Dress like a white man

Fashion is racist now


-casual button down
-polo shirt
-t shirt if brand is VV or southern tide


-boat shoes

-Ralph Lauren
-vineyard Vines
-brooke brothers
-J crew

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Formal: Hugo Boss 3-piece
Blue Collar: T-shirt with no logo, sturdy jeans, work boots
Date night with little Sally Stands-in-Wheat-Fields: Thor Stienar

Also, please enjoy a kike free first post

Just because you got those digits, I'll forgive you for your lack of archive.

prove to me those companies aren't kiked, OP

Lel nigger real euros wear camo and rubber boots

I know Ralph Lauren is a Jew.

Don't dress like a slob. That is the only fashion advice you need. If you're trying to dress to impress, slap yourself for being a silly faggot and work on accomplishing things instead.

The fashion industry only cares about selling clothes and niggers only wear walmart clothes.

OP is a faggot. Aryan men wear boots.

Have an archive: archive.fo/RGvDK


Fucking WRONG, FAGGOT. You've obvious never kicked any Jews or niggers. You want a good pair of boots. Black and brown pair.

A JEW? hahaha NO.

For middle class people? Too expensive.

I've never been comfortable dressing like that. Maybe if I'm going to court or church or something, but just walking around looking like that makes me feel like a tool.


Go back to cuckchan you faggot

Yeah, let's all wear a uniform and get Alt-Right™ tattoos. Let's all get fashy haircuts to look like Richard Spencer. It will be so BASED!

Who the hell is talking about uniforms? Are you drunk?

very unfashionable

I have that watch

lolno. Also, the push to make the ebil nazis adopt a unified dress code is simply, and very obviously, just an (((attempt))) to make us more easily identifiable in meatspace.

Holy shit, so do I. What the fuck? Casio master race?

That bag is bretty noice.

Also, if you are fit any clothing will look good on you.

Are those non-slip or oil resistant boots? If they aren't they useless for me.

Literally means "Chinese (plural)" in Spanish. Guess where most are made.
Buy local. Failing that, buy secondhand or buy fabric and make your own. If you have the shekels, hire a local seamstress/tailor. Unless you are okay with slave labor and making your community poorer, in which case by all means buy cheap chinese shit.

Boots. Military surplus is good and cheap. With the pant leg over them, they look like dress shoes. Comfortable, good for offense and defense, they have saved me from a nasty dog bite once (nigger-raised dog).
Also, take them to a cobbler to replace the soles when they wear down. It's cheap, and you won't have to break them in again.
You should have more than one pair and rotate between them, this cuts down on the odor.

Shirts and tees:
Better plain than shitty "artwork". Printed artwork is hopeless, but I have had success removing sewn-on patches from jackets, by cutting the thread. If you do this, take care not to break the fabric by cutting it or pulling hard on threads which won't come out with a light pull. Also decorations made entirely from thread are hopeless, so many holes are made the thread is the thing holding it together.

Avoid clothing with "simulated" wear and tear, be it fading or holes. The process weakens the fabric either way.
If you have clothing with tears or holes, either naturally occurring or man made, don't throw it away, patch it.

There is no shame in wearing mended clothes. But there should be in needless spending and waste. Save money towards becoming as independent as you can be, be it a homestead, a gun or taking time off to homeschool your children.

The back of shirts and trousers sustains less wear and tear, save those for patches (Shirt fabric is great for replacing pockets in trousers, much better than the one they come with).

Dress age-appropriate. If you want to look good, besides basic color coordination, your best bet is to get fit.

Pic related.

Something like these?

Good taste.

I have sketchers because they the only brands that have non slip other then crocs and timberland I can't enter work without them.



This. If your body is well-proportioned, you've developed good shoulders, strong back and arms, any clothing looks good.

Fuck off with this shit.

Buy some Cat 2nd shift boots.

and 200 dollars shoes

Wear clothes that you like, and that fit. That's all you need to do and you're ahead of every normie and nigger. These threads are gay.


Great advice. Everybody needs to learn basic sewing skills - even if you've got a good wife or long-suffering mother, it's still important to know how to sew a button back on and darn a sock or whatever.
And you're absolutely right about dressing your age; I think the last time I wore a printed t-shirt was when I was about 22 and even then I felt like a dickhead in it. In another life I worked at a menswear store, selling both casual and formal, and more than once I did a great deed for humanity by persuading customers to avoid the print designs and bright pink polo shirts (this was back when that was, sadly, fashionable).

I don't have much money, so I get most of my clothes second hand. I often find designer brands in great condition, and just recently I picked up a pair of Colorado hiking boots for $5 because the sole in one of them had split somehow (besides that they didn't look worn at all) and the cobbler only charged me $30 for replacing the sole. So even being horrendously poor, you can still get decent clothes if you shop around and make friends with your local cobbler.

tfw my fav brand stone island is getting blacked by niggers


Here it's about ~25€, which comes around the same.
My boots, which I got as a gift from a retired gentleman, cost 40€ in the second hand market, brand new (soldiers are provided a new pair every few years, faster than they wear them out, and they are not above selling them and having the old pair resoled) and ~100€ if bought at a store. They last their worth, too.

I have found that for areas of the sole with more wear (for me that's the heels at an outwards angle), you can just glue a bit of rubber cut to size, or multiple thin layers. My go-tos are PVC glue (I get it free in almost-empty cans from a plumber relative) and dried-out latex paint. You can make whole soles from old tires, or peel strips, but they are a bitch to cut and hard to glue. The latex melts and mixes with the glue.

Im still wearing my shit kickers

New antics slogan:


Yo can tell when what is being advertised is useless or a scam because they have to resort to using good looking whites to promote it. For things you need (or believe you need) anyways it's always multiculti/feminist/etc propaganda disguised as advertisements.

10/10 would operate with :^)

you couldn't come up with a gayer slogan if you had a second dick in your mouth

I almost bought that watch, but then decided to hold out for the calculator watch.

Is Augusta National kiked?

good colour laces

ordered the gold one the other day, so good

I grew up in a mostly secular Jewish neighborhood, they all dress like this, polos and khakis. The only white guy that I knew that dressed like this outside of a department store was a pedophile that shot himself in 2009.

Unless you are on THOT patrol for some really clueless women, that are probably skanky for being to stupid, I would not dress like this.

This is what Jewish CIA agents wish white nationalists wore in their anglo fetishism for people that are only rich inbred people from New Hampshire, which they fap to constantly in their media, but hasn't existed on any large scale for normal white peoples for a hundred years.

Most of the clothes of this style are designed by Gay Jews and Gay Italians.

This all sounds kind of gay.

thats Jewish conditioning talking


Dressed up all nice for AIPAC

Extremely accurate. Also shorts look fucking ridiculous on a grown man.

KYS you faggot OP. You make this thread every fucking week.
We don't give a fuck!
We're not dressing like prepschool faggots!

yea that flag is backwards, kill yourself disheveled fop

If I wanted to get robbed by niggers and looked at as a frat boy beta by females then I'd dress like that

Men should not be so concerned about fashion. Specifically which brands to buy and style of shoe, we aren't flamingos. Those are the types of things women and faggots worry about. Wear whatever is most efficient. I just wear ratty old cowboy boots everywhere because I save time not having to tie any laces.

Goddamnit National Socialists wore suits.

The khaki and polo look is emasculating and bland. A lot of this homogenized shit was pushed by Jews in the mid 20th Century.

Ralph Lauren is a kike. No WN should buy his brand.

Don't wear synthetic fibers like polyester. You're basically wearing plastic.

We're quickly entering a state of civil war. Wear clothes that are sturdy, tactical, and masculine.

Dress like a (straight) white man

But I was told a tshirt and jeans was "neet tier"

Justin boots
Wrangler cool vantage jeans, Wrangler retro or Cinch jeans if I'm doing something fancy
Carhartt pocket tee
Also this thread sucks, OP stop sucking dicks.

The OP is bretty gud if you read the link provided.
OP /fa/ list almost as cringy as the article I'll admit.

I have never known of a single decent or better warrior that gave half a flying fuck about fashion.


No I read his post, I just don't think a self respecting National Socialist should dress that way, if something happens when you're away from the house, you're totally unprepared, shorts, a polo and fucking boat shoes? Half of your body is exposed with your feet being the most vulnerable, your feet are arguably the most important part of your body, so protect them, ideally with steel toe boots. You should look for clothing that is durable and long lasting, I've had the same 3 pairs of boots for almost 2 years now, all my jeans are a year old at least and my shirts about the same.

the carhartt tee has been appropriated by fat young boomers and fat old x-ers who want to evoke a blue-collar image.


These are all pretty nice looking, but I can't help but feel you can get similar quality for half this price. I really don't want to spend time researching fashion to find out though.

Are you a nerdy Arab?

I'm more pointing the content in the article where they are kvetching about fashion and white nationalist looking normal. They want us to play the skinhead degenerate role so (((they))) can easily point and scapegoat. While the commies basically look more and more like ayylmaos everyday, fence sitting normalfags are drawn towards us and our acute sense of fashion. (((it's))) afraid.

Some highlights from the article:

I cant attest for Chippewa
Picked up a pair of 6" Apache STs for work last week and fucking hell they're wonderful.

Also this.

Danners are dank as fuck

You want to look responsible, but not like an asshole.

Sometimes they do, but it it depends. Are they knee length, or shorter? (Should be knee length, not shorter).

Socks should not be seen, either because not wearing them or those short ones that only cover the feet, not the ankle.

If somebody with better image manipulation that me can shop uncle Adolf's legs so that he is not wearing socks, and the pants cover the knees, please do.

1. work towards being in peak physcial shape
2. buy clothes that don't make you look like a faggot, and make sure they fit nicely

casio watchfriends. it's terrorwave as fuck.

Are you retarded? A man needs to know how to communicate, and how you dress and behave is a major part of communication. Why do you think the militarys dresses in certain uniforms? Combat effectiveness means much more than just defense and camouflage, but intimidation as well. A man cares about his appearance insomuch that it must reflect who he is, and what he wants known about him.

Sometimes they do, but it it depends. Are they knee length, or shorter? (Should be knee length, not shorter).

Socks should not be seen, either because not wearing them or those short ones that only cover the feet, not the ankle.

If somebody with better image manipulation skills than me can shop uncle Adolf's legs so that he is not wearing socks, and the pants cover the knees, please do.

Shorts like I have described are fine if weather and situation appropriate. Same think with swimming trunks, even if they do not reach the knee.

And of course you can get away with shorter shorts if you have muscled legs. I would also say hairy legs take away from the "childish look", which is more pronounced on, or perhaps due to, shaved legs.

Kill me.

I used to rotate a beard every 5 days or so and one day when I was clean shaven my mexican coworker jokingly said that I looked really white without facial hair. Now I shave more often.

I wouldn't mind wearing that button down either

Casio mater watch reporting in. Why is it so popular? Is it that it's a nice watch for a cheap price?

wearing neo nazi/skin head aesthetics is plastic ns. Youre not helping us. Youre a degenerate.

Try a thrift store.its not uncommon to find stuff with the tags still on them for 2 or 3 bucks. Find your size and hang them on the end of the rack. Pick out what you like. Check for burns, rips, snags, and moth holes. Cash out and profit from not looking like a scrub so people might actually listen to what you have to say. In the last 3 days I bought 14 suits of various colors and types and 13 ties for around 40 bucks. Winning hearts and minds starts with people perceiving you as someone intelligent. Leadership is basically a cult of personality. They have to want to be like you to absorb your ideas.

Now kys faggot


mods delete this shill thread
This thread exists purely to

tl;dr dressing like a frat boy is gay, but dressing like a skinhead is also gay. find a middle ground.

(pics related are not NS, and will NEVER embody real NS or Europe)

Also, no boots. Get black Oxfords and brown Oxfords with matching belts. Sliver, white gold, platinum, satin nickel, titanium jewelry is good and neutral. Gold if done incorrectly makes you look like a bigger faggot

And more relevant, good looking. And tall. Which reminds me, ask your cobbler to make the soles a bit thicker unless you are giant-size.
Not disco platform shoes, just a quarter inch, half a cm or so. Proven psychological effect.


you don't realize how white normal clothes are until you see non-whites wear white clothes.


The fire rises, Schlomo

aesthetic tbqh


My grandfather is worth tens of millions of dollars in assets and this is the watch he wears every single day since he bought it. I'm serious.

Hitler spent so much time making works of art I wonder if anyone ever told him that he was one.

Youre still plastic tho. also basic bitch tier response. probably a enoch bot.

why? because i tell you not to dress like a soywhite, but to also not dress like a fucking degenerate NS metal faggot? fucking obv jidf. At least fucking try with your response instead of just using
You fucking totally used it out of context even. Fuck me lurk more you fucking 14 year newfag.

again why? because i encourage whites to dress with PR in mind?

Getting this much flak? For encouraging whites to not jump to one side or the other of a controlled paradigm image op? Must be right over target.

That was Hugo Boss.

Pic related. Oxfords are Eternal Anglo tier.

As long as you don't dress like a fag or a nigger or some cartoon neo nazi, it's OK. We have different tastes, different thoughts and emotions that drive us. If looking like an outdoorsman makes you feel good then do that and if your a blond haired surfer dude then work that shit. We are are here to make white babies, protect and teach those white babies and make wholesome white women feel like making white babies with us while being so deeply into us that they stick around afterwords to raise the babies and cook our meals. After that, we are here to share wisdom with our white kids and grandkids, perpetuate our traditions and make all interlopers fear and avoid us to the point of not wanting to be in the same country as us unless they are making themselves look like fools trying to adopt all our customs and beliefs.

Get that nigger loving shit out of here.

You don't have to dress like a preppy Chad.

White people should embrace the rockabilly aesthetic.

Niggers will spend what little money they have on designer Italian belts, and overpriced Chinese shoes.

True white men dress in the style of National SoCal-ism.

Fashion is racist? NO ITS FUCKING SEXIST!

I hope you are aware Elvis was part-nigger, popularized nigger music, *and a literal Shabbos Goy.*

and a literal Shabbos Goy.

ITT: Tryhard kiddies.

Do you even realize how retarded it is to spend large amounts of money on crap manufactured by turdworlder slaves for bottom dollar prices?

If you're going to spend a lot of money on fashion it should be on American/European made clothing. There are tons of options for American/European made suits, jackets, pants, jeans, boots, shoes, dress shirts, t-shirts, hats, socks, underwear, so on and so forth.

I disagree that there isn't a time and a place for loafers in the every day life of an Aryan man, but can confirm that boots should be priority, even in an office setting mother fucking cowboy boots nigger

Some rockabilly is cool, like unknown hinson, but most of it is nigger-tier garbage.

American made jeans, jackets, workwear

running shoes and sneakers made in the usa

This with one caveat: look "presentable" in the sense you don't need to be a faggot and wear all these richdicks clothes, but simply look Aryan and well kept.

Read the thread, pal.

I am a happy camper.

Have to give you some credit for the dubs, but other than National SoCal-ism, that style of dress just doesn't compute on the eastern seaboard.

Are you for real? Who the fuck in their right mind would wear those other than some tranny dominatrix.

Agreed, no one wears that shit other than LARPing faggots.

Not advocating that you only where suits, but every self-respecting man owns a few. Charles Tyrwhitt has some well-made clothing and they often have good sales going on
PS get sized by someone local before you buy suits online, don't measure yourself

Yeah I know, I just wanted to do a bit of wordplay.

It was some great wordplay, I'll give you that. Honestly though, I'm partial to jeans and cowboy boots.

t. Southernfag

Which place

plural was

stuff for sale

to carry on the body

English is not my first language and I know this.
You have no excuse.

How in the hell have the fashion jews convinced the goyim that they should pay 100s of dollars for clothing items made in bangladesh for 4$? Why blow all that money on a vanity label that means nothing(Every 'prestigious' brand sold out decades ago and manufactures crap in Asia) when you could spend the same price and get clothing that employs working class whites and improves the national economy?

As soon as the cattle start waking up Made In The USA clothing will become as trendy as organic foods and craft breweries are 2017. Better to be wearing a Made in The USA sweatshirt than wearing Ralph Lauren.

Work pants.
Safety boots.
High visibility vest, or integrate into shirt (high vis shirt)
Hardhat and safety glasses when on site.

Add high vis jacket or rain gear as weather dictates.

Dress like a man, not a faggot.

If you don't already work a skilled trade, now's the time to man up and start doing real work.

Also, I don't know how things are where you guys live, but around me there is absolute shit for selection when it comes to clothes. And online isn't much better because it's all geared towards the kinds of people who enjoy clothes shopping, which isn't me.

You go look at pictures from five or six decades ago and everyone has very nice clothes all well fitted and no internet existed then, had to all be locally bought. It just doesn't exist anymore, and I can't be fucked to spend my free time researching how to buy proper clothes, so I just said fuck it to everything and gave up. Now I just wear whatever I can find and everyone who cares can go fuck themselves.

Yeah jeans get the job done 99% of the time around here as well. If you are fit then all thats needed on top is a basic t shirt and you'll be set in all situations except formal ones.

Spot on, brother. It's surprising how good one can look in that get up after spending some time in the gym.

Daily reminder for everyone that if you aren't getting /fit/, you are fucking up

Kek, thanks for the lesson. Obviously I didn't re-read my post for grammatical correctness before submitting it or it would've been corrected (this has been happening a lot lately, I'm probably losing my mind. I rather suspect that I will not be doing this in the future either. Nevertheless, do I actually know the proper usage of where, were, wear? Yes, in fact, I do.
Do I spend an extra 30 seconds reviewing every word in a post on an image-board where the average IQ is well-above 110 or well-below? No, you will either expect that I am the latter or you are in the former and you should be smart enough discern my true intent and wouldn't waste your own time trying to belittle someone's grammar.

Kek. Soon it will be racist to speak proper English as well.

Is it weird that my ideal look I want is like a modern cowboy like Marty Robbins or Johnny Cash or Unknown Hinnison?

I haven't bought shit for it yet since I am a poor fag?

You have a great taste in music, user. I would say it isn't weird at all. Cowboys are badass.

It used to be clothing was made in the country and even region it was sold in, including the threads and fabrics themselves, even the fibers were grown or raised and processed locally where possible, be they cotton, flax, wool, etc. All this was done (for the most part) with local wages, paying local taxes, with local work standards (reduced hours, safety measures, etc), and local quality requirements.
Clothing thus cost more, but was also more durable, and the money was fed back to the economy, which means you could earn it back by your own labour.
When the work was exported, the prices were kept high despite the lower cost. Same with technological advancements.

Buying "cheap" from overseas is penny wise, pound foolish, as the saying goes.

This book should be required reading in every school and homeschooling curriculum. At least read the first chapter. It makes sound economics so clear it's amazing.

Polo with chinos, jeans ,or slacks are alight, but those shorts are fuckin gay as fuck.

you work for the council dont you m9.
you forced to wear long sleeve/pants in middle of summer?

advice for the asthetic?

Delete this

What head lamp do you use?

You see, I won't bother correcting a subhuman's effort at communication. That would be a waste of my time. But here, or elsewhere between peers, I do proofread every post, because it is the polite, respectful thing to do. I expect the same courtesy to be extended to me.
Beyond that, I do not correct you merely because it bothers me. I do it for your benefit, and that of other posters, more than mine. Good grammar and spelling will have our writing carry more weight in the minds of the readers. By using incorrect spelling, you influence the readers of your posts to do likewise. They may copy your incorrect spelling, believing themselves wrong, particularly if they are still learning English themselves.

Consider this scene from one of my favorite movies (excuse the mandatory gay character, and let me assure you it is otherwise fairly wholesome for something that came out of Hollywood).

Could you imply any harder?

Pretty much just boots, jeans, and a shirt of your choice. Get /fit/ and that combo will go far for you. You have to make sure the shirt isn't gay though - this ranges from button-downs to t-shirts.

You guys need some style

Seriously, it is very good. Considering it is in part about the culture shock somebody raised with the values that were commonplace on well-bred people from scarce half a century before would experience, having a homosexual character may not be even a bad thing, even if it would be better with a more realistic portrayal.

Was thinking like this, except Indian Arrow head bolo tie and sideburns.

wow friendo did you just search up "compact pistol" or something?

Those double dubs don't lie. Looks like a solid style, and I'm huge fan of the bolo tie personally. With most things though, it's just a matter of confidence.

Pic related is the only real answer in this whole thread.

this and


leather work boots are masculine and often visibly high quality, I never want to wear sneakers now

updated pic

i'd rock that kit post-ironically


Commies and commieboos get out.

I was thinking about getting a new pair of Chelseas.

Can't say I know a lot about guns but I was going to buy a PPK replica soon. PPK was James Bond's gun and thought that was cool. Don't remember what the store owner said he had, but it was a PPK replica and was only $199.

You dont get a single stack semi with a better combination of handling and concealability than you do in a mak. The commies made alot of shitty guns but give the mak its dues


Am I the odd one out here?

Reminder, leftists see everything as racist.

Walther is trash and dumb to smoke unless you wanna collect shit for the meme.
Maks are cheap easy to handle and concealable
Glocks are king but cost a bit of dosh and replacing the polymer slide with steel can be a pain for a nogunz like yourself
Sigmas are the poormans glock and are just as good
Any revolver in 357 mag looks badass and will kill jamal in one round pretty much wherever you hit him
If u just want a gun for aesthetics pick whatever but a tool should serve a function as best it can. Looks should be secondary

hey look it's vid relatarded
They're fine if you want revolvers, but even if you wanted a revolver they're pretty impractical to carry around as a self-defense weapon with the low capacity and hammer snagging on shit
shitty sights and small size (meaning more recoil) I think I shot one before and it wasn't comf at all
also >commie gun

I wear a button-down, jeans, and red wing boots.

I polish my boots most every day. They're good boots.

Jeans are comfy and nobody thinks negatively about jeans where I work. Both the men and women wear them. Jeans are basically synonymous with "lower-body-covering" except in the summer.

I like button downs and this is the only part of my style that's even notable.

Leftists need to be gathered up and shot.

/fa/ is for metrosexual faggots.

Get /fit/ and wear clothes that fit. Develop a sense of style, and good posture. Disregard fashion. Don't be a fag.

Next thing youre gonna say is sig makes good guns.

Sig makes good, but overpriced, guns.
HK is better though.


I don't want to live in what ever garbage state you live in.

I like your taste in movies, user.


Just put that 1911 to your head and pull the trigger you fucking tool.

i'd love to hear your stupendously kiked logic for this


Why is /k/ so against open carry?

"It makes you a target" I was once told.


Here's my protip: Get your shit fitted.

You can buy a shit-tier shirt or pants off the rack and they can be made ten times better by throwing $10-20 at an alteration shop and having them fitted. If you really have the money, have your shit tailored from scratch. Starts around $100 for shirts and so on, but when something is tailored to you, it's not even remotely the same as something off the rack.

Also learn to use a damn iron or have your shit dry cleaned appropriately. Nothing worse than a great fitting shirt with good material if you're going to wear it wrinkled to shit.

Practically speaking, it's best to concealed carry. But idealistically speaking, there shouldn't ever be a problem with open carry.

That guy look gay as fuck. Fitted clothes are good advice, but there's no reason to dress like a man who aspire to be a NYC urbanite.


I live in the last frontier where its just the way things are. We aren't little dickless faggots like you who scared to hide our tools, its apart of the look, just like our neoprene boots.

It's not about shame, it's about having common decency. Thanks for putting words in my mouth.

It also makes you a douchebag. If you're going to carry a gun or a knife, there is no need to throw it in people's faces. It's obnoxious.

You have the right to be a double bag, but that doesn't stop me from pointing out and calling you a douchebag.

First they ban guns, then they ban knives without special permits.

oh, it's indecent to have a gun where you live
so you're probably a kike, or you think like a kike

Where the fuck am i. I mean i know this isnt /k/ but come the fuck on man. I bet you think a .45acp 1911 is a good cc gun too

Keep on being ashamed of your masculinity, user. A man should never be ashamed of being prepared to defend himself or his family, or whatever the fuck he feels like fighting for.

A gun won't do you much good if a nigger cracks you in the back of the head.

How's it feel to be too much a pussy to set foot in an area with greater population density than 1 person per 10 square miles? You white flight fags crack me up, as if LARPing as a frontiersman makes you tougher somehow lol

Tell me user, have you ever used the term "flyover state" unironically? Cityboys are estrogen intoxicated faggots 90% of the time.

i live in memphis tennessee and i open carry
what part of "shall not be infringed" do you not understand, ezra

It's fitting in Alaska or Montana, not so much in the rest of the United States. Go to any mildly civilized town and there is no good reason to OC.

I live in the south.

It's not shame, it's decency.

By the way, I've lived in a number of cities including NYC. Every single one is absolutely destitute. You think you have culture, things to do, etc but deep down it's all fucking soulless, meaningless. It's all fucking empty, as are almost everyone who lives there.

sage for doublepost

Is living in the lower 48 as bad as this guy makes it sound? It seemed nice when i visited.

It ain't about rights, dipshit. It's about whether or not you're a douchebag.

OC has a bad reputation for no good reason. The people that use guns irresponsibly don't carry them openly, they keep them hidden then use them like children, sideways with guns that haven't been cleaned in years.

oh, well i'm a douchebag then. what's your point?

No, but I have used the term "dickless cuntrybois who talk a tough game because there's no nigs in their fucking field in Iowa, then fold like a cheap suit when surrounded by diversity".

lol reported

What are you even trying to say? Do you think it's coincidence niggers don't move into smalltown America? It's because the people there actively make them feel unwelcome, unlike "racist" cityfags who are polite to niggers even if they hate them.

On has a bad reputation because the average moron who does it is indeed doing it to seem tougher, when it makes more sense to keep it concealed until it's needed.

Thanks for agreeing with me. Now fuck off and stop being a douchebag. Nobody likes your stupid tough guy act.

Friendly reminder that the instant shtf a bullet is going to be in the back of your chest before you can even react. Ur throwing the element of surprise straight out of the window just so you can make your dick look bigger

It's alright if you get away from the cities.

Cool. I have four more guns in my car so my family can use them. Better me than them.

Or none of you could die and you could kill jamal and tyrone the instant they turn around. Sounds better than dying instantly yeah?

Sure there's a handful of fags that open carry rifles and shotguns to look tough, but ultimately they aren't hurting anyone and that should be no reason to ostracize open carry. 2nd Amendment says that our right to bear arms shall not be infringed, so if a fucker wants to carry his shotgun around town, let him. Unless there's good reason not to, like if he's shot people before without good reason.

Oh don't worry, Uncle Schlomo is changing that as we speak. The influx of diversity into the Midwest has been fucking insane the past 10 years, cities everywhere across the country are gobbling up the countryside and expanding their metropolitans at an unbelievable rate. Because like it or not, the cities own this country, they are the loci of power and influence. I wish it weren't so, but it is, and it's only becoming more that way. Smaller towns and municipalities have virtually no say in anything these days.

You guy are missing the point. Open carry should be allowed, always. But that doesn't mean it's always gonna be the best course of action.

Have fun getting your gun stolen and used against you, like it happens every so often to cops.
Also have fun getting targeted first by shooters.

Just because you can do something, doesn't mean you should do something. I've never said it should be illegal to OC, so stop taking it to the Constitution. I'm saying you and anyone who OCs on a casual daily basis is retarded, as it is just a way to make you seem tougher than you might be.

That's my point. Why not both. Niggers are a cowardly and superstitious bunch, they generally will not attack someone they perceive to be dangerous because they value the individual more than the group. It's the same for most nonwhites.

I hear you. Going around the West these past few years (Wyoming, Denver, Montana, the Dakotas, Idaho, etc) I see more and more stereotypical niggers. Previously you saw a few blacks here and there, relatively well behaved. But these days you often see some piece of shit transplanted straight from the inner city, benefiting from gun laws never meant for his kind.

Right Wing Death Squad are overdue.

Oy vey, goyim! That man there shot that poor defenseless African American who dindu nuffin. It's like another shoah. This RACIST must forever be denied his right to have any weapon, even a butter knife! Please ignore the fact that the Person of Color was carrying a dagger and a pistol, he had simply found them and was going to turn them into the police. He was a christian, ya know.


Explain how an animal going to steal my weapon.

I never said it shouldnt be allowed its a right. Its just retarded to oc in an area where you dont know whos hostile and whos not

Assume everyone is hostile.

Knew a nigger who talked about how he lived in Colorado for a while. Blew my mind that there are still white people who have never met a nigger before.

There would be no problem with open carry in a peaceful homogeneous white community. It's only when you introduce urban lifestyles and diversity into the equation that shit becomes complicated.

I disagree on the same principle as Tapout shirts; the people who wear them are try hard shitbags. I'm OK with Frontier towns OCing, but I'd prefer for the average town to go full CC. Less in your face about it.

Now thats fine and dandy but drawing on everybody that gets within five feet of you is a quick and easy way to get arrested there bud

Dress like a fag

Or, you could just follow the old adage. Around blacks, never relax.


They really fucking are. I've said some harsh things about the country and country people this thread, mainly because I'm frustrated with rural whites thinking everything is ok, that their way of life isn't being subverted, that they aren't being made sitting ducks. I'm a cityfag, I work in academic circles, I have contact with lots of kikey, liberal think tanks. These people are VERY aware of us. Where we live, what we think, the very spectre of happy white families living in smaller, wholesome communities sends fucking chills down their spines, it makes their teeth grind in anger. And they know exactly how to permanently turn these communities to shit. A lot of the change we're talking about is a direct consequence of Onigger administration's HUD policy, and the utter maze of refugee resettlement projects (a lot of them unfortunately locally supported by the worst kinds of christcuck) that directly target white rural communities. That's how you have fucking sandniggers in Idaho molesting little girls, because a group of anti-whites literally spread a map out on a table with demographic/population density info, and decided they should go there.

Well wouldnt that be nice. But until we live in a society where i dont need to defend myself from niggers this guns staying concealed

Shit, I live in the country and I can promise you it's not too great. The rednecks and gangbangers are starting to bleed together. You still have some visible holdouts, but theres not enough
Polite sage for off topic

I understand your frustration but you've gotta understand city culture will always be inherently far more degenerate than rural culture. It's a natural outcome of so many people in such a confined space so far removed from nature, natural guides and impulses.

But you're right, the powers that be are actively working to subvert small town America, the last vestiges of the America our Founder Fathers intended. We cannot allow them to succeed.

Depends where you live. Most where I've seen, the cowboys fucking hate the niggers and the wiggers.

Apparently there was a German city planner who figured that cities should have a maximum population of 20-50000. This allowed enough space to incorporate nature and self-sufficiency but maintain key cultural aspects of a city.

Any man who listens to modern country music is on my fucking list, whether he's a good ol boy or not.

I've never been a big country fan but modern country music is absolute trash. It takes country, which is typically celebrating American rural lifestyles, and mashes it together with rap, celebrating money, fucking random strangers, getting drunk and doing dumb shit, etc etc and tries to pretend it's still representing the rural American spirit.

Absolute trash. Such degenerate filth needs to be purged.

From experience, it's pretty accurate to the representation of the rural American Spirit. Maybe the south is just fucked, or it might just be my little corner. Nonetheless, it doesn't give me much love for them.

Haven't spent much time in the South since I was a kid so I can't speak to that, but the West isn't like country portrays it whatsoever. Furthest south I can speak to in recent years is Kentucky and that shit didn't fly there either. Maybe you just live in a shitty town, user.

Country Music died in the early 1980's. Modern Country is pop music mixed with niggerism and Jewish Conservatism, if that.

Exactly. You could make the average modern country song by taking an average rap song, changing the instrumentals to more traditional guitars and even banjos, and having the vocals done over by some dumb bastard with a Southern drawl. Boom, top 40 country song.

It's the town I'm sure. Or the state entirely. It's still awful whenever I leave it. NC

I'd cut it all off after Hank Williams tbh. Not sure about Cash or any of the others afterwards.

I grew up listening to classic country (and other things, of course) and when I found a country music station on the radio (never really listened outside cassettes and cds) I could instantly see how far we went down

Well this thread has truly derailed. Anyone wanna go back to actually talking about fassion?

How about leather jackets? I think simple suede jackets are fine, and most others can look good so long as it isn't edgy.

Nope. Fashion is gay, (((consumerist))), and jewish. Disregard /fa/. Instead, get /fit/, wear clothes that fit but not too tight, get good posture, develop a sense of style, and you're good to go.

All this metrosexual bullshit with khakis and polo shirts is gays as fuck.

Leather jackets can work but you've gotta honestly ask yourself, can I pull this jacket off? Does it fit with my style, and/or my persona? If you're a weak bitch, a sweet leather jacket won't make you any cooler. If you're fit and spend a fair bit of time outside, especially during inclement weather, a good leather jacket can be the ambrosia to your outfit.

80% of fashion is being fit and carrying yourself well. We are talking about the other 20%. You can give a fat, weak nerd good fashion advice and he will turn out awful guaranteed. But a fit man will find that dressing well sends a stronger presence than dressing poorly.

My suggestion wasn't metrosexual bullshit tho

It depends on your style. Not to blogpost, but as a longhaired dude who dresses kinda trashy but still fitted enough to emphasize that I'm /fit/, I regularly beat out bodybuilders straight outta /fa/ because they're fags.

If you wanna look good, FIRST get your body into a shape that you are satisfied with. Then build a basic wardrobe around it, you don't need anything fancy just shit that fits. Don't be a bitch is the #1 rule.

I have only met a few in my life + actually spoken to them. Even then they're not proper black african fresh off the slave ship niggers.
If I spot one on the very rare occasion, I stare at them because they are fucking freaks and way out of place here. We get island niggers instead though, but they've pretty much been bleached out except for newer island arrivals.

I go between metal/skate style or rich white people wear depending on the task or business at hand. Works fine.

I was talking to a couple of friends the other day. One is a civil engineer, the other a psychologist, both redpilled.
They concluded the best thing you can do as far as a city goes is to have it be built up of smaller self-contained units, up to a couple hundred people. That way you can have high trust like in a village combined with a large population, ie, have your cake and eat it too.

I not sure if you are being ironic but the cap is gay and communist, the pink babygrow-come on now, other than than that the HK is made in UK. I hope the watch hasnt gone up in price cause of retro faggots.

I hate that style as well to be honest but how should we dress then? Legit question. Me, I just dress like an outdoorsman (cargo pants, t shirts etc) but I admittingly have zero sense of style (never was interested by clothes) but know it's probably not ideal.

Be practical and not pretentious.


Blend in I suppose, if you work in an office environment, clumpy boots would single you out as a knob amongst normal faggots.
Clumpy is good and useful/ practical but tone it down so its not noticed . I hate name brands, I ain’t getting paid to be a walking advert you know what I mean?

Levi's jeans with plain shirts from american apparel, and ralph lauren button ups/polo shirts for more formal occations. Most people will look half decent in that ensemble.

Only autists, school shooters and dykes wear boots. Althought there's nothing wrong with owning a good pair for the occational hyke. Shoes are hard to get right (it's why women usually own lots of them) so for every day use you should pick something both comfortable and versatile - not fucking boots.

Yeah I think I understand.

I do and it sucks. And the worst are the other people there, they're like hysterical normies on steroids.

I'm sure its quite horrific.
9/10 people are shit actually.

Yeah, imagine over a hundred of the most caricatural normies and boomers you can imagine, concentrated into an open office.

Terrible. Office Space wasn't a fictional movie, it was a documentary.

So true but open offices in particular really seem to attract them.

And god damn, the worst place to be is near the coffee machine. Every day you can hear the most stupid shit being spoken by the most unbearable (and lazy!) normies that would would make the average Holla Forumsack have a fit of rage. Me? Pretty sure I'm desensitized at this point.

I liked the metalhead look myself.

more like dress like a faggot

And god damn, the worst place to be is near the coffee machine. Every day you can hear the most stupid shit being spoken by the most unbearable (and lazy!) normies that would would make the average Holla Forumsack have a fit of rage. Me? Pretty sure I'm desensitized at this point.

I already have AIDS because of those people.

I feel your pain bro but dont take the view of being desensitized, its counter productive.
I watched brazil- or half of it the other night, shit, that film is heavy but its like a future prediction based on the 1984 book but pushing analogue technology to its limit. You should watch that film, its very educational lets say. (it takes a lot of effort to watch)
You know, the stupid shit they say is just socialising, it is BS, but its how normals survive and network. It makes me laugh how facile they are as beings but they are just continuing what was handed to them by they're parents, cant blame them for that. They are still normie cunts though.

Nothing in this post os over 5'6"

Criminally ignored thread ending post.



Beautiful pic, user.
Sad but true.

Just look at whatever the skinheads did, and do the exact opposite. Then you'll probably look good.

Fashion is for women and queers.
Style is for everyone.


45acp has a tendency to fall off after some distance because the round is too heavy

What kind of clothes should white women wear? I like traditional dresses and skirt, and I've sewn some myself. The problem is that tumblr has appropriated the "traditional" woman look. every time I see a girl wearing a printed dress or something similar they're always SJWs.

Kek as long as you don't wear problem glasses, have tattoos and piercings, or dye your hair blue you should be fine wearing dresses.


nothing in the world is hotter

I wear non slip New Balances. Smugly comfy over here

Don't women just wear those during a drinking festival?

SJW's also breathe air and eat bread.
Dont hate the dresses cause SJW's wear them hate the SJW's for wearing the dresses.
As you said, its them appropriating them, just take it back.


Yes and it's quite degenerate, proper clothing shouldn't really expose clevage, but lower classes had tended to take part in such degenerate acts. I would reccomend resonance era clothing, although at current market prices you'll have to be willing to spend hundreds of dollars an article.

They look like an unbelievable pain to remove though.

The two most important ones I saved to share for those trying to upgrayyd

Check out what the trad girls are posting on twitter, sometimes they post tips or guides about fashion, but I can't give any more info on that because I'm not a woman so I only took note of what they were saying in passing.

Trad girls on twitter? I'm not familiar. The only female e-celebs I know on the right are alt-light camwhores.

It does take some hard searching to avoid the alt-lite whores, but a good starting point is just searching the #tradlife hashtag. In a quick search I did of it I saw a girl posting about dresses that seemed like what you might be looking for.

A Coast HL4 I found at work. It works for what I need it for.




Faggot. Lift skirt, insert dick. It isn't ha-difficult.

(((Polo))) gtfo kike

Despite obvious bait, and for any of you who may be confused about this:

I see where you're trying to go with that, but frankly dressing intact Männer today just won't work. Some modernized version, perhaps with the sleeves and dress a bit shorter (not slut short) might work though.

It isn't vanity to want to be presentable and not degenerate.

Wow, autocorrect fucked me on that one. It should say "in that manner".

There's a gigantic difference between "let's all dress the same! :D" and "look presentable"

What this thread has promoted so far is certainly the former.

The only women that will enjoy your compliance with her dressing you up as a fucking barbie doll is genuinely not worth your time. Those qualities indicated self-absorption and a desperate need for unrelenting attention.

You desperate motherfuckers are willing to give up the sole things that make you men just to sleep with these vile feminist beasts. Learn to spot the red flags and maybe one day you won't be a virgin. Here's a hint: losing that virginity, despite the long list of social pressures involved, is worthless if all it does is enable feminist values.

Stop promoting feminist values. Don't wear dirty clothes, groom yourself like a grown-up, and ignore feminist fashion trends that these whales push on their boyfriends as if they were dolls. You don't need to wear certain clothes that just so happen to fall in line with recent fashion trends.

Get back to the real thread, you fucking niggers




Looks gay af, like gothic clown shoes. Go drink the last of your Faygo and when you're done burn those and get some actual boots.

tfw this was me and i got laughed at

made up for it several times though once being tall and robust and being in the right place at the right time did all the work for me

love being white

Bad logic, the way you present yourself is paramount to impressions. Case in point, leftists dress like pozzed, mismatched rainbow throw-up, rightwings dresses sharp and professionally. People naturally gravitate towards the sharp looking wearer because people naturally cheer for the strong horse. Except when mental illness comes into play


Lots of bad advice in this thread. What you should wear is contextual and depends on a variety of factors, including:

1. Environment, whether it's hot or cold, urban, suburban, or rural. If you're wearing button-downs and khakis in a rural environment, you'd look like an asshole. If you're wearing boots, cargo pants, and field shirts in a city, you'd also look like an asshole. If you're walking around in dark clothing on a hot and sunny day, you'll look autistic. If it's cold and rainy and you're in bright colors, you'll also look autistic.

2. What job you have, if any. If you're in the military or are a veteran, dress in a rugged style. If you're a desk jockey, stick with business casual or the preppie look. If you're a musician, go Bohemian. If you're in construction, stick with a blue collar style. If you're rich, be a dandy. In addition to dressing for your environment, dress for your lifestyle.

3. Your budget. Don't spend money on brands or expensive clothing if you don't need to. Younger men looking for wives should generally try to dress better than men who are already married, but emphasize your fitness, and the fit of your clothes, as opposed to style. A girl will more easily fall for a fit guy in cheap but well-fitting jeans and t-shirt than a fatass in expensive chinos and button-down.

More like how to dress like a trust fund yuppie faggot whose dad works for Shekelstein inc.

Good post.

4. Be aware of what colors work on you, which is dependent on your hair color and complexion. Bright white clothing does not look good on White men with fairer complexions, which is one reason why the recent alt right protests have looked so horrible. Bright white shirts wash out fair skin and typically only look good on darker-complexioned Whites and non-Whites. Pure black shirts similarly work for "darker" Whites with brown hair and brown eyes but are too extreme for fairer Whites, who should stick with browns, blues, greys, tans, and more neutral colors.



I'll spoon feed you this time, but you'll never learn unless you start doing some edits yourself muh man.

A Jew.

Get Wranglers, cheaper and better quality with good fit around the crotch instead of this metrosexual ball crushing shit.

You work in an office as well?

Thanks, will look it up.

Who is she?

Carhartt is good as well.

Probably the best posts here.

get fucked in the ass you stupid piece of shit

Don't blame that cute dog for OP's faggotry.

whatever you wear it should be colorful

infiltrator get out



Kennedy is the only hetero out of these.

Ben "Stick that blue pill up your heinie" Garrison