This is a great meme we started. Now nobody takes ancaps seriously

This is a great meme we started. Now nobody takes ancaps seriously.

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Keep fighting the good fight guys. My ego willing we'll meme the spooks out of them someday.

A-are we more powerful than we think?

Did we actually start this one? Tbh I'm pretty impressed with both the volume and quality of the memes this place produces. The best ones are the ones that you actually have to be educated to get, never seen memes like that from anywhere else tbh.

Lolberts and Ayncraps are dead for good.

Don't ever talk to me or my property's son again

We get shit for our memes being unfunny, but this is probably one of the funniest memes I've seen after wasting a large chunk of my life on imageboards.

Always worth noting the people who say our memes are unfunny are the ones posting them to facebook and pandering to normies, though. Typical 🍀🍀🍀oldfag🍀🍀🍀 behavior, that is :^)

Nobody took ancaps seriously in the first place

Pretty much, and it drove them crazy back when Ron Paul was running for president.

I've seen leftypol memes leaking out into the wider internet.

4chan is starting to post zizek related stuff (not a lot but a hell of a lot more than the none they were posting before and in Holla Forums of all places) and reddit and facebook are discussing topics i've first seen here (non-identity politics leftism for example)

The "turn" happened long before these smileys got introduced.

I know this because I tried to shill ancap pepe for a long time but it never took off

I actually think THAT libertarian debate did a lot to completely ruin their reputation

Zizek has been memed on /lit/ for years, the same with Stirner. But /lit/ is pretty leftist anyway (or at least used to be)

Which debate?

the one with the stripping guy among other things I'm guessing


God damn you, user

Jimmy has gotta cool off lately, he's getting a little too hot under the collar and losing the funny.


I thought this nightmare ended.

To be fair, I'd have preferred Ron Paul to either of the major candidates this time. I consider authoritarians to be a far greater threat than libertarians.

how will ancaps ever recover?

I thought they started on 9gag and what not.

Jokes on you, I will kill her myself.

90% of their content is posted by content bots who sift through reddit. The rest is stale shitty memes and pictures of cakes.

Most of the humanities and art-related boards are pretty leftist, with the exception of /ic/.

At least w-we got r-rid of the lolbertarians guys!

He is just as bad as Hillary

I don't what is sad, facebook memes or your gulagposting

sage and report for cringe and cancerous tl;dr meme that nobody reads or cares about.


Don't worry. We have a very polarized left wing in this country right now. The stormfags try anything and it's fucking civil war.

The key to the success here is that they are actually funny, they're not just fringe ironic vapourwave humour that only autists care for.

Stirner and Zizek have already started to become popular on Holla Forums. Holla Forums might turn them Asserists or something like that in the end.

anyone got any other anarcho flag memes

like the anarchoprimitivist ones

US left wingers have no guns though.

The meme is funny with all the anarcho-* ideologies. Show how retarded they all are.

The blacks and mexicans do

not true

thanks bud


Holla Forums started this meme to make fun of ancaps on their own board, you fucking retards.
This kind of shit is why no users on other Holla Forums boards likes any of you.

Eh, she violated my NAP

Why does this shit always happen in my neck of the woods?


Anarcho-hyphenism is GOAT performance art humor

"I understand on some rudimentary level that all coercion fundamentally derives from nature, but we should go back to living in caves anyway because of 'community' or some shit."

"No, our belief that all coercion shall invariably be made obsolete by technological advance isn't dogmatic or unsupported by theory, who told you that?

Fuck off you lying cunt.

yeah there was one ancap pepe meme in circulation for a long ass time, then there was a thread here where someone put ancap over that smiley and we made a few from there


What is meme magic?


This is some real fucking abstract kind of shitposting.


Did this really start here?



Is that really the central obsession of most anarchists? Because one can easily imagine a non-coercive society where people are instead seduced and manipulated into certain actions. To large extent this is what we already have now.

and you saved the thumbnail of the expanded screencap
fucking next level

the third one is definitely a strawman but whatever

Coercion is what ancaps and right-libs get hung up about. Hierarchies and power are more what left-libs talk about, who has power over who, whether the hierarchy is justified.

The entire ancap joke is a strawman.

You can consider seduction and manipulation closely related special cases of a "generalized coercion," it need not be forced actions under direct threat of violence. But it's nonetheless something of an imprecise concept


Anyone know that guys name?


I would say so. The whole idea is to escape coerced associations. Whether your favored replacement is any better.. that's what is debateable


oh fuck shit nigga damn

Is this abstract enough?

Get to work you lazy fucks

Seit wann und warum sind hier so viele Deutsche?

That's Spanish you friccin moron

A few of them are good criticisms actually. Like, how can you kick someone of private property if everywhere is private property? How could an ancap city even function if kicking me out of Starbucks lands me on someone else's property, violating NAP?





Why would you make a stirnerball meme? He's literally perfect

Your spooked memes have no power on me!

Is a meme silly :^)
my actual bookmark bar looks even worse

that screenshot just confirms every suspicion people have about Holla Forums anons

And the xvideos tabs must be legit, too, right?

it's called humour


1. huh, learn something new about the word filter every day
2. Gotta add the plural form of to the word filter admin, otherwise it looks froggy as shit


this is why you guys fail, you have zero comedy outside of your ideology




I'm an ancap and I think a few are funny, and the rest are so cringeworthy the creators should be shot in self defense

it doesn't have to be edgy user, if you want to appeal to people through comedy you have to make them laugh, it just happens Holla Forums comedy is much easier at reaching people.
for example everyone knows adolf hitler and what happened and everyone knows racism.
by using these well known things in comedy it is much easier for Holla Forums to reach people.

lefties never learn

I know but I feel I should at least help them, they are already at a disadvantage by championing such obscure ideologies.
even communism to an extent considering most marxist kids don't even read material just parrot group think.

And their leaders know it, most seem to just be in it for the groupies

Enjoy pouring your creativity energy down the shitter in pursue of golden eggs. Maybe you'll wake up from the e-illusion in ten years.

Meme warfare and gene warfare is everything human outside of an individual's life, and influential at the least inside their life.

Fuck tha police





w e w lad no one thinks you guys are funny you deluded fuck

I agree with this Holla Forums isn't funny and they think they are.

I didn't even realize i was on leftypol.

Leftypol is pretty powerful for our small userbase.


george orwell









you know for a fact that came from pol

Nah dude, the one pepe ancap came from pol
This smiley anarcho can't from here I know for a fact, I remember the thread

*Came from

Imageboards are extremely influential. I've watched content posted on imageboards spread to more mainstream sites and into IRL for years.

No because nobody ceases to believe in an ideology based off of Holla Forums memes.

All you did was make it marginally uncomfortable for an ancap to debate his position without getting meme images posted.


Ever notice how Hoppe and Rothbard posters are roughly half of the IDs in economic or libertarian threads?


It's not even remotely applicable, but the wife-broke-my-Rothbard-mug alone was worth a chortle


I guess you failed to notice the Trademark dont make me catch you again.

Your lord Lars-Lennart Loffe, doing business under the name of Jarl, doth hereby demand your presence on the Covenant Community Grounds next Wodens-day, to renounce your democrat and/or communist tendencies, or be cast out of the Jarl's property. Your's in Liberty, etc. etc.

wtf that breeds niggers, I'd rather feed muh pigs

But what if your mom's already dead?

But what if you're an ancap?



That's jewishly a reply




i think those are tankies, m8

this is fucking gold….. can't breath

dobby… I'm not smart enough…




damn you bourgeoisie!

That's blatantly false, Holla Forums started shitting on lolberts after the migration of edgelords from 4chan, which was before that maymay was a thing
but I admit it made ayncraps even bigger laughing stock than before

Unironically this.
Holla Forums is not that entertaining as years ago, but Holla Forums is terribly unfunny on almost every field
I blame normalfaggotry

these seem extremely effective
make more

nimm deine Pillen