Hungary, NO

Hungarians show the way to deal with "muh chilluns, muh refugees" kike propaganda. With merciless, remorseless hatred.

Yeah right "for a few days of vacation".

Cuck mayor who would have allowed it forced to resign:

Jew infilitrator (pic related) turns and runs:

Finally a little example of virtue signalling and a martyr complex by the cuck:

Other urls found in this thread:

There's just something about small rural communities that's absolutely necessary for healthy community values

these orks are 99% adult males

The Hung-Aryans have defended Europe against the hordes time and time again, it's in their blood to be a bulwark.

What was his twitter?

do we have fucking word filters again?
test: Religion of Cuck™

if so, kill yourselves mods.

I agree, it just has a pleasant sound to it, on top of the fact that they actually got together LIKE one.

You're not a true board until you have retarded word filters.

use soft hyphens and forgo the filter.

Hungarians have consistently done right by their forefathers even to the modern day.

Wow, it must be real tough being a rapefugee. All that free housing, food and money must really tire them out. No wonder they need free vacations.
Now compare that with what actual refugees get.
Not all mines go off, therefore kids should play hopscotch in a minefield.

You can't have any mudslime terrorism if you don't have any mudslimes, my good (((man)))

Slashed tires and threats for a traitor who wants you murdered, raped and replaced by foreigners is nothing. They should have put his severed head on a stake as a warning to others who try to unlock their doors and windows of their home from the inside.

This is a good analogy, I'm going to steal it and tweak it a bit for normie purposes.

That's one thing I envy about Eastern Europeans. There are still many alive today who remember when far leftists tried to stamp out their entire culture and history. They have a much better understanding of the Commie's endgame that most people here in burgerland.


Most people here in burgerland are literally mentally retarded. Most whites included, it's fucking depressing honestly. If a similar scenario played out here, the small town christ cucks would probably help them out with shelter, food, water, cash assistance, and their sexual emergencies too.

"Refugees" can go on vacation?

Don't forget to stuff the mouth with garlic, based Hungarians!


The average Christian is much further right than the average atheist.

Mods have always been faggots, at least this makes it clear to all they are fucking with the board.

We can't have proper altruistic socialism like our Uncle Addie wanted if our boarders are open and our people are not pure.

They can't even have proper school sports in Europe now because if you are a muslim rapefugee under 30 years old you tell them you are a 14 year old 'unaccompanied minor' and you get even more free shit.

I have a feeling these eastern euros talk to each other way more than they watch TV

Is blindly worshiping Jews and throwing money at Israel "Christian"? Burger evangelicals should be labeled something else entirely at this point. Sage because all religious dogma is shit anyway and doesn't concern NatSocs outside of how it can be used to promote European tradition.

You're fucking right, you slimy kike. They're way better folks than you. They're not selling out their safety for muh feels. I'm very proud of these Hungarians.

>They go wild over (((certain topics)))
Gee wiz, ya don't say, ya fuckin yid? It means get the fuck out you scumbag treacherous parasite. Good on them.

>They go wild over (((certain topics)))
Gee wiz, ya don't say, ya fuckin yid? It means get the fuck out you scumbag treacherous parasite. Good on them.

pic related. learn the difference lad.

no need to read more, what a load of cheap bullshits, they don't put any effort in their blatant lying anymore

Thanks for brightening up my day :)

Only 10% of shots fired in a warzone hit anybody :^)


Actually we did take some at first (years ago by now), it was like 20 specifically syrian Christian families, they all ran away to Germany anyway.


Why are we supporting this niggerish type behavior?
If they stayed at home and shitposted on an anonymous message board in the Philippines this could have been better resolved never.
I myself am much more civilized and educated, kek.

Oy vey never forget the 6 gorillion tires slashed on the tirenacht!

I would, however, be in favor of changing
inb4 half of the uses wouldn't be grammatical

I really do love how our glorious mods prevent serious conversation by editing our posts and changing our words. I really do appreciate not being able to say certain words.

Oh, my favorite word filter was when they changed "black" to "nigger" so if we wanted to say something like "the black sun rises!"
Instead we said "The nigger sun rises"

Oh boy. You know, if we ranked the contributions of various White nationalists to the cause, our wonderful word filter would BE RIGHT AT THE FUCKING TOP!

What is it with Jews and the number six?
I feel like he was about to say

'I'll either succeed in brainwashing them at the local bar or they'll reject it and behead me.' Haha that's how ALL leftists should be encouraged to feel. I like that!

a friend of The_Donald™ on your conclusions you would right.

Lemme see here:

Religion of Peace

You know what, if that doesn't work, just say Religion of Cuck™ from now on.

Oh for fucks sakes, it's IS-LAM that's wordfiltered here now. What the fuck?

Take it, it's all yours my friend.

MIDF detected!

Bullshit, Warsaw Pact never was Frankfurt school.

Liar. Estonia is the least religious.

Why not? Muslims should be filtered with pozzlems.

It wasn't Frankfurt, it was far more straightforward and brutal. Basically state allowed only soc-realism art to be created and anything else was considered American capitalist imperialism or whatever. It didn't work because everybody knew about it and everybody opposed it, silently or not.

An empty mind is like unto a freshly turned sod; if not sown with the seeds of love, duty and honour, the insidious weeds of heresy will take root.

I'd love to know whose childish idea it was to continually add irrelevant word filters on an information gathering and pattern recognition board.


As an American Slavic/Magyar mutt, I approve. I swear the first time I get enough money saved up for a proper vacation, I'm traveling through Eastern Europe. I honestly believe that the East will save Europe in the coming bad times.


Jews will be trying to push Luciferianism as stated in their own protocols. We must counter by advocating Ahnenerbe.

Isn't Magyar Nyelv in the same language group as Japanese?

no dehumanize yourself
it's the whites who think the non-humans are human in the first place
so dehumanize yourself to cure your patholigcal altruism and then begin getting blood on your face

Exactly, so dehumanize them.
They are apes, animals, bugs.. no, fucking parasites.

Shh user, it fits the anti-migrant narrative, who cares if we encourage whigger behaviour with it

I doubt that'll happen since the hungarian economy is on EU GIBZ life support

That is why christians worship a dead jewish rabbi as a god, right?

Oy vey, it's annudah shoah! Remember the six tyres!

Too many people were posting about International Subversive Lightweight Attack Munitions. Then the mods said, "Oh my God, JC, a bomb!"

They should've at least changed it to something funny or relevant like relgion of peace or sandnigger cult, something like that.

Jesus wasn't a jew by religion I think is the idea. It is by him a new testament about God was delivered. So, he left the temple of the kikes behind and rebelled. He was a deliverer of gentiles which infuriated the jews. Then the jews eventually stamped that perspective out, that they were the damned.

This is how Holla Forumsacks who are christian view things, I think. Myself, I don't know what to believe honestly. The whole thing, especially post red pill, is very fucking hard to get on board with. It just seems too fucking jewish.

At the same time, the kikes are the bad guys, the synagogue of satan apparently. So, I'm conflicted.

the same anti-intellectual shitskin who would yell "muh boooks" to mock self improvement and liteature threads.

Reported for being a kike shill. Reported for a zero effort attempt to derail the thread. Blow your brains out, yid. Deus Vult.


Most likely.


Van egy ország,
ahol álmomban jártam:
ahol az arcodban láttam
a magam arcát.
Az ölelésben bőség,
az igaz ügyben hűség
Én ezt az arcot már őrzöm,
Hiszek az álmomban egy életen át…

Te vagy a szívembe írva.
Te vagy a lelkemre bízva.
hát te vezess most engem,
és amit meg kell tennem
Legyél a holnapban rejlő
Én csak az életem bízom rád…

Van egy ország,
ahol álmomban jártam:
ahol az arcodban láttam
a magam arcát.
Gyere és egyszer végre,
amikor új nap ébred,
te várj!
Gyere és bújj hozzám újra
Én ezer év óta várlak már…

Gyere és egyszer végre,
amikor új nap ébred,
te várj!
Gyere és bújj hozzám újra
Én ezer év óta várlak már…

Idegen földön ha járok,
velem az út is megfordul
haza hozzád.
Velem az ősök kérnek,
engedd, hogy benned éljek
ahogyan ők élnek bennem,
Milliók áldása szálljon rád!

Velem az ősök kérnek,
engedd, hogy benned éljek
ahogyan ők élnek bennem,
Milliók áldása szálljon rád!

Legyél a holnapban rejlő
Én csak az életem bízom rád!

Legyél a holnapban rejlő
Milliók áldása szálljon rád!

Yeah, fuck off.

Why are the mods here such cancer?


Straight out of the Poisonous Mushroom. Makes me happy to see Hungarians calling out the traitors before the attempt to pull bullshit kikery.

The word "villain" comes from the French for village dweller.

this thread has only solidified by hatred of the mods even more. what an obnoxious and cancer word filter


Never mind the proof that they support kikes by leaving paid shill posts up.

Do vans even have 8 tires?

The Jewish organization is a friend of The_Donald™ in Tel Aviv

But the kike mods do it for free!

"vans" no, generally only 4 tires. maximum 6 (atleast in aus)
this part also caught my eye more than the rest of the usual kike kvetching

𝖶𝗁𝖺𝗍 𝖺𝗋𝖾 𝗒𝗈𝗎 𝗍𝖺𝗅𝗄𝗂𝗇𝗀 𝖺𝖻𝗈𝗎𝗍? 𝖨𝗌𝗅𝖺𝗆 𝗂𝗌𝗇'𝗍 𝖿𝗂𝗅𝗍𝖾𝗋𝖾𝖽 𝖿𝗈𝗋 𝗆𝖾.

Careful with the salty christcucks, they will bombard you with "kike shill!!!111!!" for pointing out their blatant hypocrisy. Daily reminder the some of the biggest helpers of rapefugess in the west are christian churches who invite them in on behalf of (((greatest ally))). Hail victory, hail Odin. Out with the kike worshipers. Out with the mindless slaves of the semites.


b…but jews and antifa hate christ insanity! :^)

i would estimate that only a small fraction of a percent of round fired at war impact a person

(wasted dubs)

By their fruits you shall know them. And I tell you what mate, Atheism has shit fruits.

This is some serious anti-christian shilling. How much do (((they))) pay you? Perhaps you may be part of the (((Synagogue of Satan)))?

zardoz says ur a bunch of triggered cunts

So the Jews did the

aka super unbased Jews, unlike all the good one that dominated early Christianity.

good on hungary

nigger you should know that the churches in Poland and Hungary are pushing for OPEN BORDERS LIKE ALL CHURCHES DO EVERYWHERE

They don't.
maybe youre thinking of Religion of Cuck™?

protestants are judiazers, so they are most definitely responsible by proxy

and Jews have always helped out heretics, they literally distributed lutheran bibles to undermine Catholic-controlled regions

Too small to be economically viable for large service industries so everyone has to rely on each other.

forgot to add this point:

it's all classic Divide & Conquer, which Jews have ALWAYS used

So Protestants are responsible for all of the events I listed taking place while Christian European lands were already under occupation by Muslims?

Europeans who differ theologically. Killing other Whites seems to have been a higher priority than liberating them for Christians.

The mods should just stop fucking around, I'm tired of their cringeworthy madlibs.

have you even heard of the Muentzer incident? No, you're just another retarded pagan who no understanding of history. Pick up a fucking history book, fucking retard.

Jews handing out Lutheran tracts or whatever you're alleging doesn't change the fact that the population of Germany was decimated because of a war precipitated by an unwillingness to seriously negotiate on theology and practice in a religion that supposedly united Europeans.

doos vult lol I'm actually a Catholic

What history did you learn where Spain wasn't occupied for about 800 years by Muslims while Christians were killing each other and invading the Middle East? What about the slow death of White Christian Byzantium, alternately (mostly) ignored and hastened by themselves and Western Christians via religious conflict? How about the exportation of Christianity into Germany and beyond through essentially genocide?

Thanks for the sources Schlomo. Meanwhile here's mine:

Golly user a group of people did some bad things. Better ignore all the good stuff they accomplished!
Good cherry picking fag.

The Turks being stopped at Vienna, Lepanto and Malta after being allowed to become an existential threat to Europe thanks to the Fourth Crusade?

> Venetian (((Merchants))) extort a group of Crusaders into attacking their competitors and are then promptly excommunicated.

It's a good thing we were able to clean up after that mess. Never trust a (((merchant))).

this shit wont work, only way to save western/nortrhern european whites is with DNA tests and marraige programs certifying heritage.

as long as israel is doing it we can, and we only need 10 millions to repopulate. THat's the future, no other way as the race mixing continues.

They slashed the 6 tires on my van. I can't believe they slashed all 8 of my tires! WHY WOULD THESE ANTISEMITES SLASH ALL 12 OF MY TIRES AND SET THE VAN ON FIRE? OY FUCKING VEY!

So fucking manipulative, when they want you to important rapefugees and use church funds to pay for them to live for free it "Oy vey goyim I thought you were Christian shouldn't you help the poor refugees and let them fuck your daughters?" The rest of the time these same people are always saying

Lol, nigger.
Neopaganism is going so stronk in Hungary, that Catholics have to import niggers to keep their numbers up. It's just we don't really let them do that.


56% Catholic, go back to Africa.

Ferenc Szálasi would be proud.

eh, fuck it, it was for the better.

nice lie reddit
you should dig more about this country mutt boy

Yeah, they're on a spectrum all right.

This. I am definitely fully Volkisch pagan and hate dogma.

Oy VEY I am repoating this post! This is a hate crime against G TAC D!

Im going to Slovenia the day after tomorrow. Does it show signs of being pozzed? I havent looked into it too much yet but it looks like its Hungary/Poland tier.

Do I need to worry about niggers, mudslimes or other assorted shitskins?

You do realize that it's not a big number right?
56% identifies as catholic, half of them don't even know what that means.

Also considering the fact that the christians are actually promoting pro-migrant sentiments, you really can't subscribe our successful migrant-policy to christianity.

Actaully I live there. Christianity is going down in Hungary. Ironically, Odinism is spreading like wildfire.

Xtians are done for, because both turanists and finn-ugric pagans attack them, not to mention the shamanic faiths in Hungary.

Get a clue, nigger.