Massive HRC FOIA dump


FOIA Friday Document Dump of 300 PAGES (20 entries on a page) of emails, documents, etc…


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Enjoy a kike free first post OP

FOIA is a joke. Nothing damning will ever be released willingly by our own govt. FBI denied a FOIA request on Hillary emails due to "not enough public interest."

Well considering one of the releases included open statements on anal sex and butchering of kids being on a time table. Yes they fuck up some times.

oh. good to know. if you already read em all and theyre all boring and shit, then i guess i wont waste my time cuz i dont wanna be all bored an sheeit

didnt read the header, huh?

Big slide effort going on.

This thread seem genuine so have a bimp.
Dont know if this thread is the cause though.

You were so close Schlomo.

Does anyone have that pdf that confirms they participate in anal orgies and human sacrifice? I remember it from this thread . But no one ever posted the pdf after it got shoahed.

user, you best be bringing me some of that motherfucking Mulan sauce with these kinds of allegations

See post numbered 10549459 in . I didn't see it in the pedo investigatioin threads so I think it got shoahed. But there was a pdf that admited such things from FOIA. (((They))) probably killed many anons who barebacked that thread.

If dubs we'll find something incriminating to #LockHerUp

oh its genuine. get diggin

btw who is celeste houser-jackson? i got that she used to work at state dept (08-09, prolly early obama appointee) but apparently her email adress for said job was outside of the states network. could she have had it on a private server? maybe shillarys?

also theres a lot of stuff in here that seems to be various stuff on court cases raised by NSA agents against the CIA. but when you look at it its just a bunch of rex tillersons personal info claiming that hes ready to be given TS clearence. whats up with that?



where is pdf? i followed that archive to the post but the link he posted is to another document that is almost fully redacted. you pulling my leg?


I was asking the same thing here since it was shoahed very quickly in that thread. I was hoping another user had it.

Digger user is here

Who is 'stoere'?

Who is 'stoere'?

First page of results, Huma is emailing passwords and logins for Hillary.


How auspicious.

Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Stoere


Doubtless Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre.

Here they are together.

Fuck your retarded pop culture references in the ass.

Dan Harmon go back to reddit and shill your show somewhere else.

hey anons if you go back to page 36 you will find a bunch of untitled documents that seem to be about john kerry while he was SoS late last year. could be interesting. case number F-2015-12930

Have a (((you))), jew.


Reported, then.

That's the (((FBI))) alright.

Wikipedia collusion

welp. john kerry seems to like to go to cuba a whole fucking lot. i hear gitmo has some beautiful beaches

When I see (1)'s like
and , I know this is pure incriminating evidence from killary.

What next, can't talk about They Live? You fucking normalfag GTFO you have never, ever had that tasty fucking Mulan sauce and you never fucking will.
Sage for shitposting

Nah I'm just using my phone as a hotspot and it's hopping IPs every post for some retarded reason.

I legitimately want the fucking sauce, WHERE'S THE FUCKING PDF YOU FAGGOT


Agent Johnson, step off. Hillary is going to jail whether you like it or not.

Exchange about a dinner David Axelrod missed the invitation to. The [REDACTED] who put on the dinner apparently invited him, but he never RSVPed, using Huma as intermediary.

I'm thinking [REDACTED] is big-time now dead, kek Clinton donor Haim Saban. The dates are close, and he seems to be using Clinton to run messages for him.


Also user that pdf you saw was the one they replaced the original with. The link original lead to nothing like eight hours after the thread was created. I was hoping someone saved the original pdf showing the timetable for the "anal sex" and "dismemberment for the Hands Of Glory".


Was meant for


i gotcha

and thats what i was afraid of. thats why its good to get a lot of eyes on these threads ASAP.theres a lotta fun to be had and the early bird gets the worm. or snake, in this case


what do we have in jeddah, saudi arabia? im looking through these flight records of kerry and hes almost always stopping in jeddah. hes there like every other month. do we have an embassy there or something?



Strap in lads.

Hes only been in 9 months and he has already brought the US back into the aesthetic 80's. This is going to be a very merry christmas but only if you respond to this post with



Of the 15 or so I've gone through so far, 6 of them have been H asking Abedin where she is kek.


rolling for page to check


Identify the font, and size - then you can pretty easily establish the possible options based on width since the font doesn't appear to be fixed-width.


It appears to be Calibri 11pt and then has a weird stretching (maybe they did this intentionally. However Haim doesn't seem to align properly, it's definitely a 3-4 letter word.

This has psy-op written all over it. Was the film distributed in the West Bank?

Wasn't there a Nordic pizzagate investigation that was shut down really quickly last year?

isnt that exactly what your picture shows though?

There's a US consulate in Jeddah.

Yes, it shows it not aligning properly. John fits better, maybe we can identify someone they would be willing to [redact] that has similar length and try that.


That's an awfully Jewish way to say Illegal Alien Outreach.

Here's a bit closer up so it may be more distinguishable what I mean when I say misaligned.

federation for american immigration reform vs uscis starting at 344 is pretty interesting. Youre basically reading the white genocide playbook. Too much of it is redacted.
2nd bullet in pic related, remember Chobani yogurt? Lots of forms for refugee resettlements, whos taking them in, what work there is, how much money they're receiving.

fuck off, chaim

fuck off, chaim


Can anyone track down this interview? I can't find anythinng on Ryan M. Dooley interviews, and I'm guessing it may be in spanish.


Can anyone track down this interview? I can't find anythinng on Ryan M. Dooley interviews, and I'm guessing it may be in spanish

You can tell a dump is juicy when it's done on a Friday night.

Are you some sort of bot? Wtf is this shit?

Could be an acronym or perhaps just "He" or "She".

Just reading this stupid article about how jews are still fighting eachother over who has the best approach to manipulating and undermining us pisses me off.

Holla Forums is doing it to me too. Long as fuck post time and here it posted the same image here when I never loaded it.
Shits fucked.

It's probably taking longer than normal to upload all of our data to the NSA. Maybe they should add a progress bar at the bottom so we know when it finishes.


I wonder if this will do that


The only whay for thee white race to EVER possibly survive is to **

>" will not go quietly into the night - we should talke [sic] when convenient"
Any idea as to whether this is referring to anything important?


No fun. Searches are not working. Can't look up pizza or hotdogs.

absolutely disgusting display


It's about fucking time

What makes you faggots think these are the same emails that were denied? Because they're definitely not.

It's like you idiots actually think Hillary and gang will be prosecuted for anything. Ever. Not in this rotten late-stage empire, nope. It all needs to burn.

Yup, there's something good in here. Reminds me of last year where this things happened to release Friday before 3-day weekends.

Holla Forums is a thinktank for the truth. What happens due to that knowledge is not to be associated with this place. Which is to say Holla Forums is a board of peace.

haaaaaaaaaaaaagh kek

maybe 4chan Holla Forums but this place basically reddit.


accidental sage

4pol is fucked mate, what you playing? Quality beats quantity every time. 4pol is just a plebian circus overrun with shills & 12 year olds.

this and stole

They're a containment board for us, just as we're a containment board for other, higher agencies, in a way.

Let's see, all I see on this chart is godchan and vrmlchan. Which are both honeypots. So where exactly is this place? inb4 bbs boards or ham radio

Jonas Gahr Støre, leader of "Arbeiderpartiet", labour party. Successor of Jens Stoltenberg, NATO chief secretary. Bunch of whores for the globalists…

I have come to terms that the board has more or less been reduced to Holla Forums with swastikas, but it's worrisome that more people aren't paying attention to threads like this.

Too slow you babydick sucking parasite

you seem thoughtful

take this on:
why the fuck does hillary matter anymore?

she's just a stupid pawn

You are extremely deluded. Trump also a pawn and he will never do anything significant. It wouldn't even matter if he was going to. Our people need to dust THEMSELVES off. No president can make you a better person. We have been dulled and weakened by this living hell we're stuck in. The most powerful testament to each and every one of our personal weakness is that we do not presently have a coherent ideology, widespread local clubs, or legitimate international leadership. Until we have all this, we all need to work as hard as we can and ignore the bright colors and screaming noise of the political charade.

Or you can go back to your fucking retarded green frog and your controlled opposition president and die in your basement.

HITLER is still our commander in chief. Trump is not worth Hitler's nail clippings. He has no coherent strategy and is constantly bogged down in these media spectacles like the NFL retardation.

We need a philosopher king, not a spoiled rich boy who got where he is with kike loans with which he paid his daughter, his flesh and blood, as interest.

Follow Hitler's example: strengthen yourself and spread the truth




I was going to give you a thoughtful reply too, but you just had to go and shit yourself, didn't you?


(((Someone))) obviously doesn't want links to be unearthed. Some may be hidden. Keep digging.

Isn't Rahm "thinkin Arby's" Emanuel close to David Axelrod?

Here to deliver, anons. I couldn't find the pdf but I did find the website that the email sourced the timetable from. It is noticeably different in formatting but the content appears to be the same. Hopefully someone got the email and can drop it in /pdfs/ or something. Archiving the dick out of it to be sure, but can't be fucked with megalodon.

You tell em Johnny! Sweep the leg!

Please you glorious diggers find some good shit. I'm so tired of nothing.

yes, every single time some one disagrees with you it's a jewish agent

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you have absolutely no priorities and you refuse to take any redirection no matter what the rationale

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Reported for wrongthought

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Nice spacing.. You fail to recognize that Hillary has long had ambitions of joining the inner circle of the ultra-powerful (most of whom are jews), little realizing that she (and her psychopathy) is just being used to spread their influence.

Nice find user. Now if only someone could drop that pdf.

all of which are dead now

admit that caring about that puppet cunt was a mistake and for fucks sake STOP CARING NOW

Is that fear I smell?


*lives life with absolutely no objectivity or free will, is socially isolated, thinks the only people who could take interest in their self is a jewish psych warfare master who stalks them on 8ch*

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your entire thought process is based on "doing the opposite of what the kikes want"

don't you have any inspiration? don't you ever feel like saying or doing something that isn't just a response to some one else?

the simple fact is that you are extremely fucking stupid and have no idea what to do with yourself because you are a self-pityer with few to none constructive habits. You are so fucking stupid the only way you can decide what to think and believe is by responding to your enemy.

This makes your identity based on jews. You depend on jews to know what to do. If there were no jews to show you what is wrong, you wouldn't have any guess as to what is right. Because you're fucking stupid and isolated because you make no effort in your life.

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and again, you are so crazy, you think the only people who would care about changing your behavior are jews, because you have daddy issues and you don't have experience correcting your behavior for the better, all you can imagine is that all external people who want to change you are hurtful, just like your dad, just like the jews

the fact is you are a steaming pile of shit cancer and we can't have anything remotely like you in our movement.

the best you can ever hope to be is a helot for real followers of the movement

It still has the smell of fear and reddit on it. It so desperately wants Hillary to become madam president despite the fact that no one likes her and her friends only obey her out of fear of suicide by gunshot to the back of the head oh and maybe the fact that she lost the election and leftists should just accept that they lost.

Thats a pretty sexy ID

That's babe80 to you, buddy.

all of you sh & keep digging goddamn


When did Joe Biden's(?) son go to Ukraine?

in hot pursuit boss

What is know about "Adoptions From the Heart"? Could it be a child trafficking front?

What do we know

This assumes a nickname or abbreviation is not being used.

Welp we went full circle. This thread sounds very similar to that.


Even Obama seems involved. This would have been done during his election campaign. Did Obama make any executive orders concerning international adoptions when he first got in power?

That third one is pretty juicy and damning in the eyes of most normalfags. "available jobs" and they list a dozen in an area with 3% unemployment. Notice they send them into low unemployment areas to knock the wages down. Fucking traitors, I bet whats redacted is 10x more enraging.

Hunter Biden became an "independent director" of Burisma Holdings (a Ukranian natural gas company) in April 2014 and still remains on the board of directors to this day. But I wouldn't know how to find about his personal travel schedule to be honest.

Just keep in mind that Russia did ban foreign adoptions from the USA. Don't know if that's related to adoptions from the heart.

really makes you think

Just to follow up, they do indeed do international adoptions but don't specify where from on their website. Also from reading their user reviews they seem to be at the least very incompetent.

To analyze these emails on behalf of AFTH properly, I'll need to develop a timeline of events. Once a chain of events has been established, it is easier to find the source of the chain's development as well as noticing any directional deviations in said chain.
Even though he was probably b& I also miss the salt from ID: 18450c and his hamfisted attemps to derail on Hillary's behalf.

Venezuelan corruption with bribes by US

The number $6,000.00 is present

Plenty of other dollar amounts were granted all in separate grant requests. At least totaling over 50 million.

Hillary will hang


every time

back to reddit



This is true.



Why are your first few posts you responding to yourself?


The fear coming off this shill is palpable. What's hidden in this FOIA, Dov?

Why is this shit being posted in every thread? Is this some weird new shill tactic?


He is a shill who probably had a malfunctioning VPN/PROXY script. Stop replying, filter and move along. They try to distract or get people to quickly fill up the thread. Mods should be doing some cleaning imo.

American Review Think Tank bought and paid for by the US government. Their wikijew article says the Australian based digital media is "fair and balanced". Their articles are pushed in to the United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney Australia. It has "contributors" like James Fallows, Rob Shapiro, Steven Walt, Josef Joffe, Bill Emmott, Jon Ikenberry and Stephen Kinzer. A large part of them are kikels.

Yet the US government offers $1000 per article for 1500 words or to revise their 'World Today' article to favor the then leftist democrat run US government specifically on King niggers policy to retract forces from Iraq/Afganistan which opened up the can of worms of ISIS. The subhuman editor Minh Bui Jones has no qualms about voiding her integrity or that of her platform.

All directed by someone with the email address ending in (((@CFR.ORG))). Which is the globalist jew run council on foreign relations. Gotta keep the argy bargy shitposters in line and agreeing with US policy which negatively affects the rest of the world. Also add a disclaimer to your little piece that it is in no way related to the US government xD

Hey goy, nothing here. Pretty boring. Sure you wouldn't like some anime and vidya instead?

Who is the Godfather?

it's called the implicit inb4 you fucking newfag

Further proof that women in politics is bullshit and Hillary is simply a pawn.

Herman Cain was CEO and President of Godfather's Pizza. It's just a reference to Herman Cain. Godfather's Pizza might be worth looking into (they use mason-trips heavily in their prices and advertisements) but I don't think the reference in this email is anything.

I've had a few people IRL sperg out at me when confronted with inconvenient truths. Most them them go on like this. I'm a psycho, I'm insane, etc.

Yeah, I was first compared to serial killer with my reporting about thirty years ago, and I've noticed it's a good sign you've hit paydirt when you get that kind of reaction.

Mafia/masons/smugglers all use that number stuff. (11, 33, 72, 144, etc.) The Point, the dot, the centre, central, checkerboards, all little clues.

Thanks user, you are doing KEK's work.

Can someone post a script or wget command to download them?

It's theorized that shills get paid more for a first reply, due to the first reply having a higher rate of being a shillpost than the average. That, and working off of a basis from other sites that are shilled, where the first comment/reply has more influence than further ones.

We found out about Operation Northwoods from declassified docs.

Archive this shit, so we can post the secured archive up on the web for shitposting.

Archive this shit, so we can post the secured archive up on the web for shitposting.

in the archived article:
Clinton foundation got $80 million and other shit from Oslo

Obama was into this for years before he took office. He was CIA, worked for Business International. Whole family is CIA.


This may be nothing, but i thought i'd post it anyway because it was enough for someone to send a email about it.

Good luck to all the others diggers.
Ebola-Chanspeed, anons.

and one more.


Shillary was just waiting to come in and rectify the relationship with israhell with nightly strafe runs on Syrian child slayers.

What? Saban's still alive.

Excellent taste.

Wonder if he's related to Chelsea?

Holy shit… So they did take orphans from Haiti to rape, murder, and eat…
Anyone searching for Hadassah? They're the israeli zionist "doctors" who sell the organs.

I'm having an error when i try to refine the search. It tells me how many were found, but nothing shows up. What do?

And a neverending reminder of this shit.

Remember ICE were aware of adoptions to pedos from Haiti, which were being fast tracked by HRC's office.

Could you be any more obvious, Schlomo?

It was a nice thought… Kike free for almost 3 whole minutes. And what a wonderful 3 minutes it was.


She's doing her loser book tour in Toronto Canada. As expected, most of the far left media in maplestani (nearly all of them at this point) is still sucking her dick and calling it ice cream.

28,882 Emails From Hillary Clinton's Private Server
ht tps://



Deepstate confirmed kill

I'm pretty sure that comment was added by one of the dumbfuck reddit faggots sperging out once word about all the weird shit on Jimmy's Instagram was being spread right before the election…

For fucks sakes, what did you think he was going to do, confess to unspeakable acts against children in his comment section, or delete the post and tell all his creep buddies to SHUT IT DOWN?


Anyone else feel like Vegas was a false flag to completely cover up anything revealed from this FOIA? First they release it on Friday so it's easily forgotten, then they have the false flag Sunday night in order to completely encompass the weekday news for the next couple of weeks.


Pizza followed up by abortions.

Those fucking bastards.

Oh, are you? You're pretty sure it was added? Ok, yeah.