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Dylann Roof targeted and then asked for State Senator Clementa C. Pinckney by name upon entering Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church on the night of June 17, 2015. Media reported on the Senator only as a Pastor and left out this crucial piece. In the last 20 years, there have only been 10 political assassinations. 5 of those 10 have been acts of vengeance from other government officials. Why could this man's government position be downplayed?

There could be much more to this topic. According to the Wiki history, the fact that the Pastor was also a senator took 9 days to work it's way into the page. Thoughts?

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killing age old blacks in a church does nothing. He should have targeted young gang bangers and young black breeders.

Everything about the media portrayal of Roof is off, pic related from "his" manifesto which while hitting all the right beats is very unlikely to have actually been authored by him.

No he did absolutely the right thing and that's why the media went ape shit. There are functionally infinite non-combatants, about 25% of a population can effectively be used as combatants but less than 1% can be C&C.

You're obviously new here. I'll help you get started.


He was CIA.

Snipe or walk through the ghetto like Rambo. You'll get a good deal of dealers. Frankly, there should be a day where you can purge known pedo and drug pushers.

Like clockwork, everytime.

He should've killed the (((people))) responsible for our multiracial disaster.

continue to enlighten the thread on dylann. the media portrayal is utter horseshit.

dubs confirms

I routinely have to point out he killed a state senator and it was a political assassination, not a random killing.

Thanks for the great post and contribution to this thread. Truly you are the poster we needed.

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I especially like the part in his manifesto where he talks about celebrating George Washington Carver for being the first nigger smart enough to open up a peanut, kek.

is this from his manifesto or is this his actual writing and worth saving?

Dylann Roof was a gud boi he dindu nuffin

he was just turnin' his life around before gettin' arrested due to false charges

You know he admitted to the entire thing, right? I believe thats either the full manifesto, or part of it.
The first thing he says when they get down to business is "I did it."

not asking for his admittance of guilt
merely want to know if the text in that meme was from his manifesto which is debatable in authenticity

couldn't care less about whether he killed the niggers or not.

The point is that chances are its his manifesto if he admitted to doing it, and no one has officially ever contested it. If you watch the video he explains how he became "redpilled" and it pretty much involved self investigation and google searches sparked by several months of Trayvon coverage. He looked up black on white crime, or something like that, and obviously you know what that would return with.. google has probably changed it now to show white on black crime.

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He was just going to church.

Dylann Roof did literally nothing wrong.

And this is why I love Holla Forums.

we need a general memory hole thread.

Its his words you obtuse faggot.

This. He was blown away by the red pill and stood up. One thing anons here need to understand about niggers, they use church as a cover for their commie anti-white organizing. (((Godly niggers))) are typically agitators.

What surprises me is that more and more people haven't done the same thing. It's not difficult to do but does require moral courage.

OP again, I'm with you on the skepticism. I wanted to post this because of the memory hole aspect. I came across a new piece of info since posting this thread. Supposedly in January of this year a journal was seized from his cell. I'm only starting to look through it now, but I'll share the link here. Sorry it's not archived, but its a PDF link on this site. I'm not sure if archiving the page would allow the PDF to still open. Spoiler'd the link. Pic unrelated.


Agreed. Normally you don't get to bring drive-thru.

He has a lot of Holla Forumsack-ish walls of text, christfag symbols and a few of these:

what else was the senator into?

archive.is/imu3N (Protecting nigger property)
archive.is/ng42U (P2P lending)
archive.is/mFCUc (quotes)
he doesn't seem a really bad sort - Christian. Body cameras work well for all sides, seeing chimpout behaviour is red-pilling. He was finding ways to give money to niggers, but that's not high tier bad behaviours. Racists anti-white, yes.

was it the russians?
lunaticoutpost.com/thread-554805.html (archive doesn't work)


Listening to this young man he does not seem terribly intelligent. His delivery seems semi-forced, possibly he was part of a CIA op.
He doesn't say anything about the senator, a crucial detail.

To me this sounds like a young man who didn't do very well in school, didn't have much to look forward to in life, had a fractured family life. A prime target for a targeted psy-op. He sounds like he really didn't know why he was even doing what he was doing, strangely calm demeanor which doesn't strike me as stemming from sociopathy or psychopathy.

"Oh I had to do it." He then goes on to name a bunch of reasons that sound picked straight out of a "racist right wing" playbook.

He's a classic 'lone nut' and we all know how many 'lone nut's the CIA likes to make.

Dylan Roof did nothing wrong. He accelerated the anti-white agenda and got the kikes and niggers to go after the Confederate flag and now they're going after the American flag too. I salute you, Dylan. You were a man among boys.


You're assuming he wanted to make society, rather than being an MK Ultra victim that was trying to protect the establishment.

I'm not particularly interested in his journal m8. He's a dupe and your whole post screams "psyop". Are you a Big Guy or a Hothead?


Fact#3: His manifesto was literally "discovered" by Revolutionary Communists

I'm not vouching for anything that is claimed to be his writing. He's on death row so he will never get another chance to explain himself. It's odd that these manifestos have made their way to light, especially the January one. My main point is that its not common knowledge a state senator was assassinated. If you want to claim I'm a psyop by mentioning this memory hole fine, but i'm more inclined to think you're a shill downplaying a relevant issue becoming a topic of intellectual discourse.

They don't want people to know he killed a senator, the narrative is that he shot a bunch of old woman who were knitting hats.

Your tone is off. It's almost 2 in the morning in the UK, one of the least likely times to post. Something smells fishy.

Pretty simple job, kill the nigger that was insisting on body cams, so that kikes can continue to push the "police violence" meme, and thereby escalating racial tensions in the US.
Although, I'm not so sure they want to keep escalating the racial tension. With Trump winning the election, they probably decided that it was safest to just keep boiling the frog slowly.

Pretty simple job, kill the nigger that was insisting on body cams, so that kikes can continue to push the "police violence" meme, and thereby escalating racial tensions in the US.
Although, I'm not so sure they want to keep escalating the racial tension. With Trump winning the election, they probably decided that it was safest to just keep boiling the frog slowly.

Just kill anyone who is an enemy.

All of Holla Forums will sit around though and do nothing.

You don't have the right to criticize Dylan Roof or Anders Behring Breivik or even some of the lesser known guys who did stuff like kill a random Sikh when you haven't done shit yourself.

Only someone like Varg has a right to criticize because he earned it.

Every man that kills our racial enemies deserves recognition and admiration.

However I feel 100% convinced that when me and this other Holla Forums guy from my area carry out an attack, we'll be denounced by Holla Forums, because we couldn't hit Soros.

Pretty simple job, kill the nigger that was insisting on body cams, so that kikes can continue to push the "police violence" meme, and thereby escalating racial tensions in the US.
Although, I'm not so sure they want to keep escalating the racial tension. With Trump winning the election, they probably decided that it was safest to just keep boiling the frog slowly.

I will look deeper. I will look for the signs you left for me. I will try to understand you.

This is not a safe space, we have not been vetted. Everyone is a shill until proven else wise.

We must continue to search for the truth, All of this hinges upon objective fact.

Pretty simple job, kill the nigger that was insisting on body cams, so that kikes can continue to push the "police violence" meme, and thereby escalating racial tensions in the US.
Although, I'm not so sure they want to keep escalating the racial tension. With Trump winning the election, they probably decided that it was safest to just keep boiling the frog slowly.

Wouldn't surprise in the least if Roof's from a Pizzagate ring.

I'm going to be very clear about this, and I encourage anyone contemplating IRL violent action to at least consider what I'm about to say.

Attacking foot soldiers does nothing. It might feel good to see mouthy leftists screaming pain, the same pain they've inflicted on so many white families over the past several decades, but it does nothing. If you are going to take people out, start with mid-level antifa leaders and other antifa organizers. These people should be easy targets and will be defensible as well in the public forum. Murdering communists is something that can be publicly defended, similar to how the left promotes killing nazis. If you want to go further and cause greater damage, target leftist judges and law groups like the NLG and SPLC. While this will not be defensible in public like the former choice, it will have a greater impact on the left. Targets like the national media and lefty NGOs also make sense from a tactical perspective, even if it won't have an immediate effect on our enemies command and control. Finally, your highest echelon targets would be people like Soros or any of the other leftist billionaires that fund this shit. I would like to stress that those contemplating violence don't limit themselves to low hanging fruit in their local area and waste their lives, but make efforts to actually cause damage to the left.

You only have one shot at this, don't blow it.

I don't think now is the time for that level of violence and I personally don't advocate it, but if there are those who wish to proceed down that avenue, those would be the best targets. Always try to target irreplaceable and important people. This is a guerrilla war that we are fighting. We gain nothing by killing the soldier on the corner and missing the commander he's taking orders from.

Storm Roof story has a lot of elements that hint hoax or false flag but here you(1) go poisoning that angle. Kill yourself and get banned.

And another ID(1) probably from the same person/group as pushing a different but equally retarded or damaging angle. Kill yourself too (or kill yourself twice)

What the fuck are you talking about you kike? What did I say that was retarded?

What's this sudden spike in kike bullshit related to Dylann about?


If you can't hit Soros it's because you're a stupid faggot. These are all public figures that would be easy to take out. That's because they're not the top of the food chain.

It's just one CIA nigger who constantly calls everyone who even discusses or hints at violence a CIA nigger so that nobody here does anything. The whole goal is to meme Holla Forums into pacifist submission.

I can't hit Soros because I'm not a fucking American that's why. It's up to you Americucks to do it.

Soros is the lowest level that's even worth considering. How about senior leadership at CIA, Federal Reserve, Clintons, Bushes, Rothschilds, masonic lodges, etc.

Shut up, retard.

God's speed to you, some will denounce you, but know that others will honor your deeds.

Trump is a release valve. He's working for (((them)))

That's actually very lucid, clear, and correct, from what I read.

What's really telling is how ONE White guy kills some people and they try to change the whole country. That is the guilt of the kikes. Nonwhites, particularly dark ones, kill Whites EVERY DAY. Fuck these kikes, man.

I think you're right, too–the best thing Roof did was push them to overextend. A lot of Whites will wake up because of it. As far as violence, they are trying to genocide us. For newfags, particuarly, and faggots in law enforcement:


t. veteran loyal to the Volk

Sure. That's why we have woken up enough White people to survive already, right, you defeatist shill faggot?

Most are not accessible to the average soldier. To take one of those people out, you would need very detailed plans and lots of patience and practice. It wouldn't be something an amateur could do on a whim. If you are in the position to take a shot at someone that high up on the food chain though, take it.

Don't want anyone going after the right targets, do you FBI?

Notice how different this response is from the FBI agent.

I'll also add that in addition to the difficulty of taking such a shot, if you are successful, your whole family and perhaps even close friends will be punished and likely killed for your action. Taking out an elite comes with extreme consequences.

It's very possible he was a CIA creation/patsy. I haven't studied the evidence but if you read programmed to kill its a similar MO.

This achieves two objectives: foments continued racial tension and offs a senator making waves.

It's certainly fishy how much he fits the mold of 'evil nerdy white boy'. The media seemed to roll with it much like sandy hook which may have been completely faked.


Fuck off, Shlomo

You got the first post this time, you sneaky kike!

Traitors get the rope first.

I think he is just telling you good luck, because nobody is going to start doing it until someone else starts first.

Lurk more.

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Kek hammering down the point

New song dedicated and Dylann Roof. Parody of Alice In Chains


i thought it was common knowledge. i knew about him being a senator the day it happened and always thought it was a political assassination. it's interesting that it appears this isn't common knowledge

the biggest enablers are white leftists and white neocons, my friend

Breivik had the right idea on this front.
That camp he attacked was educating the next generation of leftist activists and politicians for Norway. Many of them were the children of existing left wing figures.


Dylan Roof caused Rand Paul to drop on his knees and suck off Sharpton. That is when I was made a Trump voter. Its as simple as that with me.

Shlomo doesn't like it when we reveal what the real goal of the shooting was, does he?


been lurking, honestly most of you who denounce violence are the reason we are losing. Look at the IRA, they were going well with violence until they had one incident where a couple ulster lads were innocently killed, but they could've not been portrayed as innocent if the IRA held them up properly.
"… in the case of Dylann Roof, which predictably, most White Nationalists fumbled the ball on, again.

The Roof shooting sent a message to the niggers that people are tired of their shit and will start hitting them back. Nigger mob goes on rampage in Charleston, Roof shoots their enablers dead and they stop chimpin’ in that area. Niggers are basically big dumb animals (though probably more deadly). They only respond to pain and fear. Yeah, sure, there’s the element out there advocating for allying with black nationalists against the Jew and theoretically some like Tom Metzger may have a point. But for the bulk of the niggers, go ahead, just try to explain to the charging bull nigger how he’ll be better off amongst his own people without getting free shit from you, like the dumb fucking thing can even understand what you’re saying or cares…
"Roof effectively implanted the “you rape our women” and “race war” memes into the consciousness of millions of white people worldwide"

The Sumerian immigrant nigger that shout up a white church this week as (supposed) revenge for Roof.

To get this thread back on track its seems like the majority of us missed that the Pastor was a Senator. There is a reason for this, It's too odd of a cohencidence.

If you mention Dylann in conversation try to push the fact that it was a political assassination and not a random white guy going postal.

I think normalizing this type of violence is exactly what (((they))) don't want us to do. We don't have to praise or condemn it, but calling a spade a spade is enough.

My thoughts at least. Still digging.

By the way, not that I recommend doing this, but you can still send Dylann mail on death row.

Safest bet would probably be writing with left hand, using gloves, out of town mail drop off, and other related autism. Probably still end up on a list though. Use your brain.

Anyone brave (read as careless) enough to actually name-fag it and become pen-pals would probably be a hero to some anons.

Rules: web.archive.org/web/20170921041305/https://www.bop.gov/inmates/communications.jsp

Dylann Roof
P.O. BOX 33

Another obvious false flag.

You are a nigger or you need to watch Yuri Bezmenov again. They line the useful idiots up on the wall and shoot them. That doesn't stop the kikes that are trying to subvert society, Going after the top level is the only way to make it change, and it's still not our best option right now for the most part (if you want to hunt pedophiles, though, go ahead).

we gotta use roofs words against the flag to fuck with the niggers in the nfl

Emanuel Kidega Samson Church, huh?

to deter copycats, to mention it is to meme it

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Does Chad ask to fuck your girl? no, because she asks

nah Methodists are still heretics.

he lives in heavy guardianship it would be hard to take him out knowing how heavily secured it is. pic related.

I hold a belief that mass shooters are sent to earth as a messenger of St. Michael to depopulate since they can't repopulate. call it the Good Lord's population control.

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