TRS shill campaign

So TRS has been shilling their shit over on 4cuck

Their viral marketing strategy runs as follows

Essentially these threads are a way for them to shill their website, and their paywall. The threads are almost always started with the TRS logo and web address in the OP, and some mention of the paywall in the OP post. These are shill threads, if you doubt this, then you need to explain why threads about TRS are being made regularly, but threads about the Fag Anglin's Thai Fuck Shack (which is a much larger and more significant website) are not.

~What I propose is this.~
It would work even better if someone bought a web domain and hosted a parallel site with all their paywall content (call it FreeRS or something)

Eventually, their audience is going to catch on that all their shit is easily obtainable for free, and their subscriptions will plummet.

Let me explain why they are so cancerous, just to be perfectly clear:

They aren't targeting their content at normies, (which I would support). They are instead concentrating their shilling on already redpilled people, such as those on Holla Forums. They are immersing their show in memes, content, and news ripped straight from Holla Forums, in order to appeal to a 4chan audience. Their goal here is not redpilling the masses, it's preaching to the choir, and then collecting a fee. In contrast, Styxhexenhammer rips content from Holla Forums all the time, but he targets his message towards normies. He's actually a very nice entry point for liberal-minded people into the alt-right (i fucking hate that label).

Even worse than this, they are taking these impressionable young men and luring them into completely asinine and counterproductive political activism that not only damages our message, but gets hundreds of our people doxxed, and fired. I support Trump, but how much damage did the Charlottesville rally do to his political situation on capital hill? How much damage did it do to the white nationalist cause in America? Doing rallies such as this is a gift from heaven to the media, who have the opportunity to frame it however they want.

Now whatever you think of Varg, he makes a ton of sense here:

He advises people not to give the media the opportunity to frame the situation by doing retarded rallies such as Charlottesville. He advises young men to keep their head down, to avoid being doxxed and having your life completely destroyed. Instead get a good career, use the money to start a family, and do what you can to tacitly support our cause from a position of influence in society.

When Jason Kessler (who organized the Charlottesville rally) was interviewed, he stated that he personally knew 35 people who had lost their jobs, many of whom had been disowned by their families. He advised that all these people should instead make the alt-right their new family, and become full time white-activists following him and the TRS crew around the country doing more rallies.
This is the future they have in mind for you: A fucking loser with no job, no family, blacklisted from all colleges and career paths, dutifully paying your monthly membership fees to hear them regurgitate Holla Forums memes on their shitty internet podcast.

These people are fucking cancer, the whole gang of them. They are destroying the lives of our people, they are profiting off our memes, they are undermining our message, and they are tainting our redpills with bitterness. They must be destroyed.

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TRS shill shills by posing as someone exposing TRS shills.

No I'm not fuck off. I compiled some pretty good evidence documenting their shill campaign, and how to counter it.

dude just shut the fuck up

This shit doesn't belong here.

Ok, I posted the material I gathered over there as well.

How many people have you suckered into paying for your vlogs, Sam?

Who cares? TRS isn't the enemy.

TRSodomite go home.


We still never doxed McNab. Here's what I've gathered while spying on them.

it isn't false consensus, we don't want to listen to your stupid podcasts TRSemite, why can't you get it through your thick fucking skulls we hate you.

Bump, for the shrilling sodomites.

Find the "civnat lolberg." I don't see any.
You seem to think Holla Forums is owned by Hitler himself and the Holla Forums mods are his inner circle or something.

sure you do, despite the fact that we are interchangeable as a forum base and as a demographic, sure you do.

Does anyone have screen shots of the TRS using the term "fash"? I want to compile some imagines into one image which would become compelling evidence of controlled Opposition.

Does anyone have that Armed Spencer rally pamphlet that has Antifa Motifs such as Yellow and black?




It's called self awareness and not taking yourself too seriously.
Yes, thinking the western population will suddenly one day be on board with genocide as a first and only solution to every problem is LARPing.


Found him





Must they kvetch so hard? Do they intend on having the Internet Hate Machine break their collective spine again? If something does come of this, we need to also destroy the Kekistan heresy in the name of Lord Kek.


I don't like TRSodomites, but I also don't like wasting precious threads on these faggots. Ignore them or go to /TRS/ if you want to talk about them.

Again ? I thought we were done with them when kike enoch started pretending to be Serbian, then Croatian, then Norwegian.

We always thought you were a bunch of soft fags.

I hate to be that guy but everytime we stop talking about them they weasel their way back in and start acting like we didn't out a shitload of their leaders as faggots and jews and imply that anyone pointing it out is a D&C shill.


This thread lacks Morrakike dox, who wants it?

Maybe this mockery might be self-awareness for a retarded faggot like yourself.

here might as well post the dox I did back during the whole drama

New: Ghoul dox updated from subpar antifa ones. Seventh Son's wife privates her instagram and deletes photos from her facebook.

Cooper Ward (Ghoul)
He deleted most of his stuff on the antifa leak here (
Age: he was 19 in 2010 so like 25/26
Proud author of the "edgecucks" article (

Father: Scott Ward
5918 s 175 cir omaha ne
Probably this guy (

Mother: Paula Mau (Divorced his dad, married a woman)
16730 Cinnamon Dr, Omaha, NE 68136 ( friends (
Various photo albums ( ( (
be sure to look at the first one lol

Her Wife: Michelle Vorpahl (

Siblings: Kathleen Ward ( friends (
Seems there is trouble in the family since kathleen is friends with many of the same Wards as Paula but is not mutual friends with Paula or anyone named Mau.
Grandma: Donna Mau (

Van Robert Bryant (Bulbasaur)
2904 RIVERBEND DR, NASHVILLE, TN 37214 ( (it's dead)
for archives ( friends list ( (

Wife Jennifer Bryant ( (

Family ( (

Jesse Dunstan (Seventh Son)
His real name is Jesse Craig Dunstan not Jesse Bjorn
7 Addison Rd Fishkill, New York ( (

Heather Dunstan ( ( photos ( (
Her facebook album of Jesse's band Mathematics w/e (

Old Band (shitty imo)
Jesse Bjorn(really Dunstan) - Guitar
Tom Walsh - Drums (
Matt Picciano - Guitar (
James Corbett - Vocals (
Also his old friend who is against ALT-RIGHT NAZIS lol (


This board has 25 pages of threads and the ones at the bottom are old and/or autosaged. Enough of this horse shit about "precious" board space and muh "a thread died for this" faggotry. The board loses more irrelevant threads every time some pissed off faggot tries to raid the board than when someone like you has an autistic meltdown over threads you don't personally like.



this kike shilling again for fuck sake

Be a shame if they opened a box only to find a big shit inside.

you motherfuckers destroyed this board with this fucking trash. With all the real shilling to do right now with the niggers and their knelling, you push this shit that should be ignored.

The anti TRS faggots are much more annoying and insane that the any trs shill. Especially that schizophrenic kike Moarpheus who runs Spercergate and spams 8pol and cuckchan 20 hours every day. He is a confirmed goon and legit autistic

This is good, to be honest. I'd rather have 4cuck turn into TRS than the fucking shitheap civnat mish mash of trolls and shills it is now. At least TRS are white nationalists. Honestly, WE should be the ones trying to culture farm 4cuck.


Hello, TRS.

Yeah nothing spells white nationalism like dyke mother, jew in charge and said jew's bnai birth wife's obsession with drag queens

I've literally seen nothing about this for months, so how is this a shilling campaign? Really, go to bed, Christian (Hazzard), we're don't care about your drama.

Not saying it's perfect, I'm saying it's better than 4cuck. Their rhetoric is explicitly white nationalist. I know enoch has bad connections, but what he says is still white nationalist.

And what a better way to show it than bumping the thread. Good work.

Yes TRSfriend, tell us more about how the fag-enabling cryptojew Kike Enoch with his openly jewish wife and his nigger brother is a real white nationalist.

Better than posting niggerdicks on 4cuck. If TRS takes over 4chan, fucking good. Better them than trolls and paid shills. This was my original point.

I'd enjoy to hear why you dislike him so much. Does it have anything to do with the fact that nobody cares about other online podcasts which may he hosted on AngryFrog or something?

Whenever these threads come up they almost always follow the formula of "Look at how bad TRS is, listen to this jimpact podcast where they talk about hearsay and gossip! Please pay attention to this other website and support us!"




Hehehehe it's so easy to fleece the stupid goyim!!!

This thread is like autofellatio.
It's the imageboard equivalent of military reenactment.
It's gay as fuck.


It's a fucking obvious kike hive that should never be trusted.


Still cannot work out if these threads are started and populated by kikes or alphabets or both. It's all highly-organized and brigaded by multiple posters using different IDs.
Their efforts to impersonate Holla Forumsacks and spergs are pretty weak, tbh. This is consensus-cracking for kiddies. So sad.
An impersonator always looks like an impersonator.



This is the absolute opposite of true, and anyone who listens to even one episode of a flagship TRS podcast will know what a liar you are.

That's some worthless African currency that a fan mailed him as a joke.

My guess is it's splinter team from CTR who got familiar with Holla Forums during the election, and now work for some other PR firm.
That's not going to be all of them, but it's at least a third.