Holla Forumsyp stops playing WoW for the first time in months and goes out in public


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lmgtfy.com/?q=max stirner spook

the guy shouting "get derr fuhck owwt" was pretty autistic too tbh

master race right there tbh

Looks like a wigger tbh



The dude looks like he just walked out of his abuela's basement from some barrio somewhere tbh


What they are not even beating him up what a let down

There are so many racist going araound. And many sure think im a nazi with my short hair and tall body.

Warchief Garrosh needs to help his oppressed brothers



I bet Red Guard Austin hit some people today

Did he say anything? If I just walked around with a white pride worldwide shirt would I get a crowd?


You would get a broken rib

Tfw pure blood aryan communist.

I was surprised this guy wasn't punched out.

You'll probably get that and if you let me I'll be the one to connect this fist to your double chin

Don't hurt me, we can talk it over

I feast on your tolerance

There's really nothing to talk about, you're not even good at nationalism and that pisses everyone off too

good luck, my chin is behind 7000 pounds of fat.


Silly user, tolerance is a centrist meme.

"Make America Great Again" is just code word for "We Want Reagan Again!"

It's perfectly designed slogan speak just the same that got us to elect two fucking George Bushes

No, its about a return to segregation and when America was 90% white

That's what I just said

Reagan is not accurate for it, its more along the lines of FDR

He wouldn't have even needed to wear his White Power shirt. Go out in public for any amount of time and eventually someone will claim you're a racist white supremacist.

Nice meme

i think you're fooling yourselves if you think segregation was caused by politicians.

I never said he did. I said demand for the market motivated Reaganite voters and George Bush voters and Trump voters

They need their four year Reagan heroin fix

If you look like this Colonel Sander's inbred cousin looking mother fucker

Sure. But this isn't new. Welcome to life dumbass.

lol this is ridiculous.



Never had it happen once because I'm not a cunt

He looks like a gangster Johny depp. Pretty based in that video too tbh.

Let's be honest. You couldn't even hit a 2pl deadlift.

Don't ever doubt an asian woman's ability to kick your ass by surprise before you even know you were clocked.

It happens. Every time.

He's obviously playing 4D Chess.

It's no likelier for femposter than for an average Holla Forumsyp, and it would behoove Holla Forumsyps well to not pretend differently. Willingness to gabble about the supposed virtues of ruggedness and use of force doesn't make you any mightier than people who think differently.

Donald Trump's 32D game of Korean starcraft was merely a ruse to confound Hillary Clinton's 40 quintillion Dimensional game of backgammon, which was merely one piece in his 1 Nonillion game of intergalactic Connect-4. But the one mystery is what game is Putin playing now?

Have you considered a tripcode? So I can filter you.

I'll consider it when you stop bitching about flags you sissy bitch

Is no one gonna mention the Mayhem jacket?
This is why antifa faggots have been fuckin with my metal. Goddammit

You mistaken this board for liberals, we are not for tolerance nor peace, we won't tolerate people that go against the workers emancipation.

wew lad.

if i was walking near a fascist bar with a commie shirt i would get beaten.

Seems like the people in the crowd were way too nice

This entire board is full of nigger mongrels, huh?

Reminds me of all the "Communists" that hang around the starbucks up the block.

What's a fascist bar?

don't worry, I think black power is retarded too

i kekked

That would make us more intelligent than the average Holla Forums poster wouldn't it


Stop with this savagery anfem-chan

>That's right Goy, don't be proud of your race. Race is a spook Goy, except the Jewish race, we're chose people goddamn goy bastard! You are actually part of a class, you must fight evil non-jewish bankers

Get the fuck outta here.

All racial pride a shit.

Somewhere in Italy in the early 20th century.

I wonder who is behind this post.jpg

Are you triggered, my monkey comrade?

I never said jewish nationalism isn't retarded and jewish bankers shouldn't be shot, try again

what have you contributed to the white race that gives you license to be "proud" of your "race"

Is anybody who's not influenced by jewish mind tricks and 90 dimensional chess anyone who has a ged or less

The thing is, porkie is actually Jews. If you lefties lived in the UK in the 50's, before the Jew influence, you'd hate communism too.



No, porky is a material reality, kill all jewish porkies and white porkies will take their place and things will be not so different


So Martin Shkreli is not my enemy since he is not a jew and some random Shlomo from Tel Aviv is? Makes me think

You're denying the innate compassion and intelligence of White people. You're completely wrong.

Nice try.

Daughter of an actual nationalist

argentina is white

Holla Forums is white

Martin Shkreli is actually a very principled man, who is deeply libertarian in his beliefs. I don't agree, but he's not a hypocrite. If you have a monopoly, you are allowed to raise the price to whatever you want. Why don;t you lefty fags bitch about Apple doing it? They use gook child labor for Chrissake.

nah I'm just laughing that you get triggered when we call bullshit on your racial pride.

They let you use internet in the mental hospital?

I could ask you the same question



what kind of fantasy world do you live in?


Not an Argument you bitch.

We do, but nobody gives a shit anymore. You still have to explain me why is some office worker with mutilated dick is porky while Jobs, Shkreli or some other fag is not.

Look up who abused workers the most (Jews). Henry Ford, a white man, paid workers way above average for quality work.

If women aren't on the internet how did your pussy ass manage to get here to sell us the conventional bitching trip

If you need to understand the JQ, go to >>>Holla Forums

My countrymen are mercilessly fucking and exploiting each other, guess slavshits aren't white after all :^)

The capitalist class?

I think right about now it'd be baby boomers wouldn't it?

I would go to Holla Forums to find examples of low i.q
You're making this too easy for me

If you really are a women, really, it's sad. Again, you prove the only interesting thing about you is your tits, and that you have to attention whore. Why don't you go make some babies, toots.

Being proud of anything is unethical.
Man you will never learn



That's objectively false, and here's why. The average white Autism Level is 100, meaning if you head to Holla Forums, a majority of users will have a 100 Autism Level. That is not low.


I dot know why it took you so long to walk the plank.

Wow i said none of these things

Can we get the source video? Link?





I guess I have one interesting thing compared to 0

Little fat bitch


How is wanting to make your nation proud a bad thing? Why don;t you faggots vote for Gary Johnson if you hate nationalism?

I want racefags to fuck off

You realize that 4chan is a Jewish honeypot, right?

We get it but some of us have actual important reality to worry about and not the racial fantasies of orcs and elves


Only Jews? Every single Jew?
Only Jews? Every single Jew?
Only Jews? Every single Jew?
Only Jews are responsible? Every single Jew is responsible?
Only Jews benefit from that? Every single Jew benefits from that?

If 4chan is the Jewish one, then this must be Christian one. Different sandroody-poo, same story.



Holla Forums posters who use "white" and "jewish" synonymously

I miss when the internet told me I was brainwashed by reptoids instead. That was much more funnier than sad shits like you


jews != white


what are Ashkenazis then?


You got the joke congratulations


So people who are smarter than you

Maybe it's a spook : )

You put the interests of the nation (something that doesn't really exist) before you.

that's the most esoteric loss.jpg I've ever seen


Yes, jewish nationalists are retarded, your point?

Supporting two contradictory policies because of some retarded "Remember the Alamo" bullshit is, in fact, a spook.

How do nations not exist? Can you prove they don't?

Why are Jews pushing for multiculturalism in a Goyim country, but not their own?

They want to destroy all Goyim.


everyone here is an anti-zionist, user

prove that they do

You do realize that Holla Forums is Freemason honeypot, right?

No, the Jews do not control this imageboard

Why are the reptiles pushing for a grey agenda on their homeworld, and not the orcs'?


I don't see any nations.

Then shut the fuck about them you cowardly bitch

I don't see shit

What did he mean by this?


There are distinct areas on that map, are there not? Are you saying cultures of the world don't exist? Are you rejecting objective Autism Level statistics, traditions, etc.?

By calling everything a "spook", you reject universal truths. To say there is no universal truths is, in and of itself, a universal truth. Your ideology is self-defeating.


Geology, foliage, whatever is not a "culture."

Because the groups pushing for gassing all Arabs are religious conservatives in yarmulkes while those wanting the refugee cock are secular liberals, check the organizations from the article yourself.

A bunch of equally cringe worthy obese invalids shouting in his face?

For fucks sakes if you can't understand even the precursor to post structuralism and semiotics how the fuck can you even cite sources from universities out of god damn context for sociological purposes

You haven't even graduated pre-algebra you lack the talent and logic of a fucking cockoroach

And you expect anyone to idolize you and people like you as the epitome of intelligence

How about the epitome of projection and white middle class everyone deserves a compulsory award syndrome

That's horseshit. Geology and foliage have led to distinct genetic patters in human beings, which have led to different cultures.



Yes and no. "Culture" as a broad concept is so vague as to be essentially meaningless. I could have a different "culture" to my next-door neighbor.

No, I agree that you have hands down the highest autism level

Roots are for vegetables.

You literally just read Carl Sagan's Pale Blue Dot and started posting here from Holla Forums

Either you guys reject universal truths, or you don't. It's that simple.


You reject "universal truths" and you couldn't listen to them if they bit you on the ass

Because peer review and universities are jews

Fuckin master signifiers always in need of a pick me up

Well, they're jews except when its convenient for me they're not jews

If you are so smart, then why you still don't know what a spook is even though it has been pushed everywhere since ~2013?

We don't. A spook is a concept you serve, instead of concepts serving you.

Yes I can. Can you hit a 2pl bench?

Can you please, objectively, explain what a "spook" is?

More or less

Subjectivity entirely

That is self-defeating, and absurdist. If all things are subjective (no universal truths), the ideology is self-defeating.

lmgtfy.com/?q=max stirner spook

Sure thing kiddo.

Oh yeah, definitely, the rocks and the trees man, they spoke to us like our ancestors, holding their souls and everything.

Do you even know what absurdism means you little fucking shit

A fixed idea that you sacrifice your own self interest in serving.

A concept becomes a spook when you start serving it instead of it serving you.

Trying to prove a Holla Forumsack is wrong with facts and theory is retarded he won't change like that.

He is a passionate creature first, his feeling is what influence him the most not facts and theory.

This is a nihilist philosophy that rejects Christ. Get real faggots.

Delete this.

When shtf happens and we enter a state of anarchy I'm going to sell your ugly ass to a band of motorcycle riding nomadic rapists for a snickers bar.

Being black and proud is of course healthy and desirable.
Being Latino and proud is wonderful and laudable.
Being white and proud is of course racist and despicable.

I have tasted Holla Forums and Holla Forums. i must say that Holla Forums is definitely less salty.

(.webm related)

You've got to be fucking kidding me. Hume is the guy who said that morality is not real, but just a projection of the soul onto a logical scene.


Get your head examined

I don't really see how Hume's critiques still apply to science tbh.


Only Kantian ethics are the true master race of ethics

no, being proud of your heritage no matter what is dumb

all humans are primarily emotional

lightning fast response senpai

It's retarded in every single of those case you dummy.


That's because you believe in the lie that your ancestors were monkeys.

Good thing you never leave the house because you want to be dominated by women less than your father


Explain yourself Holla Forums

The incels strike again………..

goddamn the anfems are out for blood lately

Are you Projecting again, user?

Commies are the bourgeoisie of the modern world. I bet that person lives in a upper class gated community.


so you're implying intelligence is racially-based?

No I'm not

No I'm making a joke at the expense of autistic people and Holla Forums natives

Have a (You), I liked that shitpost

Oh man this is rich

Someone has to foot the bill for your fucking lithium you said piece of shit

Ain't me

Oh looks like someone has daddy issues, never would have guessed.

Fell for prime bait.

I think I can already picture it

Kill yourself eternal anglo


Aka stormtard feels in this case

for once, nazi shitposter says something true

No, you said "piece of shit." What is AN-FEM? Femenism will lead to anarchy anyway, you should just dispense with your redundant political identity

It's the bitch about flags cause my dick softer than a sea slug I probably masturbated to straight shota femdom post

Don't forget to ask your rich parents to give you more tuition money for women's studies so you can pretend you have a common bond with the average peasant.

You don't have to tell me you're a crossie, I can tell just fine honey don't get a racing heart


What's so bad about femdom?

Stop pretending to be me. I will get a trip if I have to.

you realize there are different parties in Israel right
they're not all hardcore ethnonationalists, some are quite liberal

It's a shit-tier fetish.

My """"rich parents"""" were Vietnamese immigrants and actual nationalists

Thanks for ruining /news/ and going from liberal to reaganite I'm so tough I can take any woman on in the span of an election cycle and several twitter outrages

You should just stop the fucking stereotypes you are

Pasty little shit

Hate woman so much don't worry my family talked shit about your mother plenty of times

I'm legitimately curious as to what an-fem is. This place needs an israeli flag, oy vey

You don't want a girl to rub her cunt in your face like a horny demon dog?

Metal is for children.

When God is making us, he needs to keep it balanced in some way. Because that guy was given the ability to grow such a manly and impressive beard his voice had to be made like that.

It's a flag I put on to signify to people like you to get mad about feminism on leftypol

Thank you for taking the bait and getting upset.

It feeds me when you don't even know the most basic of fucking bait flags

Rebelling against your conservative parents must be so tough.

The irony of a fascist of a preaching Kantian ethics is also pretty amusing.

there is nothing wrong with being incel

*The irony of a fascist preaching Kantian ethics is also pretty amusing.

I spend my entire pathetic existence in a communist echo-chamber. Not even a aids-ridden homeless vagrant would want to fuck my stinky roast beef pussy.

Are you calling them conservative

Oh fucking please

I guess you are a catholic?

This thread is literally 3 people

Par the cours I suppose

I've heard it all before

But nobody wants to fuck you either

There's a difference between women like me who can afford to spend time calling you a faggot and women who can't

It's a difference of success and tolerance

I can tolerate you just fine

But faggots like you didn't use to be so vocal.

I can only assume it's middle school or adults being influenced by middle schoolers

No, I just saw thet flag and thought it was highly amusing.

4D chess memes never stop making me laugh

Fuck my sides

do it /left/ies:

Thanks, this will come in real useful a few years down the line.

So, do the Anarchists here get along with all the variants of communists?

Stop pretending to be me, I'm so triggered right now. I'm going to have another breakdown and eat an entire bucket of KFC while sitting on my 300lb cottage cheese-looking ass.

Go to an actual radical community and shut the fuck up

You can't even shitpost correctly you double nigger

nobody here used triggered

So you eat an entire bucket of KFC while sitting on your 300lb cottage cheese-looking ass?

kek what

Stop pretending to be me, I'm so…oh wait, how do you impersonate someone on an anonymous imageboard???

What did you mean by this?

On the subject of people pretending to be the an-fem poster, why doesn't Holla Forums use IDs? It makes keeping track of who is who in a thread easier and makes it harder for people to stir shit by samefagging.

quality post

lurk more newfag

We ain't rad enough.
We need to spry our armpit hair with blue paint to be truly radicals like an-fems .

This board is anti-IDpol : DDD

His facial hair bother me for some reason.

all me

I'll give you one guess


This thread's wouldn't be halfway as funny if there were IDs




also me

ur mom lol

post less, that way you don't look like an attention whore.

I was thinking of hanging myself, but I think the rope would snap and I'd fall through the floor and land on the people who live in the apartment beneath me. I'd just jump off the building, but I'm just too fat to climb the stairs up. I guess I'll just wait until the elevator gets fixed.



Low energy. Sad. Just drink a bunch of water and drown yourself, since you're apparently so good at consuming.

117 pounds nice try

I weigh less than you

One of those is me

it's bunker time comrades



pretty cozy

I think there's something to be said about how previous generations weren't as triggered by feminism as this one

No i'm not.


hey its me anarcho feminist again PLEASE GIVE ME ATTENTION


sorry, I actually meant 711 pounds, but my fingers are so fucking fat I cannot type on the computa

stop same-fagging.

Fucking hell a rambunctious gay is less of an attention whore than you!

Lurk more, faggot

If I wanted attention I could post radical feminism user and watch tumblr and Holla Forums wretch in horror at the same time

don't forget to bring your sks to the bunker

Because third wave "feminism" has anything to do with feminism

This is what happens when you don't read books


The only Holla Forums bitch you have is crazy Canadian one who smacks her tits

I bet you'd have an easier time trying to get the attention she craves

And the attention you crave as a man

How though? I don't own any guns because they are evil and used by muh privileged white males to gun down innocent noble people of color and members of the LGBQTFZX3.14 community.

I'd take your ears as a trophy.

Who said anything about third wave?

Who said third wave is feminism?

Who said it isn't?

Have you read? Or are you repeating yourself?

Santa give me sex

An intimate night with anfem poster

I actually own a gun.

For Christmas I want a double XXL piece of rope so that it doesn't snap when I kill myself. #TRIGGERED

it's the best feeling in the world to stab the fascist rat with a bayonet

and we dont give a shit so GTFO

You're gonna have a hard time. Did you not read this thread? She's asian.

Third wave feminism =/= feminism

Read a book faggot

You can take off the flag and we could still recognize you

We have an obese native nazi virgin

But not an obese woman.

117 pound Asian woman with a gun is posting and you're just insulting because you're mad as fuck you're fat as fuck

Third wave feminism is feminism it's feminism you disagree with



guys you really need to stop pretending to be me


I dont give a shit.

We wuz I disagree with third wave feminism on many issues actually I don't consider it feminism sargonofakkad subscribe

Third wave feminism no longer seeks to build women up, its only goal is to tear men down.
It's very appropriate that third-wave communism has picked up third-wave feminism, both no longer try to build a better world and are solely focused on destroying and degrading.

And sheeeit


can you make the cancer in this thread disappear


Targeted on all sides, first by conservatives for "trying to make everyone equal," then by liberals for "not trying to make everyone equal enough."

You don't give a shit about women

I don't give a single shit about men

I've been on places long enough to know you're worthless as you set yourself up to be worth. Deserving little of pity or respect.

You throw away responsibility you don't get to play respectable

5 lucky charms have been deposited to your account

Which liberals?

Holla Forums and liberal are synonymous

Third wave feminism has nothing to do with feminism

It's literally non-arguements for equality

"Third wave feminism has nothing to do with feminism" David aurini watcher says for 90th time today

No it is, and should be retarded in every case

Could you fuck off with your babble which already got stale months ago? We're busy shitposting on the levels you simply cannot comprehend

Holla Forums is like a paleoliberal in that sense, but I meant all the "egalitarians," which for them just really means centrist

Why does feminism mean anything to you?

pls sage guy, it's bunker time

nice meme friend, well done. we sure spooked the evil nazis, didn't we? So many spooks so little time im getting so spooked right now.

oh gosh can someone nuke the cancer in this thread i can't look away

I agree, I hate spooks


Keep drinking that kool-aid

I will. At least, alongside post structuralism and other things you disregard that people who are public communists ascribe to

It's university level

I didn't mean to offend our black overlords i wasnt using spook in a racist way

That's what i was talking about. Pure hatred.

The paleoliberal tradition is one of "free" markets, freedom from cultural tolerance, private property, and so on.

I've seen pure hatred

It isn't feminism

It's men who spend their time alongside 8th graders all day pretending to know what Nationalism actually is, while never being around life long nationalists

Because of an election

wana fuk bby? ;3

wow that tooth is really spookey

Kek Holla Forumsyps got triggered right??

You know that the species consists of both men and women, right?
There is no hope and no way forward without one another.
Your demonization of the other sex is self-mutilation, self-degredation.
We all have our faults, we all have our problems, but it's not constructive to demonize and degrade one another.


Does the sun ask itself, “Am I good? Am I worthwhile? Is there enough of me?” No, it burns and it shines. Does the sun ask itself, “What does the moon think of me? How does Mars feel about me today?” No it burns, it shines. Does the sun ask itself, “Am I as big as other suns in other galaxies?” No, it burns, it shines.

haha, we memed em good pirate bro. HIP HIP HOORAY! Now It's time to walk the plank scallywag ARRRR! PUT YE PEG LEG IN MUH BOOTY ARRRR!!! PIRATE SPLINTERS

"Ladies do not start fights but they can finish them."

The sun is actually a spook

You're right about that at least. I'm STEM.

I don't have the time and money to throw at specious "Philosophy" courses.


good prole

Neither do I. But you missed one thing

You don't have time, because you fell for the idea, humanities didn't offer realistic jobs when they're full of job positions everywhere

And everyone looks at a paycheck and not lifelong training and relearning of material in a career

Nick, if this is you or Ari, actually read some Stirner


What can I say, she had a respectable habit of pissing off a bunch of Reaganites

I find that admirable

Kek Holla Forumsyps got triggered right??

"Humanities" is all Jewish horseshit courses that a 12 year old could pass. If you think you're special snowflake non-STEM degree means shit, you can suck on my asshole hairs.

No we don't want the amnesty guy back.


You seem salty friend. Isn't it about time to cash that welfare cheque?


Jewish horseshit that leads you into Jewish jobs with brainwashed Jewish minds like urban planning and development

My phone s pretty laggy

You're the one in STEM, you ask me

It's fascinating how posts of people using cat flag and pirate flag are always so fucking bland and predictable, it's as if they were bots, randomly generating same stale messages over and over in random order.

Making ourselves completely unfuckable obese cretins is the best way to avoid rape culture comrade

Good goy : )

Seems like Holla Forums's method of choice

Why are you complaining


I agree sister ;)



You want me to take a photo of my genitals or somethimg to prove I am not a bot

do it faggot

Not quite.

I genuinely enjoy the sciences.The pay is incidental

Name 1 alternative, faggot. Jewgle Chrome? J(IE)w?

Don't listen to him matey I know yer not a bot

With a timestamp

Nigga what I have done to you? These are stormfags. I actually have fun.

Then you got the wrong fucking major you dumb shit hahhaha

You're going to come out of this hating it

Are you fucking twelve?

It's Holla Forums thinks like is a literal game, all over again.

Please tell me you're just shitposting.

Yeah, I suppose you wouldn't know.

goodest goy

I know plenty. I'm in medical

I remember why I hate Anfems now

I'm almost done though.Unless something changes near the end, I think I'll be dandy.

Eh, anything Holla Forums related isn't worth the time to know

What was that about shining?

despite mullet & pedo stash, I still might fug for some reason

Just going to delete the exif give me a moment

It is tho

Shit, you got me; hopefully one day I'll be able to make things for porky that only give me a tiny sliver of their value in return for the effort I put in, all the while never questioning the justness of your own exploitation.

t. STEM grad (of a program harder than yours)

Reaganites are black vapid holes of 9/11 worship

Truly a member of the master race. What incredible genes, he doesn't look like a faggot at all.

I don't know you. I don't know your life story, however I can say that's probably bullshit.

Stay salty my friend.

In the Middle East yeah, in the west I'm somewhat skeptical

Funny that you mention the black hole, because you're more like a black hole than a sun.

Does the black hole ask itself, “Am I good? Am I worthwhile? Is there enough of me?” No, it absorbs and consumes. Does the black hole ask itself, “What does the Sun think of me? How does Venus feel about me today?” No it burns, it shines. Does the black hole ask itself, “Am I as big as other black holes in other galaxies?” No, it absorbs and consumes.

Are you any better?


Members of the master race do not go out virtue signaling. This beta faggot was trying to fit in.

Black hole sun?

You thought this was deep

Men are currently pushing their power to the limit; they now have the ability to determine whether our planet will survive. There is no doubt that men threaten everyone’s–and virtually everything’s–survival. And there is little to do they can provide or stop aside Women.

They are equally as worthless, and pitiless.

Austin represent

Take off the flag Holla Forums

never :🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀)

The point is your posts are fucking stale and unfunny shit, all you can do is posting the same pics which got old in the early 2015 and you're incapable of any banter beyond that. Also you're a retard incapable of detecting irony, as evidenced by
Stop posting and lurk more you newfaggot because you're the contributing to Holla Forums's collective low-functioning autism

Take off the flag Holla Forums

Your pussy is deep

no you


Take off the flag Holla Forums. large sons want you back.

If i posted my tits will you die ?

post tits plz

Take off the flag Holla Forums

I wanted to emphasize it

Take off the flag Holla Forums

This thread is an embarrassment. It's like Holla Forums or Holla Forums

Unfunny. Cringeworthy.

your a guy?

Truly a picture of a person less salty than I is emerging.

wow so salty, back to reddit


nice dubs

Being anfem poster > Pretending to be anfem poster

In terms of annoyance. Just take off the flag and slip off with a warning for spam

So you're saying this is one of the best threads on this board right now? I fully agree.

no. back to reddipol

It's one of the worst

There's no point to it & it invites more Holla Forums shitposting.



Do you really think that you'll just save the day from the earth itself buckling under climate change and oceanic temperature change

Nothing on Earth living or dead can save the climate back


I like lolis

Oh no anything but that.

You're not bilingual. If a bunch of people started mocking you and laughing at you and your family, what are you going to do besides have an anxiety attack?

where are the pirate genitalia you dork?


My reasoning that you aren't in a "Harder"STEM field than me; is sound.

The dropout rate for this course is almost 60%.

In all likelyhood you're just a welfare queen.Especially true if you are a regular poster here.

Hit me up in around 3 hours if you want to "Debate" further,I have a game to get to.

Interesting how every time Holla Forumsyps raid, this issue comes up.

maximum shitposting

Have any rare lolis?

*tips tinfoil hat

Wh.. what artist is that?


all me tbh

I swear that I am being absolutely serious. You should know, Holla Forums does not joke. period.

Have some lad
There is nothing wrong with being a pedo


user, rape culture is real. Subhuman niggers and spics cannot understand the concept of private property, and delayed gratification, so they rape. That isn't what the kikes say, though.

Yes that is why I would like her ears.

This thread needs to be destroyed.

Too much, my dude.
>>>Holla Forums

I was never Holla Forums

It's definitely autism dearie

genuinely laughed


Who here plays yugioh?

I understand if you are simply unable to operate on the same level of funposting as people ITT, not everyone is that gifted after all

Here ya go fams

didnt show




Ok I take it back. Now it's fun.

Nice package, pirate. :^)

7/10 too little foreskin

Truly, I am sorry someone did this to you.


pls respond


No one wants you here, loser.

Just fuck my sex life up fam

I do

no you don't

One down. Benis posder you're up next. You're my other crush from this board. :^)

he's my e-bf

e bf?

Some mothers are truly retarded. Chopping off some dick for cosmetic reasons, or whatever, is just gross and not at all fun for the boys…

It's not like they care.

Isn't that anfem's fetish?

Does that happen to you often?

No, that would be castration.

It's despicable…

Forced feminization NOT castration! :v)
No, but seriously, foreskin is ten times the better, with all its ribs to piston in and out of you, and not to mention that it's one of the most sensitive parts on a man, giving them immense access to pleasure…

It should be…


This was one of the best threads we had in a while

hey thats my fetish



I wonder if Trump will put income tax rates back to where they were for FDR.