The Yankee boot lickers in Massachusetts have sat their paid entertainers in front of a green screen to promote 'muh kneel'.

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this is the grave they chose to die in? I'm ok with this.


So is Kek
Fuck them let them die

All of this is so fucking gay

Yes. Thank you God. This kneeling shit is just the gift that keeps on giving.

Did the kikes accidentally give these pet goyim an overdose of Ambien?

The circuses turn on themselves and the rest of the country. And one of these days, the bread will run out too.

JewTube link if anons want to downvote and comment: ht ps://

user niggers are naturally stupid

Follow the dubs, Anons. Take a knee is a faggot act inspired by Jew pharmaceuticals.


>Normies turn to (((sportsball))) to escape escalating race war politics

I can't let you do that Star Fox

It's gamergate all over again. They just couldn't leave the bread and circus alone, they couldn't let the distractions keep going. They'll keep doubling down over and over again and push normies to choose a fucking side.

One can hope, but do you not think the NFL will try to sweep this under the rug to maintain (((profits)))?

This is the part where normalfags resort to venting on the Internet and more people get redpilled. Keep the Internet hate machine running and shitpost till your last dying breath.

We know from experience which side they choose.

Invest in ammunition. It's going to get expensive in about two years, after much of the current crop of normies' lurking is complete.

Some will try for sure, but even NBA coaches are getting on board Popovich going whiteness doesn't exist. They can't control their players, either through agreeing with them or from players unions protecting them, and it's spreading to niggers in general populace now to.

The NFL owners like it. They hate whites more than shekels. Even if they tried to stop it the niggers cannot be controlled anymore.

Kaepernick is a martyr for the BLM cause

There's still college sports. Those need to go too.

I'm confused, why the drive to do away with athletics as a whole?

It's not about doing away with athletics. It's about not letting normalfags escape from identity politics. Take away the bread and circus and people get angry.

Athletics per se aren't bad. They're a healthy way to promote /fit/ness and community spirit in a healthy society. In case you haven't noticed, though, we don't have a healthy society. Professional and college athletics in our Jewtopia are just ways for kikes to make obscene profits by using niggers as objects of pleasure and admiration among whites.

Also, sports act as an opiate, so that otherwise angry and active whites will pack up their emotional lives and hide there while our race quietly goes extinct. I'm glad the SJWs are fucking it up for normalfags. Let everybody feel what we do.

Its all a money grab by kikes with the added bonus of being propaganda against whites. I would say all sports involving public money have to go. This includes HS and middle school sports too, which is where a lot of this shit starts. There is no reason to have any sports programs be a part of schools. If you can't afford to play in a private league, they you don't need to waste time in sports. Focus on other shit instead like physical endurance, combat training, and survival training instead of sports.

This. Niggers and cucked out whites and (((whites))) are making sportsball very uncomfortable and anger inducing for normalfags. This is a good thing.

College sports, mainly basketball and football are major kiked up operations. In fact, in many places in the country, like SEC (the deep south) areas people worship these niggers and let niggers run wild, so long as Bama beats (insert any other SEC team) and wins the (((National Championship))). Any southern anons can confirm the absolute insanity surrounding college football in SEC turf, and even fuckin high school football.

I'm all for every fuckin nigger and cuck to (((take a knee))

Force the dude-bro fratboy dipshits to confront their white pribbelege every single sportsball game. Have their favorite bucks (whose names they wear on their backs) denounce them for the nasty white oppressors they really are. Let gangs of chimping groids smash their heads into mashed potato as they're walking back to their cars after the unexpected struggle session. Let their bleach-blonde girlfriends be violated in every orifice right in front of them. It's the only way to wake these people up and bring back some semblance of survival instinct.

I would call you a kike, but I think you are simply angry. These whites aren't leftists. They don't actively try to induce white genocide. They just run away from problems instead. They are cowards, but don't deserve the fate you proscribe. I would save that for the leftists.

>In fact, in many places in the country, like SEC (the deep south) areas people worship these niggers and let niggers run wild, so long as Bama beats (insert any other SEC team) and wins the (((National Championship))). Any southern anons can confirm the absolute insanity surrounding college football in SEC turf, and even fuckin high school football.
Texan and I can confirm what you mean, especially about HS football. HS football is perhaps the greatest source of racemixing for young people. Its truly disgusting. College ball is even worse. It all needs to be destroyed.

When I lived down in Florida, these grown men were ridiculously emotionally invested in HS football, even if they had no kids attending that school. That shit was fucked. I knew it was going on in many other places too.

Went Nose to Nose with a Nigger about 20 years younger than me
in the parking lot the other day. Well his nose was closer to my chin.
The Shine had muscle but still recognized who was superior.
Glare back at these MotherFuckers Every fucking time
I guess he thought I was a feeble, small late 40's guy when went
all nigger stare. I had to go out of my way to walk to his car.

Make these mother fuckers think. Well they can't think, shit.

Thats because its their way of getting back to the old days when they weren't wage slaves. HS was the high point for a lot of men unfortunately, and HS ball is one of their ways of escaping back to that time. Its pretty sad when you think about it. College ball is similar for a lot of men.

I know. It's so fucking crazy. How can people base their entire persona around a sports team? It's not like the nation or your people. It's a fucking sports team. They don't do anything for you and don't protect the future of your children.
How do they become so obsessed?

Wew. Welcome to the thunderdome, normalfags.

I fucking hope so. Can you imagine the size of a shitstrom like gamergate but fueled by normalfags instead of autistic gamers? Although normalfags won't have the autism nessicary to keep it going for years.

Exactly. Sportball is nothing more than plastic tribalism. A release valve for the natural instinct to want to defend your land, your people. Instead its a kiked up version of that where nigger worship is the name of the game. Fuckin sickening, I tell ya.

I bet a lot if it has to do with what you're describing.

Yes, I am. I grew up in the South surrounded by neuveu-middle class whites and self-described "rednecks" (can't decide which is worse, the former is just the latter with a cadillac SUV). Their cuckery is worse than that of the puritan-descended yankee, because it's a dumber version of it, with no grasp of history or even of the religion they claim to follow. The pompous New Englanders can at least base their ideology on historical figures and thinkers like John Quincy Adams, William Lloyd Garrison, Gamaliel Bailey, and others. The southerners simply fetishiize the groid, power back disgusting lager, and go tear up the countryside in a lifted truck.

You're right, they are cowards, which makes them the worst of all. They talk tough, but know nothing, and when the chips are down, they'll compromise to their intellectual betters, just as they cringed in fear when the Rockefeller kikes threatened to withhold funding in the 60's, and opened up the doors to groids.

I despise southern whites almost as much as I do the niggers.

You seem to really hate the common man for simply being subverted. It's a useless hate as the common man is not intelligent enough to stop it.
It's like getting mad at a cat for tearing up a chair made of similar material as its scratching post. It has no way of even comprehending why any of this is wrong. Even if you taught it, it would only understand things in terms of very simple cause and effect for bad behavior.

Married with Children is pure degenerate trash, but I still love it.

That would be us.

I don't fault the normalfag for being the way he is. We are very fortunate to have broken free of the system, but not everyone is capable of following in our paths. We are the future leaders and intellectuals of our movement. We are the vanguard so to speak. The only group of people who I would enjoy seeing ripped apart by niggers would be traitorous leftists. I can assure you that those leftists are worse than any upper middle class white in the south by a huge margin. At least they don't actively fight for their destruction.

That show will always make me laugh.

This, its really bad. Football draws in more people than the church does.

I really want this (((taking a knee))) meme to get amped up even more than it is now. I want every fuckin cuck who worships these sportsball niggers to finally see who and what these niggers always have been. They're not Americans, they never were. They hate America, because America was set up by whites.

Well, to be fair, churches these days aren't exactly beacons of non-degeneracy either. I feel it has more to do with personal reasons like I stated in . There are very few non-pozzed activities to partake in today that are accessible to the common man.

Why to ball tossing apes think they're some insurmountable force in politics? Same with with the LARPing monkeys in hollywood. They all think the moment they take a position, it's over. They're just so grand and powerful and the entire world moves at their whim. Bunch of fucking sub-humans…

From another thread.


I imagine the Red Sox (((investors))) are having heart attacks right now. and the kikes associated with other MLB teams are probably starting to sweat.


Buddy of mine knows a Bernie supporter who's pretty irritated at all of the politics being injected into football. I really hope they keep pushing. You know you've fucked up when Bernie bros are starting to feel the negro fatigue.

The US national anthem is racism.

That's pretty stupid considering the NFL and NBA brass have stated explicitly that players are expected to stand for the national anthem. I don't think they are implying that it's optional.

That's pretty stupid considering the NFL and NBA brass have stated explicitly that players are expected to stand for the national anthem. I don't think they are implying that it's optional.

The owners and admin of the NFL and NBA realized that their pet niggers were threatening the bottom line. They won't be allowing the niggers to pull this shit anymore. Trump won. The whites won, even if it was because the kikes were getting nervous over their sheckles.

Normalfags will not wake up until everything becomes a complete empty shell of what it was. Except for a few hardcore fans who want it to be back how it was before hand, they'll just keep switching the sports bandwagon making excuses as why this sport or whatever is less cucked until there's absolutely nowhere to go.

just skipped around through the vid instead of watching the whole thing
Mixed messages man. Though to be honest I don't even know what the whole thing is about. The only thing I've heard is a bunch of buzzwords and neologisms that have no meaning and whenever someone starts spouting those my mind glazes over and I stop listening.

lol boiston faggots. gotta love how all these cheesy fucking videos use that stupid rapid arpeggio piano progression score to tap into the normie-feels.

Gonna make it even more satisfying when the red sox get knocked out in the ALDS

This "protest" is completely fucking retarded and founded upon lies and I'm not just talking about the bodycam footage coming out recently proving the truth, I'm talking this shit

BLM's central premise that cops are specifically targeting blacks for death is simply not true.

No racial bias in police shootings, study by Harvard professor shows

‘Hands up, don’t shoot’ was built on a lie

“Adjusted for the homicide rate, whites are 1.7 times more likely than blacks die at the hands of police … Adjusted for the racial disparity at which police are feloniously killed, whites are 1.3 times more likely than blacks to die at the hands of police.”

The real racial bias: Cops more willing to shoot whites than blacks, research finds

Spam this shit fucking everywhere and embarrass and btfo every protesting nigger supporting faggot.

Yep, same time of year too. Soon McDonald's will having Monopoly again.

Ah, fall.


But if all the goy stop watching sportsball how can we sell them beer????

You can just hear the sound of their souls sucked out of them and the black guy looks like he's on some drugs.

This happened because of this:

Keep doubling down kikes. The house always wins.