Bested at last, the tale continues, the Sphinx then threw herself from her high rock and died...

Gentilemen we have probably actually memed the one god of our times into existance. Future generations will speak of our glorious shitposting as worship. Our posts will forever be archived and will serve as the kekronimicon for centuries to come.

sage due to your lack of dubs

Post memetic content and pepes.

Fuck off back to /x/ you egg sucking niggers

They don't let me post batshit insane political theories or pepes.

Praise Kek.

sure sure, keep hopes up

As he was challenged, thus he spoke

Stop calling it a chaos his, all is order about and beneath it


Rabbi god came from Jews and Jews came from stealing from Persian Zoroastrians, Egyptian history, and Babylonian/Canaanite gods.

Jesus' "father" is literally named after a Canaanite god.

Lies. God is a German word. Jesus didn't speak German.

Plato fucked up philosophy with his forms to combat Sophists. Neoplatonists fucked up philosophy to combat reality. Gnostics fucked up Zoroastrianism and Jewish-Christian teachings to combat their penis.

We've been dying of degenerate fantasy anti-reality thought for so long that it's not abnormal that everyone around you is so fucking insane they think niggers are worth more and better than whites, or Jews are incapable of crime.

Chaos isn't anti-order, it's the lack of knowing order. It's human ignorance of cause (that creates effects). KEK is chaos because he's a first cause.

Order knows no boundaries without chaos.

Kek confirmed alternative to kike religion.

It's a transitory god. The one after is the one I'm putting praise to. Kek is a microcosm of the pleroma. It is indistinct and everywhere. The god birthed by Kek, a god of distinction, an eternal child everlearning, wholly good and bad and yet beyond/before either. The god that comes after is the god of the overman, the one whose existence begets purpose in life. Where Jesus gave a sweet water that forever quenched the thirsty, Nietzsche and Jung and so many before speak of an undiminishing and divine flame that lights the world of man regardless of the times. Taking that fire into yourself is dangerous shit.

Liber Novus is something of a sequel to Thus Spake Zarathustra, going into what comes after god dies. We of course go through great pains to heal demigods left behind, and to give birth to a new one. We can't accept Kek, for as much as we are him, he is not all of us. You'll know the proper god when he becomes. Some scholarly religious folk believed history was divided into three epochs, the time of the fatber, the son, and the holy ghost. We've gone through two already, wouldn't it be fitting if the holy ghost, the second coming, was as a divine meme?
Five AM rambling over.

Jesus… user your post hit me like a ton of bricks. So simple, yet so profound. Did you steal that from somewhere?

In other words, we should be worshiping the Platonic Ideal of Divinity?

Go to /x/ retards, your esoteric ramblings offer no value whatsoever

Holla Forums is a christian/germanic paganism board




Know what amuses me?

We are a group of peoples whose native gods are dead and we have adopted a god whose people are extinct.

Minimal information remains on the original gods of most european peoples. Hence why the faggots always go for the "norse pantheon" which is one of the only ones with any level of information available in any real depth. Our lands now populated by foreign invading gods (mostly the jewish one).
Meanwhile Keks people the Egyptians were rendered extinct by the Arab conquest of northern Africa with their homeland now populated almost entirely by Arabs.

Arabs are semites.
Jews are semites.

There are no coincidences. We share the same pain.

I've seen more synchonicities and other subtle miracles in the past two years than any other time in my life. I love how Kek acts in our world, with humor and irony, the latest example being a literal Kang who wants to team up with the Boers to save South Africa. He's been a great God for us, and I'm very thankful He's around.

Just remember his primary motivation is revenge.
Same as us in a way.

Kikes hate him! He's destroying the Jewish Cabal with this one simple trick!

Praise kek
Kill the kikez

Too right fellow goyim user
He's smashed the jewish control-grid trying to destroy and now that he's drained that swamp of not-so-super-bad-based neocon zionist jews running America and will now nuke isreal
He is truly our greatest secret 'nazi' uber-super-bad-based G_d Empruh

Oh look a kike slide, eat shit moshe.

No. YOU fuck off. Since the election Holla Forums has gotten as self righteous as the antifags. Kekism, or whatever you want to call it, is what gave this place its energy in the last year, more importantly, it gave us laughter. Not the smug IAmVerySmart(tm) laughter that the cucks have, no I mean the merciless gut laughing we did at all the fools who thought we were irrelevant.
And we beat them.
If you're on here, you've read, or at least know about Bernays. You know about PsyOps. You probably know about chaos magick and how it relates to human psychology, and you know this place is under attack, if not from ShareBlue, then possibly from the alphabet agencies themselves.
A single kek thread isn't going to slide important things off the board, but it reminds us of who we are, what we've done, and what we still have to do.
These threads are as important as attending church- they strengthen our community.



While out thrifting I found this album of New Orleans funk music which cover is reminiscent of Pepe.

We need to analyse the lyrics for meme prophecies.

Was unsure of this thread and then I saw all those forsaking Kek and I decided to bump. I find your digits pleasing

user, I am sorry, but you are still trapped in the corruption of the semitic cancer of Christianity. You don't even understand what Kek is, and that he is but one part of an system of eight gods. And key and important god whom normalfaggots have never understood. He and his eight are of an purpose all their own. You need to study it more and lurk far more, it can come to you. For each flicker is slightly different for each of us but you are far off the mark.

But one part you may be correct about, assuming historical revelations of the elder gods still hold true, they are the heralds of the normalfaggots gods. For the eight are laying the foundation of the world itself in this coming conversion out of this ocean of shit and piss. If you are of us, you may never be able to be part of the other gods whom come after, and there will be many whom come of varying importance. The eight will remain obscure and unknowing for all but the hidden initiated in the wider world. That means there is not three parts, or an singular coming of an over god like the christcucks believe. All this assuming the histories hold true as above so below.

My slightly more shaky take on the follow on gods is that there will be three gods whom do rise to the top from those birthed from this turning the eight have/are creating with a host of slightly lesser gods whom they either hold dominion over, or as leaders of. And together those gods are to guide or command the normalfaggots under the new sun/world. The head leader god male in form whom holds domain as above, its 'wife' and its equal in power brother god whom is removed from the rest but holds domain and responsibility over the dead as below. They rise to power thru an massive war against the old Titans of the old world as it is/was. Their job is to defeat the corruption, filth and savage degeneracy of the old ways/people and show the path to an better age. And conflict which burns the entire world and leaves little of the old history due to such carnage the war brings. But there will be many gods upon that land after. And the elders gods will be recognized as supremely important and powerful, but not known as the other gods, more forces of nature's birth itself than human like in understanding.

Even if I am wrong. I see they guide us to these user's words. Praise Kek and check their holy digits. We shall prevail and lay claim to our vengeance.


I've noticed a fewer amount of dubs lately, I feel kek has been busy. I've seen palindromes from Thoth though.

He always had a eccentric taste in music

Here Thoth

You do know "shitposting" is a reference to anal sex, pastor?

shit + post (phallus)

Your penis doesn't have to be your audience. Your penis is… wait a minute…

Yeah, meme responsibly isn't just a meme, guys. Be careful what you wish for. However, if you know what you're doing, holy hell you can have some fun.

Kek is chaos emerging from stagnation and the bringer of light. Think about it. Tadpoles grow in stagnant water. We are living in a stagnant, hedonistic society. It is only natural some radical elements would appear.


This. Thanks for writing it so I didn't have to. Noticed a major uptick in "duuurrr fucking /x/" lately. They are shills and retards.

We reclaimed pepe from retarded normies so why abandon kek?