Giant hexagram in China Lake Naval Weapons Center amongst thousands of ancient petroglyphs

There's a large hexagram on Coso Peak in the California desert, within the grounds of the China Lake Naval Weapons Center, next to some kind of electronic signals station. The Coso range is known for having tens of thousands of ancient petroglyphs.

Hexagram on Gmaps:,-117.7221872,503m/data=!3m1!1e3

China Lake Naval Weapons Center main facility (hexagram to the North, next to Coso Peak): Air Weapons Station - China Lake/@35.6884583,-117.7098068,8108m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x80c1124b2c5e64d5:0xba9250134ea239e8!8m2!3d35.6890073!4d-117.6833066

The Coso range is famous for having over 35,000 ancient petroglyphs:

Forum thread about the rock art. One poster says the facility on Coso Peak (pictured above) is inside the Naval Weapons Center grounds:

Post on a hiking forum also noting that Coso Peak (right next to the hexagram. The site of the signal station thing) is indeed within the boundary of the Naval Weapons Center:

Other urls found in this thread:,-117.7414581,517m/data=!3m1!1e3

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There are also loads of conspiracies surrounding the China Lake Naval base. UFO stuff, various secret weapons, Mk Ultra stuff, and mass child torture/programming/murder including keeping kids in cages (the posts and sites making these claims are from years prior to pgate):

Weather modification at China Lake Naval Weapons

Kids in cages claim 1 (ctrl-f "children"):
Mass child torture/mk ultra claim 2 (bottom of the page):

Various China Lake base conspiracies to dig into:

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so china lake is in china?

ok hold on a minute I'm unfamiliar with this. Are we talking Chine here or not because I know that the early Nestorian christian church was active in China during the Tang dynasty and allowed to practice freely but what does that have to do with what looks like a solar powered doppler radar station in California?.

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I doubt there is any place in China named California.

China Lake is named after some chink borax miners at the dry bed long ago, according to an undated document found at the nearby Maturango Museum in Ridgecrest.

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There's another one here:,-117.7414581,517m/data=!3m1!1e3

They appear to be surface to air missile sites:

But if you just search for SAM site images, the hexagram is not that common. In any case, considering it's quite a (((coincidence))).

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These are not too uncommon, I can show you examples from around the world.

Sacred geometry is used in 'over the radar' aka quantum weaponry sites, transmitters and similar systems. Also some SAM sites for redundancy in case of bombardment.

Hexagrams are some of the easiest geometric symbols to make, and only require a compass to make them. I used to make them during class at uni just to pass time because they were interesting to make and link together in fun ways. They are as ubiquitous as swastikas in traditional societies. Indians of the southwest united states are known to build their temples and houses of worship in a circular configuration as well. My guess would be it was a ritual site inside a region thought to be sacred or something, hence the petroglyphs.

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No I just think nothing is coincidence, especially art.

Can you please show what you are trying to point out as it's not terribly obvious. Thanks.

And yes artists of many fields make things that are not coincidence. We do it for fun to see if people are awake or not.. or to plant subconscious seeds.

Idaho, and specifically pocatello are very well set up if there were a war on mainland, or nuclear war.

What does that have to do with the OP though…
Discussion is geometric shapes at large scale e.g. pentagrams/hexagons etc.
funnily enough what I'm working on right now for a novel city-scale art/entertainment system

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I remember from watching Death Valley Days China Lake is in Kern county it was named that so because of the gooks harvesting borax there.



It's a classic SA-2 site.
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These things are funny.

Made wildly popular by video games but in reality less than a hundred have ever been made and most of them were destroyed.

A city is a Jewish prison.

Would it be possible to manufacture more of those?

Probably. Though you'd need the diagrams to even begin.
You couldn't sell them legally though and would face hilarious levels of state persecution.

That being said they're not brilliant and other designs are more efficient.

Why would ancient Chinese do this?
is it an anomaly?


The Corps of Engineers had one that passed onto the forestry services with FOR USE ON BEARS ONLY electropenciled on it.

And Canadian border control still use SMLEs that were originally issued to Royal Canadian Infantry in WW1.

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You dummy. Look at it again - the joke is that the gun is shaped like the State of Idaho.

The natives in the southwest were given the Swastika by Aryans after water levels rose over atlantis.

This. As someone well versed in the layouts of SAM sites this isn't even remotely interesting.

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You can see these types of layouts also in Russian missile test areas and similar.
Care to elaborate more on why they are used? Is it mostly for directional/bore sight coverage and bombardment reasons?

They also use similar layouts for 'deep underwater communications' Aka Rogers' undersea comms systems.
Supposedly quantum based effects and then you get into stuff well beyond normal radio scope.

The Sirius Patrol of Greenland uses M1917 Enfields, with like every 3rd round on a clip being a hollow point. They carry 10mm Glocks too, because they found that 9mm just isn't enough for polar bears and musk ox.

Is it just pure coincidence that they select a hexagonal layout?

Best quality version of that I have seen, thank you user.
This is a mystery which has been in the back of my mind for quite some time. Hexagons are one of the most common shapes for many crystal forms and I believe the root of these various geometric forms found in nature is likely of quantum origins. I believe these breadcrumbs are left for us by nature or the simulation or reality, whatever you want to call it, in part of our ascent to seek ultimate knowledge/manifestation of reality while in a physical body.

It's also likely the same reason they make pic related with a huge wavelength (see measurement of shadow of tower height - est. around 250-300m) and 12 or 13 transmitters. Interestingly enough, brains have similar numbers of distinct frequency bands but we're getting way off the topic at this rate…

From Man's Greatest Achievement

Nikola Tesla
July 13, 1930

Woah, woah, woah. I need you to talk more about that.
What's a "Tesla Coil Kirlian Pyramid"? I've come across Kirlian photography before but this is new. That pyramid almost looks like it has two legs standing within it so the crotch would be at the apex of the pyramid in that picture you've just posted.

12 or 13 transmitters? That first image seems to have 13 vertices or "nodes" I guess. I'm seeing two hexagons and a central point, basically and it seems like there's structures at those "nodes" if I can all it that. I don't know enough about SAM sites to know anything further than that though.

Most critically though, tell me more about the distinct frequency bands of the brain. Might there be a link between this and cymatics?

Oh, sorry. I finally understand your first image. You were analysing the shadows. Those white leaning things aren't paint marks, they're the transmitters. It's just very strange that, in a picture taken from a bird's eye view, that they seem to lean like that. I wasn't expecting that. I guess at that level of distance, the Earth's curvature starts to affect the appearance of objects? But still, how are you able to gauge the height like that? How do you know those details about this image?

Satellite images are often not 'straight down', they are on an angle, as changing orbit is far more fuel costly than rotating the camera POV a little.
Basically if you see a large shadow, the larger the shadow, the taller it is.
I would guess they are 250-300m based upon sun angle and shadow length and standard radio tower heights. They are not shorter than measured distance, that's for sure.

Sorry bit rusty with sacred geometry and been a while since looking at this site. There are supposedly 16 frequency bands in the brain.
If you look closely you will see another 3 towers in the middle which are triangular and shorter…
16 transmitting towers in total including centre. It's not a SAM site it is an 'Ionosonde' which can also be used as part of Scalar interferometers aka scalar weapons with many effects. Same deal and part of 'OTH' or Over The Horizon radar systems, it is part of a known OTH system
HAARP also falls in a similar category. I hate referencing HAARP as there is so much FUD and BS about it but it is a scalar weapon like the link above (especially the link above is exactly how Scalar weapons are typically laid out), which can be used as Ionospheric research station and many other possibilities.
Quite coincidental how it uses the same geometry as the pole of Saturn eh ;)
They can be used to disrupt electrical signals in the brain or disrupt nervous system/brain body link/create electromagnetic conditions for disease and all sorts of other freaky shit.
You may have heard a quote saying WW3 will be silent.
Well.. you now know how and why. Nukes are primitive firecrackers and Gorbachev himself alluded to this in the 50s when they began extensive development of the above technology.
Basically you can make plasma layers in mid air and shield an entire city, just like Tesla said. Many sightings of these plasma bubbles have been made throughout the last half a century or more, often by pilots and often around Kamchatka peninsular in Russia or northern Japan towards Russia.

From memory the set up was coil under a quartz pyramid cap (much like the Giza pyramids were).
The spiral you see is the arc pattern under Kirlian photography. Also from what I understand this area directly above is the strongest/easiest way to detect longitudinal waves, which e.g. Scalar EM wave, much like sound that produces the Cymatic imagery - sound is a longitudinal waveform.
It is unknown what Kirlian photography shows but it is repeatable and peer reviewed. I believe it is a scalar camera basically, much like dual band cameras e.g. UV and IR band using interferometry (like a scalar interferometer/scalar weapon/tesla weapon etc whatever common name you wish to call it) to create an image.
Someone using such techniques captured orbs in the area before the Colombia incident. It is theorised this was a test of a Russian scalar EM system used to disable missiles and a 'proof of concept' warning.
You would do well to read Fer De Lance by fmr Lt.Col Thomas Bearden. It explains all this and more in very detailed manner including the math to support it.

*transmitting/receiving towers

Well, in a sense, yes. The main reason simply is that those satellites aren't orbital satellites, though, but much closer to Earth. High-altitude platforms e.g. WINONA-style balloons. Dozens of them were grounded e.g. over Russia during the early Cold War, and the Ivans complained/boasted about having whole embassies full of American HABs.


You realize all these places are made in CAD and that a lot of this geometry is the most efficient use of space right?

I mean, it could be a sigil that opens some inter-dimensional gateway, or it could be that this fringe garbage used as a slide thread.

I sure don't know which is more likely. I do

This, for centuries the Hexagram was a symbol in Europe to ward off Demons and protect against Fire.
It didn't became associated with Jews until the 17th Century, when it was used as a sign to mark the entrance of jewish ghettos in cities.
And only since the 18th century was it used by Jews themselves to shill for minority rights and their zionism.

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why not like this? I understand there are more turns but distance from any point to another is shorter.

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I'll read this, thank you. I had to search up a lot of the terms you were using just to get some grasp of what you were talking about. I look forward to reading further on all of this.

Just one final question: What do you think of the Montauk Project?

Isn't that a species of South American pit viper?

IMO its most likely a site for simulating Soviet/Russian SAM sites and likely used for training against Syrian systems
If you google "sa-2 sam site" there are quite a lot of similar sites

I used to live right next to China Lake, until just a few weeks ago. That place is god damn insane. I was born there and lived twenty years there, and the rest of the world just seems wild to me after I've been there.

The dust there is covered in a water-activated mold that will fucking kill you if you haven't lived there for a few years. We would lose people to pneumonia or bronchitis a dozen a year.

Everyone is fucking insane. I've been in more fights there than I've even heard of anywhere else. People go missing all the time, probably chopped up and shoved down an old tin mine. There are straight up roving meth gangs that will charge your house to steal your tools.

Fuck. Out in the desert, there's an underground hangar. Just a part of random desert that will lift up and shoot out fucking jets.

For the longest time I thought it was just the 115F heat, but I don't know anymore. This almost seems to explain it better.

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lots of weird structures at china lake….

Do you recall the type of mold you heard of?

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i respectfully disagree. to me this is a HAARP-like antenna array for ground-based scalar weaponry for weather modification, ground penetrating radar and much more.

This is not the first time I see anons this retarded.

Any evidence of this?
Also why make a HAARP installation in the same specific order as a soviet SAM site at a known test facility that is visible from the road, not particularly high security, and why build redundant paths and berms at a site that isn't likely to see combat
The only purpose of dirt berms at a SAM site is to mitigate damage and shrapnel in case of an attack, and berms are clearly visible in and to simulate a SA-2 site

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Thanks user. Any more info on WINONA and cold war events? Couldn't find anything.

Welcome, user! Your world will never be the same once you learn about these weapons and systems. Sorry about the terms, it's a whole area of Science that has not really been taught in the west until very recently and in limited manner.
I hate this question because it brings back lots of shit I don't really want to talk about and you just get labelled /x/ /fringe/ etc unless there are lots of similar anons in the thread who all have similar stories, which gets really dark and depressing. I think it's a big part of my fascination with these sorts of subjects though.
I didn't get it too bad though compared to others (e.g. lots of torture and worse) but definitely had regular visits and even occasionally to this day.
Watch the Montauk Project, so much of it is extremely accurate to the point it's fucking terrifying for me and dredged up lots of dormant shit.
It also ties in with pedogate and the rest. It's all connected in various ways.

Got a PDF somewhere? The Search Engine Jew isn't returning much.


P.s. it's OCR so a few weird mistakes but mostly pretty good and searchable.

I have no idea. I don't know anything about snakes. According to a quick search I did however, you are correct. It is indeed some kind of snake. I imagine it's no coincidence then, the name that was selected for this book. It's definitely something I'll keep in mind whilst reading it.

Thank you for your post.

Do you mean that hour-long documentary with some "Prescott" guy who's old and fat and some other guy who supposedly travelled in time? He was accidentally sent into the future? I watched that. They also mention some kind of chamber in a hill where children were being tortured and those with the sensitivity to it could sense the suffering and it made them collapse into tears.

You're welcome!

Sounds like what you watched.
I have heard some doubts about Bielek in other frames of reference (not Montauk), so who knows. That said, if you learn body language and know it well, watching it is very revealing.
Keep in mind it's not just that one place. These facilities and this program happened(s) all over the world. Monarch and other projects are also part of it, there are many names as for what is referred to as Montauk. If you go deep in to pedogate you will see how interconnected it all is. It's not all about pedos (Montauk - in fact for me it was more about conditioning/breaking and ayys) but that is part of it for some involved.

What do you mean by this? What "other" frames of reference? You mean, different groups or organisations with their own opinions on Bielek? And what does "not Montauk" mean? Does "Montauk" have its own (presumably trusted) opinion because I thought that "Montauk" was just the name of the project. Microsoft codenamed Vista "Longhorn", that kind of thing.

Anyway, here's what I watched:

Even the Third World? Even with the Sub-Saharan Africans?

To do what to you? Make you more obedient? Guide you into Freemasonry? Or just ensure you don't become a problem.

I believe there were some doubts as to his involvement with the Philadelphia experiment and some of his claims. Prescott and Al I am not totally sure on by body language but should re-watch again.

By not Montauk I mean there are many names of similar projects e.g. Monarch which are interrelated and share many similar parts to them, as elaborated in last response below.

And that's not the documentary I am referring to although a few of the people are in it. Watch Montauk Chronicles 2015, its a far more modern effort.

Not sure. Definitely the western world and definitely in USA and five eyes countries.

That many of us are still figuring out. Perhaps for some it's to be a controlled resistance, or to red pill people? Who knows. If you've heard of the manchurian candidate before, that's part of it as with the project monarch stuff. Maybe some people won't know until the right time, others like myself only have fleeting memories.
Part of it for me is definitely genetic harvesting for ayys, other parts are to do with the 'chair' when younger. I'd never known the chair was involved with montauk (had not looked in to it much) and even mentioned those memories prior to watching that doco to a friend, about my memories of a chair and ayys and visits/abductions, underground etc - when it came up in that doco it freaked me the fuck out.
If not being a problem was part of the plan they definitely failed there lol. That said I also work within the system at higher levels in my own niche, so also not a hindrance in some ways. Who knows, this stuff is pretty far out there.
Funny you mention freemasonry, did interest me for quite some time until finding out how kiked it is. That said at lower levels the business contacts could be of use.

Where can I find the documentary? It's not on Youtube. What I'm listening to is an interview about the documentary.

That looks like an open cesspit. The bottom is a ramp, the black is probably like plastic or some membrane, and the green is algae or bacteria etc.

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