Normies are waking up

Just had a normie coworker come in and start ranting about the NFL and he just wants to watch football. The interesting part is he works at one of the most liberal coffee shops in the city. Most of his coworkers are blue haired college kids and he said they're even sick of this shit, and they don't even watch football!

Did Trumps victory completely expose (((their))) plan for starting a civil war in America against whites? Seems like our enemy has had to ramp up its attacks but it's gotten out of control way to quickly and the frog has hopped out of the boiling pot. Way too many normies have realized what's going on way too quickly.

I don't think this is going to end the way (((they))) planned.

Let's use this thread to share personal stories of normal people opening their eyes to cultural marxist conditioning.

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i think you're the one that doesn't belong here .

>t-t-they w-w-will w-wake up!
you said this last year. and the year before that. it's time to stop.

>I don't think this is going to end the way (((they))) planned.

(((They))) are caught in their own propaganda
they misjudged how ripe the public is for their stunts

Get out, kikel.

Don't spend that shekel all in one place.

We'll see. The multiculti kike narrative is definately cracking, but its still too early to say whether or not we'll hit critical mass.

On the positive side, I have a friend who I thought for sure would have been fooled by the post-Charlottesville media shilling but to my pleasant surprise he was going off about the left wing and Antifa.

This kneeling scandal is certainly an Alamo like event.

The problem is that everything has been politicized and people who used to be able to go about their day without being bombarded with this shit can't. They can't simply be left alone anymore, they have been forced to pick sides and they are very upset about that fact. Kikes mistook disinterest and avoidance for tacit acceptance and no surprise they pushed too much too fast.

Another important aspect of what's going is that the normies have realized that if this shit isn't stopped now it will bleed over into every other aspect of their lives.

Imagine having to publicly state your support of BLM during the beginning of a work shift or giving up your table at a restaurant to a group of abusive coons?

Normal people just want to be left alone and a lot have finally realized that there is a coordinated (((group))) that won't leave them alone.

This is already in my workplace. Had training recently on "how to be an Ally." Cultural marxism mantra is now the official mantra of my organization and has to be baked into each of our performance review goals. Person who recently was promoted to high position in charge has a poster of Karl Marx in his office.

A coworker was recently Aids Skrillex'd by a feminist at a corporate meeting with no repercussions.


Dare I ask for whom you work?

as I posted at another thread, these days on a pubg stream, there was a discussion about the knee thingy that niggers are doing and people were pissed as fuck about that. Who said that September would not be the magical month where everything changes?

Where the f do you work? It sounds like poison.

Sorry but I can't say.

t. importantfag

Beautiful. The holocaust is going to happen for real this time.

there is no way people can uniquely identify you just by the fucking company name

Work your way up the corporate ladder. Use every bit of power and authority you have to fire leftists. If all you have is authority over a commie janitor, fire the janitor. Do everything you can to sabotage the cultural marxism infecting your company.

I remember Ozzy Osbourne drunkenly pissing on the Alamo back in the 80s, only recent times did that get forgiven,I believe he was not allowed into TX. He did go to jail for that, he's a madman. Should we meme that? Would that finally give the push? Pissing on Alamo? hate using Ozzy because I think; if he's the history maniac he says, he knows the deal, but who knows. I do know that I never thought I'd see the day U.S. Flags were being burned without a proper throat punching, or death blow. I've yet to see this happen in front of me, I won't resist urges that I fight now. Semper Fidelis

i too remember a day when burning an american flag and even cursing America publicly would not only cause a fight, but the cops wouldnt dare arrest you for punching a faggot for doing those things. I remember right after 9/11 some sand nigger said just off the cuff he thought america deserved the attack and was knocked out almost instantly. Ive never seen someone burning a flag but id probably chimp out

I think, in all honesty, we're going to see a draw back from this edge very soon. For the last several years we've seen this happen time and time again, we've had riots and nonsense going on, politicization of things pushed hard during the late spring, summer, and early fall. But after that it stopped for a while, and then came back harder the next year.

Theres a lot of reasons for this though I suspect. First, holiday season, they want the goy spending their shekels on over priced goods and don't want that disrupted by boycotts by companies or organizations taking sides on social issues going into the winter. Second, its colder out, which means protests are less likely to form and stay going into the night to cause chaos. Third, they can rile these faggots up over those months but not have their puppets in the hierarchy plan anything (just "collect ammo" to kick the hornets nest when its time) or have enough plants within these groups to lead to a concensus that they should wait until spring and organize for "big things" and so forth.

Basically, we've seen it several times slack off during the winter months. And I think we'll see that this year as well. The NFL will likely cave if their ratings keep dropping, and the hollyjew types will back off their virtue signaling support because they'll want people to keep watching their shows (its also why they arent making a much bigger deal of it atm from their end) since fall is a big time for new episodes and such.

Finally, the real truth, if you push everyone to the edge and then draw back some but not completely, you normalize this thing happening, so next time you can push harder/further and they wont react as strongly or as quickly as they would have the previous time if you went so far.

Consider the shitskin kneeling/sitting last year, it was a thing, and people complained, but it never blew up and it was just one nigger for the most part. Next year (this year) its several niggers doing it, and until Trump spoke out about it, it would have simply faded into the background just like the first nigger did. Which is probably why he pounced on it like he did, if he hadn't, it would have simply gone by mostly without any blowback. And next year, you'd have entire teams doing it. Instead, he forced their hand and made them push several years of steps down into a single year, and it caused a lot of chaos. He basically forced them to turn the rate of boiling up on the pot and the frog jumped out.

So now, they're likely going to regroup, gather back up, lower the boil back down like they planned to this time of year anyway for holiday shekel grubbing, and reassure the frog the water is just fine until they can get it back in. And it will go because it will be full of food and distracted by chritmas toys and not care. And then the process will start once more.

Basically, Trump did what we've been doing, he pointed out the crap and tried to force their hand to speed up the process. The same thing we do, only because of his position they actually reacted far more strongly. But make no mistake, this isnt over, and it isnt going to stop, and the backlash is only temporary if we dont make sure to keep it going by baiting them just like Trump did. But unfortunately the ball is mostly in their court, if they don't respond strongly enough, everyone will go back to sleep and we'll right back to square one

Sooooooooooooooo you're one of them?


Great post. Normalization of this behavior is unacceptable. Fans need to rush into the field and attack the people kneeling. Teammates need to attack kneelers.

This shit needs to be reacted with violence to set it straight.

Part time at the coffee shop. We work full time together.

I know that feel. Luckily my company is entirely white men and a white woman secretary. Its starting to be passes down from outside though. ((Lockheed Martin)) has new ((ethics)) directives that are being passed down to sub-prime contractors. Basically they're saying if you want contracts you'd better start signaling.

I think now would be a great time to make a stand in the corporate environment and boycott diversity trainings and expose anti-white rhetoric.

probably. They always do this (nigger shoots cops in texas, nigger politicians don't change rhetoric but BLM gets real quiet), and it's why they don't pic better good bois to protest about, they choose by timing, not manner of goodification.

It would be funny if Packer fans threw batteries and bottles at the kneelers tonight. Total stage 5 whitey-chimp out by the least likely fans to do so. They rush the field and start savagely attacking the players. National Guard needs to be called in etc…

I'm only spending locally this Christmas, my daughter loves the holidays. I'm fairly creative with it and we enjoy it feasting then hunting deer.

Decorations, nice gifts that are useful not an afterthought, can be found locally, and White owned. You need to benefit your community, first and foremost, volk help volk I broke my t.v. habit, because I can't enjoy it like a normal person anymore. Or, I just don't enjoy it, because I am the normal person. I used to be a big fan of many sports, looks like NASCAR is ok, sorta boring though, and maybe NHL, but let's see if they pull a kneel stunt. That would make the White man angry! I'd rather not watch any, let it all fall. Crash it into a wall.

This. Only normalfags (see: Reddit) say "normies".

Are you looking to get gassed too?

Literally not an argument.

Is there anyway we can accelerate this? What other normie shit can we bait (((them))) to poz?

That's a good idea. I think I'm just going to spend local this Christmas too. I want to fuck the six corporations any chance I get.

Software as a service. Monopolizing a particular niche that is closely related to (((academia))).

yeah i think it could happen with normies, depends on how the next few years pan out.

They likely will. I know that Joel Ward of the Sharks said that he was considering it. The nu-NHL is pussy Euro-tier shit anyway and has been getting worse each year since the lockout back in the 2000's.

If only there wasn't an annual in-your-face-symbolic gesture every year during it's largest game during half-time.
Nah, you should expect a massive demonstration of something - probably won't be BLM and company but will be masked as that group. the half time show is a glorified loosh farm and if you know what to look for you can see right through it. last year featured golden calfs, race mixing, and other Babylonian horrors IIRC

I think we should focus on baiting the niggers exclusively this winter. They're the least disciplined, least intelligence and most violent of all the kike's pet golems. Cop on criminal nignog video is always good fuel for the fire, but I can't help but think we need something much better this time.

Pic related: it's unironically his Zuccbook picture.
He went to OWS rallies to reminisce about his youth during the civil rights era.
He brags about his European friends so he can virtue signal against America's "backward" ways.
He has spoken ill of right wing politics every day since Trump announced his candidacy.
He doesn't watch sports and has mocked the intellect of those who do.
Nothing has filled him with more rage than this episode.
Preference cascade incoming.

Yes but this stuff all goes over normies heads. Its not what I would call "pushing the agenda," its more signaling and propaganda and subtle indoctrination. Its not anywhere near the same as the kneeling bullshit.

More to the point, with all the riled up shit going on right now, they will 100% not have anything going on with THAT fiasco at that show early next year. It will drive shit loads of people to pure anger if not boycotts of both the "artist" who does it, and the NFL as a whole for supporting it. They'll play it safe, watch. Sure they may be imagery we would pick up on, but nothing to rile up the normies. They want their shekels after all.

Ask him what he likes.
Tell him to quit listing things he doesn't like.
You'll separate the sheep from the ones who just want to be left alone easier that way.
Ask yourself the same question - I'm getting strong 'he doesn't think the same thing as I do so he's wrong' vibe from you as well.

You're in the minority to connect your dissatisfaction to counter-culture politics. Average Americans are so dependent on media to inform every part of their thoughts. Esp. millennials who are adolescent children without "real world" experience, they live surrogate lives through escapism. They can get divorce raped and still agree with feminist bullshit upvoted on reddit. And even if they don't, they'll say they will because they don't want to be a Nazi. America has more stubborn holdouts but we're on track to look like Europe.

Don't worry goyim will accept the fate eventually. That's what i see about the southern swedes nowadays, they have given up on the fact that the land is lost.

NiggerBall NFL

oh god i just realized this will be our first christmas with trump. i've got a feeling there will be some good political drama happening. they should put up decorations even earlier this year. before halloween even


watching nigger grab ass is only for faggots.

Oh tumblr too obvious

An old, absolute nobody fringe player who backed off the minute PK Subban said he wouldn't do it. Which means the best player (Crosby), the best nonwhite player (PK) and one of the best young players (Matthews, half-Mexican) have each said they won't be doing it. It's not going anywhere, but there will probably still be some holdovers (like Ward) piggybacking on a "controversy" to make a name for themselves.

Sup Shlomo. Let's just remove the anthem entirely right ;)

they know not what they do for they are ignorant - it is true that one cannot fault them for their ignorance. That is the nature of the loosh farm, knowing or not, they contribute to it.
Signaling, absolutely, propaganda as well - but the kneeling, absolutely signaling and propaganda. The white man is evil and racist, the national anthem is evil and racist and they'll stand there and say 'gee, sure glad we got Beyonce or whoever the fuck that isn't white to sing this years tribute to the beast.' If the show this year doesn't go absolutely according to plan there will be shit flinging from everyone. After all, it's the white man's golden calf that you can't disrespect.
I think differently - I think that they will get bold and overplay their hand with the imagery and might, just might pull something very blatant
But I can't argue with quads.

first post everytime.

You are correct OP. I made the critical decision of revealing my power level to my boss (he moved down here in the south from jew jersy)
At first he was repulsed, and then Trump won and the news began to…change him. He started asking me questions about my beliefs, and every time we work together I drip feed him redpills. I can visibly see him get uncomfortable on some subjects, but over the weeks it begins to just bleed into him. He starts talking about how sick he is of seeing 90% of beautiful white girls here being with jamal because "traaaap lyyyyfe lol" or we will see a ruined once beautiful white girl with a little niglet. Absolutely zero women here enjoy the company of white men and that was what REALLY redpilled him I think.
Hear him start to use the words "chimp" and "ape" when no one is around. By month 7 of working together he started believing in the jewish problem.
Now we go to the range and make plans for the DotR and other co-workers are beginning to awaken.

that faggot is just sliding but I unironically think the national anthem has no place at a sports game. Football has literally nothing to do with america, the government, patriotism, or acknowledging US history. Football is orcs in tights grabbing each other and running back and forth. It's children's games played by adults. Why in the fuck would you play the national anthem before a sporting event? You don't play it before concerts. You don't play it before any other non-govt event. Just sports. Think about (((why))) that would be.

>(((reddit spacing meme)))

KYS kike

I never thought we'd see a preference cascade…let alone create one

Sounds like a faggot you can poke and get a lot of fun out.

Lots of dubs going unchecked here.

Did anyone else read about the fact that since the nigger named Ray Lewis kneeled at the game Sunday, more than 10,000 people signed an online petition to have his statue removed.

His statue.

Thas right. Baltimore is taking down the statues of white heroes from the past, but some niggerball player who isn't even dead yet has one. And now it's getting 24/7 security, in case any eebil white Nazi's might vandalize it.

If the whole city caught fire, I would take out a lawn chair and watch it burn down.

Normies are not waking up until they realise (((why))) this is happening. Most of them want things to "go back to normal", not create a White ethnostate.
Of course, we can help nudge them that way, now the momentum is there.

You better make sure which part of Goyrope you end up as ,I suggest Holla Forumsand

Explain your spacing, shlomo.

It's rippling faster than we realize, I think. (((The media))) and co are doing their best to isolate and gaslight us, but I can't tell you how many times I've heard a person say "I can't believe what I think now. Just 6 months ago I would have thought anyone who thought what I do now was a horrible racist.
Me too, in fact. I voted Democratic in every election I was legal for (oldfag) until this one. I voted Green in '12 because I thought Obama was too conservative. I was a part of OWS.
Now I'm here.
Every member of GenX and the earlier millennials was raised to believe that racism was the ultimate evil, and that anyone who judged people by race was a racist.
Well, now every one of us is seeing racism against white people and the media covering for it. It's breaking the indoctrination for more and more every day.

Normies won't wake up on their own. Why would they choose harsh realities when they're enjoying various comforts?

They must be forced by circumstance such as hurricane Harvey. No Jew media in their brain and fast food in their bellies and clarify will develop.

Change of environment is key to changing a habit/situation. In two weeks the financial markets might start to shit the bed as the ECD stops buying garbage. WHEN we get the crash w should have had in 2008, then Whites will start being White again.

The ground that lemmings stand on is fluid. and massive shifts in public perception and attitudes happen at lightning speed. I think the reason the rhetoric has become so blatant is that they cannot let up without creating a perception vacuum that will be filled the moment they let up. Even if the main pool of lemmings who agree with socjus garbage is slowly leaking, reversing any part of the narrative and admitting they went too far would immediately drain the pool because lemmings would then have an opportunity to question freely what they should or should not believe.

Fuck you microsoft, shitting up on-premise versions of your shit and pushing for everyone to eternally pay for your office 365 shit whose only benefit is being stupidly easy to integrate other (((cloud))) services with.


I've always liked "normie", I think it sounds like "newbie" and that builds on the nature of the term.

If you ever find yourself in the jewtube comments of a water filter merchant video check the comments - he's losing his audience over the JQ.

If you drop a frog in a pot of boiling water, it will of course frantically try to clamber out. But if you place it gently in a pot of tepid water and turn the heat on low, it will float there quite placidly. As the water gradually heats up, the frog will sink into a tranquil stupor, exactly like one of us in a hot bath, and before long, with a smile on its face, it will unresistingly allow itself to be boiled to death.

Shills trying to push it on both sides

What is a JQ?

Leave this place and never return

Dont be a fag, just answer the question

Lurk two years, you goddamn faggot.

okay. I'll answer your question as the board rules ask me too. *ahem* ==LURK MOAR FAGGOT==

tell yourself that in 2020.

the redpill hurts huh?

thanks lad. hopefully these redditors can learn to fall in rank.


it's true.
please go back to cuckchan, ANYTIME.

ask jim why his little fucking monkey can't fix the bold text.

what did he mean by this?

fucking enter key.

This has been proven to be bullshit. Players were not required to stand for the anthem but usually did so anyway

So do newer shills get paid less? How does that work anyhow?

Been here since 2010, stop pushing your bullshit on me
What does the Abriviation JQ stand for.

this board is going to shits

Make memes with something like:

Now obviously we know Hollywood and films have been kiked up forever, the average normalfag does not know this. I'm sure many of you had an experience like me where, once 'redpilled', it became impossible to watch TV or films because of the constant over-the-top propaganda. The normalfag conscious can now, finally, perceive this propaganda. So make them pay attention to film/tv. Make them realise that it is against them and they will have nowhere left to bury their heads. We will force their eyes open.

Pick one

you are currently in a blogpost-circlejerk thread. you are denying yourself a reality by posting more about yourself for bot harvesting agents or straight up lying to yourself.

your choice.
the real crime here is all the blog posting. it's god awful.

No one says normalfriends, faggot

You're going to get fired at this point

Everyone in Midwest huWhite America is at the point where they are sick and tired of hearing how they've ruined niggers' lives when they've never had any contact with niggers and how their ancestors owned slaves so they owe reparations when they are all descended from early 1900s European immigrants that came over broke and struggled out of the ghetto. I've overheard "I don't mind black people but keep niggers out of my town" on multiple, different occasions at the bar.
In Chicago everyone is just sick of niggers.

normie is as organic as normalfag
just dc

More like 5 guys event tbh.

Absolutely fucking wrong. President Teddy Roosevelt himself stepped in to save football as a sport in 1905, after a particularly brutal season that saw 18 players killed and 150 injured playing the game. He called a conference of coaches and athletic associations from all the major colleges where football was played and suggested revisions to the rules designed to make the game safer, which were eventually adopted. Otherwise, football would have been banned entirely as too brutal and dangerous.

The fact that the kikes are pressing hard on the NFL instead of the NBA should have been your first clue that football was intrinsically patriotic in its roots. Kikes din't try to destroy their own creations (((NBA))).

Clever new tactic Shlomo. but all niggerballs are a pacification tactic to keep burgers distracted

You fucking idiots, do you think I should know what every fucking abriviation should stand for? If you tell me the real name I might remember what happened but dont come to me with your stupid bullshit.
I hope some dipshit leave the basement and do something productive.

Kill yourself Schlomo. You are the most obvious kike I've ever seen. Literally no Holla Forumsack would be fooled by your tricks, you should be fired from your shilling job(though I assume you are a diversity hire, so they just ignore how badly you fuck everything you do up).

Lurking here for even a week would have educated you enough to make the inference on your own.
Paid vacation is the best. I'm getting paid to shitpost at the paid shitposters.

So when I ask a question about some deciphered shit, I getcalled a kike shill?
I hope the mods ban you for the fun of it

Remember: it is now racist if you don't kneel



The other factor is the economy. People are getting jobs back now, making money, feeling good, and realizing it was because Obama was letting (((undocumented worker))) Jose undercut their wages.

This is their worst nightmare, actually, there are about three levels on which the public is saying no to the kike: education, commerce and government.

Almost every conversation i have with people in private these days starts with "i'm not a racist, but…"


I guess 4chan does not look that bad anymore, cancer and fags on both boards, maybe the exodus is over, we are going back to egypt.

globalist shill detected

If you've been here for 7 years and don't know what the fucking JQ is you should pic related.



please define "preference cascade"

Trips of truth

Stop it. Everyone here knows you're, at best, a newfag, but most likely a kike shill. Oven yourself faggot.

... cascade

Legitimately the stupidest thing I have ever read.

>((( (()) )))


The reason you see it played before sports games in the US is because sports became the last refuge of nationalist whites. The anthem at sporting events isn't even that old of a tradition but it arose out of the collective discontent of the American whites who still believe the country belongs to them and that their culture is the one which should be celebrated. By the time they became aware that they were losing the country, even if it was just subconsciously, the only remaining venue under their (virtually) complete control was that of major league sports (this includes college football and basketball).

That's why you saw such a dramatic shift toward overt Patriotism and (misplaced) nationalist ideals applied to sports, especially the NFP, in the mid-2000's. The timing coincides with the moment when the cultural changes spurred on by demographic decline became so obvious that even the blindest white American couldn't ignore the issue any longer. That's why this sudden uprising against the NFL is such a big deal. Whites with nationalist tendencies had placed all their emotions and energy into sports because they had become so demoralized by the reality of what was happening around them in the real world. Take that safe avenue for expressing those thoughts and feelings and they'll burst forth into reality with decades of pent up emotion.

Just remember. The mods are (((gods)))

And now Holla Forums personified is Anticitizen one, Gordan Freeman

I think HL2 non-ironically is a biblical story

Hmmm, less time for niggerball means more time for stronk nigger/female professional propaganda, WWII documentaries explaining how smart jews guided Americans to victory after running away from the country they left in ruins, and news shows with stories about how hard niggers have it living in the communes. The "normies" have more waking up ahead. This is a good time to invest in happy pill companies.


Focus on the nogs treatment in custody. I was illegally jailed and i can tell you it is abysmal. This would pit cop vs nog.

Yea I find this hard to believe


Keep dreaming shlomo. Your people have drastically overstepped this time. The African insects are beyond your control now.

story has too much filler involving motorboats and gokarts

When normies realize something is bad happening, it is usually when it's too late.

Possible good propaganda from halfchan:

Very reliable anonymous source quoted a lineman about the quarterback: