You rage you lose

You rage you lose

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Lucky one

0/10 - They should hang the mutt

They should hang you and your father and every cop.

Holla Forums will defend this


I bet they'd even defend him if he eats it with ketchup.

What a great idea. What possibly could go wrong!

America's domestic and child abuser population would shrink dramatically

A newborn baby will not die from a lack of medical care within 2 hours.

>>>Holla Forums If you want to LARP about Day of the rope

>>>Holla Forums If you want to LARP about Day of the rope

But I'm not a cop, why would I larp on Holla Forums

That's pretty much Day Of The Rope

Yeah I can really see removing the people who lock up wife bashers and child rapists stopping domestic violence and sexual abuse. Just look at Australian Indigenous Communities who have little to no police involvement (the literally have the highest sexual abuse and domestic violence in the world).


The American Police department, more than almost any other career

is full of more domestic abusers than any other.

If you live by the pig don't get upset when you catch the scent

He's eating 4 Dimensional steak

A baby died because no one gave that woman appropriate care. Even if someone is an inmate they should be treated like humans with full constitutional rights and not like cattle

We're not extinct

There is a high amount of domestic violence, substance abuse and mental illness within most law enforcement communities world wide. It's an unfortunate result of the profession.

However they are necessary in stopping domestic violence and other crimes. The alternative would be survival of the fittest and I don't think women and children would fare very well.

And if people choose to commit crimes against the state, they forfeit their 'rights'.

I don't think most little fuckin boys like you or you ever in your life would fair very well either would they

Nah, I don't think so. Neither would most teenagers.


Good, so we agree that police are a necessary evil and should not all be hanged. I'm glad you saw the error of your ways.

I bet you lived in the most sheltered non police enforced reality of middle class suburban safety net leisure.

Listen, not everyone fuckin did and some of us have resentment. Some people lived under the shadow of the SDPD or the LAPD.

If you ever desire to know what the LAPD is like, try managing to get one of your officers so fed up with bullshit he goes postal and promises to take every single corrupt cop down with him, only people to burn him alive in revenge.

You may have resentment against police, however you have not offered any viable alternatives.

Perhaps if you are sick of living under the shadow of the South Dakota Police Department you can skip across the border and live in some town with no police under the loving control of the Cartels. Maybe then you won't be triggered anymore.

Go away reddit

but that doesn't matter because it's still projected onto 3D space.

Why don't you leave this place?

Because I don't believe you faggots should have your own safe space hug box.

Funny original meme, classic Holla Forums!



Why don't you stop defending private property first

Not the first time something like this has happened in Sherrif Clarke's prison:


Oh, and guess which Neutralâ„¢ party is handling this:



Natures casual filter.

fucking statists man


rage is a spook