Frustrated Zuckerberg Claims Facebook Is Not "Anti-Trump"

two goldwater news threads in under 1 hour? (((okay)))

What's wrong with goldwater?

Did their get some of their internal memos leaked which proved that they were literally censoring news that wasn't favorable towards Hillary?

Nice try, Kikerberg


Technically he is right.
He isn't just anti trump
He is anti human.
Not only anyone pointing out the Faceberg bullshit gets the axe, anything on the rights gets censored. Anyone who dares to make fun about feminism or Religion of Cuck™ gets banned.
Fake news witch hunts.
He fosters pedo degenerates, gender freaks and other assorted fags doing blatantly illegal shit is completely kosher.

One of these days this fuck will bite the bullet and no-one will shed a tear.

That's not what "bite the bullet" means, friend, but I'm picking up what you're laying down.

I'm speaking literally not metaphorically.

How do you literally bite a bullet? If you got shot with it and tried to bite, assuming superhuman reflexes fast enough to do so, it would still just shatter all your teeth instantly and could not be properly bitten.

the name, sounds extremely jewish

maybe you could bite it before shooting it? are you stupid?


Excuse me sir but are you implying someone would shoot zucc here with a bullet fired without a barrel? That's not very smart user

we are discussing how to bite a bullet, not how to kill jews

this shit is genius, i wish it was not fake

They publicly announced that they deleted 10,000 "fake" accounts ahead of the German election. Basically if you are still on kikebook and not a member of the democratic party or the socialist democrats you stand a chance of being declared "fake" and deleted. Not to mention simply posting an article from a non-approved source will give everyone viewing it a list of completely kosher sources that (((debunk))) it.



Everyone wants that Holla Forums association. I see it everywhere that is even the tiniest bit right leaning. Voat, Gab, even youtubers like PJW and Molymeme have mentioned Holla Forums in their videos.
They want us as their audience but if ever confronted about the association, they would drop us like a hot rock and disavow us as ebil natzeez with no place in modern Amurica.
Since archiving seems to be hotly debated lately, a good alternative would be to screenshot the article and post the whole thing right in the thread. No links, no archives, etc.
Something tells me these Goldwater threads will die off fast if that is made the standard that we expect.

To follow up, here you go. No need to visit the site.



I hope Big Kike Zuck gets annihilated by some radical Christian Soldier of Christ who just gets fed up with his lying Jew ass. Once bushwhacking begins with either these traitor nigger nfl players or one of these tech jews they will realize the USA is not a safe place for them. Then they will run to the next cosmopolitan area to create their Jew Chaos over there. I hope a meme starts that is so powerful that a large percentage of the population openly call for Jews to be removed from the USA so that their Jew meddling wars are over!

The Goldwater actually has interesting stories, but the illiterate writing makes them painful to read.

If I were jim I'd consider hiring a ghost-proofer/editor.
Codemoney could even shell out some of his bitsheckels to fund it.

are there seriously people here that dont realize that the same guy that runs the goldwater also hosts 8ch?



zuckerberg is an autistic jew superman

zuckerberg knows he's the first person to go on the dotr

Mark Zuckerberg of the Beast

1488D Chess? I'm now waiting for the libtards to freak out because Zuck is "normalizing Hitler".

I'll be doing this from now on. Seems more efficient.

Oy vey the goyim know!

Somehow these make him seem more human than he is.

Remember he likes his privacy enough to buy all the adjacent mansions to his.
He also recently purchased a few hundred acres in Haiwaii near the hotdog stand.

How have I only just now discovered Zuckerposting? Zuckerposting and Orc posting together may be enough to fill the hole in my heart left by my dead mother.


wtf I love Zuckerberg now

They had people curating shit for the left. Of course they were against him.

Nothing Goldstein.

What a surprise.

Has the kneeling shit brought in a wave of newfags?

33 yo billionaire…still dresses like a neet everyday…no man his age should be wearing the jeans/t-shirt/athletic shoes combo unless he's doing yardwork

I really hope he does run for President. I want to see him reduced to a pile of kosher ashes after Trump linguistically breathes fire on him. This kike really isn't ready for the bantz to come.

WTF is wrong with him. That guy is truly something very weird. Is he even a human. Is he an alien from Mars or something?

One of these two goofs vs Trump

Salivating at the thought, keep it a buck kinfoke.

t. Jim

This kike is a fucking alien.

cuck chan has been having some fun with these

Looks like some humans are more human than others for mister facebook here, uh


Or the blacks were taller, just pointing out the obvious

Why do non whites hate dogs? Muslims, asians, niggers all hate dogs and kill them regularly.

Bite the bullet dates back to pre-anesthesia medicine, when they were cutting on your leg, they'd put something moderately soft between your teeth so when you clenched your jaw due to the pain, you wouldn't shatter your teeth.

One of the things you could bite into was a bullet. Handy if you didn't have leather or a stick.

The expression means to start a difficult task, like letting the surgeon saw through your gangrenous femur.

Great This fucker is wearing a suit. New political candidate inc in 3… 2… 1…


This is like jewgle claiming it isn't anti-Trump. The e-mails themselves proved collusion between kikegook, jewgle, hollywood, and MSM in favour of HRC and against Bernie and Trump in every way they could.

asians don't hate dogs. they love the flavor!

They didn't spend countless generations with a mutually beneficial relationship which lead to companionship. Japanese do have some love for dogs, since they race mixed with the natives of their little slice of the planet long ago but it's not quite the same extent Caucasians like them. The Slavic races are also developing a sort of symbiosis with the wild dogs in their country because the dogs there are being selected to become so smart they can actually read Russian and use the subway.