Cannibalism on reddit, and people who want to either eat or be eaten in a totally non-LARPing way

With the stuff involving cannibalism fetish being normalized. I started looking at reddit and found that there are entire subreddits dedicated to cannibalism. But what's interesting is that it doesn't appear to just be a fetish. These people are actually trying to solicit human flesh. In the last picture there are random looking women's photos where the people are asked which one they would like to cannibalize. This isn't fucking consent!

Is this the start of a new rabbit hole to restricted information? Me thinks we need to start digging here.

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the fact that its reddit has little to do with the fact people are advertising to eat, and be eaten on the board for sexual pleasure. just like the whole pizzagate thing there's another rabbit hole that goes into plain human cannibalism. and if its happening on reddit, there are more internet boards dedicated to these kind of ideas.

Isnt cannibalism practically illegal due to all sorts of laws making it impossible to do such a thing, meaning that this entire page is illegal? Shouldnt we be trying to report their bullshit just to fuck with them?

Just try discussing prion diseases on leddit and watch all the cannibals come out to say it doesn't come from eating your own species. (completely serious)

There's people out there who'll offer their actual soul to be devoured
one of you fags join

This is from that site. Do you guys know all these terms? Because a few of these seem to resonate with pizzagate.

And now i'm interested where this leads. You still have to go back OP.

I knew a guy who said he met cannibals in 'Nam and that once you go cannibal you never go back because it tastes so good.

we're hitting degeneracy levels that shouldn't even be possible

you're genuinely fucking useless dude, really, genuinely fucking useless, this shit got bizarre in 10 minutes and you're sitting there jacking it telling people to fuck off to reddit. no you dumb nigger, you need to go back to reddit.

dolcett is a keyword for this shit.

Considering that the CEO of reddit is a pedo cannibal this shit does not surprise me one bit. This was just about the only useful thing to come out of the pedo gate sub before they got (((shut down))).

That being said, you have to go back.


Simple, user.

Dom Pig (didn't realize such a thing existed)
Pup Play
Turkey Play
Sheep Play

You get the idea. Not really any kind of secret code

Longpig is a human to be eaten, faggot. It comes from an (alleged) New Guinea term for humans used by cannibals there. Femcan is obviously a female cannibal. I don't know the rest, but it's obvious you don't either. Consider dying.

Well sorry. Jesus.

long pork was a term used by cast away sailors that had to take straws, the loser got eaten to save the rest.

Do you suppose sailors ever made it to the South Seas, where New Guinea is located?

Vorefags are the reason for all of this I think. It's gotta be one of the most outrageously demented things and it keeps popping up everywhere. When will these retarded freaks be genocided out of existence already?

Check out >>>/vore/ btw

you need to lurk more. reddit falls under the category of useful idiots.

There was an user who had a thread investigating this shit. The founder of Zynga, Mark Pincus used to run this site calles Tribes which was a dead social network taken over by a new userbase of cannibals and other freaks.

This. It's worse then fucking Weimar. Report, doxx, sick people like that must be eliminated

There was another user who was investigating some cannibal pedo fucker who would look for willing and unwilling slaves. He talked about how they would hold these barbeques full of other cannibals and pedos who would cook one slave, willing or not, and eat them. Really freaky shit.

Eh, between everything the only place that the pedogate stuff has survived is voat (badly compromised), thoes few weeks last october where it blew up sky high i was regularly browsing about 6 sites. Kind of funny how thoroughly it all got memory holled and (((shut down))). LoL at the almost daily threads here about imminent arrests as soon as trump got into office.

Actually, Long Pig was a term used by Polynesians to refer to human meat. Sailors had nothing to do with the origin of the term but as a charming aphorism it's hung around.

Whats with all of this cannibal shit coming up recently? Any connection to pizzagate? Jews are known for ritual sacrifice blood libel, but do they consume human flesh as well?

Wait, wasn't Spez the SRS pocket admin too?

I tried joining and it wouldn't work. All of this stuff appears to be a hoax and what not, but what's the point? If stuff could be linked to Jewish blood libel/pedophilia it could get interesting.

I read that on Holla Forums sometime in the last year or so. Might have been posted in one of the earlier pgate threads. One of the more unsettling things I've ever come across. It lead to an actual house in New Orleans where a supposed human slave master lives.

I'm sorry, but that fucker's description of how he would cook and eat her. Do you realize how much a human body weighs? Because 100% of that would spoil before you could even begin to touch it. No fucking way one human could eat an entire other human in one night. Fuck off embellishmentfag no one wants you here. Clearly just a Hannibal fanboy trying to pull off the "refined in the streets cannibal in the sheets" tryhard shit with all sort of fancy food preparations
get the fuck out of here your attempts at edge disgrace the horror movie genre and you are a disappointment to the culinary community you fucking lowlife piece of human garbage





Agreed. Probably some edgy goth kid.
But he could freeze her or serve her to guest.

Sky is blue, water is wet and fire burns - More at 11

Also does no one remember spirit cooking and those theories about Podesta being a cannibal? Did that shit get memory holed or what?

No I remember.
Hillary was supposed to have some prion related desease too.

I totally get why white nationalist threads are banned now.

They are literal flesh eating commies.




Jesus fucking christ. This is it isn't it. This is where the rabbit hole finally ends. The world is controlled by pedophile cannibals. The question is, are most of them Jews? (or are these pedophile cannibals using Jews as a fall guy?) It all makes sense now. All the other bullshit conspiracy theories trying to stray you away from the truth.

And what the FUCK happened to ben Swann after he ran that story with Pizzagate? I feel like people should be making these connections between cannibalism, Jews, blood libel, pedophilia, pizzagate everything. But it's so fucking fractured, like a broken mirror.

There was a time I would be surprised to learn of this. That time is long gone. It just plays into the fucking suicide cult spreading throughout humanity, particularly the left. It's disgusting. It's a sickness. It's not just an act with this sort of subhuman. It's a fetish. They get off to this shit.

When the day of the rope comes. The problem is, it's something harder to tell in person unless they try to act on it.

That's what you think is important in all this? Do you have something to admit?

They are pedophile cannibals, but more importantly they are the "synagogue of satan" they do whatever the bible says don't do.

The bible says, don't be a cannibal, but its ok to eat animals, that is the human domain, so the kikes say don't eat animals because PETA but then promote cannibalism. They invert everything.

Life feeds on life, but we are not suppose to feed off other human life.

I'd say most if not all are Semitic. It's a well known fact that Jews worship an ancient Phoenician god. The reason they love degeneracy, cannibalism and pedophilia so much is simply because it's an ancient tradition of theirs, this is how they praise their god.

There's actually a dating forum for gay cannibals, well, a dinner date.. if you don't mind being leftovers.

But why are they cannibals? Are they literally devouring people's souls for Satan or something? I know there's a connection wtih old men drinking the blood of young kids for aging, but when it gets into this demonic shit involving the "edomites" it starts to go fucking twilight zone.

That's why I feel like I'm losing my mind. With 9/11 there was so much disinfo to lead you astray. Is the same thing happening here?

Reality is stranger than fiction. The mind that can create the most devious, degenerate of fiction is the mind that can act upon it and make it reality. You have to remember the enemy we're fighting against.

But dosent it seem to easy to see that Jews are behind it all? It's so easy. They look all alike, they all have similar names unless they're crypto. The writing is all over the wall. That's why i've always thought there was another force behind Jews, I feel like it's way too easy to see who's behind it all (jews) and that's done on purpose to cover the real tracks.

or maybe not, I'm probably giving them too much credit.

French President Giscard d'Estaing said he probably ate human flesh during a state visit in Africa.
He was eating with President Mobutu.
Unable to identify the meat he asked Mobutu what it was.
Mobutu answered that there is no better meat that the meat of your enemies.
D'Estaing said he never known if it was really human flesh or if Mobutu was trying to intimidate him.

Also there is a clear Clinton / Haiti connection and I wouldn't be surprised if some voodoo niggers ate human flesh.

That's just it, i have no fucking clue. I've been searching for years, it's always Jews, but then you start seeing connections between the Edomites, Canaanites, Pharisees, and so on. All of it going back to Babylon. Are these then the people that are cannibals? The supposed "cursed" seed of Esau? (whom god hated). I apologize for my neurotic writing style, this cannibal/pedophile shit is disturbing, yet, I think it's the key to everything.

Imho the one who believe in no conspiracy is a fool.
The one who believe in one big conspiracy unifying them all is a fool too.
There are a lot of mafias, of shemes, of scams, of conspiracy.
Some are linked to other but not all of them are.
The Jews are behind a lot of stuff, especially in western countries.
But they are not the only players, and some people can be absolutely evil without jewish intervention.

So what would you call warfare? What would you call labor? What would you call child-rearing? Your statement barely passes muster at the absolutely literal level but if you add even a tiny bit of abstraction then it becomes retarded. Do you even know what the Oroboros symbolizes?

Ritual consumption of human flesh for one reason or another has been a part of religious and social traditions all over the globe since prehistory. Even Christianity has it, in the form of the transubstantiation of the sacrament. The more literal aspects of the practice falling out of favor is a relatively recent phenomenon and in some regions of the world it it still practiced - Africa and Papua New Guinea, for example. I really wouldn't over-think it; the Kikes still practice their socially acceptable ancient religious traditions openly so why wouldn't they still practice the unacceptable ones behind closed doors? As a race of eternal pariahs it's not like they have anything to lose.

Something is linked though to Jews/Edomites/Esau and this pedophile/cannibal shit. There are far too many coincidences with Jewish blood libel and pedophilia from a thousand years ago. I think most of this hinges on Satan actually existing in the first place, which I have a hard time believing. But every time it appears I'm at the end of the rabbit hole, it's always back to Babylon and Satan. That entire time period and area seem to be where the most disinfo is. That's where everything seems to be a total mental clusterfuck.

It's very easy to make these connections but, the common man refuses to do so. Most people have been indoctrinated into the idea that the Jews are practically harmless.
You also need to understand that the Jew will try to out Jew another Jew if it means pushing his ideological or economic agenda, they are individuals after all. They do not work as hive mind, however similar their religious beliefs as a collective may be.

Was that started by Jews? Excuse me for my ignorance on this.

But why? It has to be more than just bullshit edgy tradition. There has to be some greater power at play here. These people are going so far it seems to me that A. Satan exists and they worship him B. He dosen't, but they do anyway. That's the part where I think it almost gets impossible to prove. Whether Satan really exists or not.

I agree. But, if these people really are the cursed seed of Esau, (edomites) that means they are of the devil. Which means they all share something, and can use that as a common goal. Though I completely agree most Jews probably don't even know about this shit.

Wew lad. Are you new here? You've been sorely under-educated.

No, it's not Jewish. The idea that the sacrament literally changes into the flesh and blood of Jesus Christ upon consumption has been reaffirmed numerous times, dates back into at least the first century and is probably as old as Christianity itself.

You don't seem to have any idea of the power of ritual or even a basic understanding of metaphysics. At the rate of sounding condescending, I don't think you have the grounding to understand the answers you're looking for.

Yes; memes.

Or they do it because it's tradition and important to their beliefs.

It doesn't matter in the slightest if Satan exists or not.

How does it not? Why else would these people do the evil shit they're doing?

I should have mentioned that common goal of most powerful Jews is to grow their economic fortunes and establish a greater Israel while simultaneously turning us gentiles into their cattle through genocide and miscegenation. The thing is, it seems that most of them have a different way of going about it.
Because it's a form of worship, it doesn't matter if Satan exists or not. Much like the Muslim beheads an infidel to praise Allah, the Jew bathes in the blood of the gentile to praise Moloch.

I just gave you the tl;dr answer to this question in the post you're replying to. That you don't understand it is your problem and I suggest that you either educate yourself (protip: start with Joseph Campbell) or stop asking these questions.

Because Tradition. And bonding (better Egregore)

This symbol is absolutely everywhere. Right under the truth movement's nose. Do you see it?

You didn't answer fuck all. All of your answers were purposely vague and no one could learn a single thing from your post without being in the know which appearently you are. Why are you avoiding the connection between jews/edomites/ and easy?

I believe all forms of eating are a spiritual energy transfer, even if you're only eating a plant. I know that sounds like a woo-woo New Age concept but it still exists in the mainstream in the form of Kosher and Halal prayers that spiritually "cleanse" the food before consumption.

From this perspective, cannibalism probably gives an immense amount of spiritual energy compared to any other food source. Perhaps this extra boost is how they maintain their power in society.

I went on an adventure to leddit as a result of this thread.
Is this just some faggot autist who self harmed then convinced himself he was one of the cool kids by sucking his own blood?

I absolutely did.

I'm not avoiding anything; I'm just not going to write you a novel because your metaphysical education consists of Holla Forums infographics. What you're doing is like asking someone to tell you the answer to a calculus problem and then complaining because the answer you get isn't a natural number.

So, Reddit has subreddits for cannibals, yet there isn't a subreddit for all of Jay Leno's fans. It doesn't add up. Something fishy is going on.

What does metaphysics have anything to do with Esau/Edom?

I'm more offended that these cringey wannabe Hannibal Lector's can't even get their meats right. Ironically enough these fags are too pleb for even Lector to have considered touching

There definitely are. I remember when I first heard of that Armin Meiwes case that some articles pointed to really obscure and hidden sites discussing this stuff. One was cannibal cafe. They were kinda hard to get to and the only thing that this being on reddit means is that the horror is spreading.

every day we stray further from god

More news at 10. Let the degenerates turn themselves either catatonic or into zombies because they're too stupid to know what to even eat and not eat. From my experience on typical edgelord sites and forums these people are generally the normiest of normalfags who find out about edgy stuff and then take it way too far trying to be cool and mysterious

I firmly believe normalfag zones are literal purgatories put in place by God for whatever reason. Discussions that go nowhere, and people who can barely type let alone read trying too hard to impress anyone else who isn't busy doing the same damn thing

Why is reddit so smug?

user, you don’t need to know. We would only need to know if we were planning on helping them or fixing them. They cannot be helped. They cannot be fixed. We have to kill them all.

it's everyday we stray further from gods light you mongrel

Holy fucking shit.
I think I know the guy to the left of spez
Nick Davis - from Buffalo area, met him in Kentucky, but he was going to Colorado.
Pretty sure he met someone out that way and has a kid now.

Yea, if jailbait is illegal because sweet succulent hot 14-17 year olds can't consent to taking their own semi-nude pictures and putting them on the internet, how the fuck is cannibalism allowed?!!

Oh yea that's right, cryptofeminism.

It's weeg from theync. Just trolling.