Kneel Thread 2: Amateur Boogaloo

== Week 2 is upon us == for kneelgate. Whereas last week started on Friday night with the speech, heated up on Saturday with talking then really showed it's face on Sunday, this weekend will be wall to wall virtue signalling. Pic related is the first shot, more incoming tonight as Friday night is when high school plays their football.

Saturday is the most important day, it's when colleges play. Many who were already sick of the NFL found their boomer safe space in college, it's routinely ranked as the more enjoyable or "real" sportsballer by aficionados of the egg shaped cuck-ball. When college players start to kneel en masse to ape their professional counterparts (and they will) it will be the final nail in the coffin for millions of white men.

They will try to deny it, but the apes will pounce on every opportunity, kneeling after scores, commie fisting to blacks in the stands, posting about it on social media, and most damagingly forcing their white coaches to cuck with them throughout.

The NFL has already realized the need for damage control and will most likely ramp down on such processes by next week.


It will start to dial back a bit but the other levels have not organized a response yet and are far larger. High school and college football are literally played by 100s of thousands and watched by millions in person every weekend, it's where boomers go to pretend the world is not getting blacked and jewed at breakneck speed. They will have a stroke at this, coaches will be fired, donations will be pulled, jerseys burned etc. Blacks and enablers will fire back by doubling down. Let's continue discussion of the developing "kneel crisis" in sports as well as elsewhere, emphasis on the amateur ranks following suit and the fallout on social media.

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Also, have a hook nose free first post.

i have so much faith in our people that i doubt whites will get down on their knees

Fucking bleached, kike. Literally beat you by 2 seconds. No extra shekel for you.

good idea

Kneegroes, am I right?

what else do you want me to say? they'll get on their knees if their nigger teammates do it so…..


Also, this user had a good idea with a sponsor boycott scheme

Very punny user. Made me lul

hive mind, group cuckery, breaking new ground everyday

Reminder that this is gamergate for normies. Do not underestimate the impact this could have. The normies will be cornered and will have to pick a side now that they will loose another of their distractions and outlets of their rage and tribal larping. They care very much about their various sportsballs, and if that is ruined, they will have to care about politics because they were forced by the left to do so and they will recent that fact too. Propagating this as far and wide as possible and not letting it go will only benefit us. This is one step in the direction of the normies actually waking up.

Down 13% from last year. Ratings are shitting the bed hard.

I've been getting laughed at all week for saying this was biggest thing since physically taking office. It's the perfect storm.

Knee draggers
Pains in the knee
Knee mo money fo dem programs

At the beggining i also thought this was just another political correctness incident because i have never watched sports and i forgot how important they were for the normies. If gamergate did have the impact we think it did, this is huge.

I used to have a career, until I took an Anthem to the knee.

You don't deserve those digits, but I laughed anyways.


God damn just look how pathetic they look! Virtue signalling football players LMAO

I haven't even clicked on the link but what the fuck is there to discuss? You tell the niggers to stop their bullshit or else they're fired. Problem solved.

Dixiefag here, writing from where the local college team is the defending National Champion Clemson Tigers. People down here are popping loads over sportsball now, but it's pretty much been that way here all my life. I'm a really odd guy down here as a man who doesn't like football. It's close to being a religion.

Some people here, but not enough, quit supporting the Carolina Panthers when they learned that taking the Battle Flag off the dome was part of the deal to getting that franchise. Thas right, even though it's in NC, and not SC. Trust me, as I was heavily involved in that fight. Now the flag is gone altogether, that deal was renigged (spelled that way on purpose) on, just like I said it would be, and some more people have soured on the Panthers.
I'm hoping this puts the rest of them over the top. This is a very patriotic state, especially considering our ancestors were the first to leave the Union, and fired the first shots of the WBTS. There's a lot of military here, and this kneeling shit is pissing off a LOT of rednecks.

But user, that flag is drenched with their blood and sheeit.


Hilarious considering combat units are overwhelmingly, overwhelmingly white.

The locking of arms bullshit has to stop also. Boycott shouldn't end until there is a public apology from the NFLPA and NFL to the fans. Just them stopping the kneeling won't do. Total capitulation and humiliation is needed.

This state loves the military so much that a white man would rather someone claim he had a nigger baby than say he didn't support the troops.

Oh shit! This is going to be a big fucking deal.

The hardest hit will be the southeast. Honkeys bear the most disproportionate losses in the last century of warfare, virtually all of them now that the Midwest has followed the coasts in cucking and the southwest has become Mexico. At the same time, they traditionally have less pro sports than they do college sports. Look at Alabama, not one major pro team if I am correct, yet most passionate fans in the game (Alabama vs Auburn) AND yet at the same most redpilled/patriotic state per capita.

The amount of cognitive dissonance there will be overflow levels and I do predict violence at things like outside stadiums / toomers corner etc. Basically Trump just had the best position to point out something that normies knew all along, the racial divide was cucking us and sports capitalized on it, now they just have to deal with it on a visceral level. Using the flag actually is the best because you never have to mention race once to defend being pissed off.

As another user said in the previous thread the next could be Christmas. I think most Americans would not be for protesting christmas and even blacks still want they magic gibs from de chimney cracka, but an avenue he could take would be to call on all pastors to wish everyone a merry Christmas, even non Christians. Those who stop signalling merry Christmas to avoid upsetting their new refugee neighbors would instantly be kneel-casts in their communities, would be a hella fight, and also one completely sotto voce in its racial implications.

We've crossed our Rubicon here, like with gamergate, they've unleashed their golems with such abandon they don't have a real hope of turning them back. GG apologies would only lead to more questions and eventual unmasking of Rothschild/ZOG military social engineering, not happening. Apologizing for hating whitey would lead to more questions ending with the logical position that blacks don't contribute shit and really all non whites should be grateful for being tolerated here, again not happening. They're going to push until it's done one way or the other. This will be fertile trolling territory as long as there are Jews alive.

Double dubs imply Kek's blessings on your post.

Most people down here have become dispassionate about Christmas. "It's too commercialized," is the most common complaint. They would like to see more focus on a traditional Christmas, instead of the Jewed-up version we know now.
I kinda doubt Jews will be willing to fight Christmas, as they benefit so much from de moichandizing. Then again, you never know. They're doing some bold, and stupid, shit these days.

I hope all the niggers at the University of Alabama kneel. College football needs to die as well. Especially in the South where its the main boomer escape.

The people down here are almost totally unaware the Jew is the reason for the money in the season. I would love to see them wake up on the JQ. So many "good" Christian folks, though.

Not even close. Southern whites are possibly the most bluepilled people in the country; materialistic, mindlessly patriotic, no respect for the natural world, and completely subservient to the kike. Repellent morons.

And the worst are Texans tbh.

Excellent D&C, Moishe.

These anons are right on the money.
This is gamergate part 2, and just like the original gamergate it has the potential to be hugely important in causing a societal shift of some sort.

And the rest of the country on average is what? Unless you count Holla Forums as a country, the entirety of white civilization exists in a haze of cucked fog. Southeasterners stand the best chance of snapping out of it because of extreme dislike for blacks (learning to hate outgroup) and large central government (learning to distrust large bureaucracies) combined with hair trigger tempers. They're a pube away from going full rebel yell again and you know it, this is the chair we pull on them to make life so unbearable they have to change.

You're right he's ip-hopped from the second post. Ooh well filter.

Oh yeah, Texans are like a caricature of southerners.

I'm telling it as it is. Southern whites (by which I mean mostly deep south) are absolutely shit-tier. Unless your idea of a decent white man is some drawling fat hick wearing Guy Harvey, riding around in a lifted truck belching smoke while blaring nigger music, then you haven't a leg to stand on here.

I live in South Carolina, retard. My entire family has been here since before the Revolution.

Go kike yourself off somewhere else with your bullshit. White people here stick together.

Just did the same. Wish I had sooner.

No, it really doesn't. I find stable, healthy white families aplenty when I travel, but I mostly find them outside the deep south (Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Utah, Idaho, Kentucky). But when I come back home, it's all fat dumb rednecks with their children's eyes glued to tablets. Maybe it's the long proximity with niggers or a sad happenstance of genetics, but many of them seem indistinguishable in behavior from the groids. Which, I might add, is something both southerners and northerners commented on A LOT in antebellum America.

Kek, you know I'm right. These people suck and you know it.

From another thread, Jews jewing and nigs nogging. The nogging is more important ATM because it could potentially lead to court action against the players involved.

Maybe its just your family? I would hope so or are you just going around looking at random kids you fucking pedo?

That's why we need IQ nationalism.

Resurrect the old traditions of Yule in Anglo/Saxon/Nordic tradition. Sure, "cloth" it with the christfaggotry which stole it originally and recast it as "christmas," whatever floats the memetic boats of the target populace. Better yet, bring it up as not a replacement, rebrand, or alternative, but as a concurrent 'traditional' aka white celebration during the winter solstice.

Nope, family's healthy
What the everlasting fuck are you talking about?

They thought thousands of angry neckbeards were bad? They haven't seen shit yet. Especially if someone is there to tell them exactly who is responsible. Even the Internet Hate Machine learned not to mess with football.

That pic hits so close to home it's ridiculous. When I look back and ponder, all I ever wanted in life was to play video games and watch old school anime with my friends. That's literally all I ever wanted in life. Not fame, not riches, none of that bullshit. Just vidya and anime.

But no, apparently that was asking too much…


/polite sage can't get over neck


My first thought when seeing the white kids kneeling was that they cucked, now I wonder if this could be a good thing for us.
Kaepernick started kneeling to raise awareness to "muh oppression" and obviously nothing's going to come of it.
However, it's pissing normies off so I'm beginning to think that the next best step would be all players kneeling. Think about it, the fans will get even more pissed off and the blacks will start accusing the white players of whitewashing their movement when they realize nothing's going to come of it and see that everyone just kneels now. This is probably a retarded idea but thought I'd throw it out there.

How about you pipe down. You are not being constructive to this thread.


Meme dissension among the ranks.
Get the dindus going south africa mode on their white co-players


Report this faggot

Masonic nonsense all of you are fucking nothing and your nonsense is faker than your real attempt at trying to be any sort of elite. I am the most parinoid hypocondriac and I am not afraid of risking to some extent whatever to say this my masonic adversaries what does that tell you fucks? Stop the media news nonsense all media is masonic none of it matters.

Freemason terrorist threatening that child by decapitating him with a guillotine wich they are trying to do with a masonic revolution against america the masons want fema camps and they kneel to take their oaths to lucifer.

I just blew your little mason gimmick the fuck out biff now you better run to your little underground cages where you keep the kids and let them free because you pedophile freemasons are the only demo to be guillotined. Do you understand me?

Laugh it off now but you will understand that you can not use memes for masonic nwo trash and you have now more corroboration of your gimmick subversion of being politically incorrect.

meant for


Are you feeling ok lad?

Look at this mason mocking us with the pizza chef shit. kneeling is what masons do for oaths and to their superiors and jews. Kneeling is masonic in this context. They are symbolically stepping aside and taking a knee and letting america be roughed with order and chaos.

They would stand if they where american. This is disrespectful because it imposes masonic allegence over ALLEGIANCE TO THE COUNTRY,


I thought this was trying to get people to kneel instead of pledge. Fuck me.

this is the most nonsense I've seen posted on this board in a minute… you ok dude

I had to read archives of 4chan threads and have been skimming . If you see the post it was meant for and you try and imagine me thinking this thread was an attempt to get players to kneel. I thought it was to get the ones not pledging to kneel. I didnt know the kneeling was not pledging.

All brave eggballers should kneel and light.

What inventive creatures bots they send our way. But seriously if this were high fantasy and we reached day 436 of "a curious sprite appeared out of the ether and cast a torrent of spells none of which worked" I would stop reading.

Google translate gives me nothing for this.

Ironic given that I was the first one to give him that moniker. And no, I'm not saying nothing good ever happens, if you take that from my posts you must be dense as a post.

I've lived in the black belt all my life. It's more like we Southerns are original the red-pilled population but serve as examples of what it looks like when you lose the culture war.

I've got family exactly as you describe. The fact that nigger music makes up 1/3 to 1/2 of their collection makes me insane.

On the other hand though it would not take much to push them into modern red pill territory and once they go, they will go hard.

It embiggens, but really kicks off in 3 bongs, 20 bings when the college games start. Ready the salt cannons…