Bitcoin will go up

bitcoin will go to 4400 today, and soar to new all time highs really soon.

My advice to my white brothers is to buy a bit of bitcoin with money you can invest.

Best of luck to you all.

sure thing (((OP)))

now don't be a retard.
I know you are poor and you don't trust me. But I am trying to help.

if you don't do it that is ok
I just want to help people of my own race.
I think bitcoin will go to 25k in the future and go to 4.4k today.

just my advice.

Based on what?


really, just trust me on this.

I know it's hard to trust a stranger on the internet, but watch the price today if you do not believe me.

I have five dollars, where do I get started?

Ice the kikery, Schlomo. We're onto you.

if you want to talk to me, install telegram and send me a message: @sealofapproval

I will send you more info

google how to buy bitcoins

personally I buy at it is fast but but it's expensive
but is also good

you will need a bitcoin wallet, there are a bunch. you can google it but always keep your wallet.dat file private, safe and backed up as it contains your money.

I use electrum as a bitcoin wallet on my pc because it won't download the entire blockchain.

I don't recommend apps for your phone to hold your funds

inb4 its kike trying to get whites to invest before he crashes it

Never take financial advice from Holla Forums

Reported for being Jewish

Can I buy bitcoins with only five dollars?

James Dimon already tried to do that. I won't tell you guys to invest in something you don't understand but it's worth looking into. I think that cryptocurrencies are the greatest threat to kike banking the world has ever seen.

ok sorry guys, nevermind.

If I can give you my last advice:
invest in bitcoin until it goes to 4400, then cash out and wait to see what the market does.

it may crash to 3000 after that, so be careful.
But I do no think that will happen, I think it may fall back to 4000 after 4400 and then go to 7000.

The above is my trading strategy for now, but I can not predict the future.

Do with this information as you wish.

yeah you can buy a little piece.

keep your bitcoins safe. the smartest thing you can do is buy with money you can afford to risk, then leave it sit for a few years.

Keep it safe so you don't lose it.

always backup your wallet.dat file in a 7zip file with a password

Going to sage this thread for being very low quality and inviting people to shitpost instead of thinking things through before responding.
But cryptocurrencies are definitely something everyone should look into. Go watch some videos about it and make up your own mind. Decide for yourself if it has value. If you think it does then do something about it.

You can't transfer them, there's money transferring fees now on CoinBase. Who could be behind it?

I am OP and agree with this guy. I don't want to tell you what to do I just want to give you a little advantage.

do with this information as you wish and always use your own brain to make decisions.


Why would I want to transfer them? If I can turn five bucks into 500 bucks just by spending it and leaving it alone for a period of time, why not?

If my five bucks turns into five cents, then oh no I lost five bucks.


Don't you have to give them a pic of your ID to buy Bitcoin?

i used to mine, then quit for a year when i burned up my 7970. i loaded up an old wallet, the prices had gone up and i was curious.

it was a ppcoin wallet, the wallet loaded all the way up to $400,000 worth of ppcoin (it was worthless at the time, worth that much when loading). I was excited. My problems were finally over. $401k. $402k. $403k…. -$403k.

I sold it to pay a bill or something.
Fuck bitcoin

Keep bumping slide threads.

I use a keep key for my offline storage, got almost a dozen btc guys

I'd rather invest in bullets and rob peoples money when one currency crashes or the other. I've already ran a port scan on half the internet and back traced their ip along with their digital signature and mapped out their locations on google maps.

Don't think your bit coin wallet is safe when SHTF. Might be in the grocery store waking up after being billy clubbed one day and all your hashes are gone.

You're such a LARPer it hurts. Do you even know how GeoIP works?


no shit

Nice try kid… I've got incognito mode

time to sell

This. The bitcoin ecosystem is very predictable. When the true believers flood out to shill for their pyramid scheme then it's going to raise a bit then fall. If you really want to speculate in it then time these occurrences and buy in-between.

You can't buy this shit in South Africa except if you physically exchange it with a guy behind a dumpster for cash.

I ain't buying into this bullshit. "It will be available soon in your country" Yeah (((internet money))) really revolutionizing currency and breaking down borders.

why? because FBI can access it?