Raddle.me: the libtard's safe space

SJWs and libtards have launched their own website based loosely around plebbit: raddle.me. Its boards range from antifa to queer and communism. You know what to do Holla Forums… have fun with it.

Other urls found in this thread:


nigger this IS plebbit, just with even more communism (somehow). wouldn't be surprised if a lot of users are plebbitors also, triggered by le donalde

Start fucking spamming their place with redpills. Lets see how long before it takes them to shut down

just post a pepe in the memer section and watch them unravel


So if commies are now so triggered by Reddit that they had to make their own Reddit with more communism, does that mean we could potentially take Reddit? If so that could be pretty fucking huge.

funny thing is that it's so easy to create fake accounts there. Only a simply verification.

And why would I want them?


I noticed that too, please kill this fucking state already

Literally asking for it.

did you all forget what a containment board is? dont spam them, let them have their space so they dont come here. hopefully leftypol moves to rattleme too.

Kek'd hard

Ignore it completly?

My guess is it's Voat for commies. Reddit is nothing but sympathetic to them.

Did someone say rattle?


So are they all admitting they are just sheep getting fucked?

Reddit is run top to bottom by SJWs. The admins changed the algorithm (for what posts to show on the front page) half a dozen times when T_D started getting popular pre-election as it ended up taking up half the front page to ensure that they got 1-2 posts max. Even that wasn't enough, and now you have the completely scrubbed /r/popular as the default that you see when using reddit.

So open white nationalism wouldn't last long outside of tiny containment subreddits like /r/europeannationalism (which have always gotten banned whenever they grow too large anyway).

I listened to the radio recently was mildly excited about what might the 'top liked song' would be on there. It comes on and it's a nigger or some popfag, who fucking knows any more, singing about 'put one foot in front of the other' and other infantile phrases. I immediately thought "This is what the modern woman enjoys. Lullaby songs."

Hahah wow, I remember reading this as some tech news headline a couple years back. Some fucking conspiracy, retards

Also, it's not that simple, most of these FM transmitters are built into the SoCs as part of the radio interface layer. Just because it's on the silicon does not mean it can just be enabled like a fucking switch. It's more of a framework if anything else. An artifact of large scale integration


how are you even supposed to solve that captcha? it's a really weird type i've never seen before.

Oh nevermind. it only has the weird type when cookies are disabled

im going to make a post
how does this shit work, i've never used reddit.

It'll die just like every other reddit clone.

Cheers for pointing out this site OP. I like to think I'm pretty good at playing a "devil's advocate" kind of role. A few years ago I infiltrated a communist group to learn more about them, and they all hate Israel. For different reasons than us, to be sure, but I think Israel is a good place to start. For instance, pointing out wealthy Hollywood or government Jews who have connections to the Israeli state and thereby help apartheid.

The situation in South Africa could also be used as a talking point. Drum up support of the Khoisan people and go on about how good they are for helping beleaguered white farmers and support racial harmony. Get them to support the Khoisan king. Try to resist going into depth about the plight of South African whites; I know it can hard but you gotta start by appealing to what they currently care about, which isn't white people. If we can get support for the Khoisan, then we get support for whites in South Africa too.


That captcha looks like it can be solved by a a computer (then there's 2captcha, where 1000 captchas cost 0.5 USD to solve.

There's so much wrong in those raddle threads
You could start this

Time to trigger them. My username is fuckcommies, it will be fun to see them ree at it.


That's exactly what I was thinking

Sometimes I forget that we're dealing with complete manchildren.

it's more of a lefty safespace than a liberal one. I remember it because couple of leftist subreddits got banned for promoting violence at rallies so they created that site and moved to it.

Go to the wiki and click "what's wrong with reddit"

user my sides! Why didn't they just call it crible!?! Hahaha! I bet they named it raddle because of the 'coolness' of 'tottaly rad!'.



because if we take over Reddit they will be forced to move onto Digg or SA which would ban them over the wrong pronoun, and force them to pay 10 bucks to get unbanned.


I need an update user

Posted a thread to /Anarchism/
Banned within 10 minutes

Holla Forums is better at anarchism than /Anarchism/

FIRST, you make a ton of accounts. Every battle is won, BEFORE it's every fought. Just done go in there like some autistic TRS faggot spamming bullshit. You want faggots to cut and neck themselves.





but reddit is already a leftist shithole


i wanna turn this into voat

user, I'm dealing with one in business right now and it's really like having to stop and deal with your dog that shit on the rug.

I literally got banned 8 minutes in

tumblr was a containment board.

Tell us the story, user


I saw this image in some other thread showing "his email." Can an user verify?


my sides are in fucking orbit

It's really fun to watch them scream and cry at all the porn and gore we have been spamming them with


It's voat minus the free-speech, which is just ordinary plebbit, except with more commies. Do you think that its a mistake that forums with high levels of free-speech never turn out to be liberal?

I'm gonna go trigger some queers, I love watching literal faggots cry and get triggered


I must've triggered some commie

you can't, you post links to them; they use sites like imgur to host their content

Imagine thinking reddit was so dominated by evil racist nazi right-wingers that you have to set up a separate website.

Holy shit we did it boys, we memed it into reality.

LMAO you can just edit shit in the wiki

They know the masked numales.

You're not going to change anyone's mind there. Just fuck with them. Get em riled up and shit. Maybe they'll get arrested or shot.

My sides

Who was this ?

Anyone notice they use a frog as their favicon?



I realize this is about the only place left for guys like me to go, but isn't this site based a little on rebbit… what with the many splintered user-owned boards which lead to many narrowly-focused, easily-riled circle jerks?

Can't really say for sure as I've never been to reddit.
Rule 10 faggots.

All you'd really need to do to fracture them is monitor and note their philosophy and behavior. Then proceed to give differing viewpoints that are still within the leftie sphere, but clearly contradict the earlier ideals. Start the unrest so that lefties can't agree with eachother. Their authoritarian "agree with everything your superior says" is fractured because of conflicting ideals. And depending on how the conflict and fox-in-the-hen house grows, start dispersing redpills amongst the crowd during their period of emotional vulnerability. Use their tactics against themselves.

I was the one who posted "antifags btfo"
You should check the wiki :)


kek & Trumped


I will troll this place until they tap out and shutter the site.

Can any user drop more weird porn and gore there? They get really scared of that


really? how would they react if you posted mid gets ?

Sew doubt about their site moderation/ownership.

Kek. I just put up a link saying that the nazis are there and they all clicked it. The link actually was just an ip logger (in tinyurl) that trapped their ips. Here they are:
Do these count as terrorist IPs? Technically, antifa is seen as a major threat in many places.

Nice job user.

First one is from The Internet Archive in San Fran. I know they are lefties (as are all of these online nonprofits) and wouldn't be surprised if they have something to do with the ownership of this site.


ahaha Nice one user


What you can do is post Marx, Lenin, and Stalin's opinions about homosexuality. They were opposed to that shit.

Nice thumbnails, asswipe.


Someone is not using company time properly.

No, pretty sure they are. That outfit is lefty as fuck

This. When in doubt they just hate whitey more. Which is good. Every leftist 'white ally' deserves to be on the front lines where we can more easily get our traitors.

They desperately want to be counter culture even when they're mainstream and this is the result.

Friendly reminder while it's fun and tempting to go full troll it is better to infiltrate and subtly hypocrisy masked as genuine confusion or encouraging in fighting through accelerationism. These posts should be peppered lightly among asinine real looking posts.

I just made a handful of accounts for this.
-rubs hands-

bumpity bump

Now which one of you anons just spammed it with porn? Some gore would also be nice

kek. the mods are literally all asleep right now. The entire front page is spammed with porn

Keep up the good work anons.

Thread has prodigious dubs.




faggots trying to pretend they're in the counterculture like the Alt-Tech

tsk tsk pussie fags, you'll never be counterculture. go virtue signal some more, pussies

bumperino bumperoo


reminder to report the site for promoting violence to their provider


Remember, when assaulting the home of your enemy, infiltration and d&c tactics are superior to classic trolling/raiding. Shill hard brothers. Create strife, flame wars, and conflict amongst the enemy. Make them tear each other's throats out and bait them into mistakes!

Did your history lessons teach you nothing?

There is a reason the commies talk shit on anarcho-tribalism. It's level with National Socialism, just on the opposite end of the centralism scale. Anarcho-Tribalism is the fully decentralized alternative to National Socialism, when properly applied. Of course, it requires a fully homogeneous society of individuals who are well learned in their own culture and societal ideals, and a culture of vigilance and stoic dedication. National Socialism though, is the only path I know that could ever lead to the creation of a society capable of sustaining Anarcho-Tribalism in the modern world.

Good point, be sure to use multiple accounts when hitting small boards. The objective on a small board is to make too much work for their moderators, causing them to simply give up and at best, start a new one. The more accounts, the harder to mass delete. On that note, also spam their reporting system with report descriptions commies would use. Report all posts by local users with messages that are likely identical to the reports that would be sent in for your own troll posts. By doing this, you will create friendly fire against their usual userbase. Further, even should they check one by one, every report, they'll become incredibly bogged down, allowing others to spam while the mods sift through the reports.

bump. Any user willing to do anything with the leaked ips posted here ?

yes, i'm the user who took that screenshot. it's directly from their gitlab repo: gitlab.com/edgyemma/raddit-app/graphs/master

like they don't have hundreds of other sites with the same agenda, and then they do shit like this?

The worst posters I've seen on Voat are lolbergtarians and some who call themselves "classical liberals" as well. All in all the whole place is ripe with redpills, racism and anti-Semitism which is always good. Don't know what happened to r/altright though, it was quite redpilled as well. I'm not supporting the Alt-Kike, I just want to know what happened to it.

It got banned for being too controversial or something and the alt kike tried to settle on the_donald and the mods there actually stopped them from being influential. Guess that's one good thing Reddit has done is making the the alt kike unable to make a platform there

Great source of lulz. They actually believe these things? Incredible.


this timeline sure does know how to write itself bros.

For the love of god…

It would be a shame if some right wong folks were to infiltrate and start stirrikng the different leftard groups against each other.

Would also be good for intel.

You could spend a year on that site and not find a single sign of intelligence.

"gotta buy this iPhone X because cant steal it meh whatevs teehee"

this site looks like it is already full of subversion considering these threads look so retarded even my most annoying shitposting skills couldn't write some of the scripts i see in these threads. holy shit this is bad.

Are those actual posters or trolls? I really do want to believe that the "I cried to a girl I talked to every day" poster is real, but the fact that he actually calls himself, verbatim, a cuck makes me think he might be one of us. I'm pretty sure the salt left don't actually call themselves "the c word" intentionally, unless they're describing their fetishes.


You are absolutely correct. I went there today for 30 minutes, actually trying to reason with them. All I did was post this:
Guess what? I posted this and they banned me. Tried it again from eleven different new accounts and they kept deleting and banning me. Throughout this entire time, there was only one person who replied and that person said "we don't debate centrists/conservatives because they are fascists. We will bash you nazis." I'm actually fucking done. Is this what the left has actually become? I'm done with these fuckers.

Well done lads

Here's what we need to do now. Up the amount of raiding: drop more porn, gore, memes, and memes. Do anything to piss them off. On the other hand, we can use these leaked IPs and mess with those few antifaggots. One of the admins probably clicked on that before that post is deleted.

I got a whole folder of horrible shit taken from Tribe and Tumblr, all from the Dark Researcher threads. it's pretty gruesome shit.

post it user. they get queasy over porn. imagine their faces at gruesome shit
Anyways, I just raided and saw pic attached. The mods there are getting slower. Plus, any user who knows link to gore and weird shit, please spam that place with it

Okay, someone explain this to me. How does one get queasy over porn? Like, I'd understand if someone got queasy over bukkake or cum drinking or any of those weird as fuck fetishes, but how can someone get queasy over pictures of naked women with nice tits?

I honestly don't know how these snowflakes' minds work. They started a thread about how the "fashies are posting porn" and that "you shouldn't see it." Shouldn't they be the ones who enjoy this degenerate shit? Doesn't matter though, because some gore will definitely scare them. Any user did that yet?

The funny thing is that they have these entire tech forums where they discuss and act like "pros." All they talk about is obscure linux distros and other operating systems. Honestly, these faggots probably don't even know how to update source lists or edit the bootloader config. One of the anons here fucking phished their IPs with a simple tinyurl (>>10688714)! And they kept fucking reclicking the link! Them knowing shit about computers is fucking bullshit if they can't even catch that. Plus, their dumbass mods can't even incorporate better verification systems and seem to have never heard about proxy banning to stop the raids.

They have some links at the bottom of some pages full of information about their ideology which I skimmed through. It's nonstop self-contradictions, baseless assumptions and logical fallacies like:

I can't remember where I found the link but here it is theanarchistlibrary.org/library/peter-gelderloos-anarchy-works if you want to amuse yourself poking holes in it. Hurts my head though.

Tips for blending:
>Use the work like, like, all the, like, time, like this ok maybe a bit less than that

Check out their gitlab. Look over the code if any user has time. By scanning over some of the stuff, it seems as if ziq is greek - which then confirms this because if you type [email protected] like that user, you get a location in cyprus. I'll look more into this tomorrow, but if any user can help out, that'll be great.
Also, here's some of the admins' emails:
[email protected]
goes by @edgyemma

It is also very probable that Ziq is Greek because a post said he just "woke up now" at 7 o'clock there.

The only way you can reason with the (((Left))) is to literally be the one thing they hate the most. This is what Holla Forums is all about, so far the methods anons have been using on Holla Forums ever since it's inception is the most effective weapon against the libshits. If they called you a White cis male neo-Nazi in your normie years, you might as well become an actual White Nationalist (I would love to become one as well, but sadly I can't). If these commies are proud of the idea of Whites being outbred and killed by other races then you tell them or yourself that you're proud of the idea of physical removal in your White homelands. Anything else never works, what exactly are cuckservatives worth for other than pointlessly chanting "the liberals are the real racists"? They're still gonna be called racists in the end, anyway. "Centrists" like the Sargoy of Mossad and the Skeptic Community™ are worthless libshits pretending to be different from any other libshit. Lolbergtarians can't really win against them either, they definitely make a much bigger impact on the liberals than the cuckservatives and "centrists" but most lolbergs I've seen have no care for social issues (see Gary Johnson), and don't know anything or don't even want to acknowledge the JQ.

You know you can be an X nationalist, where you just fill in the blank with whatever you are? I'm white, and just as I want my countries to be free of foreign meddling, I think other ethnicities should be allowed to have their own countries where they're also allowed to flourish.

We're dealing with sub 90 IQ retards here, I am not worried.
why is it that Redditors (and by extension these faggots) pretwnd to be so intelligent and intellectual when they're really retards, while we pretend to be autistic retards (implying) while most anons are pretty smart?


I found a few gorey porn shit and spammed the site with it. I don't know too many links so if any user does, please spam raddle with it. Those lefties need a rude awakening.

leaked IPs' Analysis of those antifags on raddle: (coordinates are off by 5-10 miles usually)

city: San Francisco
region_code: CA
area_code: 415
time_zone: America/Los_Angeles
dma_code: 807
metro_code: San Francisco, CA
country_code3: USA
latitude: 37.7811
postal_code: 94118
longitude: -122.4625
country_code: US
country_name: United States
continent: NA

Port Scan:
22/tcp open ssh?
53/tcp open domain ISC BIND none
| dns-nsid:
|_ bind.version: none
80/tcp open http nginx 1.4.6 (Ubuntu)
|_http-server-header: nginx/1.4.6 (Ubuntu)
|_http-title: Welcome to nginx!
8088/tcp open http thttpd 2.25b 29dec2003
|_http-server-header: thttpd/2.25b 29dec2003
|_http-title: Index of /

city: Lower Sackville
region_code: NS
area_code: 0
time_zone: America/Halifax
dma_code: 0
metro_code: None
country_code3: CAN
latitude: 44.7607
postal_code: B4C
longitude: -63.637
country_code: CA
country_name: Canada
continent: NA

Port Scan:
53/tcp open domain ISC BIND none
| dns-nsid:
|_ bind.version: none

city: Westerlo
region_code: 01
area_code: 0
time_zone: Europe/Brussels
dma_code: 0
metro_code: None
country_code3: BEL
latitude: 51.0833
postal_code: 2260
longitude: 4.9167
country_code: BE
country_name: Belgium
continent: EU

Port Scan:
53/tcp open domain ISC BIND none
| dns-nsid:
|_ bind.version: none

city: Derby
region_code: D2
area_code: 0
time_zone: Europe/London
dma_code: 0
metro_code: None
country_code3: GBR
latitude: 52.9447
postal_code: DE22
longitude: -1.4953
country_code: GB
country_name: United Kingdom
continent: EU

Port Scan:
53/tcp open domain ISC BIND none
| dns-nsid:
|_ bind.version: none

city: Melbourne
region_code: FL
area_code: 321
time_zone: America/New_York
dma_code: 534
metro_code: Orlando, FL
country_code3: USA
latitude: 28.0782
postal_code: 32904
longitude: -80.7534
country_code: US
country_name: United States
continent: NA

Port Scan:
53/tcp open domain ISC BIND none
| dns-nsid:
|_ bind.version: none

city: Greensburg
region_code: PA
area_code: 724
time_zone: America/New_York
dma_code: 508
metro_code: Pittsburgh, PA
country_code3: USA
latitude: 40.3356
postal_code: 15601
longitude: -79.5507
country_code: US
country_name: United States
continent: NA

Port Scan:
53/tcp open domain ISC BIND none
| dns-nsid:
|_ bind.version: none

city: Los Angeles
region_code: CA
area_code: 310
time_zone: America/Los_Angeles
dma_code: 803
metro_code: Los Angeles, CA
country_code3: USA
latitude: 34.0544
postal_code: 90009
longitude: -118.244
country_code: US
country_name: United States
continent: NA

Port Scan:
53/tcp open domain ISC BIND none
| dns-nsid:
|_ bind.version: none


And that's ziq's account. I'll start doing some digging there


Oh right. Make the working man suffer.

wtf i love marx now


Here. And I'll post this with spoilers, as I don't think I want to make the hardened men vomit.


bump… keep raiding anons




From reading the site, looks like they want a place to go to be more of a degenerative piece of shit. Time to archive, download and identify faggots for future actions
bumpity bump. Someone leak those IPs on cuckchan.

Just opened the browser and this welcomed me. I'm fucking pissing my sides.

This user gets it. Don't slam your way in, be a shim.

Bless the man who created the thinking emoji

Sweet, I get to practice my photoshop-fu!

and here I thought plebbit was already a SJW safespace… Can't seem to talk about anything on that shit without some shill regurgitating rote bullshit and getting upvoted a million times. Maybe it will improve?

It will stay the same, as some tenuous place where depending on the subreddit you can say banworthy things and still be okay, until a global mod notices. On subreddits that are given more attention, users will say beta retorts like, "not touching that," so they don't have to address something triggering like a hatefact. But then they'll pretend it's false and regurgitate their brainwashing script and pretend that that is the unquestioned truth.

Want to see a perfect example of this? Visit /r/badhistory or something like that. The OPs of some threads will repeat, "not touching that" over and over but then try to sidestep those facts in favor of mainstream (((revisionist history))).

i came into this thread to post that and you beat me to it three times

This is an interesting comment.

We all get that the best jokes are true & tell you the best & worst of yourself in a flash.

Also the Dunning - Kruger effect is in play here with.
The more downsie you are the better you think you are at everything. . .

I made a profile but it is shocking how dumb they are. I just posted on a thread titled
"In a socialist utopia where all jobs are valued equally, and everyone with ability can be trained/educated for free, what job would you choose?"

Oh Lel, Lel, Lel.

I fucking love retards like this. They want an economy where you can write a shit poem and get a mcdouble in exchange.

user, farmers do have time for art and philosophy. It's called Winter…. assuming they cut enough firewood in advance, and have plenty of kids to help out.

plebbit cucks piss and moan about how much hate white nationalism is about. White nationalism has no hate as pure and as visceral, crystalline in its purity, ascendant in its strength, as the sub fatpeoplehate had.

God I miss that place.


I just fucking subverted them.

Posted tranny regret to the queer forum.

it got deleted.


checking those triple posted trips

Thank you for bringing this degeneracy to my attention. Gas is too good for these freaks. I think tossing them off a 30 ft cliff into a ditch and letting them die from exposure to the elements is more fitting.

bumpity bump bump

Yes. Gonna dump all my nazi propaganda and antifa smear stuff on that site.

and why would I post on another persons website and cause his revenues?

Why not just make a clone out of reddit and make people come to my website?

I never understood this with producing content for free to others…

This looks more like something a Holla Forumstard would do

I'm sorry, but I just can't get over how shallow, naive, sheltered, and down right stupid every single one of these cucks sound.

Their idea and manner of thinking are the epitome of the 23 year old fat assed neckbeard virgin who has never left his town and lives at home. They have these weird, desperate power fantasies and a completely dysfunctional idea of how anything in the world or society operates. They don't sound educated, they don't sound like they've read anything of value, and they don't sound like they really understand the ideals they hold in such high esteem. It's all buzzwords, often used incorrectly or contrary to each other.

And these are antifa. There's no way these cretins are organizing and "arming" themselves. It's even more clear that these are just the angry losers that kikes rile up and send out to autisticaly chant and smash windows like an army of retarded zombies.



What will actually kill you by 50 is side effects from HIV meds.


Its a bunch of commies who were so edgy they got banned from reddit. so they made their own reddit clone where you can be super edgy all the time.

what the fuck? They are serious…."And if they don't want to give up their properties and power, which is much more likely?"

In the thread titled

zer0crash wrote 3 hours ago

One cannot trust a scorned, selfish person. They will betray anyone to attempt to return to their old way of life of exploitation and domination. In their eyes inequality is the natural order.

They will likely remain an existential threat to equality, so they would have to be restrained, or just murdered.


bump. keep up the good work anons


Lol. How fast were you banned?

Of import!

This shows me that these types of retards do not know or understand what love is. That explains a lot.

why don't this people fucking DIE from the pain??

how do they…PEE?

wait what

Is there anyone who doesn't hate the jews? How do they keep getting away with it?

Did not Bakunin shit on Marx over being a nepotist kike surrounded by nepotist kikes?

The plebbitors are awakening

The feminism board is evidently an easy target for red-pilling.

However, I think this could hardly be ignored.

They don't even require a separate email address to sign up.

You can also just lurk and down vote everything without getting banned either.




I clicked on one of the links to the side bar /f/Anarcha_Feminism and I stumbled upon pic related. You can't make this shit up

Manarchy sounds breddy gud!

top jej

Gotta love how the left eats themselves.



Is there ANY possibility that they realized how phallic some of those options look? They wouldn’t have done it on purpose because they hate men, so it’s even funnier.

oh sweet merciful lord of the underworld, the jokes write themselves!

Same logic. Jews make those people broken on purpose.

Same logic. Jews make those people broken on purpose.

This is literally the worst post I have seen all day. Congratulations. Holla Forums used to be a "containment board," too, newfag. Moot was summarily anally devastated that reality failed to conform to whatever dumb shit he believes and then he proceeded to get hilariously cucked by Jewesses and mocked by the entire fucking site, which spawned the H8Chan Exodus in all its glory.

bumpity bump


Kek. The gore and porn I dumped there lasted for thirty minutes. Their mods are really getting lazy now. Keep raiding anons. In the meantime, can an user leak the antifag IPs posted here to cuckchan? I still have two days before the ban expires.


these fucking liars

Can we go troll them?

Let's start a raid this Saturday evening my niggers

Off work or school I'm putting it in my calender