Building a Ethnostate in the Pacific Northwest

You may already have heard about it, but here comes another call for it.
The Whites Will become a minority in america in less than 30 years, and the Alt-Right is not going anywhere with their larper activism and internet nazism such as Anglin.
We need to create a Ethnostate in the pacific Northwest where whites can be the sole race living and prosper.
How can this be done you may ask.
There is already a man working on it for decades, but he is ignored by the larger WN group, he is Harold Covington and he is the main spokeman of the Northwest Front, which wants to get enough support and most important get white nationalists to move to the Northwest so we can create a network and build a Nation for Whites.
Come Home White Man!


Wow this is totally not a honeypot.
But pretending it is real, where exactly is the "northwest" you speak of? If you mean in australia then you are a moron.

Good luck with that buddy, you are gonna need a few billions to pull that off.

You genuinely could not pick a worse place for a White ethnostate in North American than the Pacific Northwest.

In the long term, space colonization is one possible option for building a white ethnostate. Niggers are too retarded to be able to colonize space, and mudslimes are barred by their religion from living in space.

Explain to me how are you going to expell over 100 million niggers and mexicans and defeat the most powerful army of the world with a bunch of Alt-Righters scatered among the world?
Gimme a serious proof that HAC is a fed and we may have a serious discussion.

A honeypot is something that seeks to entrap white nationalists if harold wanted to entrap white nationalists why is he all the time telling his followers not to do stupid and illegal stuff?
At least until we can actually challenge the US goverment which wont be any time soon.

What place would you pick genious?

No, he's talking about the Northwest of the US, aka the Northwest Front.
Its fucking stupid. Its a honeypot organization, in one of the most openly Marxist regions of the country, 'strategically placed' in a position as to have no direct access to the Atlantic Ocean (and thus Europe).

The people who ply this shit seem to believe Asiatics will do business with them when they're surrounded by muds who hate Whites and won't want anything to do with them. Its insanity. They're literally hoping to wall themselves off, surrounded by Communistic traitors who TOOOOOOTALLY won't infiltrate them, while being reliant upon China or some shit to trade with to acquire the things they can't acquire in their rainy little shithole.

I can appreciate the sentiment of those people, but dear lord, you really could not come up with a worse strategically-oriented placement of their attempted ethnostate.

Who the hell would want to live in fucking Mars? Also terraforming is literally scifi.

user, by that time that would be viable from a cost-analysis perspective, well… It'll be too late, let's put it that way.

Yeah, because that actually matters, right?

Somewhere that isn't completely isolated from the European homeland. Asiatic bug-people are completely unreliable as allies.
Coastal SE perhaps, if I were to go as far as to accept such a fate, as White enclavism is the path to stagnation and demise.
Wew lad.

Why? Even though they're hyper liberal in the cities up there, they are still predominately white states - and don't forget it includes Idaho and a lot of Montana. I think the idea for it is that the rest of the country will become more and more brown, thus third-world conditions, and as most white people won't accept those kind of living standards they will gravitate to places like the PNW. I think it's a valid concept.


How about Argentina? I heard Hitler liked it. If it's good enough for him it's good enough for us.

Otherwise, for the moment a white ethnostate is not in the books. It is infeasible at this time and your efforts could better be used elsewhere. What we need now is action, not LARPing in the woods. Paste flyers at uni's, other extracurricular activities ect ect.

I also hope you have taken into account that the Jewish question must be answered far in advance of any nation building. Not expulsion, not imprisonment, but rather something far more permanent. This starts with an appeal to those thoughtful enough to listen to us, and the aggravation of those who would oppose us.

look at iran, syria, and north korea. all 3 are against the jews. are they doing so well?

>South african whites so cucked that they are commiting cultural suicide and accepting white genocide because they actually buy the idea that niggers even have the right to decide how anything white works

No access to Atlantic is a major one.

No, user, they're Marxists. There's a difference. I've been to Seattle - its a hive of scum and villainy the likes of which few non-White dominated areas can compare to. The fact that you don't seem to realize those people will NEEEEEEVVVVVVEEEEERRRR be your allies further suggests you're not mentally equipped to combat Marxists, you're too idealistic, will be infiltrated, subverted or betrayed, and destroyed.

And? Together both of those states have a population of barely 3 million, and what's more, they're huge cuckolds.

We're already there in many places bro.
What about the PNW suggests to you White people who don't like the pozz and mud would head there? Its rife with pozz, and mud for that matter, located directly adjacent to Communist Canada on one side and Commiefornication on the other.
So, your plan is, station yourselves in the midst of the most Marxist Whites in the country - the most subversive and virulent of White traitors - and directly adjacent to TWO non-White Gommunist powers, with no direct access to European trade (thus making you reliant on Asiatics), and you think this is viable for anything but luring people into a death trap to stagnate and die?

Its not.

Smart phones were sci-fi like 30 years ago nigger.

The Argentine Patagonia could be a place where it is easier to copy the blueprint of the northwest front but we would need to organize a serious effort to move white nationalists there.
Also gun laws aren't that great, but the army is weak as fuck, the goverment is corrupt.
Also the kikes have a lot of land there and want to seize it for Israel 2.0 it could be done, but i rather see a ethnostate in the pacific northwest.

You forget the bell curve user, there are still "smart" niggers that would be shoe horned into "we was space cowboyz". Besides, current/future affirmative action laws would make it so that tyrone is hopped to the front of the list.

The Argentine Patagonia could be a place where it is easier to copy the blueprint of the northwest front but we would need to organize a serious effort to move white nationalists there.
Also gun laws aren't that great, but the army is weak as fuck, the goverment is corrupt.
Also the kikes have a lot of land there and want to seize it for Israel 2.0 it could be done, but i rather see a ethnostate in the pacific northwest.>>10672732

And what exactly are you suggesting then, eh?

You seriously believe that terraforming is in any way comparable to cellphones?

Go to the northeast: New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts. While the last one is totally blue, the other two are somewhat conservative. It's beautiful country and essentially whiteopia: good schools, low crime (there's a heroin epidemic but it's peanuts compared to Chicago, California, and much of the black southern cities), and almost everyone is white. You see an occasional nog, but it's rare except for maybe Boston. It'd be good to cause a flood of right leaning people to New England, because then they could reverse the shitty MA gun laws (NH and ME have good gun laws though) and create a bulwark of white civilization against the Browns elsewhere.

Good point about the Atlantic. I know that about Seattle, and I also know that white traitor liberals are the biggest enemy, deserving of more contempt than even the jews, and many need only bullets. But I've heard outside of Portland and Seattle, these are decently conservative states. Not so? So the cities could be won back, is what I'm saying. Also, I'm thinking very long-term. I think we've already lost a lot of the country and need to focus our strength in certain areas.

You sound like a spacepilling CIA nigger. The NWF is already happening and there's nothing you can do to stop it.

Are they doing well?

Not really, they only exist at the behest of larger nations and allies. Russia, China, Syria. Not to mention the development and possession of nuclear weapon and professional armies. What would we have? Aid from china or Russia is not guaranteed, how would you raise a standing army? An amalgamation of disjointed militias, a separatist faction of the US military?

At this present time, a leaderless resistance is preferable to what you're proposing. It would be set up for failure and subversion. Now is not the time for these sort of things.


You sound like a enclavepilling CIA nigger. The fuck does that even mean faggot?
LARP af.

First of all, ofc this is some faggy ass shit. Anyone asking for shekels at this point is a de facto merchant anyway. Besides, all he could muster for OC logo-wise was by adding a fucking tree to the pre-existing cascadia flag (which is also stupid)

Niggers, how many of you even live in the Northwest? I pretty much live in an ethnostate. Maybe 1 nigger per 500 around here? Asians about the same. Been more nigs in the last decade, used to be a ridiculously amazing ratio, but its slowly growing in my small mountain town.

If you live outside of pozzland in WA (Seattle, tacoma, olympia and surrounding burbs) then you're pretty much golden… long as you stay west of the Cascade mountains. Everything in eastern wa is just spic-land because it's all massive agriculture.

Of course, you have to deal with the indians, but honestly they're more ridiculous then they are a threat. Like - slightly smarter then nig nogs, but they get so many gibs because muh ancestors that they literally just drink and drug themselves to death. So they don't really bother anyone to be honest. We just hate the fuck out of them because they get crazy fishing rights and basically always get first dibs on every fishery every year.

Where I live, west of seattle, we're pretty much fucking set. Honestly anons, if shit ever went down, there isn't anywhere else in America I'd rather be. (Sure Montana or something like that in the midwest might be nice…..but the winters are much harsher, and if you're not prepared for that you're gonna get fucked)

But here's the kicker, if you look at how 101 loops around the Olympic Mountains…..there is pretty much only one road in and out of all these towns along the way….with fucking trees everywhere. So what I'm getting at anons, is theoretically, if shit ever went down…..all you need is two crews with chainsaws back-felling trees along one road and you've effectively isolated yourself from all the liberal scum unless they have a boat or are willing to try and traverse some of the most ridiculous mountain ranges on the west coast. This is an actual contingency plan I know of existing within a few different groups of people around here, and they're not even networked together. Oh also plenty of deer because they're over-populated like you couldn't even imagine.

So to sum everything up, I already pretty much live in a 'hwite "ethnostate". For the most parts it's predominately populated by conservative gun nuts as well. We have a reputation for being "crazies" in Washington, and it only gets better and better out west from Seattle. We deal with a lot of meth and opiate related issues, but there is practically no related violence because it's all white people fucking off.

Move to the olympic peninsula if you're truly interested in living somewhere as white as possible. Start making friends, network with the rednecks, and soon enough you'll find the Nazis.

but for real if we all actually start moving to Argentina I'm in

Yes goy stay in your niggerized and mexicanized hood

Im actually Argentine, i back the NWF because it has a solid plan, i have seen noone like them in the WN community, they are seriously undermaned tho.
Argentina is ripe for conquering, our country is undefended.
Please take the patagonia and make it a whitopia.
You have my consent, take it before the jews do it.


That's complete bullshit. You need at least 140 IQ to organize space colonization. The number of blacks with this IQ on Earth is ridiculously small.
In addition, even if some are much smarter than average, they have other interests in life, thus making the probability of black space conquest null. I have never heard of a (good) black engineer in my whole life, and you would need hundreds of them, at least. Be realistic, space conquest is for whites, and maybe asians / indians.

You guys will never have a free community if it is still on US soil.

The NWF plans to break away of the US if the eer get rolling.

go roll your eer somewhere else, larping faggot.

Anyone in Bend? I'm lonely.

This gave you away, fuck head.

It isn't, the founders and Harold Covington have been long time members of US ns organizations, they've been hounded and attacked. Also they are the only ones with a workable plan.

You're forgetting about Natural Resources and local Demographics. South East US would be rife with trouble, also the climate is naturally favoring the black / Hispanic. NWF is better on both points. As far as "European Homeland" proximity is concerned, they will have their own problems and will not be able to help the US.

You can't, that's the point. NWF is about preparing for the inevitable erosion of the USA as a world power.

This historical precedent occurs with every empire and the US is no exception.

Again, there is nothing to help with that, you're assuming a wrong scenario.

This is a recovery plan AFTER the USA falls apart.
Like how Rome came from a part of Alexander's Greek Empire.
Like how Britain came from a part of the Roman Empire.
Like how the US came from a part of the British Empire.

I think it looks good. Vertical stripes are better than horizontal. The colors are good and it can be associated with other traditions.

Exactly why this would never work. is spot on with his analysis.
I like what this user has to say regarding his homeland. I think this would be the best bet at this time. We'd need a solid group of native Argentinians who have infiltrated the government backing our move though. And it'd have to be hush hush. Honestly a pretty big challenge desu. But I don't think the kikes will go there because "muh nazis" and we know how they are with their fears.

Forgot to sage.

Yes. Slow and steady makes the progress. Reversing desertification is an actual research topic in Russia and China that's being tested as we speak. It's a form of terraforming. Baby steps towards greater goals, but imo outer space colonization by whites is a pipe dream so far. There are more important matters involving ensuring whites' survival on Earth first.

What if Elon was a secret Holla Forumsack? (I know he's not) but seriously, how rad would it be if the true goal of SpaceX was getting 'hwite man a future in the stars. A man can dream.

Space travel at current time is not good. It's impractical and necessities constant supplies for at least decades in the best scenario. Jews are in power so the colony will get filled with niggers and other garbage at first opportunity. Time for greatness will come yet, but so far it's unnecessary and a funds drain. In the future space travel has a potential to become cheap and profitable but it's not being researched right now due to nigger gibs and general lack of interest. Space gun or space planes are technologies that are tested in other forms already and the only problem is engineering implementation. From the estimates they already bring down the cost to hundreds of dollars per kilogram in space. Even current state rocketry is acceptible as long as you produce rockets you can melt down and produce new ones with as opposed to the latest reusable vessel fetish that's not practical so far.

Listen here faggot. If theres ~1.3 billions blacks there is going to be millions of them that are "smart enough" for your bullshit standards. Let's say were talking about the smartest 5% that's within your retard confines. that's still ~65 million niggers that can rise to the occasion of even low rung affirmative action merits.
t.Pschology grad faggot

Any ethnostate in the PNW who's first order of business is not immediately ethnically cleansing portland, vancouver and salem is doomed to fail in it's nascence. And no, I'm not saying that just to be a fucky little edgelord either. It's a hard truth.

wtf is even regression to the mean? what are you saying Black Betty had a child (Bam-ba-Lam) and the damn thing gone wild on our space colony? My degree is not worthless!

Been an awful lot of niggery shilling lately. maybe that NuRhodesian kang shit this week made them thing they found a new fracture point they didn't

Is it just me or does no one remember that there was a thread just the other day on the fucking volcano that was going to explode in the PNW and take out half the country?

t.oregonfag detected. Let's be honest mate, portland has been a lost cause for a while. The whites are worse then the blacks and beaners.

I'm glad you replied user, I was going to say essentially the same thing but was feeling lazy.

He's not shilling for niggers you fucking retard, look at the goddamn post. He's speaking - truth - you know, that thing that we hold above all else here.

If you can't into the bell curve then you're as much of an idiot as the sjw and cucks you despise. We're race realists here you turbo niggers, or have you not lurked long enough to know that? ON AVERAGE whites are significantly smarter then blacks. But you're a pleb incapable of forward thinking if you can't understand how science/statistics works. The bell curve literally applies to nearly ever aspect of life on this planet. From intelligence to mutation rates and everything in between. My point being there are intelligent niggers, and lots of them. Doesn't mean user was shilling for them for fucks sake.

It's not just you, we've had those "yellowstone is blowing up TOMORROW" threads for years.

You little tryhard nigger. If you had lurked long enough, you would know we don't fucking CARE how many niggers are smart enough to open a peanut. because
And at the end of the day, race realism means that the red ants kill the black ants, and the black ants kill the red ants.

(digits confirm mass death from volcano tomorrow)
Yeah, I figure that's the case but at some point it probably WILL, and then all the best whites will be among the ashes, might be smarter to take over the Northeast or East in general.

There are some NS admirers, in fact i may get my hands on a huge collection of memorabilia, long history.
They are hidden but they exist if WN mass migrated argentina the goverment could do little to stop it it is powerless.
There is no military left, you could smuggle a ton of guns if you wished for insurgency and they wouldn't stop it.

>not all niggers are bad, guys.. be realistic
Tell us more about who "we" are. You sound like you really know what you're talking about. Just make sure to fill in the "Name" field so we can identify our leader.

Microsoft and Amazon, please leave.

Jokes aside, stay out of South of Seattle until you hit JBLM and you'll be okay.