Shouldn't we support Nintendo and Zelda more...

Shouldn't we support Nintendo and Zelda more? It's one of the most famous games there are and reaches millions upon millions of people and it's ridiculous how redpilled it is.

Most games these days are textbook kike propaganda.

Just look at Overwatch.

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Or anything Sony.

Too political for Holla Forums. You would get banned twice over.

One of the funniest red pills is when you realize that Gannon is a kike.

Or Ubisoft. They literally bring up that whole "wage gap" nonsense again with the new South Park game.

fuck off beta male faggot. videogames are never acceptable. grow up. get strong. read. fulfill your spirit with our natural world. this videogame culture is just as degenerate (if not more degenerate) than pornography and sports. it creates the same release of false gratification and accomplishment that make both aforementioend evils so disturbing. no weebs.

Japan makes those games. America is just publishing. And even NoA is better than all those cuck developers.

Literally a "judensau". See the picture in OP.

Video games themselves actually aren't that bad, it's just all those braindead propaganda shit games and especially online game with a very high addiction potential.

A good offline adventure game that wants you to defeat evil is actually quite good and healthy. Even Jordan Peterson agrees with this notion.

It is heavily implied Link racemixes with a fucking fish in the new one. What the fuck are you on?

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Link is Link. He's an attractive guy, wooing every Princess and girl around. In Ocarina, Ruto liked him too. Link loves Zelda, fuck off.

Price for the biggest cuck game of the year probably goes to this one, though. This whole afro epidemic is pissing me off anyway, and it's not just video games that are infested with it out of a sudden.

Too political. It gets deleted and you get banned for weeks. And there are many threads that are worse on Holla Forums right now.

We're actually talking about media that reaches millions of young people here.


No, it's not.

Hmmm, I believe that's called beastiality not racemixing

It's not actually possible though. Link and Zelda are Aryan and Ganondorf spawns from a matriarchal dessert clan that prophesizes the birth of a male every thousand years. Sound familiar?

Which is less degenerate than racemixing or cuckoldry, btw.

Your right it isn't implied, it definitely happened. Sure link has been clean for 100 years but once a fish fryer always a fish fryer.

My point was that it is not redpilled. People don't call fucking monkey niggers bestiality even though we know that is what it is.

Or have I just not found enough of those flashbacks yet?

How DARE those racist island chinks appropriate my medieval European heritage!

Nintendo is generally good.

It's not your fault when someone of a different race (or species) wants your dick while you actually just want the Aryan girl.


Every generation of games is a different Link for the the most part. You could equate it to the ancient Nordic and Aryan blood lines slamming gooks these days. This game does take place post apocalypse after all.

videogames are just super-books or super-chess

these better be good ones


Video games are a waste of white peoples' time OP. Even though Nintendo is one of the only generally decent game companies left in the industry, all the money and marketing is elsewhere (game journos paid off to promote the most recent sony cinematic experience, etc) and mentally engaging yourself in the game industry is cancerous.


Compare it to Trump Doom, problem solved. They always give a pass for that one.

One (you) given for a bump

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