“One bullet. One settler.” BLF members chant as they prepare to march to Remgro

(video is from today, but the article is from yesterday:)

The Black Land First movement (BLF) says it will take action against KPMG for allegedly covering up ‘white monopoly capital’ and corruption.

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So, how the jews benefit from whites escaping africa? How about we make BLF to root for african american immigration back into africa, as a return to the place of their cultural heritage?

Using Chinese/Indian companies as proxies to invade the country and be shielded from any blame, like they've done since the decolonization of Africa.

how about no compromise? the damage has been done courtesy of the ANC communist terrorists decades ago and continues to this day. the afrikaaners have every right to exist on their colonised lands - without their influence south africa would have maintained their position of failure like the rest of their mud country. if it wasn't for the white sacrifices to create a culture for the savages Braamfontein would never have existed and most likely disease would have already riddled the entire country uninhabitable.


support and praise for the brave south african men and women fighting for a white future in their rightful lands.

I want to see all those niggers BTFO when they experience what happens when you threaten the lives and families of white men.

they will learn once the white man is removed and their savage peoples begin dying in the hundreds of thousands courtesy of disease, starvation, tribal warfare, and communist governmental abuse. the "white men and women" they want to eradicate also happen to cultivate a majority of their domestic food supply considering they are farmers - it has been established that almost all of the "land redistribution (taking white land and giving it to the niggers for "muh reasons") has been a failure with the black farmers being completely unable to manage the duties the prior white farmer handled with ease and dignity. the negro will learn of his mistake when it is far too late to correct himself. they will be begging for the white man and his empathy for their ugly breed when the asian and indian tyrants begin slaughtering and selling them in the thousands - do these monkeys forget that if it isn't the white man civilizing them it will be the gook and the paki ripping them to shreds? it gives creedance and credit to the statement that niggers really are a breed for the devil to manipulate. they have no self-awareness or cultural awareness and because of this they are consistently confused and used - they deserve it and i hope the entire country suffers eternally for their sins against the dutch afrikaans.


confirmed first post is kike poster nigger apologist.

whites have been in SA since 1652.
so far the kikes have shown they can physically genocide white people without much attention from the international community. now, theyre proving they can displace whites from lands theyve been in for hundreds of years. everything youre seeing is a test of power before they actually use it. we should advocate the taking in of white SA refugees but also keep in mind how the Jew benefits.

refugee program for the white south africans would be a great rebuttal and "awakening" for the contingent of normies and faggots that would be able to see through the double-standard. however this was tried and ultimately failed with ulkraine considering whites needed aid there and the west sat on their hands and played with nigger dicks instead. humanitarianism is for niggers only apparently.

sad but true. this world is so fucked.

keeping this up here with classic images of AWB. Hail Terre Blanche - hail the fantastic Dutch Afrikaans!

They don't. Jews can't think into long term profits and consequence. That's why they always end up kicked out, that why they invite massacre on their doorstep. Because of all their scheming and shekel garbing always end up backfiring on them.
So they think short term profits and have adapted theri methods to bail the fuck out before the massacres begin. Biggest jews of SA grabbed as much shit as they could from the dumb niggers redistributions for cheap, kept it a couple of years to raise the value and sold it to Chinese and Indian investors for billions before SHTF.
They have already left.

That's what globalization is all about.
Mass pillage by a little community that doesn't give two fucks about nationality and borders.

The prophecies of Boer seer Nicolaas van Rensburg or Siener van Rensburg…(1864 - 1926) seem to be coming true. He predicted the black takeover of South Africa and the war against whites, non-white immigration into Europe, and Nelson Mandela among other things. (which included World War one, two, and three, and atomic weapons.)
For the future, he predicts a race war in South Africa which is won by the whites, especially the boers, White control of South Africa again,
and a race war in the UK which totally destroys it. Interesting guy. His complete set of 700 prophecies were rediscovered in 1991
in a South African archive and a book about them became a best seller. The author got continual death threats while on a book tour to promote it.


Send this to whoever is in charge of approving refugee status in Canada.

I wish I were not joking but the Canadian minister of immigration under the benevolent Justin Trudeau is a Somalian refugee. Also hilariously he was in favour of dialing back immigration a bit saying the plan for 500k """new Canadians""" per year was a bit much. Yes, even fuckin Somalis understand this degree of (((globalization))) is gonna have a hell of a backlash.

Still though, SAffers will not get the warm welcome Syrians got from the Canadian establishment for obvious reasons.

How many niggers were in the area before whites? I must know because other people will bring it up.

Funny. liberals claim that borders are artificial constructs.

I played it over the phone on the answering machine to the Canadian minister of immigration, refugees and citizenship a few minutes ago, brought up Zuma singing kill the boer etc, said its complicity in genocide and a crime under international law which has been punished by death in the past.

Ahmed Hussen
House of Commons
Ottawa, ON
K1A 0A6
(No postage required!)

Phone: 1 613 995-0777

They dont because the white treatment is South Africa is condoned by all the western countries which means that its equally condoned and justified in Europe in reverse.

Bantus (blacks as we think of them) were invading their way south while the Dutch had already set up townships. The 'hottentots' were there first and the San bushmen populated most of the area.

Faggots like Mandela aren't even native to the area, they're just black. Bantus are a genetic clusterfuck of all sorts of nigs, which is why they have so many dominant traits, they just picked them up from getting fucked or banging locals. Africa used to be fairly diverse, even though they were all of our second least favorite subgroup.

This is entirely tribal, they don't have any claim to the land but have the w40k Ork mentality of "if I want it it must be mine" and are just barely smart enough (with a large share of chosen handholding) to justify it to the larger world by appealing to our inner nationalist. The white world really only faces a crisis of delegitimization, our claims hold due to the greater push for minorities claiming 'colonialism' so now we're dehumanized instead.

Mandela framed his fight as a fight for all black people and his guerilla/terrorist campaign, like many others - was supported by an international network of several countries outside South Africa. IIRC they even had their headquarters outside the country.

I'm laughing so hard. Technically it's true that the wealth inequality between niggers and whites became higher than ever since post-apartheid but only because of nigger incompetence. The same happened everywhere decolonisation happened and many outright admit they were better off ruled by the white man than their own. You even see something similar in Brazil, where the whites in the Southern part are just so above the mongrels they have literal brick walls showing clearly where the cultural enrichment ends and begins and Brazil is called the future of the USA of Mongrels. There's no such thing as an African leader who isn't corrupt, all the aid ends up with them where they spend on weapons to torture and murder than own fellow niggers and shiny objects. If they somehow pull this off, they'll be even worse off than before. The only reason the smarter niggers, if there can even be such a thing, like the KPMG haven't completely killed off all the whites yet is because they are literally the ones holding up the entire economy of the nation. That's why they make it so difficult for whites to leave there. It would have been funny had they murdered Elon Musk when they had the chance and according to those close to him back in his earlier days, they really did. We should meme getting him and countless others killed for raaaycesum. A lot worship that attention whore but he's South African who must pay and be sacrificed to the altar of leftist insanity.

what's funny is without settlers, they wouldn't even know what a bullet was

Jews compulsively do anything thing they can to attack and weaken whites. They're spiteful fucks, don't assume it's always for self benefit, self benefit is relatively noble compared to how some people operate. this is my favorite redpill. Some blacks see the truth and know they are apes. This guy doesn't seem any smarter than an average white (so he is very smart for a nig). Nigs need to stop thinking they were kangz n sheeit

Whites got to south africa BEFORE these bantu niggers were there. Ask King Corneliis III!

Let the happening happen

it sounds really catchy actually.

This is why I can't go 100 % on on hating niggers.


i wonder who taught these fellow english

Apart from the disgusting cultural appropriation of white technology, this is to be expected. SA will be like the rest of the continent - a chaotic mess.

if only whites got that energetic and active when it came to
A. becoming minoites in their indigenous lands
B.Their genetics being corrupted
C.Their genetics dying out
D.The constant unchecked violence that is enacted on us by intruders
E.taking down all forms of zog



kys pedo. my dick gets hard for a woman who actually looks like she could bear a child and survive, not some skinny tween

This gets me so fucking hard, the brits and their kike masters deserve ever horror inflicted upon them for what they did to the world. I hope from the bottom of my heart that they suffer immensely for what they did to the boers, the afrikaans, the germans, and what they did to half a dozen other peoples in the world. They decided to sell the future in exchange for a jewish coin, and the devil is coming for his due.

Does anyone have a webm of this?

checked. just want to add that a good amount of them care about jewish nationality and israel's borders when they aren't fapping to jada stevenstein being gangbanged by a pack of wild niggers

Listen faggot. There's no proof that underage sex was acceptable for 50,000 years. You're just making shit up as you go and using the time before recent medical advances the last few centuries to advance your argument. Even when younger women were married off in civilized culture there was a waiting time for either side to come of age. They knew the dangers of having sex with women who were too young even prior to scientific and medical advances. You know how? Because the female had a higher chance of fucking dying, something still backed by modern medicine.

Another consideration is that children were more valuable prior to modern medicine because it was almost guaranteed even up until the 20th century that half your children would die from disease, viruses, and the environment. That would account for any abstract cases that you might point to over the course of your 50,000 years. I'm sure you'll post that stupid image of the young girl married to a man twice her age and they lived a long successful life with a flock of children meme to somehow make the exemption the rule.

I never got how people on the chans are trying to defend their degenerate behavior when its the place where it all started and went over the top on the internet. Fine, you like little girls just fucking own up to it and stop pretending like little girls don't turn you on.

Well considering that underage sex was recorded in Ancient Rome & Greece, it wouldn't surprise me that our ancestors didn't abide by our modern morality either.


Guess people forget where the rothschilds come from and made their first fortune.

And we all know the legacy of degeneracy that Athens and Rome are now remembered for more now than their initial founding principles that have been obscured. Even the attempt to faggotize Sparta.

you faggot, theres never been a society that rose to become a civilization with anything other than conservative sexual practices, and theres never been a civilization thats deviated from that without collapsing. these values are ancient and immutable.
Sex and Culture - JD Unwin


Carthage, you faggot.

Israel is included in my list, pal. Where do you think the "rothschild" kike bloodline came from before they lived in germany? Hopefully North Korea or Iran will finaly get tired of their shit, go full retard and turn their precious stolen land into the most beautiful crater on the planet.

Athens and Rome did not fall because of underage sex. They fell because of democracy and war in the case of the former and multiculturalism and mass immigration of Germanic people in the case of the latter.

Every civilization is conservative including this one. Hell even liberals are conservative because they serve the establishment with the same mindless devotion as witch burners of the middle Ages served the Catholic Priesthood.
And in Rome, "underage" sex was not new. Back in Rome, the accepted age of marriage for women was 13. They even had a festival called Lupercalia where a bunch of naked priests from noble houses ran around whipping women who ran out to get whipped with whips made of a recently slaughtered goat.

Again, I am not arguing in favor of reintroducing customs of the Roman Empire. I am merely stating the fact that our ancestors did not have the same modern morality that we do today. Many wouldn't even have been over bothered by cousin marriage.

In fairness, the image is correct, its just your "view" of how women should look has been warped for your entire life by the kikes and the effects of force feeding us HGH and other hormones in our food, causing women to unnaturally develop insanely large breasts (which, you should ask yourself, why is it girls only up to a C cup never have back problems/pain, but girls beyond that tend to develop them pretty consistently), and stack on weight around their hips/asses making them bigger (which is 100% unnecessary for child birth and its possible it could interfere in fact, making it harder to birth the child as there is more fat tissue in the area causing their to possibly be more "stuff" in the way when trying to give birth)

In effect, that thinner girl with average sized tits, and a bit of a thigh gap (making it easier to bear children, even if it makes her "looser" during actual intercourse, as some women seem to claim against each other), that is younger and more able to bounce back from injury, more physically fit and therefore healthier, is in fact the ideal woman to be having children

I'm not telling you to go fuck a 14 year old, I'm just saying, that scientifically speaking the later teenage years seem to be the ideal time to be having children ESPECIALLY given modern tech which greatly reduces the primitive causes of maternal death durnig child birth (unclean birthing area, tearing which happens in almost all women, and so on) but those effect women of all ages anyway, but older women are far less able to bounce back.

Thats not even getting in to the fact that as a woman ages, her risk of giving birth to a fish baby goes up and up and up, meaning the younger they are, the less likely they are to produce genetic defects in the offspring. In short, you've been manipulated by the kikes to find these essentially "altered" women to be appealing.

But FWIW, my cousin had DD tits and wide hips… at age 14, as did a girl I went to school with, both white girls. SOOOOO your argument is invalid on that level as well, since the kike hormone treatment effects can even be present at those ages as well

Dem Bleks got rytham

well said brother

lemme just check those heavenly digits for you sir

Marrying old women that see themselves as equal to men and liberated isn't a conservative practice. Your society will never survive if you want to adhere to modern bullshit designed to destroy families. The husband being a bit older than the wife is the natural state of affairs.

you dumb nigger, you realize that the 'ideal' woman is immortalized in ancient sculptures? you are showing a complete lack of understanding of child birth, sex characteristics, anatomy, and human development. you really think a bit of "stuff" in the way is going to make childbirth harder? do you have any idea how much flesh can compress and stretch? having WIDE hips is the determining factor ie the skeletal structure, which is why hips widen during puberty and narrow hips like that are an obvious sign she isn't ready for child birth. the rest of your shit is typical unsubstantiated bullshit. also stop formatting like a fag and lurk moar

that doesn't mean marrying a fucking 12 year old you kike, read the book before talking about shit you know nothing about.

Of course not, 12 has drastically increased chance of pregnancy complications. 16-23 is ideal.


There were almost no niggers in SA before whites showed up. The Bantus only came south from the Congo-area around the same time, and it was only by merit of Afrikaner technology that their population was able to grow above hunter-gatherer levels.

I wish we had a chart like this that broken down black into Bantu/Khoisan.

You can't blame the white commoners for being misguided when the white philosopher class has been completely eradicated and/or acting directly against their interests. Commoners will be interested in what they are told to be interested in. What needs to change is the leadership; i.e. re-instituting self-rule and purging Jewish cultural influence.

Let me just get a bunch of things out of the way for people really out of the fucking loop. I hope you already know the *actual* history of South Africa but if you haven’t had the non-kosher take on it read this I’m not going to spend half the thread explaining that. I assume most of Holla Forums knows by now anyway. Rather, I’m going to explain the current situation, dispel some minor misconceptions and then just say where we go from here.

There’s tension and there’s sporadic eruptions of violence. Farm murders happen, yes and they are extremely violent and often racially motivated. However, most whites and blacks live in the cities so there’s an extremely low sense of urgency to address this problem and it doesn’t really represent the wider political concerns of the country. Most whites live in private security guarded neighbourhoods with electric fencing, barred windows ect ect to keep out the ghouls. There is a small amount of middle class blacks that also live in these neighbourhoods who have managed to rise above the herd and share similar grievances with the ridiculous crime rate. Coloureds in urban areas are either similarly middle classed or are (mostly) involved in gang violence with each other in the Cape Flats. Most coloureds despise blacks in a “least I’m better than them” attitude and rightfully so in most cases. Indians are really good with business in Natal and thus are also a tad bit uneasy with the poor blacks who look at them with jealousy. Suffice it to say there’s minority races plus minorities of urban blacks that have managed to survive economically despite the heavy corruption of the government (which I’ll get to in a moment) and the large black underclass constantly given gibs to not chimp-out.

The current government is the ANC. You have to understand that the ANC at least immediately after 94 (They were terrorists prior yes of course) was that of "ok guys let's work together". That obviously has fallen apart and they're now run by fat cats stealing money and holding extravagant parties. However, due to their corruption they need a scapegoat for the declining economy so they blame whites and sort of nudge the idea that it's all our fault. Also besides a handful of incidents of Zuma singing "Kill the Boer" (which was scandal itself in the party) they haven't been saying "ok guys, kill all whites" If they did there would be a Boer Republic within a month because then it IS war. They're just little by little placing the blame on us. ANC support is in the townships and the countryside where there’s very little political consciousness and most just see it as routine to vote in the “liberators”. They are election time fed propaganda that unless they vote ANC they will be “oppressed” again. As the economy worsens the underclass problem increases (we’re sitting at around 35% unemployment and our economic growth rate is abysmal for a “developing” country) as 10s of millions are on grants supported by only a couple million tax payers. The entire country is being held up by appeasement gibs.

When the gibs stop coming. If the black labourer can’t afford his Friday beer or weekly bag of maize then that is when shit starts to hit the fan. Obviously the fault lies with the government who simply try to hoard as much wealth for themselves as possible, but to keep the peasants from placing their necks on the guillotine they blame “white monopoly capital”. A target is being placed on our backs as the economy worsens.

Niggers can't aim.

Another thing one must understand is that nobody wants to fight a war unless forced to do so. That's why we cucked out in 1994 because we got a negotiated settlement instead of a Rhodesia tier Bush War and seemed to be doing OK for the first 12 odd years. The AWB is long dead and never had that much support anyway due to this attitude. Any indication that it is still active is a honeypot. New gun laws have been made which make it illegal to own automatic weapons. The heaviest piece from my knowledge you can own is a shotgun and there’s a lot of regulations surrounding owning something as simple as a revolver. Boer “militias” are small and isolated groups. The Suidlanders are basically just a prepper group, not a militia. Orania is a small town and not some military base. However, also remember in the event of a race war, an ANC government will not be behind it. The SA military will not be used to slaughter whites as it is not controlled by the black underclass or overt black nationalist communists like the “EFF” or Economic Freedom Fighters (a new party led by Julias Malema, the guys you see wearing those red suits in parliament). In the event of a shtf scenario the military will try (and probably fail) to keep the peace. Our police force is undermanned and inefficient as well. White men who were drafted up until 1989 are all nearing 50 or older. If war will happen it will be because the patience of the black underclass with the corrupt government would have run out and they will fight mostly with petrol bombs, spears and here and there a black market AK 47.

It will be the black underclass vs everyone else, with the black middle class as pretty much the only ones on the fence to freely choose who to side with.

Bump for race war

t. Cape Afrikaner/Boer

quite a few white south africans have told me that things are just as bad there as we talk about on Holla Forums. isn't there some way there could be another boer war to make a separate afrikaner state in the west cape or something?

Thread theme

So Holla Forums doesn't like it when black people act like them?

Blacks don't bring anything of value besides labour to an economy, and even then you can only put them to work if you force them through slavery otherwise they have nearly no use.

So because Holla Forums wants to kill all the blacks, they should be okay with the blacks wanting to kill all the whites?

very interesting rundown, fam

nigger when you treat your enemy like yourself and extend to them the same rights as you would have for your people, you're the absolute embodiment of cuckoldry

Slavery really isn't that economical. When you have a slave you have to feed them, house them, guard them, give them medical attention, make sure not to overwork them, make sure their talents are being put to best use et cetera. And that's a lot of work. Instead you could just pay them a wage and they can manage all that stuff themselves.

Generally speaking you need to provide enough to cover the same in wages.

kill yourself

This is generally true except in four cases.

1. The easy availability of replaceable slaves lost. Empires on conquest binges can do this easily since working slaves to death in is acceptable and economical. This is a double edge sword since it becomes economical to centralize basic necessities thru slave work, and undermines the cultures base in citizen worth and value in life and of course requires constant expansion which drains aspects of the original culture or civilization.
2. The work done is very discomforting or dangerous causing a heavy loss in slaves, typically MINES and brothels are where this was the case and was the primary reason most places that had slaves had them. The world was simply too dangerous then to risk valuable citizens in the pits or the mental degeneracy of prostitution in women.
3. War spoils or sex trade. Capturing hundreds/thousands of middling men whom cannot be ransomed for more wealth for one reason or another means keeping them as slaves to boost short term production rather than killing them off is viable or selling woman for profit or as a way to pay off men in-lieu of wasting rare and valuable resources when men are happy with wet dicks over coin or luxury goods which can be better used by central authorities. The cost is spread out in such cases since in many cases most such slaves ended up being more like serfs and eventually allowed back into society as freemen or even citizens. The captured men can produce an generation which may be vilable as future citizens or warriors to replace those lost or still fighting, the captured women can produce citizens or even eventually stabilize society giving concubines to men whom may use them to produce viable citizens were more proper women may disdain warriors due to their crass natures or not be able to service campaigning warriors over decades.
4. High value luxury goods or critical industrial scale resource needs of basics in which normal prices are too low to attract citizens to work. High value goods typically can make owners wealthy beyond measure, and allow them to subsidize slaves by buying basic necessities cheaper than slaves can make them even and turn even larger profits for the owners. Like in the southern states before the war, citizens would produce their own food first before luxury crops, pointless when the rest of the nation can supply far more food needed already in places were a cash crop cannot be grown, while large plots producing nothing but cash crops could finance the ever growing industrialization of the cities. This same mechanic works for basic needs which have become over expensive for citizenry to produce or which are undermined by outside imports, the roman sate allowed this since roman citizens would produce more expensive goods when farming after overseas wheat imports undermined the cost locally of wheat to feed the republic. The larger estates mandated to supply a certain amount of wheat as payment of tax on the land allowed an much larger amount of wheat to be produced domestically in Italy, avoiding collapse when trade supplies are cut for one reason or another. The state has interest in supporting both modes for the same exact reason, while individual agency of an citizen would dictate an different focus. Slaves do not have agency and thus conform to central dictates which further the overall state beyond some localized issues.

Slaves are a viable and useful resource even in todays world if utilized correctly with the right focus. The default disdain for slavery is an modern cuck inversion due to attributing agency to that which either has it not physically or chooses to not have it. But taking slaves from blood upon which is not yours, that has disastrous consequences for whites and their civilizations. And is an different argument for or against slavery.

I caught myself accidentally saying that the other day. Normally I refer to them as niggers, or blacks, its just a leftist euphemism that people unconsciously find themselves using due to so much propaganda exposure. The correct way to address them is pretty much blacks, as thats what you would find Pierce saying. One thing of note is that in TTD, at the start they are referred to as blacks, but as the book goes on the characters use more bitter language like niggers.


ahh, i get you

disregard i suck cocks

thanks a lot fam
please don't get genocided

bumping this

I want to see Shia Lebeoff's head on a pike

It weakens the morale of Europeans by destroying and displacing established European culture and ethnicity.

Europeans need their morale to be weakened before they can accept that action is needed to fix the problem. Thats also a weak argument. They will perish if they dont leave, so leaving is a compromise/half measure/the best option. Leaving also draws massive attention to whats going on there, and how we cant allow our societies to be dominated by hostile non-whites.

Double dubs confirm.

yuropoor culture is the biggest sham there is. i hope it gets destroyed. yurop is a failed and divided continent. what kind of subhuman hangs on to old buildings and dirt and calls it culture? it's nigger tier behavior



hmmm. black government, black board members of corrupt state owned enterprises, indian businessmen organising kickbacks to black ministers and BLF protests white monopoly capital. genius.

yeah, whites generally did this with their slaves, unlike the negroes in africa or muslims who harshly mistreated theirs
the thing is, niggers cannot effectively manage that themselves, even when given help


Would Holla Forums types behave any differently if they were in their shoes?

They are securing the existence of their people and a future for black children.

t.Canadian immigration and refugee board

How about we just murder all niggers? Then no one has to ever deal with their shit again.

Thing is, Blacks will inherit the earth simply by their dominant nigger genetics, and their use as a tool of elite Kazar Ashkenazim for world unification (as shit) and conquest.

It is whites that are slated for extinction not blacks.

Darwin supported this idea.

Either the elves and men win, or the age of the Orc and their masters the traitorous white liberals (Saruman) and the dark lord Soron (Soros, Rothschild) win.

Of course, having a nigger preserve or two for visitation and educational purposes would be good. People are forgetful- whites the most so.

You misunderstand. We will be ABLE to forget if we simply genocide them ALL. No exceptions. It won't matter that niggers fall into distant memory if there are no niggers left at all to EVER come back.

Well niggers genocide whites whenever they get the chance, so I don't see why one side should hold back. All the universe cares about is supremacy after-all. Empathy is wasted on pigs.


(dubs of kek)

Bump for New Rhodesia

KYS, kike

The greater Orania settlement needs to secede asap and take more lebensraum

Make sure Boer Anons from /k/ fortify the fuck out of it and make sure they have sufficient guns,ammo and food supply incase they go full Zulu

How can't kikes think about long term consequences when they long term planned:

1. Control of the financial system
2. Corrupting the royals and having Balfour give them Israel
3. Controlling the U.S. to promote kike interests, like Greater Israel aka Syriana.
4. Using the MOSSAD to purchase key media companies through sayanim like (((Robert Maxwell))) real name (((Ján Ludvík Hyman Binyamin Hoch))) and buried like a Jew hero at the Mount of Olives.
5. Having a long term plan to globally subjugate the Goyim, like the Brazilification of Europe?
6. Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion?

Kikes obviously long term plan successfully. How did this meme come about? Honest question.

I personally think its only their elite that long term plans and their lesser elite constantly fucking it up for short term gain and their average literally not thinking about tomorrow if they can benefit themselves today. Led to the spread of this meme OR it might be themselves to make us underestimate them and wait for them to make a mistake instead of taking action.

Personal opinion though


The golem are simply believing what the Guptas want. Which race do you think the poo in the loos have more control over? Would not be surprised if this is just damage control for the KPMG and SARS shit, these kaffs are being paid.

1. Their signs are in english.
2. (((timeslive))) - is this exclusive?
3. Chanting in english.
4. Toy toying in a fucking suburb.
5. Branded better than the fucking EFF.

(((they))) haven't declared full out anarchy just yet because 11% of the country still pays taxes. Guess the 11%.

Unfortunately, nothing here which is written on paper can be validated when you're dealing with those who have been given power.

Should have read the thread boet. You hit the nail on the head. The ANC is tied to anybody lining their pocket. Nice image.

what's also funny is that literally all these ANC and EFF niggers are settlers themselves. actually-native khoisan know perfectly well the only reason bantus didn't genocide them out of existence is white protection.
all bantus will eventually be back to eating rats like they do in harare. once the rats are gone it'll be cannibalism.

Blacks deserve Nationalism as much as whites do, however unfortunate it is that they are killing off our kin. The best we can do is just grab popcorn and watch the shit unfold. Africa for the blacks applies just as much as a Europe for the whites lads

So much for white superiority when they don't even have the sense to arm up and combat it but run away with their tails between their legs.

the bantus (almost all blacks in south africa) are not native to south africa, only ever came to south africa to help themselves to white-created prosperity, and have never had any livelihood in south africa that wasn't dependent on white people. so no, bantu blacks are not entitled to nationalism within south africa. the people who turned it from a harsh and unproductive wasteland into a sustainable and flourishing society, i.e. white people, are the ones so entitled.


user don't kid yourself. These people are incapable of learning from their mistakes. They can only react.

As befits Perfidious Albion.

Do any of you remember reading this book?
It's pretty accurate and redpilled by today's standards (it was written in 1955), despite being an "anti racist" book.

Why explain what BLF is but not KPMG? Are you trying to shape a (((narrative)))?

I don't understand. The richest people in South Africa are white, yet they are the minority and declining in population. Why not help them evacuate.

This is why horseshoe theory is double digit IQ tier retardation.


They are in total denial.