Family beaten by "teens" at Six Flags

The melee started about 8:45 p.m., when a group of young people cut in front of a 50-year-old woman in line with her 51-year-old husband and 12-year-old son in the park’s Southwest Territory, near the Raging Bull and Giant Drop rides, Smith said.

The woman asked the group to stop using foul language in front of her son, and one of the teens “sucker-punched” the boy, Smith said.

The boy’s father stepped in, as did his mother, but the group overpowered them, continuing to kick, punch and stomp them as they went down to the ground, Smith said.

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You know, sometimes I think mutts are even more violent than regular niggers because of the inferiority complex that seems to be present in most, if not all mulattos. They're so wrapped up in their own self-hatred that any sort of abstract thought that they may have had is just thrown out the window. Maybe there is a scientific study to back up my claims.

Does Chicago allow self defense and stand your ground?

As far as I'm aware, Chicago doesn't have any stand your ground laws. Possession of firearms is banned in Chicago and usually both go hand-in-hand with each other.


Those parks have been nigger central since the 90s. Even as a kid I was hearing stories about daily gang brawls at the one in my state. Why the fuck would you bring a child there?


Was the family White, (((white))), or asian?

This entire country is turning into Detroit, pretty soon you won't even be able to get the fucking mail without being murdered/hospitalized by gangs of niggers. At this point in time it's obvious nothing is gonna be done about this so I'm just gonna sit here and see how long it takes before we either go full South Africa or full Haiti

This is the future you chose.

A nigger is a nigger user, the one drop rule isn't just a meme our grandfathers came up with. A quadroon's IQ is only slightly higher than a pure African's. Likewise for spics and Injuns. A subhuman will always be a subhuman no matter how much you try to "whitewash" it. Our forefathers understood that, hence why even the mixed apes were kept with the rest of the pack away from White society.

I wanna see the videos

After the nigger father abandons the coal burner the halfbreeds get raised by humans who are visibly and intellectually a completely different subspecies. You're taking genes which are more tribal and more aggressive and sticking them into an individual who will never belong anywhere, biologically - a real recipe for success.


The liberal media is 100% responsible for the mindset of these shitty american niggers.

Don't kid yourself either, American city nigger culture is among one of the shittiest cultures that ever plagued the earth.

Not only are they shitty, stupid, ugly and violent, but MSM has brainwashed them into thinking they are the exact opposite, so they are arrogant too. They have no motivation to improve themselves now. All they do is bitch and attack whites, mimmicking whatever Shlomo the manipulator tells them.

And if anyone takes them and tries to curb their shit behavior, the liberal media attacks them.

Meanwhile all the Arabashian girls are pumping out bastard niglet babies for the tween girls to watch. And all the millionaire ball niggers are protesting American racism because cops take on 1 in every 200,000 rampaging shitskins. Fuckin' disgusting.


Just some more troubled youths, teens, students, future pension payers, young people, AKA NIGGERS.

race is not important

Am I reading this right? They suckerpunched a 12 year old?


Litterally as I typed this TMZ has a nigger sitting next to a white girl telling about a great story of racial injustice.

The great racial injustice is that cops killed an armed nigger that had just robbed a bank. They even had pictures of it in the bank pointing the gun at the teller.

Not surprising. All of the second and third-tier amusement parks are flooded with poor non-whites, gangs, hoodlums, and disgusting trash. This is true of any place that's public, large enough, and cheap (malls, movie theaters, walmarts, etc.), which is why I avoid all of the above entirely.


It's Five Flags you racist misogynist CIS male.

Oh crap. this is the future they chose.
it's a scary thought to think that everyone is going to get exactly what they deserve.

we let our country get like this.
we let it happen.
fuck I'm scared.

God bless trump. hope he saves us all.

Race vs. Crime in Chicago:

This is not shocking, especially in Chimpcongo.

We really need to bring back shooting skills in school. Those shoot to kill ratios are atrocious.

Agreed. I think they can do better. If they adopt a proper sideways one handed shooting form while using the BWS Homeboy with Nyte Sytes™, I think the groids can easily double their wounded to killed ratios.

I've always though these would work in theory, even if it is just a dankmeme.


They're ambush predators. They'll only attack once they're sure the victim can't fight back. Open-carry loaded assault rifles and randomly execute niggers, and they'll kneel for you in fear.

If you are surprised by this user, I can only assume you live in an area with less than 20 percent nigger population.

This didn't happen inside the city limits of Chicago. Six Flags Great America is in Gurnee, which is about an hour north of Chicago close to the Wisconsin state line. Them niggers were probably from either nigger hole Waukegan, or nigger hole 2 North Chicago.

Niggers have no ethics or honor, so it of zero shock that they, yes, THEY sucker punched a 12 yr old kid.

Theres a big mall just on the other side of the interstate from this Six Flags park. You KNOW niggers go to that mall and partake in their typical jabboonery.

Malls are being closed left and right because of the nigger problem. They bring drugs, they bring shoplifting, they bring coal burners, they try to pick up little White girls. A certain amount of niggers can ruin the ambiance of the fanciest mall. The memo is out that it's an outmoded business model and they're all closing. The new trend seems to be "outlet" plazas which are basically glorified strip malls, with no indoor areas where they can congregate.

This just happened in jew york

They were beating the fuck out of another nigger, who gives a fuck. I fully encourage them killing each other.

Whites have upended their entire civilization to accomidate ingrate negroes and that is still not enough. It doesn't matter how much money you give them, how many positions you place unqualified baboons in, or how much you build up the fairy tale of their abilities; it will never be enough. The kike media has to go, but if I could chose I'd probably exterminate the nigger first.

As tempted as I am to say niggers need to go first, I know fully that to get rid of the kike will ultimately open shit up for whites to crush the nigger menace, and quickly.

I can only fucking imagine.

I used to live in a medium sized city in the Midwest (very white) and both malls in the city were no-go-zones for whites. Literally every week there were robberies, shootings, and gang activity. And this is in a nice, very white, very low crime city. Really sad, honestly. I feel bad for people who worked in those malls.
I actually went to one pretty recently on the west coast and it was full to the fucking brim with beaners. I couldn't believe it. It was like Disneyland for fence jumpers. Needless to say, I got what I needed and got the fuck out.

Even if you removed the Jew media tomorrow, it would take a bloody civil war to remove the cucks, nigger mutts and purebred niggers that have infested our society. There's just so damn many of them.

It would probably be easier for whites to jettison into space and colonize mars before we could return this Earth to something resembling decency. Even after the kikes and niggers, we've still got the chinks, spics, poos etc.


went to kings dominion in virginia some years back ans rode the belt swing that swings you over the crowd really high, enjoying the swing coming over the crowd, mouthy niggers yelling obscenities my way , i guess because they couldn't afford the 40$ ride

Never forget that there is no alternative to a Holocaust for them

I thought it was common sense that mulattos are worse than niggers?

science half black half white LOOKS LIKE ARABS

Sounds like the wrong group were swinging.


They do far worse than that to 12 year olds (and younger) when given the chance.

Here's a sample.

Fuck gas chambers actually, we need to roast every nigger to death over hot coals/boil them alive

I don't want that shit polluting my air quality and sure as hell don't want their ashes on my land.

I haven't been to six flags in almost ten years simply because of the amount of spics and niggers is really overwhelming.

Wait…is that one of the perpetrators? HAHAHA what a freckled little nigger faggot. I would be really embarrassed if I got my ass kicked by this turd.

You were capable of fighting groups of kids much older than you when you were 12 years old? Please tell us how and if you are not in the UFC making shit tons of money you should be.

kek the one bluegum ran up with his pants halfway falling down

As you read more, you'll think of new punishments.

The neighborhood she lived in was fine, but a few miles away they must be putting up new section 8 because they're fucking everywhere now. I still remember the year that happened. They only caught the murderer because he stole her phone and taunted her mother with text messages.

sage for slide thread

DAMN. Judging from the eyelids and nose bridge that is fetal alcohol syndrome…but the worst I have ever seen it honestly. Fucking sheboons have no conscience.

I see what you did there sailor. I am also a fan.

Time to crawl through periscope and WURLSTAH for six flags vids.

This is why we need to kill all Americans.

Crazy because I just took a trip to Six Flags Over Georgia and hadn't been in a while. The first thing that really struck me was not the amount of niggers (it's Atlanta, so naturally I expected it to be about 60% black), but the amount of half-breeds. It was absolutely chilling. It was almost like it was mixed race day at the park. In addition to that was the mixed race couples. And not just the usual nigger and white women. I saw white guys with negresses. It was like a hard red pill for me who never gets out of the house just how fucked we are. It was as if the new trend, or the new thing you must do, is date another member of your race.

And I feel like most normies aren't disturbed by this. First, why aren't you naturally repelled from dating a nigger? It's scientifically proven that other races have a different smell that causes you to avoid interbreeding. Their facial features are objectively unattractive.

And when you see a mulatto, aren't you possessed by the feeling of uncanny valley? They don't look quite right, likes somethings off. They look almost like mutated whites.

All the whites that live in Atlanta are either fucking insane or satanists from my experience.

Capped and checked.

Boys the race war has started.

You think that's surprising? I wish I had that webm of the sheboon attacking a teenage girl with her 4-6 year old brother. She's punching her while she's on the ground totally defenseless, the kid tries to stop her and the nigger bitch starts punching him too. A fucking preschool aged child.
And of course all her nigger friends just stood there, watching and laughing.
Blacks are savages, there are no lows they wont stoop to. Don't forget that.

they ruined lakehurst
they ruined gurnee mills
and there's been gang problems at sux fags for at least couple decades now

can't be no paper gangsta in great america anymore

but hey -
the more they take away our recreation, by utterly ruining movies, sports, and amusement, the less distracted we will be by the circus

what on earth will we do with all this newly freed up time on our hands?

How did it get so bad that street gangs claim a fucking private-owned and ticketed amusement park as their turf?

no idea user
can bet they aren't buying daily passes tho
these mobs of faggots are a huge problem now
fox valley mall was shut down fairly recently due to a mob of these shitbags fighting inside and tearing up the place
was fucking surreal watching squad cars from neighboring towns pour in to handle it - and aurora is no small city, even they needed backup (likely NIPAS response)
and shit doesn't look like it's going to get any better in the foreseeable future

play stupid games win stupid prizes.


posting some OC

get /fit/


wasn't Demoncy from there? speaking of Satanists…

The satanists are practically sane compared to the communist christians.

My fellow anons, just think in this for a good cheer:
It won't be long now until your status in society will not be based on wealth or education or even intelligence
It will be based purely on how many niggers kikes and muslims you have killed
Oh happy days

No, those fucking cowardly mongrels are lucky white people haven't restarted lynching them yet


This. Rahowa couldn't come any sooner.

It is still a breach of public order. Arrest them and have them flogged two-hundred times, until they learn their lesson. Add fifty more if they speak out of turn.