

I can't look at this post there is something wrong with it. The colors of the graph and the way they wrote..

Why not just pick some super autistic one that already exists but isn't very marketable. Something like Pascal.

I keep bringing this up and everyone seems to have forgotten about it already. The current credit system is dead, we witnessed the kill shot. This is where the blockchain tech can shine. Blockchain based identities are the future.

It's because India is a corrupt shit hole. They are very easy to bribe and have no morals. There is a reason they want everyone in tech(surveillance), medicine and engineering from a place where human life has very little value. They will do whatever they are told no matter how heinous because they know they are disposable cowards.


The fact that there are around 400,00 people that could even be called Nazi even if they're cuckchanners or worse T_D fags is still pretty interesting

I'm not sure what rock you've been living under, but anyone not active shouting for conservative blood has been a nazi for a while. Hell, I get called a white supremacist and I don't even support Trump.